Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder – Benefits, Side Effects

Proteins are good for health. If one wants to stay fit and healthy, a sufficient dose of is necessary on a daily basis. It also helps you combat quite a few diseases. Doctors and gym trainers, both, often recommend protein supplements to their patients for strength and fitness. It also helps you recover quickly.

While there are quite a few protein products in the market, Nutrilite Protein Powder is the one that is used most often. A lot of people are known to recommend this health supplement to many others.

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder

Nutrilite is a sub-brand of Amway, which was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos.

It is largely suggested for the following :

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Children who are underweight
  3. Body Builders

Due to all natural content, the product is best suited for vegetarians and vegans. It can be mixed with any food item because of its neutral taste. It is a product largely recommended by doctors and nearly all gym trainers.

Ingredients :

  • Soy protein isolate
  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Soy lecithin
  • Silicon dioxide

Nutritional Information/Supplement Facts :

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder Nutritional Information

Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder Nutritional Information/Supplement facts

Per 100 g serving, you get the following :

  • Energy   :   360 Kcal
  • Protein  :    80 g
  • Fat          :    3 g
  • Calcium :    700 mg
  • Carbohydrates : 5 g
  • Iron   : 10 mg

Nutrilite Protein Powder Health Benefits :

The product comes along a variety of benefits for the body.

1) Purely Vegetarian : Unlike other protein powders in the market, Nutrilite provides you a protein supplement that is purely vegetarian. It is a great alternative to non-vegetarian items, so that anybody can consume it.

2) 100% Natural ingredients & Taste : There is no artificial content in the product so, you don’t need to worry about any stabilizers or other harmful chemicals. And eventually, you gets the natural taste of organic protein.

3) Amino Acids : It supplies all essential as well as non-essential amino acids to the body which helps to grow your muscles faster.

4) No artificial coloring : The protein powder doesn’t come with any sort of coloring that is sometimes added to the powder by other brands to make it look and taste good.

5) Can be used by anyone : No matter you are an athlete, body builder or any normal fellow – Nutrilite protein powder is safe for anyone. It can be a great addition to your daily diet of healthy drinks.

6) Highly concentrated protein source : There are 80g of proteins with every 100g, that means 80% of what you are taking is purely protein. This makes it one of the concentrated protein supplement available in the market.

How To Use :

The second most important thing after choosing a quality protein powder is the right dosage. Failing to meet the optimal quantity of protein (More or less) could go wrong for the body.

Follow the intake instructions written below :

  • Use slightly warm or for better mixing.
  • Take two servings a day.
  • Each serving will contain – 1 full scoop of powder with preferably 1 glass of milk/water (300 ml)
  • If you are looking to gain weight, use fat milk instead of skimmed milk.
  • Skimmed milk shall be used by those who are trying to lose weight with heavy workouts.

When to Use :

If you are serious about gaining or losing weight, then timing is everything. With the right powder, the right timing is also crucial. Athletes, bodybuilders or people working hard to lose weight must use the powder 30 mins after they are finish with workouts.

The two best timings can be – After running or workout in the morning before any meal and after the workout in the evening.

It can also be replaced with the dinner at night, and which helps in weight losing process.

Are there any side effects of this protein powder ?

Thankfully, there aren’t a lot of side effects of Nutrilite. One has to avoid taking it in excess. It is largely considered safe for consumption if one doesn’t have too much of it. So far, there hasn’t been any reportage of major side effects of Nutrilite Protein Powder. Thus, you can say that your body does welcome the product very easily and shows no untoward reaction to it.

A) Overdose can affect you : One can fathom that it is surely not going to have a lot of side effects. So, as long as one avoids overdose, it isn’t going to cause any problems.

B) People allergic to protein : Some people are allergic to proteins, so they should avoid it.

C) Patient with certain disease :  Also, it isn’t advisable for those who have a disease of the liver or the kidney because their role is too assist in the digestion and excretion. Since, its a protein in concentrated form that requires a body needs a healthy liver for better digestion and absorption. And if that part of the body is weak, you might face issues.

