5 Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

Protinex, a very popular name in supplements used by over a million people in India. From kids to adults, everyone is taking this supplement and seeing the results.

Protein supplements are always used with proper consultation and guidance from health experts. Some bodies take long time to reflect results, while other shows results instantly. In a few cases, you don’t see any result even after taking it for a long time.

Protinex Side effects

Protinex Side effects

Protinex has to be taken with proper measures otherwise your body may have to suffer severe side effects. We have listed a few major side effects you can have by using Protinex power in more quantity :-

1) Gas problems : A few bodies are allergic to proteins, that can be well understood if you are unable to digest it at all. Or if you are taking it in quantity more than specified than also you can have the same problem. Normally, most people have this problem in the early phases of training then you body starts managing this itself.

But in case, you are facing gas problems continuously then you should immediately run for a doctor to help save yourself from serious health disorders.

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2) Increased weight and more fat : Taking the supplement in quantity more than advise may give you lots of fat on the body. Since, Protinex contains enough calories that you need to burn doing workouts and exercise. And if you increase the quantity of the powder intake, and don’t do the required exercise then it is sure to give you fat deposits on the body.

3) Kidney Failures : Since, everything you eat is digested and waste product is flushed out from the body with the help of kidneys. Taking too much Protinex powder will leave more protein waste in the body and thus increasing work. In some cases, prolonged usage of protein powders this way led to permanent kidney failures because they fail to flush out waste products on such a big scale.

4) Diarrhea due to Improper digestion : Since, there’s a lot of pressure on your stomach when you start taking protein supplements with more protein than what you usually eat. Since, your body can only digest 5-9 grams of protein an hour and when the body fail to do so, you suffer from stomach problems like diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence etc.

5) Dehydration : Again, the more Protinex you take, the more your body needs to flush out the byproducts and to absorb the rest. Vigorous exercise consumes even more water and reduces the overall fluid in the body. If you fail to hydrate your body at the right time, then you face dehydration. Symptoms of which are : fatigue, headache, less urine output and dry mouth.

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To save yourself from the above side effects, you should limit your Protinex quantity to 1 gram/Kg of your body weight. For example : a 50 year old individual should only take 50 grams a day.

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574 Responses to 5 Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

  1. Admin says:

    Please, share your comments if you want the above side effects in Hindi. I will translate the post in a more friendly way.

    • aadil khan says:

      m not tried any protins for my body bt now m thinking abt proteinx to take, it ll be good or bad ?

      • Gaurav says:

        According to me it is good …as i used it in my basic stage of bodybuilding..it gives good effect

      • pooja shetty says:

        sir proteinx is not an harm if u take it in required quantity .now do u no why we take protein in the form of supplement bec our daily intake from food sources is not sufficient if u want to go with then take it after gym with 1glass milk=250gms in that 1sp only

    • sandip patel says:

      I want to weight gain? I go to gym now at evening time. So How can I use protinex.

    • Anirudh says:

      Is it contains steroids

    • s says:

      I want to gain waight faster plz help me and suggest me fast plz sir , i am 14 year old and how much days or month it would be required to gain good at least 5 kgs

      • admin says:

        You can gain that much weight in 4 months easily but following by a high protein diet and protein supplements like protinex.

      • Rt says:

        You are just 14 please forget about any health supplement,wait till 20 years . Keep urself slim .eat healthy foods ..banana ,rice , milk if u want to gain weight

        • Vivek says:

          Sir I am 24 years old, height 5’6″.weight 78Kg. My marriage is on January ,i wants to make chest and upper portion of the body… Should I have to take any supplement ? Any preferred excersize ? I am not in shape sir.plz give suggestions.i am not going to any gym.

    • Parag Parmar says:

      Sir i am 25 yrs old and have weight 60kg . I am skinny but i don’t want used any protien suppliment. Please tell me about the natural resources of protein and its daily quantity to gain the health?

      • pranit patil says:

        Eat minimum 4 egg white per day + cup of milk
        Eat more fruits as you can
        Drink banana ots shake daily
        you get definitely get results🙆🙆🙆🙆👍💪
        Go to you tube there is channel person name is “guru mann” follow his instructions ☺☺☺ videos are in Hindi👍

        • Yash says:

          Yes definitely he is the best personal fitness trainer ever. Follow guru mann he ll guide you on everything that you want to achieve in fitness. Literally everything. 😀

    • Roneet says:

      Can we increase our weight by taking it in a proper quantity

    • Kevin says:

      Sir after using protein powder for 1 month or after gaining muscle if i stop using it and insted try natural supplyments which may contain less amount of protein compare to powder would it affect my body….

      • admin says:

        No, it cannot affect you in any bad way.

        Just keep your protein amount according to your optimal protein requirement.

    • AMIT DEY says:

      I have fatty liver grade 1 problem. Weight is low.my height is 161 cm and weight 46kg.I can use protinex powder.plz suggest sir.

    • Pikul says:

      Hello I am just want to know am I gonna die by kidney failure for using protinx I really want a supplyment for my gym

    • sid says:

      I am 15 years old and my weight is 49kgs. I want to gain weight, how much quantity of protinex i need to drink
      in a day ? Will it have any side effect on my height?

      • admin says:

        For 49 Kg weight, you need to have 60 grams protein a day.

        It will not affect your height.

        • sara Majaw says:

          I’m 30yrs my height is 163cm but my weight is 45 my bmi calculation shows that I’m underweight.what can I do to gain weight?

    • surya says:

      I play volleyball
      i dont go to any gym
      need to gain weight
      height is 6.2
      weight is just 65
      if i start gymming at home should i take this !!???

    • surya says:

      thats what iam saying
      weight gain could help me but i dont workout regularly
      so should i or should i not take this shit???

      • admin says:

        Start with less than prescribed quantity, if that goes good with you i mean no digestion or any related issues then you can take the prescribed quantity.

    • indra says:

      even pedia sure also increase weight

    • guitta says:

      since i came to india i started to lack protein in my body, im losing weight and my hair is falling…so i thought of protinex as a perfect protein supplement…but how much quantity should i take? i don’t want to build muscles i just want to gain like 3 kg ny face has beacome too thin and i need to enrich my body with protein that is necessary for my hair growth…im 5ft and 48 kgs

    • ananda sen says:

      I am 22 years old and my body weight is 56 kg. I am 5’2″ tall and I do workout in gym. If I take protinex powder then what amount will be taken

    • Manjari Chatterjee says:

      I am very very thin. I thought that drinking protinex once a day will help me gaining weight. Am I right?

    • Navdeep singh says:

      Hey m using protinx from long time
      I take protinx daily twise nd when i take protinx i have some gas problm i use to go gym gaily nd m 21 so what should I do

    • Vishal Raval says:

      I am been taking protinex powder from 10 years….but now when I stop protinex power I face lot of health issues like I start losing my weight and face acidity and weakness in body and lot of throat infection.
      Pls guide me what needs to be done.

      • admin says:

        If want to stop taking it, just give yourself equal amount of protein from other source, that might be the only reason you are losing weight because your diet it is not good.

        Try peanut butter instead, its a good source of protein.

        Also, take juices daily and eat good. If you still faces problem then go see a doctor.

        But before that, improve your diet to assure yourself.

    • sudheer says:

      Hello I am a hiv+ guy I am under ART medicine I am very thin by birth my height is 5.8 weight is 51 kg I want to gain weight I do workout daily in home should I take proteinx power is that effecting on my health in the period of ART please healp me with this…

    • Nikz says:

      Is it ok to take it with water however it tastes bad then also

    • vishal sharma says:

      i m not going for gym. but my daily routine is so hectic and proper body work is done.so should i take proteinx for activeness?

    • Tousif Shaikh says:

      Hi my question is taking Protinex on daily basis helps in reducing body fat..

    • vihaan singh says:

      i do gym can i use protien x for it

    • gaurav says:

      kya yah muscle size badane m help karta h kykuk, I am 1 year se gym mai workout kar raha hu to kya yah mere muscle size badane mai help karega ?

    • Deoxys says:

      Hello there, I’m 16, 5’11 and I weigh around 75kgs. I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle. Will this help with that? Please let me know


      I and my son took the protinex powder for about 2 years continuously and we had started suffering with inceased level of URIC ACID resulting into pains in our joints. This I have enquired with some of the other patients too who use to meet during my visits to doctor. I found many such haelthy persons who have also sufferred similar way due to this powder.

      So strongly recoomend NOT to use PROTINEX nad I am also consulting how to put claim on the company of Protinex.


      VERY BAD PRDUCT. I STARTED SUFFERRING WITH inceased level of uric acid. My son too started with same problem. Should I put claim ob the company


      very bad experience.It inceases URIC ACID leading to joints pain for ever

    • Mohit says:

      Does protienx help in height growth?

