Dangerous Side Effects of taking Unwanted 72 i-Pill

Sometimes we make mistakes—either our judgment is impaired, or things happen that are out of our control.  Regardless of what situation you find yourself in, taking the right course of actions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is important. For many women, the best remedy to prevent a possible pregnancy is to take Unwanted 72 i-pill.

Unwanted 72 is an emergency contraceptive i-pill that is essentially a high dose of birth control. It does one of three things: it either prevents a woman from ovulating, which in turn means the egg cannot be fertilized, it will prevent an egg that has already been released from being fertilized, or it stops a fertilized egg from implanting. Regardless of where you are in your cycle, taking this emergency i-pill immediately will help to ensure you don’t find yourself pregnant in the immediate future.

Major Side Effects of taking Unwanted 72 ipill

Major Side Effects of taking Unwanted 72 ipill

However, just like with any quick fix, Unwanted 72 pills come with some undesired and sometimes unexpected side effects.

Some of the side effects of taking i-pills are :

1) Skin sensitivities – After taking the pill, some women find that their skin becomes very dry, or is more prone to rashes. This is usually temporary, but if you notice that your skin has become more sensitive, then it is best to keep out of direct sunlight for a short while.

2) Weight gain – Just like with regular birth control, some women experience temporary weight gain while their hormones try to find balance again. While very annoying, this is mostly temporary and will even out on its own.

3) Changes in mood – Some women report having extreme mood swings, and being unable to regulate how they feel. In addition to this, many women find that during 48 hours after taking the i-pill, they feel an increased amount of unprovoked sorrow and hopelessness.

These feelings can often be associated with feelings of depression. Once your hormones return to a regular level, these feelings tend to go away. Sometimes they linger for longer than that, and in these cases, women should seek medical assistance.

4) Changes in menstruation – After using this emergency contraception, many women begin spotting, which is light bleeding outside of their period. Other women notice that there is significant bleeding while others have reported a drastic change in their period. Your period following a dose could be heavier than usual, or delayed for a few days.  Due to the change in hormones in your body, your period is often effected.

5) Reproductive damage – Prolonged use of emergency contraception pills may lead to reproductive organ damage. Because of this, they should only be used in emergency cases, and not as regular birth control. If you find that the need to use these pills is higher than expected, talk to your doctor about the possibility of taking a more daily regulated form of birth control pill. These are safer, and will ensure that you are not doing anything to damage your body.

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How to avoid the side effects

Regardless of what happens, or what situation your find yourself in, the most important thing is to make sure you think responsibly about which course of actions you are going to take. Keeping your health and your future in mind while making these decisions is key to healthy success.

Planning before there is a problem is often times the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but if you do find that something has happened, do know that Unwanted 72 is ready to help.

739 Responses to Dangerous Side Effects of taking Unwanted 72 i-Pill

  1. urs. says:

    hie, i m under 18 nd,i had roleplay wid mah bf, bt, i was scared nd i had an ipill within a 1 hr. after that, whn i had roleplay wid mah bf, i addicted to take dis pills, just bcoz, i think, it was needed. nd, it feels me light i mean, after taking this pills, i got tension free or stress free, i want to knw, it’ll be affect at mah reproduction system??

    • admin says:

      Dear, it is going to be very dangerous in future, if you continue to use an i-pill. They are designed to be taken only during an emergency. Excessive use of i-pills causes infertility and you won’t be able to get pregnant in future.

      • annoymous says:

        My friends boyfriend masturbated and ejaculated on her stomach and panty line she cleaned it immediately but is worried if she could get pregnant ..is it possible? Should she pop an ipill she is under 18 I am her best friend and very worried for her pls reply fast

        • admin says:

          No, she can’t get pregnant with this.

          • Anvit says:

            Hey admin
            Me and my girlfried had sex i was nt sure abt my ejaculation may be some happened inside we took a pill within 72 hrs her dates were on 25th may now its june 4th there are no periods yet we have done pregnancy test 3-4 times it was negative always she is having abdominal cramps nausea vomatting irritation moodswings
            And yes after taking a pill after 5day she had a bit bleeding
            We are confused wats happening actully can u just gelp us out?
            Hope u rply soon thanku

          • Rahul khanna says:

            Hey admin

            Me and my gf had sex on 16 jan without protection ( widout condom).
            She takes unwanted 72 pill within 7 hours. But she vomiting on the one hour. We think that she have to take pill ( unwanted pill) again for the unwanted pregnancy. Then she took unwanted 72 pill on 17 jan again. Now she has to face some red rashes on her body. Plz suggest that is she will b pregnant or not. And tell me that is there any worry thing.