This is largely because the metabolites from the powder get collected in the liver and in the kidney and hence, it is important that people with liver or kidney problems avoid these.

For the rest of the human clan, it is absolutely safe. In fact, it is useful for a fit and healthy body and hence, if you have been advised consumption by the doctor or the trainer, you should do so without any worry.

Buy Amway Protein at lowest price (Use link below) :

Product Review :

It is available at an affordable price even if it is a little more expensive than its counterparts. Moreover, it comes with the promise of better quality. Hence, if one can slightly stretch their budget, it is always a good idea to buy Nutrilite over others.

It is also perfect for vegetarians as there is absolutely no animal protein in it. A lot of vegetarians are in desperate need of protein and this could be the best option for them. Moreover, if one is into organic and vegan food, then this can be even more helpful as there are absolutely no artificial flavors in it.

Thus, it is doubly healthy even if it does come at an expense. It is a good idea to take it with milk or juice. It will give you more calories and more proteins. Moreover, it doesn’t have a strong smell of protein which a lot of people shy away from. The protein-like flavor is also mild.

One of the major reasons, protein powders are disliked for is their taste, Nutrilite tastes good too! While Nutrilite is supposed to be a protein powder, it also contains other nutrients such as calcium, iron, some vitamins, amino acids etc. The ratio of protein and other nutrients is 80:20.

After all, if one is building up on protein, it becomes a necessity to balance the other nutrients in the body. Also, if you don’t like to mix it with milk, you can simply have protein shake but it is always better to have it with milk.

On a concluding note,

Nutrilite Protein Powder is a healthy and energizing protein intake and can be taken by anyone who isn’t allergic to it, doesn’t have kidney and liver problems.

Thus, Nutrilite definitely comes across as a winner as far as protein powders are concerned and is not only used but also recommended by a large number of people including professionals and experts. Moreover, with its additional benefits, including additional nutrients along with proteins, it becomes an insurmountable product carving a niche for itself in the market.

No wonder then, Nutrilite Protein Powder is one of the most selling protein supplement in the market.

250 Responses to Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder – Benefits, Side Effects

  1. bijokuruvila says:

    My age is 26 years. My body weight is 43 kg. I am weak and have gone through several medications and didn’t got any result. I am also allergic. Will this amway protein powders benefit me ?

  2. Boiboi .Y says:

    are there any effect for using protien powder by cancer patient including kidney problem?

  3. manish says:

    sir i want to increase my stamina for racing which supplement is used from can u give me best option sir plz

    • admin says:

      To increase your stamina, you need to do running daily two times a day. Supplements only helps you in providing nutrition to the body.

      Don’t look for best supplement, just take proper nutrition and do running.

      • swati Kulkarni says:

        Can i give this powder to my son whose age in 3.5 yrs. but he had problem of constipation from the age of 1 year old.

        • admin says:

          Protinex will be better for him coz it contains hydrolyzed protein.

          It cure his constipation, don’t let him drink water with food till 1 hour post and pre meal.

          and make him walk 1-2 kilometers in the night after dinner.

  4. Mili says:

    Is nutrilite protin powder makes fat?

  5. ASFAK MOHAMAD says:

    it is suitable for less than 2 year baby?

  6. Soni says:

    Is nutrilte safe for my 4 years kid??

  7. chanpreet says:

    It doesn’t get mix well in water.

  8. gaurav says:

    like other protein supplements trigger hair fall, does this also results in hair fall

  9. Adit says:

    I am trying to lose weight. Does intake of this protein powder can cause increase in weight ?

    I work out for 1.5 to 2 hrs every day.

    • admin says:

      Heavy workout and protein powder will help you attain a healthy physique. If you are over weight, you may lose excess fat and if you are unhealthy and skinny you may gain healthy weight according to your height.

      But this process won’t make you fat.

  10. Sush says:

    I am trying to gain some healthy weight, I am currently 55 kg with a height of 183 cm, what serving size should be kept here and whether it should be taken once or twice a day?