    • naveen kumar says:

      Sir my weight 52 kg but my boss told me that muje 250 gm daily protine k lie kya kru tell me sir

    • rohit says:

      Aftr taking protiens x wht diet we have to follow?? An I normally workout 8.pm to 10.pm soo as go through some review its better to tak protn x aftr workout but 10pm its dinner time so wt m i suppose to do shld i make half an hour diff btwn dinner an post wrkt protn x drink?

    • Satish pandey says:

      Sir today i m buy protinex ,can i use the same product because i m suffiring accident operation my leg not take my body load actually i want my haddi joint fast this protine help me or not please reply me ,means i want to know you this protinex help for haddi joint or not

    • jublee says:

      sir, i m thin girl.. m 17years old.. n i have 42kg. how will i use the protinex powder

    • punit says:

      Sir meri height 6.2 weight 80kg h or me meri muscles(biceps,triceps etc.) Jldi bnana chata hu to meko ap suggestion de ki protinex ka kitte spoon kitni bar one day me lena h or sr kitne tym me aprox meri body bn jaygi plz explain me sr

    • m.shoaib says:

      when we have to take proteinx pre workout or post workout?

    • Aarif says:

      What amount of protinex powder should I take
      my body weight is 65 kg and I want to make muscles

    • Indrajeet says:

      hey mr. admin
      look,i am using protinex from 15 months, approx ,first of all its just awesome thing ..i was 4’5 feets and now i am approx 6…haha so
      the thing is that…i am having unbearable pain in my leg joints popping and cracking sound everytime i can hear that..it hurts shit….and yeah my joint is swollen,seems like gel accumulated there…and i am not sure why is it so………….
      i am not saying that it is because of protinex it may because of accidents………so if you can hear me please

    • Sandeep singh says:

      I am 27 year old my height is 5.7″ .and my weight is 52 kg .I want to gain weight to feel fit and healthy.and someone suggested me don’t take protine which is content of steroid.can you tell me should I have protinex?

    • Manvi says:

      Hi I am female 22 begginer in this field of workout. As I am vegetarian I’m unble to complete my protein intake per day so can I take proteinx (but I don’t want gain weight I am easily gain and loose body type )
      Please suggest.

    • pranav khajuria says:

      I m 18 yrs old my height is 5-8 n weight is 70 approx should I have to take protinex for strongr muscles

    • Gaurav says:

      I start gym for lose weight and build the mussels. Pls will take protinx for this it will increase my stamina.

    • Anshu says:

      Mein bahut jaldi thak jati hu.koi kaam karti hu to energy nahi rehti..to kya mein protinex le sakti hu..

    • Saurabh says:

      Sir I weigh 55kg,my height is 6’2 and will be 17years old after 2 months. Want to put up some weight can I use it?

    • Angel says:

      Hi.. I am 25 week pregnant. My doctor advices me to take protinex daily in milk.
      But after use I feel situation like loosemotion. Plz suggest me what quantity is enough to take?

    • Peajit says:

      Iam 14 years old and I have a 3 kg dumbbell but play basketball is protinex good for me

    • Bibek samal says:

      I am 22 and weighing 50 kg. I want to take protein X but I don’t have enough time to work out at gym. Can I take it with push-ups at home?

    • vikram says:

      sir this is vikram …26 yrs 50 kgs weight ..if protinex gain weight..how would itake the protienx powder

    • Yasmeen shaik says:

      My child is 2years old.is it fine if I give him protinex instead of protinex junior?does it have any side effect?

    • ravi kumar says:

      i do workout in gym to loose my fat and also muscle building and after workout can I take protineX in water.

  2. mohit kumar says:

    can i take protein x after any medicine ?

  3. radhika says:

    can i take protinex with milk powder? so that i can carry it to my workout place since its taken in milk.

  4. mayukh says:

    can i take protinX only with plain water? Would it be effective?

  5. preeti says:

    I’m doing exercise daily. If i dink protinex with milk after exercise will it lead to weight gain or it will help in weight lose or it will boost the satmina

    • admin says:

      Taking protein while exercising daily will help you in gaining more muscles in body that is required for more strength. It helps your body to get in shape.

      But that also burns your unwanted body fat and improves your stamina.


  6. Arghya says:

    Can I take ProtineX after dinner?

  7. shekhar verma says:

    what protinex is the good supplements for making good muscles for fitness

  8. kanav405 says:

    i have some fat on my belly but as it is said that taking proteins will reduce fat. So, should i take protinex

    • admin says:

      If you are taking protinex powder, you have to do workout. If you do that, the excess fat stored in your belly will be dissolved.

      You need to follow some heavy workout routine if you are taking any protein product.

      • kanav405 says:

        im regularly doing walk and running for about 1 hour but i have some fat on my belly. Is this exercise enough to take protinex?

        • admin says:

          If you are still not able to reduce your belly fat then start doing crunches.

          They are highly effective in reducing excessive fat from the belly.

          Do normal crunches, vertical crunches, reverse crunches and twist crunches.

  9. Abraham says:

    can i take Protinex without doctor opinion ?
    I am very thin so help me.

  10. white says:

    Does it effects on sex life ????
    Does it effects on face -like pimples and other allergy? ?

  11. sadia khan says:

    m very much skinny…. i need to put up weight… since frm lst 2 days m tking protienex wil it work?
    n m tkng it aftr mh dnr cuz i don workout

  12. John says:

    If i take Protein X powder with plain water, how much weight will i increase ?

  13. Shravan says:

    Can Protinex be taken directly as powder without mixing it with milk or water after workout? Simetimes getting hot milk immediately after workout may not be possible. Pls let me know. Thanks.

  14. kshirsagar says:

    Iam 84kgs and 40 years marital artist and exercise frequently i want built up my stamina so want start protinex. How much dose sould i take within 24 hrs? And how long should i take?
    Pl reply

  15. Subrata mondal says:

    Can i take it without any consult with my family doctor?

    • admin says:

      Yes, just keep the protein intake according to what that’s written on the box.

      • Shaikh Aafaque says:

        you should limit your Protinex quantity to 1 gram/Kg of your body weight. For example : a 50 year old individual should only take 50 grams a day..

        Does this post mean , 50 Kg or 50 year ??

  16. austin says:

    My mother who is over 80 yrs of age is suffering for Irratable Bowel Syndrome. Is it advisable to give her protinex. The last time she took protinex with water she was havng diarroeh. Please advise.

  17. Sujoy says:

    Hey There I am 20 and i am thin and i don’t workout coz of my daily job so should i take protien x and if yes than when and how?

  18. vikas zode says:

    dear sir,

    what is the side effect of protinex? and

    what is the benifit of protinex?

    tell me immediately.

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Well, side effects only comes when you take it without the prescribed dose and don’t do exercise regularly.

      Other than that, you won’t face any direct side effects of the powder.

  19. Vijay says:

    Hi sir can I take it with creatine

    • admin says:

      It all depends on your requirement, what you want to achieve.

      But you really shouldn’t put much emphasis on supplements, eat natural foods and follow natural diets.

  20. Harsh says:

    Hey I just want ask that after workout I have to take protinex after eating something of just as it is.And want to ask that does it also dont effect my sperm count or performance.

    • admin says:

      First of all, it doesn’t have to do anything with any sexual organ.

      Secondly, you are supposed to take Protinex only (preferably in milk) after the workout. Eat other things at some other time.

  21. Anju says:

    I want to gain weight nd my age 30 so can i take it

  22. Ronak says:

    Hello my age was 15 years old and I am going to running and half hour gym and I have on injury on my shoulder so can I take proteinx in night…

  23. satya says:

    Does it any effect on sextual life

  24. ALOK says:


    • admin says:

      Yes, that’s a better way when you are going natural for your protein sources.

      See, you get around 7 grams of protein from 1 egg. so, you can eat 6 eggs a day easily; 3 in morning and 3 in evening.

      Rest you can get through peanut butter. Eat 3 sandwiches of peanut butter with 6 eggs and you are done with your daily protein intake.

  25. sajeesh kp says:

    I am an occasional drinker.Should I avoid liquor if I take protienex.

