10 Incredible Breast Milk Benefits For Baby

When it comes to feeding your baby one of the best things is breast milk. As per medical science it has been proved that Mother’s has got all the essential nutrients that a baby should have. Hence it is always good to give babies, especially in the 0 to 6 months range only mother’s milk.

There is an interesting word that is used for breast milk and that is called as liquid gold. If you are a mother and are concerned about your infant’s diet, then there is no need to worry as breast milk is sufficient in all respects.

Breast Milk Benefits

Breast Milk Benefits

10 Incredible Breast Milk benefits for baby explained in detail

1) Initial Drop Of Breast Milk Are Called As Liquid Gold

One of the main benefits of breast milk is that initial few drops of breast milk are also often called as liquid gold because this milk is rich in anti-bodies as well as essential nutrients. Hence the first diet that is given to a baby is initial few drops of mother’s milk. As per medical science breast milk consists of colostrums which consist of all the essential elements as well as nutrients that are considered as very good for baby.

2) Breast Milk Has Perfect Amount Of Calcium, , And Sugar

Another main benefit of breast milk is that it consists of the perfect amount of calcium, water, protein and sugar. Hence there is no need to feed the baby with separate water as mother’s milk has got an adequate amount of water for the baby.

3) Breast milk helps in fighting diseases

One of the main benefits of breast milk is that it helps the baby to fight diseases. Breast milk consists of anti-bodies as well as required hormones and cells that are very good for baby’s overall growth. This is the reason most of the doctors only advice that babies should only be given mother’s milk for an initial six months.

4) It is very easy to digest breast milk

As you that the baby’s digestive system is soft, hence baby should be given something which is easy to digest. Breast milk is very easy to digest and gives instant energy to the baby. Cow’s or Buffalo’s milk is heavier and takes some time to digest.

5) Breast milk helps in the brain development

It has also been proved that in order to ensure proper brain development of the child breast milk plays a very important role. It has got all those ingredients that help in the overall growth of the brain cells.

6) Breast milk also helps in reducing the risk of obesity and any sort of infection

If a baby is feed with mother’s milk then there are very less chances of obesity as well as any sort of infection. The baby will become stronger and will also be able to fight diseases such as asthma, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary tract infections and even spinal meningitis.

7) Breast milk also helps in strong vision development

There are many medical studies that have proven that babies feed on mother’s milk are less prone to weak eyesight as their vision development is strong. The DHA present in the breast milk is considered as quite helpful in the development of the retina of the eye.

8) Breast Milk helps the Baby girl’s risk of breast cancer later in the life

If it is a baby girl then breast milk plays a very important role as it helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer for both the mother as well as baby girl during the later stages of life. It has been proved that mothers who feed their baby girls with their own milk have got 25 percent less chance of having breast cancer.

9) Breast milk helps the baby to have a strong IQ

If you want that your baby gets a stronger IQ then you must feed him or her with your milk. As told earlier also breast milk consist of all the essential elements that are required for overall brain development and hence as the brain develops in a proper manner so is the IQ level of the baby also becomes strong.

10) Breast milk is recommended by UNICEF and World Health Organization

One of the best and amazing parts is that breast milk is highly recommended by UNICEF and World Health Organization. As per them breast milk is a perfect and well balanced food item for the infant. Moreover, it helps the baby to fight with the disease as well as infection. It also helps in creating a lovely bond between the mother and the child.

With so many benefits involved, it is highly recommended that a baby should be given breast milk during the initial 6 months and after the completion of 6 month semi-solid substance can be given based upon a doctor’s recommendation.

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