  11. Nikhil says:

    Can I increase my height and weight by Amway nutrilite

  12. Abeera says:

    Is it helpful in losing weight ? My age 31 weight 62 height 5ft… I do yoga daily.. n try to maintain diet .. I use ‘nutrilite daily’ alternative day… should I use protein powder .. for losing weight

  13. Sam says:

    Can we take this with banana shake

  14. Sneha singh says:

    Sneha Singh
    Height-5’4 inch
    29 yrs old
    How many days i will take this drink to loose 7 kg weight.

    • admin says:

      Please note : If you are just drinking this without doing any workouts you might gain more weight.

      But with regular workout, you may get a shaped body with lesser fats.

  15. Pijush Talukdar says:

    I am 26 years old man. My weight is just 39 kg. I have chronic gastric problem since last 10 years.My appetite is also very low.I have consulted with many doctors. But, no satisfactory result has been come. Can I have nutrilite to increase my body weight??
    Please help.

    • admin says:

      Your should undergo heavy workouts, that will help you increase your appetite.

      Drink lot of water, do daily running twice a day.

      Also, use any protein powder or eat protein rich diet. You may gain good weight, but you have to get serious about your routine.

      • Pijush Talukdar says:

        sir,you have suggested me to undergo heavy workouts. Another problem with my health is,i have lower back pain and shoulder pain also for last 8 months. I forgot to mention about this. Before that problem aroused, I used to undergo workouts every morning for atleast 1.5 hourss.But as this this back pain and shoulder pain appeared, I have stopped all those heavy workouts.
        I this situation, should I again start heavy workouts?

        • admin says:

          If you are unable to do daily workouts. Try running.

          Run for 1 hour or so, that will again help you in absorbing nutrients easily.

  16. sugriv says:

    Can I clear my Asthma by using Amway nutrilite

  17. Manisha says:

    I workout in gym n my instructor said me to hve protein but I have ulcerative colayastis so I cant hve milk..can I take amway protein powder is it safe??

  18. Harpreet singh says:

    It is not mixing well with water. If i use milk will it give me fats or not.

    • admin says:

      You may used doubled toned milk with your powder it has zero fats.

      Also, use warm milk instead of cold milk. The more hot your milk is, the better the powder gets mix up.

      Try it.

  19. Akash says:

    i am underweight and want to put some weight, & my daily diet is good, please tell me if i start taking nutrilite protein then i can gain weight? and also for how many days we can take it continuously ?

    • admin says:

      It is a better form of concentrated protein powder, also natural.

      You start taking it or any other protein of your choice for 2 months, and after that time you’ll surely see an increase in weight.

      Till the time, do workouts and lift weights to get a shaped body.

  20. Nikhil says:

    I am 17 years old. Can I increase my height and weight by using Amway Nutrilite. How many days I have to take Nutrilite protein powder for this?

  21. sagar says:

    Amway Nutrilite good to take before lunch or after lunch ?

    • admin says:

      Evening time is more suitable as you already have your lunch.

      Please, read the complete post we’ve mentioned about timings.

  22. Manoj kumar says:

    Is it useful for pregnant women? What should be dose?

  23. Devnik says:

    I started taking this protein powder from some days & it is really good , my body recovered very fast & my daily routine was not disturbed , its really good supplement , I recommend all adults to use it , who r having hardcore workout.

    I have a question , i am trying to gain muscle mass , not fat , its taste is not so good in water , so can i do something for that , with best results.

    • admin says:

      To improve the taste, you can mix the powder with any milkshake of your choice like banana shake.

      To get more muscle mass, you need to workout harder.

  24. gulshan says:

    sir,my name is gulshan kumar,i am very slim, my age is 26 years old.if i use this amway protien powder then my body is build?………….or kab tak khana padega,,,,,,,,e.g. 2 months or more?

  25. bandana says:

    I m 32 uears old woman. I have used this product for sometime.. During that time It made me healthy.also made my hair thick, shiny & long..I want to know is this protein powder can make my bones & joints stronger..

    • admin says:

      No protein will not do that. To make your bones and joint stronger, add more calcium to your daily diet.

