3 Health Drinks to Rapidly increase your height

We all want to have 5’5” height if we are girls or 6 feet height if we are boys. However, not everyone gets their dreams fulfilled. Sometimes, fate cheats us and we get no taller than 5 feet.
So, are you tired of trying out all those “We will help you get taller” medicines? Are you depressed and dejected that you spent all your money in achieving nothing? Are you still dealing with the side effects caused by those expensive tablets? Well, take a deep breath and continue reading because we have exactly what you need to know.
Instead of using all sorts of artificial methods and techniques, has it ever occurred to you that maybe, nature can be your best friend? Yes! We are talking about natural drinks that can help you with your height issues. The best part about these drinks is that you will only get good results, you won’t have to deal with any side effects whatsoever.

1) Milk:


You remember how our mothers used to force us to drink when we were kids? Well, it turned out they did a great deed to us. Milk is one healthy drink that can help you with your height issues. Milk contains Vitamin D, Proteins and Calcium; three things that are essential for your growth. Calcium helps in making your bones stronger and also improves your bone growth and development. Vitamin D can be thought of a sidekick for our hero, Calcium. It helps in the proper absorption of Calcium and in turn helps the bones to develop properly. Proteins help in repairing your body’s damaged tissues and also help in building new tissues in the body. The Amino acids, found in Proteins, play a vital role in body’s growth and development. Include milk in your daily routine. Have it in the early morning or drink it before going to bed, whatever suits you the best!

2) Water:


Ah! Water! The solution to all the problems out there. is your best friend when it comes to your body-related issues. If you want to increase your height then you need to incorporate water into your life as much as possible. An average person needs to drink AT LEAST 2 liters of water a day. If you’re a runner or you spend a very active day, then you need to increase this amount. Drink in small proportions. Nobody is asking you to accumulate all the 2 liters at once. Have a glass of water every hour. However, make sure you do not drink water for thirty minutes before your meal and at least not for an hour after you have had your meal.

3) Loki Juice:


Last but not the least, Loki or Lauki Juice can help you with your height issue. Loki is said to have immense benefits; whether it’s skin problem, weight problem or any other sort of problem, people suggest Loki as the solution. Loki is 96% water so you can get the idea that it is basically water and is equally beneficial. Loki helps in increasing your height and the best part is, it doesn’t come with any side effects.

All of these drinks came without any age tag, i.e. Kids, adults, mature or anyone who is facing height problems can take them and may experience rapid increase in their body heights.

303 Responses to 3 Health Drinks to Rapidly increase your height

  1. Bilal says:

    Thanks these are very useful and healthy drinks

  2. Ali says:

    very nice…
    Please tell me that, normal milk or warm milk should I drink…
    and while having meal should I drink water or not?
    Any bad result of cold water?
    thank you…

    • admin says:

      Dear Ali,

      You should always drink warm milk and you should never drink water with meal or right after the meal.

      Cold water causes constipation, try to avoid it.

      • Rajath says:

        Sir,my age is 16 yrs and my height is 5feet5inch how many weeks required to gain 3 inches plz suggest me

        • samrat kumar says:

          hii i am 14yrs old and my height is 5″6″ but i want to grow till 6 feet. i drink milk everyday.can it increase my height

  3. Ali says:

    thank you sir.
    sir,only by drinking milk and water may I increase my hight.
    Because I can’t drink lauki juice.
    If any other drink is avialable may I take.

    • admin says:

      Yes, both will work great.

      • Divya says:

        I m 19 years old . my height is 5.4″ . i want my height 5.10″ or more . Can my height increase after drinking water and warm cow milk … But it takes how many months or time ?????

        • admin says:

          It will take a few months, but you’ll have to do daily running in the morning.

        • death eater says:

          lmao u aint growing any taller than that, u r a girl and probably had ur growth spurt long time ago , if u were a guy u might still have a chance cuz guys can grow till the age of 21-23 , drink anything u want u wont get taller , once the growth plates are fused no matter how much growth hormone u take, u will DEFINITELY not get any taller, unless u have a height increasing surgery in which they break ur bones which i have heard is more painful than anything ull ever experience. So my point is make peace with ur height , being envious or being stressed abt the height will only impact u negatively. Go see a doctor if u wanna know if your growth plates are fused or not , if not their might stil lbe a chance to improve ur height through hormone therapy.

    • Ripple says:

      Mix theJuice of tomato,beetroot and carrot.

  4. jasmine says:

    so if i drink cold milk, i won’t gain height?

    • admin says:

      You will gain height after all its milk but warm milk is easy to digest and cold milk takes time to get completely digested.

  5. Mudit Rajput says:

    In how much quantity we have to drink these three drinks?

  6. Chaitanya says:

    I am 25 now,Will louki juice helps in increasing the height?Please help

    • admin says:

      You can drink louki juice and can see the results by yourself. But there are very less chance for your height to be increased after 25 yrs.