          • admin says:

            These are the negative effects of the pill, don’t worry it will go away with time.

          • Riya says:

            Admin please help me
            I had a forceful unprotected sex with my boyfriend I wasnt even ready to have sex I told him to wear condom he didn’t wear it It was first time i got intimate with someone Now we are not sure whether his sperms went inside me or no after 3 hours of intercourse I had an ipill and now from two days my legs are paining and my lower abdomen is paining and i got a little cramps and am getting headache sir please help me are there any chances of getting pregnant? Please help me sir. Am very worried

          • admin says:

            These are the very common effects of the pill, not the sign of pregnancy.

      • manisha says:

        Hlo ,i have taken unwanted 72 last night . After 2hrs i had again **** with my husband . So should i take another pill ? Plz suggest .

      • megha nigam says:

        i have taken unwanted 72 since 15 day earlier but it have past 40 days no period occurs

        is i am pregnent.

      • Santosh says:

        I had sex with my fiance just a day after her periods however we ejacuated outside. Even I touched her vagina as well but not sure that it was after or before. She had unwanted 72 within 1 hour.
        Is there any chances of pregnancy.

    • a well wisher says:

      Yes sure. In future u may lose fertility and ur sexual interest may decrease.

    • Vikas says:

      Yesterday i had unprotected sex with my gf but still i am not confirmed that the sperms had gone or not in her vagina.please reply fast what should i do?

      • admin says:

        Ask her to take i-pill and avoid unprotected sex from next time as i- pill has its own harmful effects.

        • neha says:

          I’m 16 right now and had SEX with my bf we did it 4 times in 4-5 hours 3 times we used a condom but the first time it was unprotected. It was the first time a had physical connected with somebody and had no knowledge. I had an ipill for safety as my stomach was paining ( had it after 33 hours ) but its still paining plz help what should I do I’m not sure if my body resived the sprem but he is sure it didn’t . plz tell why I’m having this pain . rply fast please

          • guru says:

            there s no need to worry…..these pains might be coz of sex…..that u had 3-4 times without any relaxation….that might be cramps….fertilization took 3 days.

      • veer says:

        Yes u have a new child all the best

      • rohit chatterjee says:

        The tym wen ur sperm came out dat tym is ur penis out or inside hr vagina ? Dnt tke tension bcz first tym wen i hd sex with my gf i faced the sane prb bro so as per my suggession tl hr to hv a pill.

    • karan says:

      These i-pills will affect you very badly.

    • kdeep says:

      Hi admin ..
      I want to know that i have unprotected sex with my gf nd i m not sure that i properly have enjuct the sperm out so we boht were worried about it after next morning i gave my gf contraceptive pill that names (unwanted 72 ) and her age is 17 nd i want to know that there any side effect by taking pill in age 17 nd not confirm about the sperm enjuct reply fast…….

    • shreya says:

      Hey admin…i got an unprotected sex bt only my bf s tip was inserted n nt sure dt d sperm got inside oh nt..!!…so shud i take ipill foh geting on safe side???

    • Rahul says:

      Dear admin ,
      I had sex with my gf and i am sure that my speurm has not flowed inside but still for precaution i have told her to consume ipill ane she consumed within 1/2 hours after sex just now she is having stomach pain but no bleeding or vomiting effet. Does their is a chance of preganency ?

    • Dr Ranjan says:

      Yes.It will lead u a danger situation if u take regularly like if u take in every month.For more information u can consult with a gynologist.

    • Daw wuttyi says:

      Hi admin….i m 9weeks pregnancy
      Can i drink this medicine?
      Plz give me advice

      • admin says:

        Which medicine you are talking about ?