  26. says:

    i am an autoimmune patiient in which i go through steroids and immunosuppresants doses my bilirubin stays arnd 2 and nw transplnt is done nw on minimal doses of steroids i go to gym but my physique is skinny can i try nutralite??

  27. Dindayal says:

    can i increase my body size?

  28. Akshay says:

    I have started taking Nutrilite for some days.i take it with milk after dinner.can it better the quality of my skin,hair and eyesight? My age is 37.Please advise me if this product is good for these problems or not. If not then which product can help solve the above problems.

    • admin says:

      Nutrilite is just protein, it won’t fix your issues related with skin, hair and eyesight.

      Try searching for home remedies for the same as there are plenty.

  29. chandan kumar pal says:

    can cancer patients take the protein powder. does it have any side effects?

  30. Nikhil says:

    Hello Amway
    I want to loose my weight for which I m doing workout but I am unable to take protein as applicable for my body , in general life we mostly take more carbohydrates not much protein so shall I tale this

    And what are the normal limit for this protein to take which doesn’t make any side effects

  31. Divesh Sharma says:

    is it have any side effect on sexual life

  32. raju says:

    I got swelling on my face in first attempt, should avoid or try again, plz suggest

    • admin says:

      Right now you can’t be sure its because of the powder. Take a break of 3-4 days, then again use it once. If again you see the same problem, then stop taking it.

  33. pooja says:

    Can it be used with normal milk for weight benefit ?

  34. Gaurav patil says:

    I’m 17 yrs old im skinny so I want to gain weight and increase body so which nutrilite protein should I use

  35. luvpreet says:

    After consuming it for 3-4 months or more and leaving it suddenly will cause any harm or addiction or side effects?

  36. Arundhati kaushik says:

    I am 30 years old and I have been suffering from thyroid from last four years. Can I use this product. I have a problem of fibroid on my uterus wall . Please suggest me

  37. Viswa says:

    I would like to loose weight by using nutrilite protein powder. How should I use this.

  38. shashwat says:

    i want cuts in my body and build muscle how should i take it with water or milk

  39. himanshu says:

    I am 15 yes old and I m very thin does Amway protein powder help me gain weight

  40. ravi says:

    Hi, i am having gastric problem(ulcers in stomach)…presently on medications…can i take this protein powder as i am not able to take good nutritious food

  41. Aasir wani says:

    I am 17 years old, my height is 6ft and my current weight is 58kg.. i do workout.. I jus wanted to ask that will this powder help in building lean muscles and how much time I need to take it… please answer as soon as you can….

  42. Rinku sharma says:

    I want fit body and my height 6ft age 23 so can u tell me… in a day how many time should i take this product and im doing workout

  43. Ashish jose says:

    Sir i have thyroid from childhood .now i am 22years old
    Weight 70kg
    Height 5.6
    If i take amway Nutrient powder is thereany sideffect

    • admin says:

      No, its just a protein powder. It won’t affect you unless you start taking it the wrong way.

      In case, you notice anything unusual you can stop the intake.

  44. GauRav says:

    1 kg of nutrlite can gives result?? and then i regularly use but 1 kg can give benefit or not???

  45. Sanjay says:

    I want take Amway Nutrilite protine powder.
    is it require to cosult my Doctor before taking this powder?
    My age is 29 year old
    weight – 52 kg
    Height- 5.3

    Please suggest.

  46. Mohit says:

    I have heard that people with less hair growth should increase their protien consumption, will nutilite protein help?

  47. Anjali says:

    AMWAY protein powder is easy to digest n its PDCAAS score is 1 it means even one year old child can consume but in small quantity. Andheri ADC provides free product training to all. Amway also has medicines fr hair fall

  48. sandeep says:

    would i get kidney stones after using of protien.. because i have history of kidney stones

  49. Sushant Sharma says:

    My mother is having trouble with a tear in shoulder ligament. The progress is very slow, and her protein intake is around 30 grams per day. Her body weight is 65 kgs. Can I include this in her diet ?