      • Sohail Khan says:

        What time in a day to take lauki juice

        • admin says:

          After getting fresh early in the morning.

          • Viktor Ekström says:

            Hey Admin

            I’m 15 years and I turn 16 soon.
            I am 5’10 and I want to be 6’4. Are there any chance I can grow that much by following these tips 3 times a day daily and add some stretching? I really want to increase my height, What is a lauki juice? Is it a vegatable I mix? Which is the most effective drink of these 3 in your opinion? Why do you prefer warm milk instead of normal milk? What’s the difference?

            Please help me 🙂

          • admin says:

            See, you still have the time the increase your height coz you are just 15.
            And Lauki Juice is the most beneficial of all.

            It is a vegetable juice and yes warm milk is more preferred because it is more easy to digest.

          • Viktor Ekström says:

            I’m 16 now and I haven’t grown an inch since I started this method. Do you think I can grow 2 inches taller before I reach 20? I drink 2-3 glasses of milk and water everyday and I still can’t increase my height 🙁
            I want to be taller. Do you have ”Grow Taller Plan” you can give me? Please I am happy if I hit 6’0 or maybe even taller. but I really want to hit 6’0 before my growth potential is closed for good.

            My dream height is 6’3 but I probably won’t be that tall 🙁

      • Noorjahan says:

        I am 18 years old and my height is 4.8, can i increase my height to 5.9 within 5 to 6 months? Plz suggest some tips to increase my height

        • admin says:

          Everything is written in the post above.

          Please, go through all points.

          • puru says:

            I’m just 17 is it possible to increase height at this age….I m just 5.4 nd feel really discomfort when I stands.with my friends…..please reply m something

      • rizwan inamdar says:

        My age is 21 so can i still increase my height
        With help of this 2 and if my mom have low
        Height so will i b able to get the require height

  7. I am now 16.5 years old and i am 5feet 6.30inches tall.should these three method work in case of mine?
    if work how many inches i gain in one year?

    • admin says:

      Yes, these will definitely make an impact on your height. Add these drinks to your daily diet and see the difference by yourself within few months.

      Louki Juice is best of all.

      • kunal says:

        If i follow these method than what will my future height?
        please give me a suitable and real answer..

        • admin says:

          My dear friend.

          No one can predict how long your height is going to be. But please note, these drinks will surely improve your height.

          • Nix says:

            Hey guys! I think that this method lack an advice for an “ENOUGH and GOOD SLEEP”.
            Even you apply all the 3 drinks suggested (water + milk + loki juice) good results might not be achieved if s person is sleepless, stressed, or depressed. 😉

            Self-discipline from eating and working must be considered.
            Also, having a good lifestyle should be recommended to avoid factors that may hinder in the growth process such as bad vices.
            Taking at least 30 minutes exercise like stretching your bones and muscles a day may also help 🙂

      • Muneer Jabbar says:

        Hi admin sir, Plz suggest some hits for me, i am 23 years old want to grow my height upto 5 inchs,plz suggest

      • saleh muhammad says:

        Hello sir, i am 22 yrs old and can i gain height at this age. Plz help if i drink cold water so it’ll cause problem or not ? Can only drinking water increase height.

      • Edeline says:

        Where can I buy loki juice? Please help thanks

    • Sonam says:

      Does this method work to a 19 or 20 year old boy?? Please reply..

  8. Prateek says:

    I am 18 yr old,5’6 and drink milk daily,is it possible to increase height?

  9. Alexis says:

    I’m 19 & 5’7. I really wanna make it somewhere in between 5’8 – 5’10 before 21. If I drink milk & water daily will I achieve this

  10. Ali says:

    I am 20 and 5’6, are there any chances my height will grow in this age? Along with these drinks, does hanging help too?

  11. Gray says:

    I will be 16 years soon and I’m just 4’10”. What’s your best advice on increasing my height to 5’5″

  12. ali says:

    i am 16 years old i cant drink loki juice admin will you give me extra detail for growing height

  13. sailesh says:

    i go to gym can i gain my height if i drink only water and milk?

  14. sahil sood says:

    m 23 nd half yrs old…..is it possble to inc my hght nw by 1 inch ?

  15. kandy says:

    Is it effective for my height? my height is 5’2″inch and I’m 22 years old..?

  16. Suraj says:

    Dear sir,

    Please help me my height is 5foot and sir want be my height at least 5.8t9

    sir please suggest me…

    • admin says:

      Just add all the above drinks to your daily diet.

      We hope best for you!!!