  26. priyanshi says:

    at what time of the day is preferable to take protinex

  27. akhil jain says:

    I just started taking protien x n i bought chocolate flavour of this. My body weight is 60 kgs n i do regular workout weight lift, pushups n other exercises but i dnt go to jim because of some timing issues. My body is in a proper shape n m not skinny at all, so iwanted to ask can i take protien x in water as well if yes then how much protien per day is required for me. Replay as soon as possible thnks

  28. akhil jain says:

    just started taking protien x n i bought chocolate flavour of this. My body weight is 60 kgs n i do regular workout weight lift, pushups n other exercises but i dnt go to jim because of some timing issues. My body is in a proper shape n m not skinny at all, so iwanted to ask can i take protien x in water as well if yes then how much protien per day is required for me. Replay as soon as possible thnks

    • sakshi sharma says:

      My age is 15 and my weight is 35 kg i feel tired all time and my hair is also falling all times …my height is 5’1′ should i take it to increase my weight height and for a healthy body..plz tell me

  29. ravi says:

    Sir i m too skiny my weight is 47 and i m of 20 years what quantity of protinx i should take and can i take protinx after evening workout with water

  30. kamal says:

    Sir, i am a diabetic and take insulin, can i take Protienx and in what quantity?

  31. mdaltaf says:

    Hi sir. My height is5.2 can I increase my height with it..

    • admin says:

      No, it doesn’t not help in increasing height.

      • suresh Choudhary says:

        Sir,I am 24 yr old..Nd my weight is only 53 kg.in last 3yr I take many type of weight gainer products like…. Optimum nutrition,,bodybildo,matrix mass gainer etc.but I hvn’t seen any changes in my body.plz suggest me.what I can do..??

  32. Jatinder singh says:

    How much protein in one serving of protinex

  33. barsha says:

    I am 36 weeks pregnant.can i take protinex to gain weight of my baby? If yes then please advise the dosage of it to intake

    • admin says:

      Yes, its a good source of protein but as stated earlier, it also contains lots of sugar in it.

      So, make sure you eat less sugar at other times to balance your total sugar in a day.

      Dosage are written on the box.

  34. Aashu says:

    Is it okay to be used since it has equal protein and sugar content?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it has quite sugar in it. When you are taking this on daily basis make sure, you eat very less sugar at the other times, so that your total sugar intake in a day is balanced properly.

  35. Atul says:

    Hii sir..
    I study in a clg so i don’t hav much free time. I’m about to start protinex and require some info.
    I mainly go to the jym in the evening around 6pm(for one and half hour). And i usually take dinner at 8:45. Is it enough time between taking protinex and dinner.. i.e 1 hour…. or any other suggestions plzzz tell me.
    Thank u.

  36. atul says:

    I study in a clg so i don’t hav much free time. I’m about to start protinex and require some info.
    I mainly go to the jym in the evening around 6pm(for one and half hour). And i usually take dinner at 8:45. Is it enough time between taking protinex and dinner.. i.e 1 hour…. or any other suggestions plzzz tell me.
    Thank u.

  37. archana says:

    I had bone granfting of hip bone around four months back . dr sugget me to take high protein. so can you please sugget me which protinex will be good for me ?

  38. Santosh says:

    Since last 2-3 days, I have started workout in gym. Can I take it to build my muscles?

  39. chahat says:

    How i can use protinex …. before or after to gym.

  40. sanjay oli says:

    My name is Sanjay Oli 27 yr old and weight is 60kg. can I take protenex powder, and when I take, at night or morning, and is it necessary workout after to take it.
    plz help me.
    thanking you

    sanjay oli

  41. Arjun says:

    Does taking protienx with water digest faster than with milk?
    Also milk also contains some amount of protien. So for faster muscle growth, which do you recommend?
    I’m using this since 5 months, and have it with milk. I’ve gained a few kilos of muscles.

  42. Md Qasimi says:

    I want to prepare a protien shake. So can u plz tell me how much should I mix protinex with milk along with milk, banana and almonds?
    Plz help me out on how much to add.

  43. ronak says:

    Protinex is a weight grainer or not ?

  44. sumit auddy says:

    what is the perfect quantity ?

  45. Kaavya says:

    I am a 17 year old. I moderately exercise and otherwise eat healthy. Is a tablespoon of protinex bad for me ?
    I do not want to gain nor lose any weight BTW..

  46. abhishek says:

    BASICALLY how much time it will take to increase the weight?

  47. SUSANTA says:

    My wife wet is 40 kg if she tek protinex do weight gain and how much dose taken

  48. ronak says:

    Protinex give me any pimple problem on my face and body ?

  49. Manas says:

    If we are taking protineX then workout is really required, if someone don’t get much tym for exercises then he or she should go for protineX for daily protineX intake. Please guide

  50. rohan kumar says:

    can a person should take pauraush jivan and proteinx simaltaneously

  51. PawaN says:

    Hlo… it is true if a I take protine x so effect in liver ?????

  52. sudhir says:

    I m 37 yrs old, i m only 50 kg, i dont have time to go jym, so its usefull to me to gain weight? And when i have to take protinex with quantity? Pls reply

  53. sahil says:

    Sir my weight is 96 kg and I am 22 years old. Is protinex is help to reduce my weight and increase stamina for do more exercise . Currently I only do running and walking one hour. Please help me and please tell me what should I do

  54. Shelly aggarwal says:

    My son is 11 years.will protinex help him in gaining height in any way.and how much dose is recommended for him

  55. Aman says:

    Does loss of hair is caused by protinex ?
    And in protinex quantity of carbs is more then protein why ?

    • admin says:

      No, hair loss is not caused by protinex.

      You must read about carbs and protein in general – they both have different functions and has no relation with each other.

      To answer your question : Carbs are consumed more by the body whereas lesser proteins are consumed.

  56. kuunal says:

    I am 19 years old and I have a lot of fat around but I am working out rigorously can I have proteinx ?
    would it increase my weight? ( because I want to reduce it)

  57. Ahsan quraishi says:

    Hey im 16 years old and 70kgs,i do weightlifting
    I take 3 scoops of protinex powder with milk in post workout and 3 bananas…..i only take it once a day..is that okay for a teenager like me?

  58. ankit says:

    Proteinx is good or bad for gym and for lean body

  59. shashwat bharadwaj says:

    i want to gain height can i use protinex ?

  60. Praneeth says:

    Sir I am suffering from ibs-d(diarrhea). From past 3 months. Can I take protinex.pls suggest me

  61. Ahsan hetfield says:

    Hey im 16 and 5’11, i take 3 scoops of protinex with added suger which is 2 teaspoons….and i was 68 1 and a half month before and now im 60kg and ive been doing weightlifting for about 6 to 7 months…how much protein will it give me in a full cup and taking just a cup per day would cause any side effects on my body?

  62. akhil says:

    Can I drink the protinex in doing workout.
    Or after doing

  63. najir says:

    by using proteinx how can i decrease fat
    is this possible

    • admin says:

      With heavy exercise or workouts. Protein will help you in gaining muscles and workouts will help you reduce fats stored.

  64. MD says:

    hii sir,

    I want to gain some weight i m 27 years old How much quantity is preferred for me ? Can I take it in morning after breakfast.
    plz reply

  65. Santosh Bhosale says:

    I want to gain some weight i m 30 years old, i work in BPO so I don’t have time for workout…currently my weight is 57kg only…so kindly help me some tips with diet plan…

  66. Sukhmani says:

    Can i take proteinx for weight gain?
    I want to gain weight..
    Please advice me it is good for me or not?
    Can i take this or not?

  67. hariom says:

    Dear admin,

    I’m 28 yrs & my weight is 70. I want lose my weight as well as my tummy. Also i go to gym daily in morning for 1 hour only for fitness.

    If i take protinex with milk in morning after workout what will be the benefit for me ?

  68. D. Kumar says:

    I want to gain my wheight.. I am 20 year old so you suggest me.. Can I use protinx. If I can use then you tell me how much quantity. Pls suggest me

  69. rajendra kumar says:

    Sir i wanna increase my weight so i thnk to take proteex but i saw that after taking thees type of suppliments face is swelled too much
    So tell mee if i take it my face is swelled too much or not

  70. anwar hussain says:

    Can i take protinex powder without any work outs?plz advise.

  71. navi says:

    Hi sir can I use protein x morning time after running and evening time after workout… there r no any problem or side effect


  73. Praveen says:

    Sir, I don’t have time to go gym, can I take proteinx w/o workout

  74. Mani gupta says:

    Hi! I do daily Work out at evening from 7 Pm to 9 Pm So it is suitable to me to take protinex after my work out at night. & My Weight is 92 kg & Age 26 Height 5foot 11 inch. Should i Take Protinex at night after work out . it Will Increase my weight Or it will loose my weight Please tell me

    • admin says:

      If you really looking out to lose your weight, then you must skip your night meal and replace it with protinex shake. This way you will see great results.

  75. Stephanie says:

    I’m finding it difficult to get my required protein intake during the day. Will proteinex be an easy fix for me after my daily workouts, mixed with water? Im 33 and have lost 80 lbs this past year. Just need a kick start to continue, weighing 89lbs at 5’6″, female.

  76. Stephanie says:

    Sorry, I mistyped my weight, I weigh 189lbs with a workout after work and then I eat dinner.