  50. Jaskaran Singh says:

    Can I use Amway protein powder if I am not doing workout?

  51. sain says:

    my mother has triglycerides 1200 will it be helpfull

    • admin says:

      It won’t help in reducing it but exercise will. Try to make her go on a walk daily and do little exercise.

      The situation is serious here.

  52. Amandeep Ahir says:

    Sir i am 19 years old. My body weight is 55kg. I am doing workout daily. But i can’t improve my weight. Will Amway improve my weight? Tell me sir

  53. Dushyant says:

    Is it enough protein, 8 g per scoop, I mean. I am doing gym hard.

  54. Ekansh Rastogi says:

    Sir, I want to increase my body weight and also want to give shape to my body. I also joining the gym. pls suggest me this powder is beneficial to me or not. If yes then how much time will I need to eat this ?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it can be beneficial for you.

      You just have to take it as per mentioned on the box or as suggested by us in the post above.

  55. kaurg says:

    is it useful for height growth… i am 16yr old girl

  56. Gautam Singh says:

    My father is suffering from post herpatic neuralgia. Is it safe for him to consume Nutrilite protein drink??

  57. arthur says:

    can we drink 4 scoops per day instead on 2

  58. A.Pal says:

    I’m 45 years old. I have high uric acid level ranging from 7.5 to 8.9 for last few years. I have started taking Amway Protein powder for the last couple of weeks at 10gm. per day. I like to know whether consuming this product can have any adverse effect on persons having uric acid?

  59. Athira says:

    Sir actually I don’t know whether I have any allergy problems due to protein…so can I use this protein powder bcoz I am facing underweight prob..

  60. Tata says:

    Hi Sir,

    Which protein is better for exercise/workout? Soy protein or whey protein? What are their difference?

    • admin says:

      Whey protein is for pro’s.

      Soy protein is natural plant protein can be taken by anyone and can be digested easily as well.

  61. kamna says:

    Is it helpful in shaping the body reducing weight?I m 24 yr old n my weight is 57 kg.

    • admin says:

      It won’t help you in shaping your body, only the workout will.

      Protein helps you in getting healthy muscles only!

  62. Dev Sharma says:

    I am talking it last 1 month to gain weight but after taking it I have some side effect
    1. Red rashes all over face
    2. Rad pimpale type all over face
    3. acidity

    my dose is – 1 TSP in 1 Glass of Milk every morning

  63. arindam says:

    I am 45 years old having high uric acid level (8.9). Can I take Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder at 10 gms. daily ?

  64. navneet says:

    Hello sir am 21 years old & my wt is 50 i want to increase my weight what i do in that case & is that protien helpfull for m??….

  65. Vejaya says:

    Does amway all plant protein drink help me to gain healthy muscles? If it yes then, when is the best time to have it? Is it good if we take it as our dinner with cereals and milk?

  66. Dpk says:

    I am 17 years old… and i am very thin.
    everyone makes fun..
    does it will works??

  67. prakash says:

    sir i had suffered from jaundice 2 times in 2 subsequent year(2011,12)..i am now 21 and looks childish. There is no significant growth in my body. Can i take this amway protein to gain muscles ??

    • admin says:

      You can take any protein powder, but it must be followed by a heavy workout. Otherwise, it won’t help you.

  68. Pooja says:

    My ht is 5.4″ wieght 66 age 24 m trying to lose weight by daily workouts and dieting as well. Can i take this to speed up my weight loss program i want results fast plz suggest how to take it and at what time

  69. Shar says:

    Dear Sir, would like to know the normal intake of protein powder. Weight 60 kgs, height 5’2″ female 39 yr old.

  70. Manoj Pathak says:

    First time I have purchase a 1/2 kg box of Nuterilite Protein. Box was well packed wih metal seal. It’s taste is like chickpea flour. My question is have I purchased an original Product or not. I have purchased this from local market in Rudrapur Uttarakhand.

  71. Jolwin A A says:

    Hi sir…
    By using Amway protein powder…
    Its help me to weight loss

  72. Kanika says:

    My age is 22 and am underweight and weak.Will it help me to gain weight and look healthy? What amount of dose should i take and at what time?

