6 Very Effective Natural Abortion Methods

Sometimes mistakes happen, and we find ourselves in difficult situations. If you find out that you are pregnant, or suspect that you may be pregnant, then you might also worry about the things that could happen because of that pregnancy. Most often, unexpected pregnancies come at a time when those expecting are not able to have the children, and these individuals begin to look for an alternate option for them.

Easy Natural Abortion Methods

Easy Natural Abortion Methods

Who can try these methods ?

This methods are generally considered for early age pregnancy that happens with college or schools girls due to silly mistakes they do while in a relationship. Then, they miss their periods and it all start from that instant.

Missing periods is the first and most common symptom of pregnancy. Well, to avoid that you can try some very easy methods to abort.

For those looking to end the pregnancy in natural ways, there are many options for you. Below is a quick guide.

6 Easy Natural Abortion Methods

1) Eating papaya – Unripe papayas contain a latex concentration that when consumed, can cause uterine contractions and further result in a miscarriage. Ripe papaya is an excellent source of nutrients and minerals, but for those looking for help relieving their unexpected condition, an unripe papaya would do the trick.

2) Using a jump rope –Some women are able to handle a large amount of physical activity while pregnant, and some cannot. Jumping rope is the same as running for many women, and the constant bouncing puts a lot of pressure on your cervix.  Sometimes, when jumping rope, it can cause the uterus to begin contracting, and for a woman who is pregnant, this could cause her to go into labor prematurely.

3) Lifting heavy weights –Just like with any strain, stress, or exercise, lifting heavy objects can result in a woman going into premature labor. For many women, this means not lifting anything heavy, but for women who lift heavy weights all the time, this can also result in very low birth weight.

4) Abdominal massage –One way to ensure that your pregnancy ends is to give yourself, or have someone give you an abdominal massage. Any kind of pressing or pushing into the uterus during pregnancy may result in contractions, or early labor, so by pressing into your abdomen, you can stimulate uterine movement and also induce a miscarriage.

5) Drinking carrot seed soup –Wild carrots are known to be effective ways of preventing a pregnancy because it makes it harder for an egg to implant itself in the wall of the uterus. If you are beyond this stage, though, and already know that you’re pregnant, drinking carrot seed soup will help to end this problem.  It causes the uterus to no longer be able to properly hold the baby, and you will soon go into premature labor if it is consumed often enough.

6) Acupuncture at LI4 and SP6 points –Typically acupuncture is considered very helpful during pregnancy when it comes to relieving certain symptoms that plague soon-to-be moms, such as morning sickness or back pain. However, there are certain points in the body that are believed to be places where when stimulated by the acupuncture needles, will cause uterine contractions.  If done early in the pregnancy, this can cause a woman to go into labor early and have a miscarriage.

Is it only for 1 month pregnant women ?

Yes, these methods might not work well for women which 2 or 3 months pregnant and looking out for abortion methods. At that stage, abortion becomes dangerous to ones health and therefore, is highly discouraged.

But, if something happened recently and you just find out a few days back that you are not getting your periods anymore and you must seek out ways to stop this pregnancy. Then only, you are a go for these.

Regardless of what you’re considering or what method you think works best for you, it’s important to remember that a lot can go wrong after a miscarriage. After, you should always check with a doctor to make sure that everything is okay and that you are healthy and safe.

32 Responses to 6 Very Effective Natural Abortion Methods

  1. neha says:

    My bleeding has been stop at 15 day of my abortion but at that I had a blood clot too same at I had at first day of abortion. Is it normal or anything serious now my feeling pain or pression at my lowrr part like I will have again my periods ?? Tell me what should I do …is there any chance of infection I also have fever in the morning and weakness too

  2. Ph Silvia says:

    Last month i have had sex with my boyfriend, within 72 hours i ate an pill but i have realized that i have missed my period….please, help me gt sure about this

  3. Skarma says:

    We had unsafe sex yesterday nd my gf is mensurating today is it safe to take unwanted 72…

  4. Salini says:

    Last month i had sex with my patner n we have use condom but i take unwanted 72 due to fear.. I have y period on my usual day that is 20 jan but now it has 24 feb and i m not getting my period.. Plzz help me

  5. Guest says:

    I and my bf had sex…. We used condom. But the condom slipped off and his sperm fell on my underwear… Can I get pregnant? Moreover are there any side-effects of contraceptives if I take it only once.??? If there is no prolonged use of these pills and if I take it only once will it affect my future pregnancy?

  6. xtylo says:

    I had sex on last month.. Now my gf is pregnant n i dont want baby.. So what pills sould she take and by taking those pills futher pregnancy will happen or not??

    Plz reply me fast i m in a very dangerous condition plzz

  7. xtylo says:

    I had sex on last month.. Now my gf is pregnant n i dont want baby.. So what pills sould she take and by taking those pills futher pregnancy will happen or not??