  77. parag parmar says:

    Sir i am 24 and have weight of 60kg.i am skinny and want to improve. But i don’t want to take protinex. So tell me about the daily diet of natural sources. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      In that case, you can eat eggs – 4 eggs daily.

      and peanut butter, take it with bread and eat two sandwiches daily.

      It will give your enough protein for your daily requirements.

  78. manish kumar says:

    Respected sir, Meri age 25 years hai, vajan 53 kg hai. Mai Bahut hi patla ho gya hu, kya protinex powder use krne se body ka vikas ho sakta hai ? Kya koi side effect.
    kaise use krne se hoga.

  79. tohid says:

    Sir can i
    use before sleeping time
    pls reply

  80. Ravi says:

    Am 46 years of age. I came to know through test that the protein is little less in my body.
    Can you pl advice whether I have to take protinex daily or can I manage with almonds and walnuts.
    I used to walk around one hour daily and am a pure vegetarian

    • admin says:

      Currently, you can start with protinex powder to balance the system.

      Almonds and walnuts, though they contain enough protein but are very heavy for the system too. You really can’t be depended on them on daily basis.

      You can try this protein powder, its good for your health.

  81. My age is 36, weight 75 kg, height 5′ 7.5″, Can I use this proteinX powder for body building

  82. Sunil says:

    Hi, I am 82 KG 33 years old boy, Doing walk and exercise daily in morning, I want to reduce my Wight and extra fat, want to take protein x so pls advice me how to take and how much I can take in a day. It will take after exercise or during exercise pls let me guide.

  83. isha says:

    I’m 22 years and so weak please help me

  84. omprakash says:

    I’m 23 year old nd I m doing gym exercise. Can I take mix milk with boiled eggs after the exercise

  85. Anoop Vaish says:

    My weight is 88 Kgs, ht 6 fts.
    I want to reduce fats and gain muscles. I have started doing workout recently. Will it be ok if i take ProtineX after 1.5 hr of work out.
    How much quantity of protinex I need to take in terms of tea/table spoon for 88 grams of protein as per 1 gm per kg body weight formula.
    I want to loose wt by 8 kgs.

  86. Saba Samreen says:

    Hi all,I am 23 yrs Old and I am too skinny, and due to my busy and hectic schedule, I do not make up time for gym, Does protinex help me gaining atleast 2kgs per month, also please revert back to me ASAP about the time of consumption of the supplement, as I prefer to take it post dinner…And what could I add to that for better results..Please revert back to this post ASAP.Thank you.

  87. manisha says:

    I have completed my 18 years. And my weight is 32 years. Can I use the protinex to become healthy ?

  88. Aarav says:

    Can we take it with cold milk?

  89. Aarav says:

    I don’t workout & I’m not skinny… Can I take it?

  90. omprakash says:

    Hi I am 23 year old. I m doing gym.can I take it along with milk and boils eggs after the workout

  91. omprakash says:

    Hi I am 23 year old. I m doing gym.can I take it along with milk and boils eggs after the workout

  92. Hasini says:

    Hi… i cant do any workout due to daily job.. now can i take proteinx powder without any workout? If i do so… it will affect my body? If so.. wat effects will CME ?

  93. happy says:

    Can i take protinex after 30 min of workout ?

  94. Ruchi Agarwal says:

    Can I give protinex to kids age 10 and 8

  95. Lokesh mathur says:

    Kidney fail hone se bachane k liye protin x ka use kis tarh karna h sir

  96. ranveer says:

    Dear sir, mera weight 70 kg h or age 19 h or main regular gym m 2 hours workout karta hu n i want to gain my weight over 100 kg kya protinex use kar m weight badha sakta hu or per day kitna proteinex lu jisse body m koi side effect na ho ?

    • admin says:

      Dear, Your weight is perfectly normal.

      If you increase your weight over 100 Kg, there are more chances of heart disease, sugar disease and diabetes.

      Please, consider this first.

  97. rosy says:

    Hi, I’m 24 yrs old and my weight is 42. I want to put weight, Is this protinex helpful for me ?

    And having piles problem can i take this or it cause any problem in digestion.

  98. rosy says:

    When i have to eat this before or after meal…after drinking this i have to work or take rest to gain weight…

  99. Shubham says:

    Hi can I take protetinex without gym

  100. Vicas says:

    After workout eating egg is better or taking protein x? I know egg is a natural source but I hate egg smell so asking.

    • admin says:

      I must tell you, if you are looking for natural source of protein nothing is better than peanut butter.

      Just get yourself a jar of it.

  101. Tallur says:

    Can I loose my weight with protinex.If so please tell me the procedure.!?

  102. Kapil says:


  103. Vitthal says:

    Piz help
    Chest problems one side small and one side big

  104. M Murali Krishna says:

    Sir iam 41 years old and my weight is 130 kgs. I do regular workout at gym. Now a days Iam feeling lot of fatigue and tiredness. I do not have BP nor sugar complaints. I had started taking protinex powder one spoon heapful in a cup of milk since three days. Please advise the positive and negative effects of taking protinex.

  105. Jay says:

    Helo sir… I am 23. Can I use juniors proteinex as it has comparatively more protein in a servings??. I do gym in morning…please reply soon…

    • admin says:

      See, protein intake totally depends on your health.

      Your body needs 1 gram/Kg of your body weight, don’t just eat protein without calculating it.

  106. VIVEK says:


  107. S says:

    Can I take protein supplement with milk ? I’m a vegetarian, 17 year old girl and the protein intake is less in my diet and my calorie intake is less than 1400 calories per day.

  108. sid says:

    How much of quantity i need of protinex a day. Iam 15yrs old. Does it effect my height?

  109. Raj says:

    Can I use protinex in a milkshake containing egg, almonds and banana?

  110. Rajesh says:

    Can I add protinex in a milkshake containing egg, almonds and banana???


    Sir I am Krishna Chandra Gorai, my hight 5.6″ and weight 54kg, and i am very slim. so can i use the protinex Powder. Plz rply me sir.

  112. omkar says:

    Hi guyss im 17yrs old n my weight is just 43kg n i workout too,i just bought protinex.how much should i take as i workout in the morning n does overdose results in hairloss??reply pls!!!

  113. Ashisb says:

    Is it helps to get bigger muscles….?

  114. Vinod says:


    Seek your advice for the following:

    I am a healthy person but am diabetic since the last 7 years. I have been a sports person and do my exercises regularly even now – a half hour of brisk walking followed by a 15 min jog and 15 mins of stretching exercise at least 5 days a week.

    My blood sugar levels are normal with the medication I have been advised. I weigh 73 kgs but generally have less muscle mass.

    Pl let me know if I can go ahead with Diabetic Protinex and if yes what is the best time to take it and what quantity.


    • admin says:

      Read the protinex benefits post to know more about the Time, and dosage information.

      Answer to first question, Yes can use Diabetic protinex, since it doesn’t have any sugar in it. You should feel safe for your diabetes.

  115. Rkherat says:

    Can i take protinex , if a m not doing gym workout but managing household affairs, and doing hard housework.?

    Please sugest.

  116. Amit says:


    I do exercise with Elastic band.
    Can I take protinex powder with warm milk (daily 1 spoon) with warm milk.
    I play table tennis daily 3-4 hrs.
    If playing is sufficient than work out in gym ?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it helps you burn calories and muscles also do great job while you play any outdoor sport.

      If you are playing 3-4 hours on daily basis, you don’t need to do gym.

  117. Deepak Arora says:

    Sir, My height is 5.10″ and weight is only 63 kg, Can i take this for gaining some weight & stamina ?? Also doing gym in morning from last 7 days. Plz suggest

  118. Imran says:

    I am 24 years old and my height is 5.4 and weight is 53 kg………kindly tell me how can I gain weight with natural dietary supplement ….kindly help me plz

  119. Imran says:

    I am 24 years old and my height is 5.4 and weight is 53 kg………kindly tell me how can I gain weight with natural dietary supplement ….

  120. Shubham says:

    Is it suitable for person with age 17 years …is it works

  121. Sud says:

    Hi I m 26 years old. height -5.4, weight – 53kg

    I wants to increase weight. I m doing gym 45min a day.

    How much protein x I need to take daily?

    and also I have acidity issues.

  122. Samiran says:

    I am 22 years old.my weight is 74 kg with 23% fat and 32% muscle.I have reduced my weight by 2 kg in the last month by low calorie pure vegetarian diet(not even eggs) and only cardio exercise of 4km jogging in the morning.But I m not sure whether my current diet satisfies my protein requirement for weight loss without muscle loss…!!so will protinex help me lose unwanted weight and be slim?