        • safa says:

          Pleas answer me… I had my last periods on may 9th nd had sex twice befor 25th may and i took unwanted 72 twice the next morning after sex. I was on medication like i took those tablts with other medicnes one was pain killer the first time but not the second time . I havent got my periods yet . Dose unwabted 72 work with intake of other tablets..pls answer me

  2. Priya says:

    I had sex wid my fiance than after 19 hrs i took unwanted 72. After 4-5 days i feel headache and pain in stomach and feeling sleepy.Is it possible am pregnant or its because the side effects of this pills.

    • admin says:

      It is clearly due to the possible side-effects of Unwanted 72. You must avoid it completely otherwise, you may face problem in your marriage life.

  3. ruchi says:

    I had taken around 15 I pills in one year. Last I took was on May 2014 . Now I want to get pregnant but I m not able to get. So what shall I do now to get pregnant

  4. riya says:

    I use to take unwanted 72 when I had unprotected sex. Last pill I used was on 29 May 2014. Now I want to get pregnant but I’m not able to get pregnant. Form last 3 month I am having regular sex but I’m not getting pregnant. I had taken about 15 unwanted 72 in one year. Plz help me I want to get pregnant now

    • rehan says:

      hi riya ur patner sperm is not effective to get u pregnant due to taken of pills.. as doctor concern my sperm is very stong because of; stil I dint got any sex with anyone… so if u agree we can meet both it ll helps u to get pregnant with privacy of ur patner … rehanshakib36 at gmail.com

  5. anjali says:

    hahaha,,,, aditya wahh kya idea diya hai tmne yar bravo…. 😀 😀

  6. shivani shreen says:

    is there any side effect if we have taken unwanted 72 only once

  7. priya says:

    hey guys i had unprotectd sex with my fiance last week and i took I-pill after 48 hours (first time consumed)… now my periods are late .. pls tell me is it a side effect or shud i consult doctor… ?

    • admin says:

      Its just the side effect dear, no need to consult a doctor.

      But please make sure you are not taking it more frequently.

      • priya says:

        consumption was frst time and its kinda stressing me out tht i didnt got my periods.. does i-pill work effectively after 48 hrs?

      • roy says:

        I had unprotected sex with my gf. She is 17 years old. I inserted only the tip of my penis. I’m not sure if sperms entered her. Should i recommend her to take ipill.?
        Please reply fast

      • ashley says:

        Hi, had sex and took ipill after 5hrs and on the 6th day, vaginal bleeding occurs. Could this be side effects of the pill. I have 19 days till my next period. Should I be worried??

    • dheeraj says:

      yaar aap jaldi se doctr ko dikhaoo yaa garm doodh me chaware daal ke piyo date aaje gi

      • Rahul kapor says:

        I had sex with my gf at 13 jan. bt I am not sure my sperm was entered or not entered.? but my gf take Unwanted72 on 14 jan…
        again I had sex with my gf on 16jan but I am not sure my sperm was entered or not entered. ?

        now suggest me what I do?

        again can I give unwanted 72 to my gf??

        • admin says:

          See, you are having unprotected sex again and again. I strongly recommend you to take precautions before you do take part in any sexual activity.

          If you 100% sure that the sperm has entered her, only then give her the pill.

          • vishal says:

            if suppose someone is not sure whether the sperm entered or not and took unwantd 72 what will happen than?

          • admin says:

            Just normal side effects will happen, one must also avoid that.

    • rehan says:

      hey priya can we sex both for fun

      • Lick my asshole says:

        Hey rehan it seems u r feeling very exhaustive. Heres an idea for at mid night go out and u could try on some female dogs I m sure they will make u feel terrific.

  8. Muskan says:

    I and my bf had sex after 28hrs i had ipill n a week later received my periods but i have a doubt becoz my stomach has swollen up

    • admin says:

      Its just the side effect. Different person may have different side effects on their body due to I-pill.

      • Pooja says:

        Hey admin,I am 23 years old.I am having regular period cycle.I got period on 10th march.I had a unprotected sex with my partner on 26th march.and next day I took I-pill for the first time within 72 hours.and got a period on 10th April.again We had a unprotected sex on 4th may.and going to take I-pill tomorrow. so is this affect my health??? Is there any problem occur in future pregnancy??? Is it safe to take I-pill after a gap of two months every time??? Is there any side effects of taking I-pill after a month???I am 23 years old.I am having regular period cycle.I got period on 10th march.I had a unprotected sex with my partner on 26th march.and next day I took I-pill for the first time within 72 hours.and got a period on 10th April.again We had a unprotected sex on 4th may.and going to take I-pill tomorrow. so is this affect my health??? Is there any problem occur in future pregnancy??? Is it safe to take I-pill after a gap of two months every time??? Is there any side effects of taking I-pill after a month???

