8 Side Effects Of Rockstar Energy Drink

Before we proceed ahead, get information about the side effects of Rockstar energy drink, we must know what exactly this drink is based upon. Well Rockstar energy drink was launched in 2001 and now it is available in many different flavors.

Latest reports suggest that there are over 20 different flavors of this energy drink and it is available across 31 countries. There are many people who think that there are many side effects that are involved with this energy drink and here are some of those side effects of Rockstar energy drink explained in detail.

Rockstar Energy drink

Rockstar Energy drink

Side Effects Of Rockstar Energy Drink

1) It causes Jitteriness

There are many people who have complained about jitteriness after drinking this energy drink. Though no concrete reasons have been found, but it is believed that the exact cause of Jitteriness is because of Panax ginseng and Guarana. There have been many controversies in this regard and finally company decided to reduce its content. But still the content of Panax ginseng and Guarana is quite high and one must avoid this drink in excessive quantities.

2) It causes Anxiety

The exact cause of anxiety is linked to the high level of intoxication which is present in this energy drink. In fact, there are many people who try to increase the intoxication level by adding to this drink and repent later. If this energy drink is taken into moderate quantities then probably there are very less side effects, but consistent use can cause severe damage to the internal health system. There are people who have also complained of severe heartburn after drinking Rockstar.

3) It can prove to be the major cause of increase in the blood levels

People who have got a high sugar level in their body should avoid having this energy drink because it is known to have caused a sudden increase in the blood sugar levels. In fact, this energy drink has been named as a worst energy drink by a popular health magazine when it was found that this energy drink has about 67.5 grams of sugar. People suffering from Diabetes should completely avoid having this drink.

4) High amount of Caffeine can cause severe mood swings

There are few versions of Rockstar energy drink, which consist of high amounts of Caffeine. There are many people who have complained of severe mood swings. These mood swings becomes more severe if this drink is taken during early morning especially empty stomach. The herbal elements present in this energy drink instigate the mind of the person and he or she behaves abnormally at times. This is true for youngsters as they can easily become victim of mood swings.

5) Regular use of this drink can cause severe liver problems

Another major side effect of Rockstar energy drink is severe liver problems. People who have been drinking this energy drink on a regular basis have also complained of severe liver problems. Apart from liver problems there are many more such as vomiting and headaches. People who mix alcohol with this drink are more prone to liver related ailments.

6) It has also caused swelling of hands and feet

The reason why it causes swelling of hands and feet is because when you drink Rockstar energy drink the body sodium levels are decreased. This results into excessive swelling of hands and feet and sometimes even death. It can even cause numbness of veins which can increase the swelling more. Hence if you want to avoid this situation you can make a healthier version of this drink by mixing a few tablespoons of honey and natural sweetener. You also need to make sure that you opt for regular exercise.

7) Various herbal supplements can have varying side effects

Various herbal supplements involved in the Rockstar energy drink can have varying side effects. These herbal supplements consist of alkaloids and cause severe fatigue and shortness of breath. There have been many instances where people

have also complained about different chronic ailments after drinking this energy drink at regular intervals.

8) Heavy intake of Rockstar energy drink can cause sleepless nights

Another major side effect of the Rockstar energy drink is that it can cause sleepless nights and if taken for a longer period of time it can cause insomnia also. The main reason behind this is the presence of high amount of caffeine and other herbal elements. When people get used to this drink a strong level of addiction follows and it becomes really difficult to get rid of this habit.

From all of these above mentioned side effects you can very well judge that how harmful this drink can prove to be. It normally happens with those persons who drink this energy drink in excessive quantities. Hence, one must avoid drinking Rockstar energy drink too much. However, if this energy drink is taken once or twice a month very less damage is caused.

20 Responses to 8 Side Effects Of Rockstar Energy Drink

  1. Tabitha says:

    Fyi people with bipolar disorder should not drink any energy drink.

  2. christine hawkins says:

    I am so addicted to rock stars if i dont have at least two a day i get really irratableand mean i dont know why i like them so much they really dont taste good unless they are real cold.Never the less how does one get off this addiction

    • Gonso says:

      smoke some weed bro

    • Mrish says:

      im addicted to theam

    • mercedes govea says:

      omg, this is exactly how i feel. only good when super cold and in all reality not that great, dont know why im addicted too. I see this post was almost a year ago so, if you found a way to kick the habit please let me know.

    • David Hinchey says:

      To stop rockstar.
      First be very honest with yourself about what the high sugar and high caffeine content are doing to you.
      Then, wake up the next morning accepting that you are going to have to go through a withdrawal.
      Drink as much water as possible, always have water with you. It will help flush out the poisons but more importantly, cravings will increase if you allow yourself to get thirsty.
      I have fully come off rockstar (or Bluerock as I call it) 4 times. Expect 5 or 6 days of headaches and a bit of a weird digestive system.
      Then you will be free.
      Then don’t be deluded into thinking you can have just one can in a months time. With Bluerock, you are either on it or off it. Don’t risk the freedom that you took six days of head aches to get.
      Paracetamol can help with the headaches but keep this to a minimum. You have to withdraw… No getting away from it.

      P.S. I’m a recovering addict. 20 yrs clean off Heroin and Benzodiazepines and I’m not on anti depressants as a substitute either. So I do know a bit about addiction.

  3. Professor Chaos says:

    my friend thinks he’s a cat

  4. Anthony says:

    I worked a graveyard shift and bought the Rockstar Energy drink because I needed a lift well around 4:00am I took only about 4 small sips and I became very awake this also on an empty stomache 6 hrs later I am wide awake and feeling great ! Thank you Rock Star Energy Drink !!!

  5. Dick Goesinhim says:

    IT can cause lung phlegm, and make you much more susceptible to getting a cold

    These drinks are just bad all around. They are expensive too, more expensive than beer

  6. debbie says:

    My son in law drinks a lot of rock star he now hears voices he was put in hospital came out and started drinking them again it is ruining his life at this point

  7. Cramps hurt says:

    The morning after I drink a rockstar I wake up to really bad leg cramps sometimes on both legs at the same time. Anyone else get cramps?

  8. SHAY says:

    Well 11 mths.ago I went into recovery and kicked alcohol, weed and “Rockstar” drinks …only because the recovery center did not allow them .So now I am addicted to “Rockstar” drinks far more than I was when I was in my active addiction of alcohol and weed .I drink more Rockstar drinks than ever and my GI doctor and regular doctors do not know about my secret addiction so that they can better diagnose my heart, and gastrointestinal issues .

    I am 41 yrs. old and I am coming clean

  9. Judith says:

    I used to drink 2-3 a day. At that time I had numbness of fingers, high anxiety and chest pain, radiating to arms, back and jaw. I am 35 and I thought it was a heart attack. The hospital found no heart problems, but was unreaponsice when I said I drank rockstars. The medical community seems to not take these drinks seriously.

    I quit drinking on regular basis, and symptoms disappeared. But, as there is no match for the energy boost, I return on occasion and ALWAYS experience the chest pain and numb fingers.

  10. Dakota Warrior says:

    Cant believe people are actually addicted to this stuff

  11. James Walker says:

    The only Rockstar I drink is the ORGANIC.
    I have no jitters or headaches I only need one a day and I am great for the whole day.
    A great pick me up at 4am when getting ready for work.
    Just this drink is getting harder to find in my Ft. Worth TX area.

  12. Nana Sulio says:

    Anonymous rockstar meetings ???
    CBD Oils and songee

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