  73. Annoyni says:


    Im 32yo i’m currently 65kg and would like to lose some weight to 60kg, i do run 4km on treadmill 5 time a week.

    just bought this product, but i take it in the morning for breakfast before i go to work around 10.30am and my lunch around 1pm, my workout around 8pm will it work this way? because i saw the post it said that it will only effect drink he protein after workout?

    • admin says:

      You can take it at different times, but after workout is more beneficial.

      You can also take it in the morning, since you are more into losing.

      • Annoyni says:

        Hi that’s the difference between normal amway nutrilite protein and amway all plant protein powder or soya protein?

        Because what im taking now is all plant protein, which will be better for belly weight lost?

        • admin says:

          The basic difference is in the type of protein, but protein works good no matter what is the source.

          Just taking protein won’t help you reducing weight, do exercise to reduce your belly fat.

  74. abhishek says:

    hello, sir i am 24 year old and my weight is 45 kg and i want to gain weight
    so which protin powder product select. how to take it this powder.

  75. sukhvinder singh says:

    Hii m 37 male 5ft 8″ hight. A month ago i was 109 kg i started daily cycling n 15 km joging.Now m 100 kg n want more lose.m vegetarian my friends suggested me to start whey protein of amway. M scared it may gain me more weight. Please guide me. I daily do my workout very heavy and burnt minimum 1500 calories by running/cycling

    • admin says:

      You must be having a good diet that is required though.

      In your case, you can continue to do the same. You don’t need extra protein supplement.

  76. pankaj says:

    Can i take 40 to 50 gram powder in one day
    And what difrence between amway and protinex powder

    • admin says:

      Amway is more concentrated powder whereas protinex isn’t.

      Starters should use protinex, however Amway is for people seriously lacking daily nutrition.

  77. Sunil says:

    Sir i am 17years old and my weight is 43 and i am very thin how can i get fat please sir suggest me.

  78. anmol parashar says:

    I m taking amway protein from last 1 month & i cn feel the difference.many of my friends told me that your body look good than before.i was using all plant protein nw i want to use soya protein of amway.what is the difference & shud i use soya protein?

    • admin says:

      The basic difference is type of protein. That is plant protein and it has soya protein.

      Both will benefit you as both are 100% vegetarian protein source.

      Try without worry, you can also purchase using our link we verify the good sellers at different sites ourselves.

  79. Kashish says:

    It has lot amount of isolate soy protein and soy protein have estrogen harmone.does it bring man boobs problem

  80. aayush says:

    Sir, my age is 28 (5’5) and my weight is only 42 kg. Recently one week ago I have join a gym for gaining weight. And also I bought a nutrilite protein powder. But I am little confuse that which time I use this powder and how much quantity I have use. Because I have got 24ml scoop with this powder pack. And on the back side of this protein powder recommend uses suggestion is three time a whole day. So, three time I can be use but please tell me how much quantity and which time perfect for me for gaining weight.
    And one more thing I wanna know that in this age how much weight should be perfect ????

    • admin says:

      See, start with low scoop and use it only two times a day.

      Rest we’ve mentioned in the post, please read the complete post and if still have any doubts left feel free to talk to us.

  81. dangerous says:

    I am 16 years old and my weight is only 43kg. My cousin is 16 year old & 55kg and my height is more than him but he is much healthier than me and to use properly this Amway protein? Can u guide me?! Please. …

    • admin says:

      You can start using this protein powder and you can see the difference yourself within months.

      We’ve mentioned how you can use it.

  82. prakhar says:

    Sir, I am a 25 year old boy, slightly thin for my age. I want to become healthier and gain some weight. Is this product helpful for me.

  83. Kinkar Deb says:

    Sir, can i use nutrilite protein powder for lifetime with slight workouts in home not in gym? Try to answer the whole question specially about the lifetime use.

    • admin says:

      You shouldn’t use any supplement for life long. Just get your results and replace it with heavy and good diet plan.