      • Ajay says:

        Hi sir/maam
        I have just turned 17 and my height is 5″5′.
        When I see my self In mirror it’s seems as my legs are tall but my upper body i.e, above the hip looks short .what can i do to increase my upper body

  17. prasant kumar nayak says:

    Sir,can u please say within how many months it will take to increase height.. And how many times we have to drink milk..once or twice a day.. and water in each glass in an hour…

    • admin says:

      Drink hot milk twice a day and water at regular intervals. Also do add louki juice to the daily routine as well. You will see the difference within 3 months.

  18. karan says:

    pls suggest me some exercise to increase height at age of 23

  19. Every I drunk milk 3x a day and water 10x a day
    I’m 13yrs old now my height is 5`9
    The milk and water can help increase my height

  20. deepak says:

    I am 24,so how many chances dat my height will increase.

  21. rishabh says:

    im 5 feet 5 inches tall and i am very small my age is 14 years drinking all the three drinks lauki juice and milk and water will make my height grow fast i atleast want to be of 5’11

  22. bujji says:

    I am 22,5feet 1 inche ,so how many chances dat my height will increase.please tell me atleast can i increase 3 inches.please give me suggestions.

  23. lily says:

    Hi thanks for the 3 health drinks
    BY the way I have an doubt that should I drink milk plainly or with any health drink example: complan, horlickls, bournvita.
    And this will definitely work? because I am 15 and people say that girls stop to gain there height in 16 so I am so worried about it so, please help me out.

  24. admin says:

    No you have many years from now to increase your height. Drinking plane milk is the best option. You really Dont need to mix it with anything else.

  25. lilly says:

    Thanks for the advise, after how many days i will see the results reply please.

  26. lilly says:

    Thanks after results i will inform U how it worked for me

  27. varsha says:

    Sir after how many month i will see the result.my age is 18.pls sir reply

  28. abhinaya says:

    I’m 18 does drinking two glasses of milk everyday helps me to increase one inch height in one month

  29. naman says:

    Sir,I m 18.4 years old.I m 5 feet 6 inch. I want to increase height upto 6 feet.Does bodybuilding effect on my height or not.I mean right now,I have started weight lifting.I was very lazy in last year thats why my brother pulled me in gym.And yes I m also taking sotret a generic form of accutane. But I heard that accutane create problem in growth plate.But my dermatologist told me that I will be fine and It is in my genes that I will grow more or not.And he also told me that in early 19 there is little chance only to grow.Will these drinks helps me or not sir or should I go for some other things.please help me.Thanks.

  30. In how many days will it show the result ??

  31. priyanshu gandhi says:

    hello sir,
    pls help me. im 19 year old and my height just only 5ft. 2 inch.
    i just want to grow my height till 5ft. 7 inch.
    is it possible? if yes that, pls tell me.

  32. Ali Mehdi says:

    Sir, Plz suggest me some definitily working eating or drinking things to be shaper and mentally strong except almonds!

  33. Ali Mehdi says:

    I 5’6 Age_16
    Sir I get bored while reading and studying. Suggest some liquids or eating things to be shaper and mentally strong and which cause a cheerful and lucrative effect on mind.
    Plzzzz TeLL Meeee..
    Best Wishes for U…

  34. Ali Mehdi says:

    Above liquids Milk Water And Loki Juice are top listed for growing height. Dwarfism is due to low secreation of STH (SOMATROTROPHIN) Harmone by pituetry glands.
    Transplants and Tablets are also given to dwarfs.
    In U$100000 to U$300000 may be transplantation occur. But Not matter how you long. The world dont see height it is based on your ability and your hardworking. Struggle and win the word and win the hearts. No tension Bro…. “Chalta hai ALLAH her kisi ko duniya ma azmata hai kisi ko bona bna k kisi ko lamba bna k kisi ko ameer bna k to kisi ko ghareeb bna k.”

  35. Ali Mehdi says:

    Dear PRIYANSHU GHANDI Above liquids Milk Water And Loki Juice are top listed for growing height. Dwarfism is due to low secreation of STH (SOMATROTROPHIN) Harmone by pituetry glands.
    Transplants and Tablets are also given to dwarfs.
    In U$100000 to U$300000 may be transplantation occur. But Not matter how you long. The world dont see height it is based on your ability and your hardworking. Struggle and win the word and win the hearts. No tension Bro…. “Chalta hai ALLAH her kisi ko duniya ma azmata hai kisi ko bona bna k kisi ko lamba bna k kisi ko ameer bna k to kisi ko ghareeb bna k.”

  36. irfan says:

    i’m 24 yr old i want to increase my height?? is tehre any possiblities to grow

  37. Rubab Rajput says:

    Im 18 nd my height is 5’2 want to increase height pllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  38. noor says:

    does lauki really increase height my age is 17 ang my height is 5 10

  39. Biswajeet Pradhan says:

    I 16 year’s old will complain help me o increase my height .

  40. zahra says:

    what is louki jouice?
    is it a fruit?