    • admin says:

      Yes, its just a protein powder required for healthy muscles.

      (Heavy workouts + Protein powder) is a short weight loss plan.

  123. Anmol Jain says:

    I currently play football for school team.. So i do lots of workout.. But am under weight.. My age is 17, height round about 5ft. 6″ and weight is 48-49. I want to gain weight is it ok to take PROTIN X powder?

    • admin says:

      You are a football player, you must be burning so much of calories on the field.

      Protinex will be a good match for you.

  124. rocky says:

    My age is 19 but weight is 40 kg i want gain my body how

  125. Aman says:

    Sir, i am suffering from hypothyroid problem, can i take proteinex?

  126. Krishna Singh says:

    Sir i am 21 yr old, height 5.7 and weight is 53 kg. i do workouts for an hour so how much gm protinex take and one time or two time a day plz answer

  127. vivek says:

    May i take protinex 1/2 hour before working out in the gym

  128. Neelam says:

    I am 24year old and want to increase my weight my weight is 40kg sir plz tal me how can I increase my weight an my height is 5.5 plz sir I was tryed everything all most

  129. Nishu says:

    I’m 25 years old and my net weight is 51 kg.I want increase 5kg weight height is 163 cm. may I use protinex sugest me

  130. Suraj verma says:

    Iam an soccer player and Im very skinnny as well … So can I take protienx ?

  131. satya says:

    I do not go to gym because of my study how can I take protienex?

  132. Areez says:

    Sir, i am 17 years old and i want to gain some weight and build some muscles. I suffer from PSVT. Please suggest me that how to gain weight without any side effects.

  133. Raghu says:

    I had my Acl reconstruction 5 days ago, doctor suggested to take protien content food so I bought protien x to mix with hot milk ,I usually take it at evening. So is it better to take protein with hot milk or cold milk ?

  134. TOpas dar says:

    hello sir i m 23year old but m very sinky i look like a 15yeR old boy … will protinx help me to gain weight… sir pliz help me out

    • admin says:

      Yes, but you will see better results only after you do exercise.

    • Akanksha says:

      Hello sir i am too skiny my hight is 5.2 and wt 42 kg i m taking two times proteinex with milk in the mng and after denar without exercise. I want to gain 10 kg weight.will it help???

  135. lokesh soni says:

    I am 23 years old and my weight is 49kgs. I want to gain weight, how much quantity of protinex i need to drink
    in a day ? Will it have any side effect on my height?

  136. tommy says:

    i have a doubt is protinex helps to decrease the weight

  137. karan tailor says:

    hi i am 18 years old and my weight is 54 kg.how much protinex powder i can take per day.is it does any sideeffect on my body???

  138. deep singgh says:

    I am of 14 year old my wieght is 46 and hieght is 5.3 . protienx will help me to grow my hieght fast

  139. kartik says:

    after starting proteinx powder effects will be seen in how many days . my. height is 6 ft. and. weight is 54 kg

  140. kartik7744 says:

    sir. protinx powder shuru krne k bad. according to u. result kb tk dikhne chahiye . (kitne din me )height is 6 ft and weight 54 male

  141. kiru says:

    Is the protinex helps to increase height also..???

  142. Poorna Kota says:

    Hi.. till now i did not taken any this type of powder. I am slim, my weight is 51kgs and height is 5.7, If i take from now onwords, is there any side effects for me, according to my personality. I want to gain my weight and personality.

  143. mdimad says:

    Sir what is the correct time to take protinex before going to gym or after coming from gym…and i go for gym at night time…

  144. iamronaldo says:

    Hi. I’m a teenager and I recently turned skinny due to extreme play of football for a month. So,will proteinx help me to gain my muscles back? So that after every play and exercise I can drink this.

    Thank you.

  145. pavi says:

    heylo im 23 yr old .. i want leanbody . my weight is about 60kg..nd im crazzy about abs.. if i take protinex there is issue of weight gain ? or not ..???

  146. pintu says:

    Is it taken in hot milk or raw milk? & before breakfast or after?

  147. sunil says:

    Sir, I am 22 yrs old and my weight is 63 kg, height is 5’10inch please tell sir how much quantity should be taken to gain weight sir also I am having piles problem…

  148. Rishi sharma says:

    I m. 18 and my height is shor can it help me for growing height

  149. Husain says:

    Can I take with water?because i dont drink milk.

  150. Rashmi Chitnis says:

    I’ve been advised for whey protein shake for weight loss.
    Can I use protinx instead of other costly protein shakes? I do power yoga every day and follow diet as well.

  151. Krishna Mondal says:

    My age 27 years,weight 65 kg, now I am doing push ups, running 1 hour only, so can I use protienx,

  152. mohit says:

    Respected Sir , My age is 19 year , i m skinny , kya mai protein X use kar sakta hun apni body banaane ke liye , isse kaise use karna hoga plz sir suggest me

  153. viraj malik says:

    I am 17 years old and my weight is 80kg how much quantity i need of protienx in a one day plz tell

  154. Sir, mai gym nhi jara hu bas running krra hu. Isse muje uska koi side effect to nhi hoga or plz protinex lena ka schedule bhi btana or timing.

  155. Rahul Jain says:

    Hello sir my age 23 weight 69 and height 5’8 I daily go to gym for 2.5 hour so plzzz tell me should I take it or not.
    One more thing sir aisa to nhi h naa ki jb tk ise use kr rhe h tb tk thik h body or ise bnd krte hi fir whi phle jsi body I mean fusss…!!

  156. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Hi all,
    I am 25 yrs old and my weight is just 42 kg. Please suggests me.

  157. sonu says:

    I am 23 ur old my weight 83kg my height 6.1 . I take daily 2 eggs, 3bannanas, 130ml of milk and I am karate practicer and I joined gym to build my muscle mass . can I take protienx? How many grams in which time. Thanks kindly waiting for ur advice.

  158. Ajay Bharti says:

    hello sir I am too thin
    and I want to gain weight faster
    plzzz help me what I can take for weight gain faster

  159. Pravat says:

    Sab bekar hai boss if all u want stay healthy and fitt in your life than take HERBALIFE

    Milk shake
    Protein powder

    Sab ka baap hai eak bar try karke Dekho
    Jo use karte hai unka advise v lelena lekin eak baat main hai timetable
    Mention karpaae to ese acha kuch v nahi

  160. Sarthak says:

    Proteinex causes heat in my stomach they cause me mouth ulcers indigestion mouth boils and stomach problems

  161. Amit says:

    Hi, i wanted to know whether protinex is safe for someone who had a heart surgery and have coronary artery disease, and whose age is 78.
    I have started giving her protinex but not sure that whether it will help or damage.

  162. ABHISHEK says:


  163. prakash says:

    hii… i m 22yr old male , my height 163cm but my weight is only 49kg and i m also lean . i want to gain weight of my body and increase my body size .so what i can do for my body weight and size. pleazzzz help me . and i request please give me one diet chart according to my body …….and tell me will amway protine powder help for gaining my body weight and size..???

  164. chandrakant solanki says:

    my weight is already 70
    i can use protein x

  165. Aditya dikshit says:

    i am 15 yrs old but i am so slim that my frnd make fun , so i want to become fit .. can i use ProteinX

  166. Hirannamoy says:

    If I start take protein x thn I HV to take protein x fr every time .. Or not

  167. upen says:

    I’m 16 years old and my waight is 46kg. i wanna gain waight so how much amount should i take of protinex in a day….plzz tell me

  168. Deepika says:

    Hi i am a 23 year old female, weight is 63 kgs. I am suffering from hair loss. How much of protineX can i have daily?

    could you please tell in number of spoons

    • admin says:

      You can use it daily, but try to find out the cause of your hair loss.

      It could be your shampoo, the water you use for bath, any eatables or anything.

  169. Jawad says:

    Sir! Should I take protinex after half an hour of doing work out it is better to grow muscle or eat two bananas after drinking protinex it is benefit..for increase muscle

  170. Fazal khan says:

    My self fazal khan I’m 24 years old I’m having very slim body my weight is around 55 want to take proteinX which one is better for me n how much quantity take on daily basis please suggest

  171. Sukh says:

    I want to gain weight..
    Please tell me can i take proteinx
    Can you tell me please is there is any side effect related to periods..
    Actually i am so tensed while taking proteinx.
    So please help me..

  172. gur says:

    Hii.. is proteinex helpful in increasing height??

  173. Raja Balmiki says:

    Sir me zym krta hu hu ..lekin mera sarir badhta hi nahi hai …jitna v weighy maru fir pehle jesa hi ho jata hai …mujhe apne muscles badhane hai ..to kya me Protinex le skta hu???…or kya iska koi side effect hoga kya??? Please sir answer me..