    • vivek says:

      I had sex with my gf. We both are not sure that the sperm wemt inside or not and its 15 hours bt she is not felling anything…..is this sure that the sperm didn’t went inside

  9. Pooja says:

    I take I-pill first time during unprotected sex with my husband.After that my mc period has been became irregualar.Now my mc periods had became after 3 month. Now I want a baby but not become pregnent

    • Ejaj says:

      dont warry yor partner do not have healthy sporm. U requore healthy sporm to became pregnent. U should keep side affair to any other just only for trile that if U get pregnent from other then it would sertify that u are able to be preg….

      U can be in touch with me..

  10. fatima says:

    I had foreplay (not sex) on 14 august with condom and took ipill for safety.
    On 17 august i got my periods at 1am but almost no flow until 19 august morning.
    On 19 august flow came and i had protected sex then took ipill for safety. after that my periods got very slow. i mean it got dried and spots took 10 days to go.
    On 1 september i had protected sex.
    On 14 september i had protected sex with a pill of unwanted72.
    My periods i hope were to be due on 17 september and havent turned up till now.
    Can i be pregnant or how long my periods can be late..????

    • admin says:

      Dear, first of all you should be 100% sure that the male sperm has entered your body or not before taking an i-pill. You should never take one if you aren’t sure, because these pills comes with numerous side effects that varies from body to body.

      You will get pregnant once your cycle is normal, and excessive use of i-pill may get you permanently infertile. So, avoid taking them as much as possible.

    • rehan says:

      hi fathima.. have got married..? y should u foreplayed . if u not married . can we have both the sex and enjoy eachother if u agree. I can satisfy u .. reply to my mail.

  11. Rjesh says:

    Dear Admin,
    My Gf is 18 years old last month she took I-pill due to unprotected sex ,and now again due to unprotected sex she needs to take I-pill again ,will it be dangerous to her . please help

  12. Rjesh says:

    k …thank you so much,for your advice 🙂

  13. mridu says:

    I have unprotected sex first time and i took i-pill. And their was no problem but again i had unprotected sex for second time and again i took i-pill…Is there any problem ?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you may face a lot of problems like the ones written above. There is no evidence that confirms that you won’t face side effects if you are taking i-pill once per month. It may disturbs your periods.

      Avoid taking it, use condoms for sex.

      • Naveen says:

        My gf periods came by taking unwntd-72..actual time of periods was after 1 mnth..so there is any change in periods regularty ..after that i have only anal sex with her

    • rehan says:

      hi ridu can we have enjoy both

  14. magie says:

    My friend she is 21 years old had an unprotected sex on 18th September she took unwanted72 on that day itself after 1 hour. she is sure that sperms went inside n she is having bleeding from last 3days dis is dangerous.. N last year also she had unwanted 72 2-3 tyms.. But she was having normal periods n every thing was normal that time.

    • Dr.ankur rajput says:

      no there is no chance of pregnancy and this is not dangerous and cause no harmfull effects but its use again and again cause harmfull effects

  15. magie says:

    N is there any chances of getting pregnant.

    • admin says:

      These bleeding and over-flow are simply the known side effects of these i-pills. Bleeding is considered to be dangerous because you never know when it is going to be stopped but normally it stops after 3-4 days.

      Last time she had normal periods could be true because it doesn’t affect properly the first time. But you are taking it more frequently, then you might get into more trouble.

      Avoid taking it and as of now, the chances of getting pregnant is zero because she is having bleeding already.

  16. preeti says:

    hi.i used i-pill and after 3-4 days i am experience sever back pain ,lower abdomen pain,fever .are these side effects ? what should i do?

    • admin says:

      These are just the side effects, don’t worry much ( but avoid taking i-pills as much as possible).

      Eat more and drink more fluids to reduce weakness and dehydration.