      Gyming you can do with natural diets too.

  84. Shounak Bhattacharjee says:

    Can I take the nutrilite protein powder with any other drink that does not have milk? I read that it can be mixed with dual and other stuff. I started taking it recently. I am 16 years old can I boost my health and height with this?

  85. rekha pandey says:

    Sir ,

    I am 29 years old & height 5’7 weight 45 kg. Please, suggest should i use it with warm milk to gain weight ?

  86. Arindam says:

    I am underweight and have 12-13 hours of office hours office hours .so feeling tired for same will it help to gain some weight and reduce tierdness.

  87. Tim says:

    Will it help me gain a little wait?

  88. Tanvir S says:

    I am having a sensitive skin, like in the back acnes and boils comes up… So taking nutrilite protein won’t harm my skin like consuming protein on every day basis won’t result in skin inflammation or acnes on the skin???

  89. viren says:

    sir i am 21 male,height 5’5..i want to increase my height and build my body,i have joined gym too,it have helped me to great extent to build up but m concerned about my height..can i use nutrilite protein powder for it..are there any side effects?

    • admin says:

      Your height will grow naturally till 25 years, don’t worry you still have lot of time. There’s nothing you can do to accelerate your height growth.

  90. navneet singh says:

    Sir i have uric cid problem also kidney stone i want to gain muscles and mass also can i take amway protein..

    • admin says:

      Nothing harm in taking protein supplements, but choose the organic and basic ones not the strong and concentrated ones. Protein is required at all phases of life.

  91. abby says:

    sir m. 20 year old guy n used to luv workout. basicalyy m 62 weight n i want n increment in muscles. so is this product helpful for my muscle building ?

  92. Pranav garg says:

    Sir , I’m 19 years old and my weight is 72 i have just joined a gym , i have a little belly fat. I wanted to ask does amway protien will help me to have lean body with good results ?

  93. Pradumna s Dindore says:

    I have sugar problem so I take the product for lose Wight for heavy workout. My age 29

  94. Ranjeet Kaur says:

    My daughter is 22 years old and her weight is 33 k.g. she is underweight. Her diet is not good. Can protein powder is help her to gain weight. How many times take in a day or which time suitable for her.

    • admin says:

      First of all, before using any protein powder the body must work out more than the normal.

      It is necessary for her to undergo daily workouts or gym otherwise the supplement might not work or may cause trouble for her.

  95. DINESH says:

    sir..My name DinesH…Age 21…i want to increse ma Height…now i am 163 cm…if i drink Nutrilite,can i increase my height?

  96. Chinmaya nayak says:

    Sir My wife is working lady & she is also lacting women.After cersery pregency, I was gave Amway follic acid & Cal mag d.can I give all plant protein powder (proprietary food-health supplement)

  97. Papri says:

    Hi Sir, I am a dancer but i loose my energy very fast while dancing.I feel i am weak from inside. Can this product help me gaining my energy?

  98. Pritam says:

    I m 18 year old .. But my weight and height not as per my age … So Will this product will be help to maintain my body into perfect weight + height

  99. Sahi says:

    I have a query i am a mom of 60days old baby boy i heard this product is safe for feedin mothers and it increase milk supply is it true ll i gain weight bcoz of it

  100. Dipankar Gope says:


    NOW I WANT TO KNOW MAY I TAKE THIS PROTEIN POWDER?? I am also thin, please please please please please please try to response please, and my whtsapp number 9774424602, i need good suggestions also about my body.

  101. Fatima says:

    Hi, I am a bariatic patient who has undergone surgery and in the process of loosing weight. Right now I am taking isopure protein which has zero carbs. Can I switch over to amway? And which among the two are easy to digest? Is any of them gluten free?

  102. Pal says:

    Can it make body muscles and work as body supplements

  103. Yoges says:

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant and taking insulin injections daily to control my sugar. Further my hb also it advisable to consume protein powder???