  174. Mohd Fahad says:

    Sir i am 17 years old my height is 5.4 nd my weight is 40 kg how much take protinex nd can i take protinex after dinner…

  175. Alex says:

    I am on a fat loss and muscle building program (beginner workout) but i could not meet my daily protien requirements so want to take proteinx but its sugar level are bit high, will i gain weight by consuming it?

    • admin says:

      You will gain weight for sure but what you can do is reduce the total sugar intake.

      Means, use this and eat lesser sugary things at other times.

  176. Divya Bansal says:

    So how much quantity of proteinX can take….plz reply soon

  177. priyanka says:

    Hi i am 28 year grl with 56 kg wgt. I dont do any workout due to i feel pain in my muscles and bones. Also i feel weekness in mybody. Someone suggested me to take protienx to overcome weekness nd pain. Is it right option to do. Pls help

  178. parminder says:

    Im 102kg,34 years old house wife. I want to reduce my weight. I walk for 45 mins in the morning. But i have protinex at night with warm milk.is it the right time? if not then pls suggest the right time.is the workout i do sufficient?

  179. parminder says:

    I want to know how to use protinex to reduce weight_ quantity,time,with milk or water.and how much workout is required.

  180. Avanish says:

    If I take this powder but I don’t workout at gym then my weight is gained or not?

  181. aashish says:

    Sir main 15 saal ka hu or main gym ni krta par main khana kam khata hu main protine x le skta hu iska koi side effect toh mhi hoga or isse heightt toh mhi rukegii plz tell me in hindi

  182. Raj Tripathi says:

    Sir I m 14 years old I have just started doing exercise at home and I even use dumbells i want to make good muscles so can I use it and in how much quantity and if I take food and fruits etc.rich in protein so will it affect my body or not please tell me what should I do?

  183. Bipin says:

    Sir i found some thing side effect about protienx in web site like increase male chest as female breast does it aide effect on that i also wants to use it but i m afraid of that i have seen some side effect of it in another website does it have any side effect of taking it

  184. Deepika says:


    I have a hair fall problem. It is so bad that i am losing out on my hair everyday. If i don’t take care now, i wouldn’t have any hair left on my head.
    I am 23, F and body weight is 61. Is it Ok if I take 1 spoon of Protein in Warm/Cold Milk everyday?

    • admin says:

      Hi Deepika,

      Yes, you must use protein to make you hair healthy. Yes, you can use 1 spoon two times a day in early days and can increase the dosage.

      Secondly, Stop using Shampoos and chemical based soap on hair.

  185. Anagha says:

    I m stone patient..I can take protinex..?

  186. shally says:

    sir i am 19 years old and my weight is 40 kg…sir how much quantity of this supplement should i have to take??

  187. Naman says:

    Hi I am 24 yr old but look too old and I am a overweight (5’0 height and 85 KGS). My mother is however constantly telling me to start taking the product. Is product still recommended to me. I don’t go for workout and had suffered nerve related problem 3 years back.

    • admin says:


      First thing is that, you should start doing workouts as early as possible since you are overweight. Exercise is must for you and once you go under a daily workout routine then only you are advised to use protein powders.

  188. shakti singh rathore says:

    I m 19 years old
    Height -5.10
    And weight-55
    I have to gain weight at least 10 kg
    In 3 months (before december) so protein x will help to gain weight 10 kg in 3 months ??

  189. AKASH KABRA says:

    I am 18 and my weigh is 50kg how much proteinx i should take and how many times a day and which proteinx i should take, there are many proteinx product are there in market

  190. rahul says:

    sir main protineX use krta hu or mujhe gass problem ho gyi aa abb main ishe use kro k ni

  191. Aditya says:

    will it help me gain height and stamina?
    if i workout cardio after using this will that be more effective?
    i dont want to gain weight using this so what should i do?

  192. sunny says:

    Sir i started gyming nd i m 73 kg nd vegetatrian. So how much quantity of proteinex i mst take for getting my body in proper bodybuilding shape. Will proteinex vl help me or i shud take any other suppliment, plz suggest if yes..

  193. Neil Goswami says:

    Dear Concern,
    I am 26 year old so can i take protinex without any workout ??
    Also tell me from which age we can take or allow Protinex….

  194. danish says:

    I am 17 yrs old and m gym nahi jata aga m protinex khau to side effect to nayi hoga mujhe, bas thoda fit hona hai koi bodybuilding nayi krni kya ye sahi rahega

  195. kartheeka says:

    Dear Concern :

    నేను 4 నెలలు protinex ను పాలతో ఉదయం తీసుకున్నాను. తీసుకున్నన్ని రోజులు ఎలాంటి నీరసం కానీ body pains కానీ లేవు చాలా బాగున్నాను. periods కూడా బాగా జరిగింది. నేను protinex తీసుకోవడం ఆపిన 2 నెలల తర్వాత weak గా అనిపిస్తుంది. మరియు periods లో bleeding బాగా జరగడం లేదు. body uneasy గా ఉంటుంది. కాళ్ళు, నడుము pain వస్తుంది. So protinex వల్ల side effects ఉన్నాయి అంటున్నారు మరి protinex తీసుకోవచ్చా లేదా తెలియజేయగలరు.

  196. kartheeka says:

    after breakfast drink the milk with protinex. I took up to 4 months. In periods after 2 months of stopping the bleeding is not well. Feel as body uneasy. protinex to say that there are side effects. How they are. Can I get taken protinex? steriods Are there in protinex? Give me advice

  197. Krishna says:

    I am 19yr old and 5.5′ and weight of 78 I am fat but I am doing my workout regularly can protienx help me out to get shredded …???pls help me out to build my body….

  198. viji says:

    Hi sir, I’m 25 yrs old.Im very thin 33kg only but my height 155cm. I’m not workout or go to gym. Can I take protinex? And how much I take per day?

  199. ramesh says:

    Hi I am suffering with diabetic may I use protineX

  200. sapan mazumdar says:

    sir i m 21 years old with a height of 6.2 an my weight is 58 .. if i take protein x then within how many days does it show its result…

  201. aarmaan says:

    Im 18years old and my weight is 46 .and im going to gym daily 2hrs and im completed 3months doing gym

  202. sarveshwar says:

    Meri age 24 hai hight 180cm hai our 60kg Wight hai my bhaut patla hu Wight badanekeliye proteinx use karahu excersize karneko time nh milta hai to my ise use karsaktahu ki nh karsakta hu to kaise kare.give me advice plz…..

  203. Rishu says:

    Hello admin Sir,

    I gone through the above comments,i too have query regarding whether i should prefer Protinex or Not? i am of 25 years old and my height is 172cm (5’7 inch) and my weight is 67 kg only.if yes then how to consume it?

    Thanks in advance

  204. Abhishek says:

    I m 23 yrs old having wt 75 kg nd height 5’11” .. wht quantity i should tak the protinex…? To build stronger muscle. Nd in a day once or twice and whn should i tak…nd i hd heard that kidney failure can ocuurs by taking d supplment. Do i can tak…or not..?

  205. Gautam says:

    Hi sir I had started gymming and my trainer says me to take protein powder will it help me and when can the side effects above can effect me

  206. Sumit says:

    Can I use original protinex with banana shake as I do gym daily.?
    How much protine does it contains if I mix 2 spoons of it with a glass of banana shake (1 banana+ 200ml milk)

  207. MHS says:

    I do workout daily in the morning in GYM. If I drink milk in the morning after gym or before the gym its created lot of stomach problems like, Gas, loose motions etc so I don’t take milk in the morning. Now I want take protinex in the night after dinner. So can I take this with milk? and will it be suitable, and after how much time I have to take protinex after dinner.

  208. shalini says:

    Sir I am too thin and I am 26 years old , is diabetes care protinex vanilla flavour will helps to increase weight ?

  209. Asif Adan says:

    Sir i am 27 years of old and 52kg weight skinny health, i want to take it but afraid of some other side effect of it, i tried a lot to improve my health condition, i consult one of my DR. Friend, he told my fat absorption is too high so it cuts all fat but i need at least body , Should i take Protinex

  210. jublee says:

    m 17yrs old.. weight 42kg.. m thin.. so how will i used protein powder

  211. Jalaj says:

    I am 18 year old nd my weight is 50 kg so how much quantity required of protienex nd what is the perfect food with it

  212. N.Kailash says:

    Iam regularly doing excerise but have body pain,upon checking i found deficiet of protien and calcium, can i proceed with protienx…your response is highly appreicated..

  213. Bill Quadri says:

    Hello I am bilal my height is 5.7, age 25 ,weight is 60. I want to gain weight, I don’t do any exercise .so is it OK if I take proteinex as prescribed on the box and don’t exercise, will it have some side effects, can you please suggest how much proteinex should I take everyday to gain 5kg more

  214. swamy says:

    My father is 95. He suffered from chickengunia and has become very weak that he is unable to get up even from bed.Can this be given to him as supplement to get strength.