  41. zahra says:

    is it(louki) in iran ?

  42. Arbaaz says:

    Does it increase my height I am of 16 and I am gyming………..

  43. Aditya Rana says:

    I am 14 now, in how much days I will gain height by drinking 4 glass of milk daily.

  44. maxxharma says:

    i am 14 yrs old and my height is 5.2 . if i will follow`your steps can my height will be above 6 foot

  45. Tony says:

    I guess it is too late for….33 years old? Bummer.

  46. Areeba says:

    I’m 13 years old my height is 5.2 is it possible to get my height 5.5? And in how much time

  47. Vedika says:

    Hello sir I’m going to turn 18 this year and I’m less than 5, so can i increase my height at this stage being a girl??

  48. Naveed Pasha says:

    I’m 21 year old and my height is 5.7.i want my to be increased at least to 5.10 so there chance

  49. srijan says:

    Sir I am 29 years old….will these drinks work for me, if yes then how much time it will take?
    Thank you…

  50. Tasneem Mithaiwala says:

    Hi I am 20 years old by drinking only milk and water can help in increasing my height within a month?? Please reply soon

  51. Tasneem Mithaiwala says:

    Within a month how tall can I grow?

  52. Bhargavi says:

    In how many months i can grow my height

  53. Bhargavi says:

    Am 18 years old,in how many days i can grow taller

  54. shashank verma says:

    i am 14 year old and i drinking 1glass milk in evening
    & i also drinking kraila,naneua,loki mixture juice can it help to increase hight or only loki juice is recommended?
    which milk is good cow or Buffalo?

  55. riya says:

    I m 18 year old nd my height is 4.11 becos i m patient of wheat allergy so that’s why doctor’s saying i don’t gain height for normal teenger’s nd i want 5.3 is it possible or not

  56. Pratiksha says:

    Is lauki and milk together is bad combination?????
    coz I drink lauki juice at 7.30 am and the i drink milk at around 9.30 am so is this a bad combination?????

  57. jogender padihari says:

    Does the ejaculatuon stops the growth, if yes so what I have to do now because I m of 17 n just 5.3

  58. Bharanidharan says:

    Sir my age is 19 and I am 5feet 6inches tall can I gain height if I drink only water and milk

  59. vishnu says:

    My father has 6 ft height and mother has 5’5
    But i am just 5’2 and i am 20 now.will i grow
    Taller if i follow these drinks and exercises?

  60. dhanam says:

    sir, first i want to know after wake up we can take juice for height increare pls guide i hv to give my child

  61. Rishi says:

    Some points are good but I don’t think drinking only these 3 will help.you all should take prptien rich food every day to increase your height because protien helps in making the tissues and till now ( July 2015) I have not heard from any scientist that they have found exact time till when the height increases so people of 25 can have some hope but that doesn’t mean you should sit and do nothing.in fact if you go and do some stretching and involve yourself in sports and eat healthy food regularly you will surely increase your height and last thing just avoid fast food because it will not do any benefit to your body.

  62. karan says:

    Hello..admin…I’m 19 year old…and igo to the gym…regularly….and my height is 5’5 and I want to increase my height…an the gym doesn’t stop height na…..and what should I do.?????

  63. dhanam says:

    kindly provide your contact hv to talk about for height

  64. rajn says:

    I m 30 yr and married woman but have no baby. My height is 4.10 inch can I increase my height with these drinks. Pls tell me I m so worried about my height issues.

  65. Michael ngullie says:

    Sir,I am 5ft10inch n ma age is 19 so is it possible 4 me to grow upto 6ft1inch tall…

  66. Michael ngullie says:

    Hello sir, I’m 5ft10inch tall n ma age is 19 yrs old so is it possible for me to increase my height upto 6ft1 inch tall

  67. raj sanghvi says:

    Im 20 yrs old n ht is 5’7 so on i want height 5’11 can i take milk with complan.?.i dnt eat properly because of financial prob..and i want to increse height ? so give me help tips..

    • admin says:

      Just do daily running and drinks lots of water.

    • Kanav Singh Verman says:

      hey Raj. Forget about complan. 🙂

      switch to Protinex..

      u can also google .. it.

      protinex is available in Vanilla,chocolate& elichi ..

      its scientifically proven..

      if you take protinex.

      u dont have to pay for. costly fruits.. juices etc..

      Protinex contains 50% more proteins than any other health drink..

      calcium is also double in it than complan..

      B group vitamins too..

      and any other nutrients is also in double quantity…

  68. madhura says:

    I am 16.1 yrs old.And my height is 4’10.Will i grow taller? How much i can grow taller and upto what age??

  69. madhura says:

    I am 16.1 yrs old.And my height is 4’10.How much I can grow taller and upto what age???