  104. prashant says:

    Sir,i’m 20 years old and my weight is not increasing from last 3 years.Its around 57kg. I consult a dietician and she advised me to take amway supplement. So in ur view which should i take “all protein powder” ,”whey protein powder” or any other?whats the difference between them?And pls suggest with correct name so that i can identify? And i’m doimg workout and cardio ,not gym.

    • admin says:

      You can try “All plant protein powder” it is less heavy than whey. Whey protein is for heavy gym-goers or bodybuilders, you definitely don’t need that.

      So, All plant protein powder will be good for you.

  105. ravinder says:

    I’m asthmatic and have got a cough problem. Ayurvedic doctor has suggested me not to take milk especially full cream. I’m thin by my physique and need to gain weight and gym. What should I do?

  106. Manvi Naik says:

    I’m a nursing mother. I have 4 months old baby. I have complaints of back pain because of anaesthesia during my LSCS. Which nutrilite products are suitable for me and how can I use that? Age :27. Height :5.3″.Weight :54 kgs

  107. pawan kumar sharma says:

    i am 41 year old i do running 5 to 10 km per day and week end 18 km , what will you suggested me which type protein will take, my body weight is 64 kg

  108. Jigar Paryani says:

    I have recently joined gym and i m further looikng for protiens in diet. Shall i go with Nutrilite Suppliment and will it affect better? Looking for the better results does nutrilite provide weight gain and nutrition for better workouts?

  109. Aruna mohanty says:

    My query is, can Nutralite protein powder be taken while recovering from loose motions. Usually bcoz of not taking protein during loosies can result in weakening of body.

  110. Mohit says:

    I want to gain my weight

  111. Siddharth says:

    Hello sir! ..
    I’ve heard that if I’ll take this Amway all plant gainer and I won’t do exercise, then my body will swell and I’ll become too chubby .. is this true ?
    I have one more question , I’m a skinny guy , I’m 17 years old , 58 kg and 6’1 height , I’ve already taken gainers like ENDURA MASS , NUTRIGAIN and they didn’t worked at all … Will this nutrition will work or not ?? Plss reply asap 🙂

    • admin says:

      Yes, no supplement will work if you are not doing daily workouts. It will all go in waste.

      Use any product and do heavy workouts, you will see the results yourself.

  112. aulakhbir says:

    hello sir
    i have a nutrilite powder 500gm. i take it onetime everyday or two time,
    i want to become healthy(fat). can it help me

  113. Jaikumar says:

    I saw from a website that this protein powder will decrease the sperm count since it has soy included. Please suggest.

  114. rimpa sengupta says:

    25 years back my father was suffering from peptic ulcer, now he is 48 years old.can he take this now??

    My mom also got a operation in rectum tumour 3 years back, can she take this??

  115. Monika Borah says:

    my mother is 65 yrs old. My mother is very slim and week (no sugar). Can my mother take this protein powder

    • admin says:

      Yes, she can take it but start with lower quantity and see if that goes well with the body not causing any digestion problem.

      She’ll gain strength eventually, but also do ask her to walk daily long distance to be able to absorb the nutrition from the supplement.

      If you haven’t made a purchase yet, you can make it though our link given in post.

  116. Rajpreet says:

    I am a athlete i want to gain weight can i use it

  117. Suraj shivtare says:

    I used to workout regularly but I am not able to build muscle….will amway Nutrilite will help me…if yes can I take it in water after workout immediately. …

  118. felicia says:

    I have a very slow peristaltic movement . doctor said not to consume milk. is this protein powder suitable for me?

    • admin says:

      Please, ask doctor the reason for not drinking milk. If it is the protein itself then you should avoid protein powders.

      Otherwise, you can have protein powders.

  119. Ravi says:

    My age is 42 my belly just about 41 inch i want to reduce my belly plz advice me

  120. Debjani says:

    Hello Team Amway,

    My father is 70-yrs. and having pancreatic cancer stage 4. His current weight is 43.2kg. whereas it should be 47 – 48 kg. Doctors ask him to take proteins in his diet. Can he take this powder with milk? If yes, how many times in a day, and in how much quantity? Please advise.

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