  215. Kusha says:

    i have stone in my kidney not that bigger but my face and body going down these days in sense of fat.I have pediasure and protienex at my home which i should prefer to have but that should not affect my kidney.I do Mild exercises like walking.Kindly brief……

  216. Reshma Khaitan says:

    I am 43 yrs old lady. Suffering from hair fall last two yrs. Can I started taking protinex with my breakfast.

  217. nirmal says:

    sir is protein x useful for me or i will have to take amway nuetrite?

  218. Shubh says:

    Can I drink before the workout ?

  219. HARSHAD says:

    I m 30 years old
    Height -5.9
    And weight-72

  220. Sudha says:

    My mom is 75yrs old obese started using proteinex on self nedication.She developed swelling of knees followed by severe pain and weight gain within few days of consuming proteinex.So is proteinex recommended in old healthy people or no.Should she stop immediately

  221. Shubham says:

    Sirera name SHUBHAM hai of mai 4months se gym jaa RHA hu mera bicep size 13.5 se uoar nhi increase nhi ho RHA hai so what can I do ? Kya protein x help kr sakta to increase size with in one month one inch..
    Rply fast please .

  222. reigns says:

    am 20 years old…my weight is 76 and my height is 5.9…can i use protein x to build muscles…

  223. Salman says:

    HI sir i am not a diabetic patient. But i want to take protinex powder sugar free.is it good for me.protunex original powder or prtoinex is sugar free is same or not will u please suggest me.

  224. Rahul says:

    How to use this

  225. rahul says:

    can protinx cause kidney stones ? asked cause it has soy protein.


    I’m of 16 yrs and have just started gymming. Because of underweight (42kgs), so should I take any health drink or Protein X? And if I take then how much to take?

  227. Amit mishra says:

    I dont do any exercise i just started taking protienx powder should i get any problem from this powder like fats and gas. Problem

  228. mo.arman says:

    Sir mare ag17 saal hai our main Jim bhi karta houn Kay main protein x use kar sakta houn

  229. Jaypee Singh says:

    Sir my age is 23 year…. My weight is 57 kg…. I’m so thin between waist and chest… So your product can give me a round shape???

  230. hinas says:

    Hi sir.My name is Hinas .i am 15 years.but i always do hanging exercises to increase my height but Iam not growing up as well .can you please tell me is there any other way to increase my height?

  231. robin singh says:

    Does it contain soy protein

  232. Rishabh dahiya says:

    I dont want to gain fat. I do workout 2 times a days does it increase my weight.

  233. roshan says:

    does protienx stop our height?

  234. arjun says:

    Hello sir I m Arjun.I m 24 year old..my weight only 57 kg..can u told me..muje apna weight 75 kg take mRNA he .kya proton x mere liye tik he.or Maine gym b join kri h so plz tell me

  235. arjun says:

    Muje weight bhddna he sir so plz tell me.mai 24 year kaa hu 57 kg weight h mujee 75 tak krna he wight

  236. Apurv says:

    Can I use 4 tablespoons(50grms) proteinex after completing my workout in gym.??I want to bulk up.

  237. rohit says:

    Sir I am 23 years and my night is 5.5 inch and weigh 50 kg.I want to increase my hight and musculs so I can use protine x .how many dose I can use

  238. Manish barod says:

    I train my self for a kick-Boxing
    So, it is good to take me a proteinx after a workout

  239. DEEPAK says:


  240. dharmanshu dhakar says:

    hey…i want to knw i dont go for gym…can i take it once in a day…??

  241. Riya khadka says:

    Can protinex helps to increase height?

  242. Dr Rahul jaiswal says:

    my 13year old daughter (weight44kg,height5.2fit) is national swimming player.Her workout is 8km swimming per day(4km morning&4km evening). For recovery & energy how grams protinex she should take?Her dite in one day is 40gm oat,40grm pasta,40gm brown rice,600ml fat free milk & fruits and vegetables.

  243. Abhishek Tripathi says:

    hi sir ,
    i am 21,year old & weight is 42 kg .i want fat in my body. i think in this age a boy looking fit but due to less fat i m disappoint . so tell me sir what cn i do .
    when i ll take protine

  244. neetu saxena says:

    Hello Sir

    my height is 4 feet 10 inches and the weight is 38 kg is proteinx is help for make my body good and healthy

  245. neetu saxena says:

    Hello Sir

    If i am doing intense workout in the morning and then take this item so its helpful for the wait gain and shape body properly

  246. Amita says:

    2 years baby can take this powder? please suggest?

  247. yatri says:

    i m 24 year . my weight is 43..now i don’t wanna take any supplements . what should i eat as daily intake to gain weight naturally?

  248. Sankalp Shukla says:

    Sir can protein intake can increase height i wanna increase height give me suggestion about creatine and whey protein product which is not bad for health in any way..my age is 22 and height is 5.6ft thanks..

  249. Kuldeep says:

    I am diabetic sir and weight 54 kg height 5″8 so how much quantity I take…..I eat well but weight not gain is protinx will gain my weight….

  250. SUSOVAN ROY says:

    Hi… I want to take protinex powder for my beard and weakness of stamina spe cially for my Dance .. I’m an western dancer .. But I don’t go to gym … Can I use it .. I want to use specially use it for my beard thicknees or full beard solutions … Can it is solutions for my beard ???

  251. Rahul says:

    Firstly I am using protinex after gym it relax my body but after reading side effects what’s your opinion shall I continue using protinex or not my age is 17 my weight is 72 and height 5.7 need fast reply

  252. Chetan Jadhav says:

    How much weight can be increase in one month by
    consumption of proteinx

  253. khalid says:

    I am 27 years old and my weight is 65 kgs & 5.9 height & having problem of kidney stone. I want to gain weight to 2-3 kg, how much quantity of protinex i need to drink in a day ? Will it have any side effect on my height?

  254. Priya shukla says:

    Hellow sir
    I m 22 yr old my weight 39kg n hight 5 feet. .I m so thin between chest n thigh so i want weight gain?? Go to xcersize now at evening time so how can i use protinex? ? N sir u can told me can protinex help to gain body n increase height plz guick advice.

  255. Aman says:

    I am 17 year old and my weight is 55. it is needed to do workout with continous doses of proteinx, i want to increase weight by just 15. How long i should take it. Please tell …

  256. Paras Jain says:

    I am of 16 and i am taking protinex from 4 days
    And now i am facing frequent urination problem
    Plz tell me what should i do now .???

  257. suresh Choudhary says:

    Sir,I am 24 yr old..Nd my weight is only 53 kg.in last 3yr I take many type of weight gainer products like…. Optimum nutrition,,bodybildo,matrix mass gainer etc.but I hvn’t seen any changes in my body.plz suggest me.what I can do..??

  258. bullet reddy says:

    I am 25 years old and I have been using this from last two months along with egg whites, I weigh around 100kgs and it fluctuates in between,
    what i can say that i am a avid eater and sitting right now in office in IBM and i ain’t got any good idea not to have a word over here.
    So coming to point, I used to work out heavily back in 20 to 22 years phase and I grew myself very strong and there was a great improvement in me.
    At that time i didn’t know much that diet will play a very important role in your work out, I knew one guy who had worked out in his initial years of gym without having a proper diet and he got the same results in his latter years after he took a break and again came back but this time he had the same results which he got in two years of workout by using a good diet
    So what i want to tell is that one should have to be on a good diet like around 70gms of protein each day while you are working out and must ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

  259. Surendra nagar says:

    sir I am going gym and taking proteinx . sir is there any side effect of this and is it steroid .and my weight is 84 kg &height 6.4 feet then how much protein I should take

  260. ankit jansari says:

    I am very slim in body.. Every one realy teas on it.. And i feel bad for it.. I want to gain weight in short period so i buyed protinx.. Just i wanns knoe that it will really help me to gain fat and weight or not. And what things i should take care of and what should i follow as my schedule us such busy that i cnt workout.

  261. ankit jansari says:

    Hello i am ankit.. And I am very slim in body.. Every one realy teas on it.. And i feel bad for it.. I want to gain weight in short period so i buyed protinx.. Just i wanns knoe that it will really help me to gain fat and weight or not. And what things i should take care of and what should i follow as my schedule us such busy that i cnt workout. Please help me out.

  262. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hello sir, I am patient of hepatitis B, can I use protinex?

  263. Ramesh. P. V says:

    I am recovering from viral fever. After diagnosed with
    Swine flu attack.
    To gain strength I am taking Protinex with milk just 39 GMs
    to 50 GMs after my dinner and before I sleep
    Is it advisable to take. But I started feeling better now.
    Pl advise.