  70. Saheb says:

    hello sir.. im 22yr old boy.. can i increase my height.. pls help me … after a long time my height no increase.. my height 5.4 nd i wnt 5.9 …pls help me tell me something more .. which help me to increase my height,.

  71. amna says:

    Im 19 years old
    My height is 5
    Do i still have chance to increase heigt?

  72. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    hello sir iam 22yer old my height 5.5 have not incres please help in my height 6fits plez guide

  73. Don Nigli says:


    Dear Admin, i am 13 years now and i really wanna increase my height (just to be sure for the long run)….i have some questions related to this article and hope you will answer them…

    1) Can i mix a flavouring or a powder (for e.g. horlicks) to the milk?
    2) How many glasses of water do you suggest for me to drink per day?

    You must be thinking I’m just 13 and i should not be concerned about my height but most of my friends have outgrown me..


  74. saheb says:

    hello sir… I’m 22 yr can i increase my height.. my height 5.4 when I was 18.. and still not gain .. pls help I want increase my height

  75. sir my age is 20 and my height. is 5.5 I want to grow upto 5.8 it is possible??any possible means please tell me a tips sir

  76. pratibha says:

    I m 23 yr girl can I increase my height. Is it possible? Please help m ?

  77. jay says:

    Respected admin sir, I’m 20 years old boy and my height is 5″1. Can I increase my height upto 5″8 using these methods and how many months will take for the result.and one more thing, I’m using some body growth powder too. I’m really disappointed with my current height. sir please please give me proper suggestions…….

  78. rashi says:

    I have completed my 19 years dis month
    I want to increase my height ( 3-4) inches taking dis drinks will help me to increase my height in 3
    Month. …

  79. vaishnvi says:

    I am 31yr can grow my height about1-2inch

  80. srawan says:

    hot milk ya normal milk..?

  81. abhi says:

    I am going to be 18 and I am 5 foot 5 inches suggest some idea to grow height within a month

  82. Amit says:

    Which milk will be best to increase height
    Cow or Buffalo’s ?

  83. Rhythm Sharma says:

    Sir my age is 21 nd my height is 4feet 8inches
    .. sir please suggest me.
    . How do i increase my height

  84. i am 18 yrs old can i grow.. i am 5.6.??

  85. ali says:

    I am 19 years but my height is 5.2 inch can my height increase

  86. Hena says:

    Hi I’m 19 years old and my height is very short I do drink milk regularly so in this case what should I do?

  87. zia says:

    which milk will be best to drink pure bufello or packet milk

  88. Hello sir i m 14 my height is 5’5 and i want 5’11 and i have little bit fat, what should i do for increasing height pleease suggest me.

  89. JHANVI says:


  90. Akash says:

    How many times a day should I drink milk and loki juice a day?should I drink loki juice with it or after some time?

  91. Akash says:

    How should I drink loki juice with or without seeds?

  92. Akash says:

    How should I make the loki juice with or without seeds?

  93. Tammo says:

    I’m 18 years old girl.
    And my height is only 5ft.
    Will it helps to grow my height also?
    Till how many age height grows?
    Please reply…..

  94. Antriksh says:

    At what time we should drink Loki juice..??

  95. NEHA says:


  96. eman says:

    im 18 years old nd my height is just 5’0 i want to increase my height..soo tell me¿
    does drinking milk or lauki juice increase my height in this age??
    or there is a less chance or increasing in this age???

  97. Komal Gupta says:

    Sir, I am a girl of 21 years old and my height is 4 feet 9 inch . I am very much worried about my height. I want to add 4-5 inches more to my height. Will these drinks help me in this case ???

  98. Muskan mehta says:

    Hello sir.i am 16 yrs old girl and I am 4ft 9 inches.i have tried almost everything bt nothing worked.pls suggest me ways to increase height.my mom and her mom too ws short heighted nd my numerous works done also went in vain so I have loosen hope completely. Pls tell if I can still grow taller or not nd if yes pls suggest some ways.

    • admin says:

      You must do daily running early in the morning and try the above drinks too.

      Also, do little exercise after running.

  99. Wael says:

    I am 17 my height is 5’3 my dad is 5’8 my mom is 5’6 will i grow taller by drinking 2 cups of milk day and night and lots of water
    Will i reach 6feet

  100. ramya a says:

    Am 19yr girl plzzz tell me Can I add ice to Loki juice?to gain height ..shalli drink twice in a week…and I will wake up @8am can I drink dat time…plzz do reply me

  101. saumya says:

    Hey admin, I’m 21years old and my height is 5 I want to increase my height I want to add my height 2,3 inches more to my height. Plz suggests Me

  102. saumya says:

    Lauki juice can increase my height plz suggests me

  103. Shubham says:

    I am 16 years and my height is 5.4 or 5.5 i want to increase my height. Is there any possibility left for this..