      • sonam says:

        my period stopped on 8th Nov and I had unprotected intercourse on 9th Nov and took unwanted 72 the same day.I started bleeding again on 13the Nov. Is it normal or should I go see a doctor?

  17. magie says:

    Thank you so much

  18. magie says:

    Today is the 5th day bleeding didn’t stopped should I take her to doctor to stop the bleeding n in future there would be problem to get pregnet due dis bleeding

    • admin says:

      Just wait for 2 more days because 7 days is the maximum time she needed to recover. Just wait for 1-2 days more.

      It all happens when u take i-pill.

      • alex says:

        I had foreplay(foreplay) 2days ago and today I am on my periods..but I am nt sure that sperm entered in or not…should I take Ipill?? Or not?
        Pls rely fast

  19. Anna says:

    I’m 18. I had unprotected sex last night with my bf. I guess the sperm has not gone inside but the precum has most probably gone in. I’m afraid that it’d lead to pregnancy. Its been 17 days since my last periods and the last time that I had sex. Will I get pregnant? Can I take ipill? Will it help me?
    Please reply soon.

    • admin says:

      Dear Anna,

      Precum also contains sperms and just 1 sperm will be able to make you pregnant and these i-pills will give you more problems than you can imagine.

      Its the right time you consult with a doctor.

      • Anna says:

        What kind of problems would arise?

        • admin says:

          Problems that you may get from i-pills includes :

          1) Overflow
          2) Too much bleeding.
          3) Delay in periods.
          4) Early periods.
          5) Too long bleeding for many days.
          6) Infertility and much more.

          • priya says:

            maximum how much days can be delayed from the last date of periods after taking unwanted72…? pls reply fast

          • X says:

            Last month month I took ipill had excess mensuration. . Now this month having inter mensuration spotting ..This cycle I didn’t take… is it a side effect?

          • admin says:

            You took unwanted 72 for just masturbation ??

  20. avinash says:

    I was sex with my girlfriend on 16th August and her mc period on 11th August I was give unwanted 72 within 1 hours today is 22nd September and her mc period are not started .she is pregnant or will be pregnant. Sir please tell me what’s going on. …?

    • admin says:

      Ask her to take pregnancy test.

      First you should be 100% sure that whether you are pregnant or not before deciding to do something for it.

  21. mir says:

    I had sex with my gf on 17th sept . the condom tore nd hence she had to take unwanted 72 . took it within 5 hours. From then she is having abdominal pain and some white substance coming out of her vagina..now today d pain was getting lighter when suddenly she started to bleed nd the pain increased much more similar to like when she has periods. Blood oozing is not like d one during periods. Please help. Can it be a sign of pregnancy or these are all side effects of the pill?

    • admin says:

      No, its not the sign of pregnancy. She is not pregnant anymore as she is having her periods now. These are just the side effects of I-pill.

  22. avinash says:

    Is it possible to get pregnant sir when i was given unwanted 72 within 1 hours. ……… ??

  23. angel says:

    plz reply

  24. angel says:

    i had unprotected sex with my bf on 17th and on the same day i got my periods. but i took ipill for precaution. my periods stopped…was very light but started again from 20th n its not stopping…now. any idea as to how many days can it linger? should i consult doc now or wait for some days?

  25. vikash says:

    My gf period end 17 September. N I have sex 19 September. Then take unwanted 72.by she is going bleeding continue. It’s side effect or she is pregnant.. plz help me

  26. Priti says:

    Hi there,

    I am 37 yrs old & have unprotected sex with my hubby once in a month and i take ipill after this, its since last one year i m doing the same , but still my priods are very regular only dated are change and everything is going well, is this ok or still i need to stop?

    • admin says:

      No, its not safe at all. Taking i-pills on a normal basis may get you in a deeper trouble.

      Side effects haven’t shown up yet doesn’t mean its safe and you can add it your monthly routine. No, avoid taking it.

