Complan Drink – Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

Complan, a worldwide famous supplement brand aims to provide complete nutrition to children and adults. Complan is now a sub-brand owned by Heinz in India. Originated from the British parent company Complan foods in year 1954, the brand was acquired by Heinz in 1994 in India.

Complan Health Drink - Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

Complan Health Drink

The drink gained a large amount of  popularity in India by targeting mother’s and their growing children as their main consumers of the product, where mother’s ensure that their kid is consuming all vital nutrients necessary for a growing human body in form of milk supplement which not only adds flavor to the milk but provides their kids complete nutrition as well as 100% milk proteins which helps body in growing faster.

The health drink held 4th rank among the most nutritional brands as per the latest reports generated by Brand Trust Report.

Complan Nutritional Information

Complan Nutritional Information

Complan Nutritional Information

The company aims at providing a milk based health drink which contains all 34 vital nutrients that is required by the body for the required physical and mental growth (specially for kids and babies). The complan powder takes the advantage of organic milk and adds some more nutrients to it, to make it a complete food supplement in one drink.

Let’s go in more details about the content and various health benefits you can have by drinking Complan health drink.

Complan Ingredients :

Talking about the contents in Complan, we have the following ingredients on the list. As per the new composition of Complan which was updated in December 2013 to reduce the fat contents  :

  • Milk Solids (54.8%)
  • Peanut Oil
  • Sugar & lactose
  • Vegetable oil
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sugar
  • Betroot Juice powder
  • Sodium Chloride, Selenite, Molybdate & Chromate
  • Glucose syrup & dextrose
  • Fat reduced cocoa powder
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Magnesium & Ferrous Sulphate
  • Potassium Iodate
  • Folic Acid
  • Inositol & Torine
  • Thickener (xanthan gum)
  • Various Vitamins & Mineral mix (Potassium Dihydrogen phosphate).

Complan Health Benefits :

1) Natural Milk Protein : The drink is milk based, not malted and hence provides 100% of milk protein efficiently to body as compared to other proteins derived from other sources such as wheat and barley. So, basically you are taking 100% natural protein.

2) Improves Immunity : Complan has got 11 immunity boosting nutrients which only helps you sustain immunity and resists you from falling ill frequently. The better immunity you’ve got, the healthier you are.

3) High in Calories : You get 419KJ for every 100g of Complan, these calories play an important role to keep your body active all day and helps you in improving your physical performance. The calories in complan provides enough amount of energy required for whole day routine.

4) Improves Metabolism : Regular use of Complan stabilizes metabolism which enhances overall performance of body maintaining healthy blood, balancing fluids, improving cell growth, strengthening bones, teeth and inflating vision.

5) Aids in Body Growth : It not only helps in growing height but also accelerates overall body growth with regular consumption along with regular diet.

6) Gives more power to brain : Ingredients like Iodine, Iron & Vitamin B12 improves functioning of brain, leading to mental alertness and concentration upgrading the memorizing power of the child.

You won’t easily get to know the side effects of this health powder, but we have found out some for you. These side effects that might sound common to you but you shouldn’t ignore them!!

Lesser known Side Effects of Complan :

1) High in content : Since, the sugar content in Complan is quite high (29 gram in every 100 gram) and people mixes it with milk with already sugar in it, so this increases sugar content to somewhere above average.

Taking this high quantity of sugar everyday can lead to sugar related disease for sure.
and therefore, it is recommended that the sugar content must be kept low or don’t mix additional sugar at all.

2) Weight gain : The high quantity of carbohydrates and calories in the Complan health powder is enough for your kid to give him/her the right amount of energy required. However, failing to burn the same calories can be easily converted into fats and can make him/her overweight.

3) Tooth Decay : It is also common among kids, if teeth are not given proper care than taking this flavored milk powder (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc.) and high sugar intake on everyday basis may mess up badly with the teeth.

Available Flavors in Complan :

Complan comes along a variety of flavors which satisfies the taste buds of almost every individual. To serve the purpose of ready made , you can enjoy the drink anywhere by just mixing 3 things : sugar, milk and Complan powder.

The different types of flavors that are available in the market are as follows :

  • Complan Chocolate
  • Complan Kesar Badam
  • Complan Pista Badam
  • Complan Strawberry
  • Complan Natural
  • Complan Kulfi
  • Complan Mango

57 Responses to Complan Drink – Ingredients, Benefits & Side Effects

  1. shreya shivam says:

    Can anyone tell me the current market share of Complan in Delhi NCR market?

  2. mukesh Singh says:

    क्या हम कॉम्प्लान 02 साल से कम उम्र के बचो को दे शकते है की नही

  3. Tell me…Does complan work for height gain

  4. kamal says:

    I am 18, and want to increase my height. will complan be effective for me??

    • admin says:

      No, it won’t increase your height.

      Just drink milk and do running.