  104. Irhan Saba says:

    Sir iam 17 year old and my father is 6 feet and iam only 5.4 only and my height is stopped from 13 years

    • admin says:

      Start running on daily basis, drinks lots of water and other drinks we’ve mentioned above.

      Running only can increase your height.

  105. rohit says:

    should we drink loki ka juice empty stomach in morning or what is specific time so it is beneficial.

    • admin says:

      Drink it like a normal juice. Like after the meal or whenever you feel thirsty.

      Take it 2 times a day atleast.

  106. Saumya says:

    Add lauki juice twice a day early morning and before slipping plz just m

  107. Sunil says:

    You Sir / Madam my Age 27years can I increase my height & I want loose my Belly fat as fast as give me a Nice tips what to eat or drink please

    • admin says:

      No dear,

      You cannot increase your height at this age.

      But you can reduce your belly fat by using cardio exercises.

  108. Saumya says:

    Add lauki juice twice a day early morning and before slipping plz just reply me

  109. lilly says:

    These juices didn’t worked in my case, so now what should I do

  110. Nosheen Fatima says:

    Assalam-o-alikum Sir….M 19 years old and my height is 4.10 inches … I do daily stretching exercises for gaining some inches … I want to add 3-4 inches to my height… plz suggest me that should I do running or not or can I take kaddu instead of loki because loki is not available in my country… nd In how much time I can se result I mean for how much time I have to drink this ?

  111. Nosheen Fatima says:

    Assalam-o-alikum Sir….M 19 years old and my height is 4.10 inches … I do daily stretching exercises for gaining some inches … I want to add 3-4 inches to my height… plz suggest me that should

  112. Nosheen Fatima says:

    can I take only water and milk because I can’t drink loki juice ?? m 20 years old girl … I stopped increasing height after 15 … is there any chance I can increase height and in hiw much time I will see the result because m very conscious about my height 🙁 plz reply me as fast as u can Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  113. ashraf says:

    My height is 5.2 i want to increase 5.9 it will increase or not now my age is 18 is running

  114. arjun says:

    Hai sir my age is 19 years I want to increase my height is there any problem of increase height because my age is 19 plz help sir I want 5inches how can I

  115. aditya raj says:

    I am 17and iam 5.5 can i reach to 6ft by following the methods.
    How many glass of loki juice should i take in day.
    In lunch time,or in breakfast time.

  116. Preet says:

    sir i have started drinking bottle gourd juice daily now and drink milk twice.
    my age is 23 and my height is 5’3 !! can i increase it 3-4 inches ?

  117. Ammar says:

    Hello sir I am a 15 yrs old boy and my height is 5’3 I want it to be around 5’11 what should I do..

  118. gurmangat says:

    drinking milk after running or before running?

  119. gurmangat says:

    morning time drinking milk after running or before running? ?

  120. Karn says:

    Sir its karn here i’m 26 ryt now n i’m 5.5″ can i increase my height by doing all these ???

  121. Anmol says:

    Hlo..does this method help in increasing height at the age of 28…plz reply

  122. Himani says:

    Hi, I am 13 years old and 5.3 in height. Approximately how many more inches can I grow if I take 2 glasses of milk everyday with regular jumping and running exercises. I also do swimming once a week. Please reply.

  123. Gia says:

    Sir, is it necessary to drink cows milk to gain height or is buffaloes milk equally beneficial. Also I’m 18years old and a female so is it possible to increase height keeping in check my gender and age?

  124. prakash says:

    sir i am 22 now and i am 5’7 ..i want to increase my height .suggest me some ways ??

  125. sana says:

    doctor my height is 4.8 i want to be 5.4 my height is short and its looks ridiclious dont wanna be short tell me lauki will effect me . and will my height grow 🙁

  126. Diptimayee Das says:

    Hi my height is 5.3″ in age of 20 can I increase it up to 6.3″ in two year please give some suggestion.

  127. Pritimayee Das says:

    Hi doctor my height is 5.2″ in age of 21 how to increase it up to 5.11″ in a year

  128. Pritimayee Das says:

    Hi doctor I’m 21 with 5.2″ can I get 8 inch more in a year

  129. Aditya Srivastava says:

    Currently my age is 20 yr..nd my height is ,5.4 inch..i feel ashamed bcoz of my height in front of my friend..they are very much taller thn me..to increse my height i drink almost 2 litre of milk in a day..bt the result is zero..wht should i do..?Is their still any possibility left

  130. theresa says:

    Sir am 24 year old my height is 4.7.I need more 2 inch height plz help me

  131. Mrinal sarkar says:

    Sir, I’m 19 yes old and my height is 5’6″ is it possible to increase by 3″- 4″..? If yes then please suggest me something sir..! I badly need it..!