  27. Nooreen says:

    I had sex with my bf on 17 but took ipill just after that.
    Den again we had on 26 but I took ipill on 27 at an interval of 12-13 hours.
    Will I be pregnant
    And what are the possible side effects

  28. Shreya says:

    I m planning to have sex wid my bf tomorrow.we will be using condoms.but i m not so confident about these condoms. M i needed to take an ipill to avoid any risk of pregnancy

  29. Shreya says:

    N dis s our frst tym

  30. dasing says:

    sir mane mari gf k sat unprotected sex kiya h and wo 18 s uper ki hai mere sperm unce ander gaye ye ni gaye mujhe confirm ni hu so plz tell me wat I can do now one hour ago I do this

    • admin says:

      She need to take i-pill now, no options left.

      Next time, make sure you use precautions.

      • punamm says:

        Hi admin,
        I am 19 years old girl..i had taken 4 unwanted 72 in last 1 year..is it harmful for future pregnancy????
        Plz reply must.

      • gauri says:

        Me and husband were gf bf before 6years and continue in relation before 4 year when I was 18 I taked unwantd 72 bcz it was urgnt hwevr I got pregnant so consltd gyano.. and abort 1mnth baby with abortion kill for the 1st and last time last yr we both married and afraid if there will any pblm in pregnancy in future.my mensuration cycle is normal

    • lisa says:

      Dear admin sir
      Please help me out

      I had an unprotected sex on may 29 but his sperm didn’t came inside.I took ipil in 24 hrs.. and I’m supposed to have my period yesterday but it didn’t came till now..inside.. My whole bod is totally tired… What Is that sign? Am I pregnant?

  31. priya says:

    hello sir
    i had unprotected sex with my bf on 5th aug and took unwanted 72 then I have got my period on 11 aug and after 15 days I mean 26 aug was my next period but now I have spent more than 1 month after last period, period has not come nd I m also facing the problem of headache and pain in stomach, fatigue and feeling sleepy . Is it possible am pregnant or its because the side effects of this pills.
    plz reply very soon

  32. shashi says:

    i ejaculated my sperm on my gfs stomach…..most probadly it doesnt reaches vagina….is there any chances of pregnant?

  33. tapan says:

    i had sex wid my gf last nyt i ejaculated on boundary of her vagina will she become pregnent ?
    can i give her i pill ?

  34. tapan says:

    dear admin
    i had sex wid my gf last nyt i am not sure sperm entered in her body or not i ejaculated little bit in her opening of vagina.Will she get pregnent?
    Shall i give her i pill? plz help me m worried for her

    • admin says:

      If you are sure that the sperm has entered her vagina then you should give her the i-pill otherwise not.

      If it really entered inside her, then there are more chances.

  35. preeti says:

    I had unprotected sex wid my bf on 28 sept n took unwanted 72 within 2hrs after sex,is it enough to avoid pregnancy or there’s a need to take another in case of doubt?? And how many contraceptives are safe to take in a year??

    • admin says:

      There are 99% chances now that you won’t be pregnant. There is no need to take another i-pill.

      Answer to your second question is : You shouldn’t take a single i-pill as they are very harmful for your body.

  36. lakki says:

    Hi admin
    I had unprotected sex with my husband in june n took ipill within 48 hrs after that my period started early changed to 22days cycle(before it was 28 days cycle)from june till September it was same.Now again in September i had unprotected sex (sep 6th my period started sep 15th had sex sep 27th was suppose to be my period) but it got delayed n also tested my pregnancy by using kit it showed negative on sep 29th morning.so i am worried plss let me know the reason is my period getting regular?

    • admin says:

      The most common side effect of using i-pill is irregular periods.

      Give time to yourself and use proper precautions before you indulge in sex to avoid i-pills.

      Your periods will get regular slowly, give it a few months.

  37. asfak says:

    Hello admin. I had sex with my gf after his last time period with condum but for not getting pregnent I give her unwanted 72 after.12 hours. Is she getting pregnent. After taking 72 the blooding vome for one day nd now blood is not.come nd the period date is after 5 days. She is pregnent or not?. Or infuture.she get pregnent for last time sex. Ans me pls

    • admin says:

      No, she can’t be pregnant. You gave her unwanted 72 for no reason. It is very serious to give an i-pill for no reason. It may leave harmful side-effects, be very careful next time.

  38. azam says:

    Sir last night i had unprotected sexual intercourse.but before i discharged i withdraw may panic n all may sperm spread out outside but she says that at the mouth of vagina(little inside) she feels some drops.so there is a chance to be pregnent?she was in her start of 2nd week of period.should she use i pill.it the first time.possible side effect.or suggest any other option plz..

