8 Black Tea Health Benefits

Black Tea Health Benefits We all are aware of the health benefits of green tea. Whether it is about the weight loss or getting toxins out of your body, green tea is the magical drink that one needs to consume regularly. But, have you ever thought that why people drink black tea in the western world than green or white tea? Well, in this particular instance, they compromise taste Read more [...]

6 Reasons How Green Tea Benefits Your Hair

Green Tea Benefits for Hair For all the tea lovers, it is crucial to know that the usual tea that they have been drinking is not as healthier than its cousin, green tea. If you start drinking green tea on a regular basis, then it will cleanse your body from the inside and keep you away from various dreadful diseases. The most commonly known benefits of green tea are; increase Read more [...]

10 Really Good Detox Drinks

top 10 detox drinks What is it that you like to drink when you are thirsty? Water or coca cola or any energy drink because they are easily available and reduce your thirst as well. Water is the basic necessity for all the human beings, but when it comes to drinking coca cola or energy drinks or any other soft drink brand, you are making a big mistake because they are not Read more [...]

11 Proven Chamomile Tea Health Benefits

Chamomile Tea Health Benefits Chamomile tea, also spelled ‘camomile’ tea, is derived and prepared from the chamomile flower, which is renowned worldwide for its beauty and medicinal benefits. This flower is a native of Europe, North America, Asia and Australia and blossoms early in summer. Chamomile tea has a golden colour and a delicious fruity flavour. It is an excellent Read more [...]

Lipton Green Tea : Price & Health Benefits

Lipton Green Tea : Health Benefits and review Lipton Green Tea, though it does not possess a precise advantage over other herbal companies, comes accompanied by a huge array of vital health benefits. Lipton offers pure and organic green tea along with other flavoured tea prepared with berries, orange, passion-fruit and other such ingredients. Lipton Green Tea is a calorie-free drink, provided Read more [...]

Top 5 Best Green Tea Brands In India

Best Green Tea Brands in India Green tea is prepared from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis which have been minimally oxidised during processing. It had its origins in China, but has attached itself to and become part of many different nations and cultures throughout the world. The principal reason for the increasing demand and popularity of green tea is because of the numerous Read more [...]

7 Disturbing Side Effects of Weed

Side Effects of Weed Weed, or marijuana is composed of the stems, flower buds and the shredded leaves of the plant known as the Cannabis Sativa. It contains certain chemicals named cannabinoids which affect the nervous system of the body.  Weed is used by many people recreationally in order to alter the feelings and senses of the body or to create an emotion of happiness Read more [...]

Mother’s Horlicks – Benefits, Flavours & Price

Mother's Horlicks Benefits, flavours & Price Mother’s Horlicks, a special and superior variant of the dietary supplement Horlicks, was launched in the year 1977, scientifically designed keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of breast-feeding and pregnant women. This nutritional supplement has been re-launched in the year 2014 with an all new flavours, as a special food for lactating Read more [...]

10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks

10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks Non-alcoholic drinks are available at various bars for people who do not drink alcohol. These drinks often come at extremely high prices and cannot be afforded by everyone, especially college students, who are always on a low budget. However, there are a few non-alcoholic drinks which are available at a cheap price and can be served at parties, brunches Read more [...]