    • soniya patel says:

      Surely, complan will help u in height gain. As mu daughter’s height increased afte he started complan. After 18, it requires some more efforts such as exercise, and some more protein rich foods like pulses, nuts, milk & milk products, egg whites etc. A balanced diet and exercise will surely help u…

  5. Vijay Vaishnav says:

    Complain is OK it’s chocolate taste more improvement and not readily mix

  6. rishi says:

    i am 19 year old so what can i do for increase my height.

  7. faith says:

    Can a boy of 23 still grow taller please?

  8. senu says:

    Can a person positive with H.I.V drink complan?
    Which flavor will you recommend for weight gain

  9. sdsds says:

    कितने साल की बच्ची कॉमप्लान उपयोग कर सकते हैं

    • Manish singh says:

      कितने साल के बचचों को कामपलान पीला सकते हैं

  10. abbas aftab says:

    I m giving complan to my 30 months old kid because he refuses to eat almost every thing especially protein containg diets,egg etc .kindly guide me should i give him complan vailla it going to help him.he likes vanilla flavour and kindly guide me its diet size.

  11. NNENNA emechafor says:

    I want my boy of two and half yes to increase in height,can complan benefit him?

  12. Ponnu Thangaraj says:

    My granddaughter suffers from Celiac Disease but loves to drink Compaln. Can she continue to enjoy her complain? Is it safe for her?

  13. Aadesh Modak says:

    I’m 15 can it help in
    Gaining height
    I’m 5’2″

  14. ain says:

    I’m 16,i want to increae my height. Will complan be effective for me to increase my height?

  15. ain says:

    I’m 16.will complan help me to increase height?

  16. sama says:

    I am 16.will complan help me to increase my height?

  17. dewumi says:

    Am 26, I want to still go fat, will complan milk still work for me?

  18. Chioma says:

    Can I give my 8months n 20months old baby complan. Which one in particular

  19. ijeoma says:

    which flavor is required for adult

  20. ijeoma says:

    can it boost appetite

  21. amar singh says:

    5 years old kids ke liye ,khurak kya hai,continue kitne din tak pilaye.

  22. complan won’t increase our height? then what is the advantages of that powder?
    can you please clear my doubt…

  23. stephen iwhere. says:

    I added half spoonful of complan to spoonful of Milo + half spoonful of powdered soy bean in a tea. 3 hrs later I was slightly dizzy as if my chest was blocking. Am hypersensitive.

  24. Gowtham says:

    Im 25yrs…my height is above 6ft.. But my weight jus 50kgs… Will complan help me to gain weight? If so how to consume for better result and what all will be the effects?

  25. Sachin mathur says:

    Can i drink complan?
    I m 27 yr old
    Is it good for me or not

  26. रोहित कुमार says:

    क्या हम कॉम्प्लान दो साल के बचे को दे सकते हे या नही , नही तो क्यों

  27. nelson says:

    Can a baby of 5 months and below take complan milk

  28. Sharoz ansari says:

    I m 23 yaers old can i drink complan
    It is safe me or not
    It will increase my hieght

  29. Ravi says:

    i am 16 years old does complan increase my height.please tell me.

  30. Arvind says:

    I m 20 years old and weight 65 kg and starts gyming i want protein intake so which flavor of complan is good for me which helps to increase weight and muscles

  31. Arvind says:

    I m 20 years old and weight 65 kg and starts gyming i want protein intake so which flavor of complan is good for me which helps to increase weight and muscles

    • soniya patel says:

      Flavors does not play a role. all flavours contain same amount of proteins. Besides protein powders, you should have nuts, pulses, milk and milk products, egg whites to have a sufficient protein intake. As gyming requires more of proteins…

  32. Shaminataj says:

    Im 16 yrs old Im 5.6 feet if i drink complain how much height i will increase

  33. Ada gift says:

    Pls can a baby of 6months take complan milk

  34. Shabeer says:

    Im 16 yrs old if i drink how much height i will increae

  35. Rajeev says:

    Hi; my baby is 3 yers old’ what should i do for his good hight

  36. Mala says:

    Whether complan can be used by middle aged to supplement vitamin deficiency

    • soniya patel says:

      yes sure, but provided they should not have any particular disease where high protein / high sugar / high sodium is not recommended.

  37. Abhishek says:

    I am 16 approx will complan effective for my height increasement.reply fast please

  38. Praveen says:

    I am 5feet 10 inches tall. I am 21 years old. I want to be 6 feet.. can complan increase my height if i do running, stretching and more exercise??

    • soniya patel says:

      As growth period is up to 18-20 yrs., but skeletal growth can be take place till the age of 25. You can try by having protein rich foods and proper exercise, or else your height is quite satisfactory.

  39. jugnu says:

    I m 25 year old..i want to increase my weight then it is useful for me.?

  40. Onuchukwu donatus says:

    Please can my baby of 7 months drink complan and what flavour suit him most

  41. soniya patel says:

    Try to give him a balanced meal which has carbs,proteins, fruits, vegetables in varied form which he likes the most and involve him in playing outdoor games.

  42. Saloni Gangwar says:

    complain is very best nutrient for babies. I used it.

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