  132. Sourav Das says:

    Hi sir.my name is sourav das ..my 20 years old .my height 5’5″.so i want to my height 5’9″ ..so it is possible..plz sir tell me plzzzz..
    And what i do for it now???? Plz sir tell me..

  133. kalai says:

    Hoi I am 18 years old.how I will increase my height. But I daily do the exercises like skipping jumping etc .but my height is not increase what can I do to increase my height pls help me sir.and I want to know what is Loki juice

  134. raj says:

    i am 20 years old and my height is 5’7 can I increase my height by drinking these liquids

  135. sumit singh says:

    Hey I m 17 yrs old and my height is 5.6
    And I want my height 3-4 inches more is it possible by these methods plzz sir suggest me

  136. Divyansh Sharma says:

    My. Height is 5″7 can i be of 5″10 or. 5″11. And iam 22 years old.

  137. Viktor says:

    This is ridiculous, I drink tons of milk and nothing happens. What’s your excuse?

  138. Atul Singh says:

    I am 15 years old and my height is only 5’4 what i do to increase my height by 6 inches and in how many days

  139. wasiq says:

    i started hanging exercise and i hang only for one minute and i started drink two time milk im 17 years old in november i will 18 this method will increase my height

  140. kavita says:

    Sir i am a kavita & my height is 4.9 & 23 yrs old how to increase my height pls help me & which juice is help to increase the height & which exercise is increase the height pls help me sir

  141. kavita says:

    Sir i am kavita my age is 23 years & my height is 4″11 pls help me how to increase my height

  142. Sumit says:

    Sir meri night 5.4 he meri age 20 yer ha kya muge complan se banifit hoga kya muge 5.10 inch height he muge kya kya krna hoga or ma kon kon sa upai kru plize

  143. Oriando says:

    Hi…my age is 25 lil fatee..nd my height is 5.4 i want to increase my height will it work if i take milk nd loki daily nd how long ishould have nd wen will i feel f increasing height…???

  144. Zeenat says:

    I drink hot milk and water everyday.But it seems like my height stopped growing sir?
    What should i do then ?

  145. Haris Ali says:

    Sir please tell me how to grow height.. I am soo much worried I am 17 and my height is not more than 5ft 5inches I want to grow at least 3 inches taller but it looks like all food I intake goes to muscles because they are growing rapidly but height growth is stunned like forever I also drink 1 glass milk daily but no use.. sir please sir gibe me some adivice on improving height..

  146. Jagdish Patil says:

    I’m 19 and my height is just 5’3″ …so will all these juices be helpful for me …..if yes then in how much time I can get the results….

  147. kamal sharma says:

    I m 33 years old.my height is 5.5 inch.i want to increase my height.plz help me.

  148. Harsh says:

    Sir I am 12 years old and my height is 4.8 can I drink any shake with milk if yes so which

  149. ritakshi says:

    Sir my age 17+ and I need to increase 3inch height in 30days so what can I drink with mixed milk it is very important me please help me present time my height only 5feet

  150. Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Am 27 year old & My height is 5.5 can I gain height now if I consume this Milk, water & bottlegourd juice. Shall I remove the skin to make the bottlegourd juice or I should grind it with skin.

    Kindly advice

  151. zara atta says:

    Hi, thanks for the tips.
    I’m 15 and only 5’3.. will my height grow after trying these drinks??

  152. Natasha says:

    My name is Natasha
    And I m SIXTEEN.
    Will these things help me to increase my height?

  153. vicky says:

    How we can make Loki juice

  154. Tarun says:

    Sir, My height is not increasing ……My age is 16 years10months….My height is 5 feet 1inch …..My parents height is also short….My father height 5feet 2inches And mother height is4 feet 11 inch……So would my height will increase now……As in my family all other are tall on father side ….Plz rply fast

  155. Soham majumder says:

    I am 14 years old and I am 5ft 5 but I can not drink milk .is three any other drink instead of milk.
    Please help

  156. Saniya says:

    When i have to take lauki juice before running or after running??

  157. Chiranjeevi kumar k says:

    Please help me sir

  158. Chiranjeevi kumar says:

    Which is best for uncrease of height running/skipping

  159. Chiranjeevi kumar says:

    Which is best for increase of height running/skipping

  160. Mobasshir says:

    Sir, how many glass of milk should i drink..? I am 14 years and i am 5’2′ i want to be nearly 5’10’ to 6’0

  161. Anand Singh says:

    im 21 years old, I’m 5″9, are there chances of increase in my height if I take these drinks now, I’ve heard the growth of body generally stops after 18.thank you

  162. Anzumma says:

    I am 22yrs old and i am 4ft 9 inches can i grow height now atleast 3 inches to get 5 feet height by these 3 drinks i am doing skipping n yoga too plz suggest me any more remedies sir plzzzzzz

  163. Rahul says:

    Namastey sir,My name is Rahul.Thanka for your suggestions i think they can help us to increase height i read many comments above and you also mentioned about Milk,lauki juice and 3 litere water per day.I know it really works my Age is 17 and height is 5.3 i always do your advise i am do stretching exercises like cobra exercises and Tadasan and Konasan and rope skipping then i drink warm milk and a desi egg but can you tell how many days it will take for increase my height if my height is gain i will always pray to god for you happy life 😘😘😘 but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  164. Lei says:

    Will drinking cold water increase height??