    Plz reply me fast i m in a very dangerous condition plzz help. Me. Fast

  8. kaku says:

    Hello admin. I had sex with my boyfriend but before using condom we had raw for a while then he put on condom. I was worried that is why I took an unwanted 72 the next day that is on 7th February. On 15th I bleed lightly.now the problem is I was expecting my period on 2-3rd march but still m not getting it.i took a preg test also on 9th March but it was negative.m not getting my period, please give me some suggestion

  9. Poppy says:

    This is poppy here.
    Age 34
    Height 5’3″
    On 19th November 2016 I took an abortion pil and my abortion occurred successfully. I had a usg after ward that proved abt the successful abortion.
    But problems started from then onwards. I had my irregular periods. Always delayed. Period flow also reduced. Last month I had my period on 19th February. I was away from my husband for a month, yet no sign of period this month .
    Help me.

  10. michael says:

    heavy exercise it is effective for abortion ?

  11. Ap says:

    Iam taking unwanted 72 ipill. Iam loss my periods cycle. Some times spotting and before period time bleeding. Pls help me any danger my life pls reply.

  12. Frances says:

    I was four weeks pregnant wen i took abortion pills. I just had clot the first day after that nothing happened and am on the third day yet no bleeding pls what could be wrong

  13. Anupama says:

    Last month I have had sex with my boyfriend. After sex I don’t take any pill. Now I have missed my period. I go through pregnancy test to ensure. The result is negative. But my period is not coming. Now am one week laste. If any solution. Plz help

  14. Shivani asati says:

    I had sex yesterday but guy didn’t came..then too I’m scared coz it was the last day of my periods.. Don’t know how to react and wt to do.. Plz help me

  15. Jennifer says:

    I want to how i would use the papaya and if it would work for me am five weeks pregnant

  16. Nida says:

    This is my 4th or 5th week i am not sure!
    I dont want to take birth controling pill
    I want you to suggest me with some best effective home remedies!
    How many papaya’s should i eat in a day!
    Please suggest soon

  17. Lakshmian says:

    I had unprotected sex with my bf and took option 72 with in 2 hrs.during my periods of this month I have only two drops of bleed .is it a symptom of pregnancy or effect of pill

  18. tahir says:

    What will happen when we take more than 4 tablet of unwanted 72 i-pill in a month.? It’s dangerous for future or not.??

  19. Hansika says:

    I have missed my periods actually my periods Was on 20 th but already it’s 25th and I am feeling thirsty and back pain so it is the symptoms of pregnency or wat?

  20. lambu collin says:

    sir my wife had got bleeding just after 3 days after intake of unwanted 72 i pill… she bleeded for 5 days …. her bleeding started and got havier and got ended lightly ,,, sir whether it is implantation bleeding bleeding or her period,,, hope u will answer me soon..

  21. kera says:

    Am kera havent seeing any period frm december! I was on controceptive knw i maybe about 28 weeks pregnant i cnt bring this child because of circumstances… What i can do to hava a miscarriage plz help..

  22. Steppy says:

    Please I need advice my menstral cycle didn’t end cos I used pills last month n I met my bf now I do not Know when my period will come and am feeling pregnant again. What can I use to down it now?

  23. Aiela says:

    I miss my periods my periods date is 19 of this month I have spotting n cramping but no periods negative pregnancy test what should I do I’m very stressful

  24. Carls says:

    I need an answer. I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend last June 9 and I was expecting my period to come by June 11 but until now I stil don’t get my period. What do you think why.

  25. revathy says:

    Me and my boyfriend had mutual masterbation on the 6 th day of my periods..his hand is wet..is pregnancy happen with fingering..now im missed my periods..normaly i have a cyclw more than 30 days..im scared.

  26. Honey says:

    My period is 4 days late and I am scared if I am pregnant. We are not ready for the baby now. Suggest me the natural remedies for getting periods. Which is the best and quick method to abort. Either papaya or pineapple or sesame seeds…suggest the best and how much amount should I consume in a day for best result

  27. Precious says:

    How would it work after eaten the papaya Please i need an answer because I am in a big mess right now. I just found out that my period as been delayed for 4 day, I have done test twice and all the results are positive.

    • Lily says:

      Get a medium sized unripe papaya… peel and with the aid of a spoon remove the seeds…cut peeled papaya into smaller sizes and boil for 10-15mins with salt…remove from fire and separate papaya from water…you then eat a few pieces at a time till it’s successful.. NB: i took just 4pieces and it was successful within some few hours..

  28. Suhani says:

    Hey…m pregnant…n its 2nd mnth…m nt rady for dis child…can u pleeeaaasseeee tell me easy n quick way of abort dis child in home…Plz heeelllpppp

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