  264. I m 25 yrs old male .But my weight is 50 kg.I used to consume protein x daily. And also i eat several kind of nuteients food.But my weight is not increasing.What will i do to increase weight

  265. Rohan says:

    I am 13 Years Old.., Is ProtienX Okay for me to gain weight ….????

  266. Priyanka khan says:

    Hello sir, I am 66.5 kg and height 5,5 . I have just started proteinx that to one table spoon from past one month. I want to reduce so should I continue or stop.
    I have even started running for half an hour in the morning, cycling in the evening and then badminton. Being an architect sometimes I am unable to fallow this routine.
    So , please advice me what should I do and if I need to continue then how much quantity.

  267. vk says:

    Any side effects of protinex powder

  268. raziya says:

    Yestreday i am buying a protonix choclet flaver
    But the milk its very bad
    I cant drink
    So please suggest me what happend for this drink
    Before that i using vanilla flavour so that ok
    But choclet its to bed

  269. sinthu says:

    I’m 36 yrs old…most of a day i felt tired…my body medical condition is normal..can taking a cub of protein x will improve my tiredness?

  270. sinthu says:

    I’m 36 yrs old…most of a day i felt tired…my body medical condition is normal..can taking a cub of protein x will improve my tiredness?

  271. HK Prakash says:

    Protinex is fake. Pfizer (Pfizer India sold it recently, but my post is relevant)makes it from peanut waste after removal of peanut oil! They buy peanut waste for few Rs and add one Re enzyme to break down protein into basic building block = amino acids. THEN PFIZER COOK IT TO LOOK LIKE CHIKKI! HOW I KNOW? In 1974 I worked at Tata Oil, Sewri, (they sold unit to HUL later) which took out oil and sold “bhoosa” in gonis to Pfizer unit Thana
    Actually peanut sold by roadside gaadi is better because it contains oil! Better to buy Rs 5 peanut roasted by gaadiwala. Total waste of Rs 525 for 400 gm to buy Protinex! >>>>> BETTER YOU BUY SOYA TOFU= BETTER, MORE PROTEIN AND CHEAPER (Chinese, Japs dont eat Protinex, they eat lots of Tofu!)
    HK Prakash earlier in Bombay and now in Bangalore

  272. Deeps says:

    Can we take protienx , before going to sleep at night?

  273. Kapil says:

    I am 20 yrs old. I am unable to go to gym because of my busy schedule. But I take protinex to gain weight. Is it beneficial or not???!

  274. Kapil says:

    I am 20 yrs old. I am unable to go to gym because of my busy schedule. But I take protinex to gain weight. Is it beneficial or not???

  275. vicky kumar says:

    Hi Sir, I am 30 years old and my weight is 63 kgs & 5.5 height & having problem of Sugar, i Want to gain Weight .Can i also Take Protinex


  276. Thakur says:

    Would it be fine to consume proteins at the age of 18

  277. vishal singh says:

    my age is 18 my weight is 52 n i want to gain weight …should i tak protinex n in how many days it will show the result

  278. Kirty says:

    Hey I am 47.7 kg nd 5’2 is my height i just want to gain weight till 55kg so wot it is the right dosage for this protein as i bought this can today itself and took it once before my bed :((
    Is exercising more important with this bcuz i am so lazy while working out or something …
    Please help me mate!!!

  279. sir, i am 27 years old just my weight is 50 kg. can i take protinex without doctor prescription. if any side effects of protinex.

  280. KUNAL says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am 27 years old man & my height is 5’2″, since I work for at least 10 hours I only workout little bit at home (push ups, pull ups etc.).
    When I was in college I used to workout & had average but still bit muscular body.
    But now I barely weigh 41 kgs now, look extremely skinny. I eat a lot healthy (chicken, eggs, veggies etc.) but still cannot get fat.
    I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome due to which I am afraid to take Protinex & other supplements which can worsen my problem.
    Please suggest me how to gain mass & muscles.

  281. raj says:

    sir proteinex ke side effects to nhi he mene pehle andura mass bhi liya he but usse wieght gain nhi hua he aap iske bare me mujhe mere whatsapp no. 8269561809 pr bata sakte he please sir

  282. bittu sharma says:

    Sir me 19 saal ka hu or mera wajan 40 kilo hi he me kya karu koi sapliment le sakta hu

  283. Safwan pm says:

    Hai im Safwan

  284. Saurabh says:

    I’ll be turning 17 next month weigh 55kg and 6’2 tall. Very skinny can use this product for weight gain?

  285. subrata adhikary says:

    I am 20 years old and weight 48 kg .can I use protinex
    with jym to body growth.

  286. Debashis Basak says:

    Sir, I’m 18 yrs old.
    I want to gain my weight.
    My weight is only 45 kg & It decreases too fast.
    What should I do sir?
    Plz help me sir.

  287. Debashis Basak says:

    Sir, I’m 18 yrs old.
    I want to gain my weight.
    My weight is only 45 kg & It decreases too fast.
    What should I do sir?
    Plz help me sir.

  288. mohit says:

    if i stop taking protinex, what will happen. am i go thin or not?

  289. amrendra says:

    Hiiii sir
    I am amrendra
    My height is 6″1 and my weight is 51
    And i am 18 yrs old
    And i am not gaining my weight
    Suggest me sir can i use protinex powder to have my weight increased

  290. sakshi says:


    I am 38 yrs female. Regular gym at least 4 days a week. I take 2 small spoon protien in 1 big mug of warm milk in dinner.
    I have heavy snacks in eveningm then in night only this milk.
    No protein when no workout.
    Is it good or bad?

  291. jitendra singh says:

    Sir…….I started taking protinex…….since 2 days…..and I am feeling little bit jeleousy in my stomach and my chest ………..now. should I take it regularly or not

  292. Priya says:

    Sir, I’m 20 yr old.
    My weight is 46kg and my height is 5’1. I’m not doing any workout I want to gain weight. What can I do please suggest me.

  293. Ankan Sinha says:

    My son is suffering from chicken pox,may I give him protinex? Please send me reply

  294. mohammad umar says:

    sir I’m 17years old my weight is 85 and my heigt is 5’9 I want a perfect body.I have GOOD chest but my biceps are little thin.I want good biceps what I need to eat apart from protinx ….any natural food ??????

  295. Pinky says:

    How much it’s good and worth full from increasingredients concentration n brain power booster for every age kids to adults

  296. Ganesh says:

    Sir i am 24 year old my weight is 44 can i take protinx ? And how much quantity per day…

  297. W.Bharat Kumar. says:

    I’m 60 years old,and diabetic, can I take protinex


    I am thinking to take protinex
    Present iam going to gym
    When should I take protinex before eat or after eat

  299. Poonam says:

    I am 27 years old and I have a one year old baby… my weight 43 kg. Main mere baby ko feeding krwati hu.can I take protein x. And I am want to gain weight.

  300. Amit chhillar says:

    I just turned 18 years and I am very thin ? Should I take it ? Would it distract me from my 12 th studies?Or have it steroids

  301. Ramesh chandra says:

    Hey…. I m 19 year old and mine weight is 45 Kg…
    But I want to increased my weight… But how can you plz helP me

  302. Sumit says:

    I am 24 years my wife is 22 years and her weight is 35 plzzz sugest me what can i do this protein x is good my wife or not

  303. pawanpreet singh says:

    Hey i am 15 years old… can i take proteinx powder? .my wight is 40 kg . sir here is dougt this powder decrease hieght!!

  304. Jashan says:

    Which protein supplements are best which have no side effects pls tell

  305. Pardeep Singh says:

    Some studies say that its soy which is the main source of Protien in Proteinx increase the eastrogen level in the body, Which give you femaine ( female Characterstics). Is It True.

  306. yash says:

    am having elergy problem did any chances have side effect of protein or not

  307. Vishal Arora says:

    how much protinex is taken for gain height
    weight is 38kg
    height is 5 feet
    age is 16

  308. Anjiee says:

    I have recently buyed new pack of proteinex the colour and taste of the powder is not the same … Is this is fake sample or the company has done changes to their product

  309. RS says:


  310. S SUDHARSHAN says:

    Hi im 33yrs old and am going to gym can i take protinex

  311. RS says:


  312. Ashish says:

    Just now I bought proteinx powder. On that It’s mentioned that “support to lean body mass”.

    Does it useful to increase the weight??

    Or its just to balance the diet.

  313. Vijay says:

    Sir… My weight is 50k…Nd I am 22year.old..plz provide m how Mach protein x should I take it..after workout

  314. sakham says:

    I take protein x without any exersise mistakly and gain belly how I became belly free and reduce fat

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