  165. vijay says:

    I’m vijay my age 19 so my height is 5.2 and all friends teasing me it will be very upset from this so please me sir what is loke juice ? please help me😢😢

  166. Ayush says:

    I am 20 and my height is only 5’1 sp how i increase my height to become 5’6 or more . Plz suggest me any option

  167. SMAR says:

    Hie i m 17 and 5 feet i have tried it so can u suggest in how many weeks the result would be seen

  168. Kiran Joshi says:

    is lauki soup good for increasing height ? and can we drink that soup in dinner ?? or in Morning breakfast ?? which time is very beneficial to drink this soup ?

  169. Yugendran says:

    Hi sir…I’m 18 years old male and my height is just 5’4″ and I want to get at least 5’10″…. Is that possible to expect that much..please do suggest me something to increase my height…moreover, my friends said that after 18 I can’t grow more than 1″ inch… 🙁

  170. Kannan pm says:

    sir,i am 19 years old and my height is 5’4.
    Can you help me to grow height 5’9

  171. charlie Cr says:

    what is the maximum age of growing height

  172. samrat kumar says:

    hii i am 14yrs old and my height is 5″6″.i want to grow till 6 feet. i drink milk everyday can it increase my height

  173. raunak roy says:

    Sir i am 21 year old boy..my height is 5’4″…what tips i use for gain height upto 3 inches

  174. Asma says:

    Sir I’m 19 years old.My height is 4.11½.please suggest me some juices n any typs of drinks that increase my height about 3 to 4 inches plzzz reply me

  175. pralay says:

    I am 19 can i increase my hight consuming this.. And how should i consume this.. Whole three drinks in a day.. ???

  176. Sri says:

    Bro can i increase my height ,i am 5.45 now can i add three or four more inches to my height

  177. Anmol says:

    Sir at what time we should have to drink milk …. before running or after running
    I m 17 years old and my height is 5’6 can I gain height up to 5’11

  178. Ashwini Nikhar says:

    Sir, I am Ashwini… My height is 4.9 , I am 19 years old…. Plzz sir help me… I want 5.5 height….. What should I do..sir..??

  179. Krishanth says:

    I am 20+ and now i am 5″8 i want be taller just to reach the Height 6″.
    What should i do? is there anything else i can do or other drinks you can suggest.

  180. Arunaditya says:

    Respected sir,
    I am Arunaditya weighing 74 kg,height is 5’5,age is 15. If i drink these as my drinks hen will i gain 2 inch in 1 and a 1/2 month? If yes then how many glasses and when? And plzz suggest me some exercises also.
    Sir I am eagerly waiting for your answer.
    Thank you

  181. Christian says:

    Sir,is it effective for me to drink always milk after meal because i started that when i was 10-11yrs.old and i stopped at my age of 12 but since i was 11y/o
    My height gained well,and now i started again drinking milk after meal and my age now is 13y/o
    My height is 5’3 and i want to gain it again to 5’6
    But my question of that is it gonna take longer for me to gain height?

  182. Mandeep kaur says:

    hello sir, Im mandeep kaur. i m 21 yrs old..my height is 5.3, amd iwant 5.6 height. how can i increase my height. camn,there r chances to increase the height after 21 ..pls help.me

  183. Mahaveer singh says:

    Hey admin i drink 2 glasses of milk daily and 10 glasses of water but still my height is stuck on 5’4 in 14 yrs and my class mates are 5’8 inch

    Reply please

  184. habisha says:

    my age is 17 and my height is 5.2 almost, i wanna follow this procedure to increase my height, can you tell me the recipe of lauki juice?

  185. Mayank Jain says:

    Sir my height is 5.5 and age 16.5 years old. How can I increase upto 5.9 or 6. Please suggest me sir

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  187. Hannah says:

    Hello sir, I am 26 year old and count of hemoglobin in my blood stream is low, only 9.2. I want to know if consuming this product will help my hemoglobin level. I’m having medicine for 2 months but it’s not improving very much….

  188. Lana says:

    Hey sir pls reply me please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Iam 15 and iam a girl and i’m 144cm if I stepping 8 hours and everyday drink milk and water i can get 160 cm pls reply pls pls 😭 Iam so scared everyone say that iam shorter than every girl okay then it’s right i can not get taller ? Sir please admin pls reply plsssss 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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