Complan Drink – Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

Complan Health Drink Complan, a worldwide famous milk supplement brand aims to provide complete nutrition to children and adults. Complan is now a sub-brand owned by Heinz in India. Originated from the British parent company Complan foods in year 1954, the brand was acquired by Heinz in 1994 in India. The drink gained a large amount of  popularity in India by targeting mother’s and their growing children as their main consumers of the product, where mother’s Read more [...]

5 Popular Coconut Rum Drinks that People Loves most

Cruzan coconut rum Flavors ?? Who doesn't like them. How about a strong alcoholic drink that not only make you high while leaving back a savory taste. Yes, We are talking about Coconut rum drinks, literally one of the tastiest form of alcoholic drinks. A Coconut rum is basically a white rum flavored with coconut. Well, this rum is undoubtedly the most popular rum that people love to have instead of that pretty old fashioned traditional rum comes with many Read more [...]

Tzinga Energy Drink Side Effects & Benefits

Tzinga Energy Drink Tzinga, which gives you more energy than red bull and monster energy drink; has now have become a popular name among the top energy drinks in India. The drink is manufactured by Hector Beverages, in 3 flavors tropical trip, mango strawberry and lemon Mint and comes under a unique packaging made out of paper. Before, we talk about the side effects; lets talk a bit about the benefits of Tzinga energy drink. A Few Benefits : 1) Contains very Read more [...]

5 Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

Protinex Side effects Protinex, a very popular name in protein supplements used by over a million people in India. From kids to adults, everyone is taking this supplement and seeing the results. Protein supplements are always used with proper consultation and guidance from health experts. Some bodies take long time to reflect results, while other shows results instantly. In a few cases, you don't see any result even after taking it for a long time. Protinex Read more [...]

Energic 31 Capsules – Benefits & Side Effects

Energic 31 capsules - Health Benefits & Side Effects Ayurveda has aid for all the medical issues. When we look back in time, we see that people were totally relied upon the Ayurvedic medicines, which they obtain from trees, plants and herbs. The medicines used to be very effective in curing diseases. India, the originator of Ayurvedic medicines has developed a countless number of medicines over the years. One of the most popular capsules that is available in the market is ‘Energic 31’. This particular Read more [...]

Protinex Powder : Health Benefits

Protinex Powder Health Benefits Protinex, a hydrolyzed protein based supplement which can be consumed by people of all ages and gender. It is one of the oldest health supplement being sold in Indian market. It is practically available at all health stores and medical stores. The supplement is aimed to make your body stronger, improving stamina and immune system of the body. It a complete protein formula containing more proteins than any other health supplement. Anyone who is Read more [...]

Glucon D : Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects

Glucon D Benefits, Side Effects Glucon D, the so called instant energy drink specially made for summers. The product is manufactured by heinz, a U.S. based company founded in 1869, most commonly known for its famous tomato ketchup. The company entered India in 1994 with its world famous product Glucon D. Very few years after its launch, it quickly captured the Indian market, and as of now it has become the top selling energy drink in India. Glucon D, a glucose based beverage Read more [...]

Body Plus Capsules – Benefits & Side Effects

Body Plus Capsules - Health Benefits & Side Effects Body Plus Capsules is one of the most selling health supplement being sold in Indian market. It is also the oldest weight gain supplement quite popular among medical shops and recommended by some doctors as well. But is it really worth paying for ? Or does it really work on a slim body and gives a quick boost to the body weight of any individual and his muscles. Let's check out now. Body Plus Capsules is an ayurvedic weight gain supplement Read more [...]

8 Skin Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Skin Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar We all use Apple Cider Vinegar in our homes. It is one of the most common kitchen ingredients, yet we are not aware of its benefits. Well, let me enlighten you with some of the great benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar on a regular basis. It will help regulate the pH levels in the body, as a human body has high acidic levels. Many people suffer from skin problems, and they try numerous things to curb those problems, but ultimately fail to do Read more [...]