    • admin says:

      Yes, taking i-pills for the first time as well gives you side effects.

      Just 1 drop of sperm is more than enough to make her pregnant, so be wise before you both get intimate next time.

  39. lakki says:

    Hi admin
    Still i didnt get period so wat might be
    Reason for that today is already 30 sep

    • admin says:

      This is due to the side effect of the i-pill.

      • swathi says:

        dear admin, i had period on 25th dec and on 29th dec i had unprotected intercourse with my husband. after 36 hours i took unwanted 72 tablet. till now i didn’t have any side effects. so pls tell me suppose if i get any of the side effects, then how can i minimize the side effects. pls help me i m toatally under stress.

        • admin says:

          Dear Swathi,

          There is no way you can minimize the side effects, you gonna get from the ipill. The only way you can not have side effects is by not taking these types of ipills.

          • swathi says:

            Thank u for answering my question. I just want to know that will everybody whoever consumes unwanted 72 tablet have side effects? I had taken only one tablet yet that too after 36 hours. am i safe? i mean i cant get pregnant right? please answer my both questions. i m really in need of your help please.

          • swathi says:

            pls do reply sir/madam. i truely in need of ur help

  40. Ashish says:

    I had sex with a girl,her age is 19, i ejaculated out of her vagina but she didnt wash after that,will she get pregnant? Would it be safe to take contraceptive pills in the case.

  41. parma says:

    I Had foreplay with my gf yesterday noon I didn’t inserted my organ into her vagina but our organs came in contact,is there chancea of getting pregnant? Nd she is a Virgin too..
    If yes then should I gave her an contraceptive pill.. It’s for the very first time

    • admin says:

      First, You need to make sure that your sperm entered her body or not. If it was just a mere contact with her vagina, also your part was dry and you didn’t ejaculated into here, then you shouldn’t worry.

      • parma says:

        I’m not sure about the sperms entering but contact was dere nd for a long time.. So to be on the safer side should I go for the pills as it will be a huge problem if it resulted in pregnancy

    • zara says:

      If she is a virgin then its not a prob at all…. coz in virginity sperms dont enter so soon… its pains like hell when doing intercouse….. after breaking virginity only she will be able to enjoy pleasure n then pregnancy is possible

  42. sam says:

    dear admin i need ans ,
    as fast as u can give ,,,its help me,go out of tnsion
    date 23 august i have sex with my gf without condom after 8 hour i give her unwanter72 and after 2 day there is period ,
    but now its 1 octuber still there in no period,
    its 1 and half month gone no period ,
    what is it,symptoms or side effet

    • admin says:

      First, you must tell her to take a pregnancy test via any pregnancy test kit available in the market and get assured.

      • sam says:

        its negative,
        we check three times,
        what is that.
        not having period still

        • sam says:

          reply admin ,, just taking unwanted 72 after 2 days theres a bleeding start for a 4 days
          then after that,there is no period
          what is it,s
          i m so much tense

          • admin says:

            Dear, these are probably the side-effects that delayed your periods.

            Delayed periods are one of the common side effects.

  43. Manu says:

    hello sir
    i had unprotected sex with my bf on 5th Sept and took unwanted 72 on 7th Sept then I have got my period on 26 Sept I mean 26 aug was my next period but now I have spent more than 1 month after last period, period has not come and Today i am test by Preganews result is positive. also facing the problem of vomiting, discomfort fatigue and feeling not better . Any side effect on baby.
    plz reply very soon

    • admin says:

      There will be no effect on the baby as these symptoms are very common once you become pregnant.

      Since, you are pregnant now, it is your decision to keep the baby or not. I am not sure what you are asking specifically.

  44. rita says:

    mi priod starting was 27 th sep and i doing unsafe sex for 2 nd oct so pls tel me now i pregnent or not????

  45. dharmendra says:

    I had sex with my gf before 15 days then i gave her 72 ipill nw today once again i had sex with her again at night….nw with in twenty days i should gave her 72 ipill or not plz tall me

    • admin says:

      You are using it the wrong way. You’re supposed to give it within 72 hours of sex, not later as the side-effects may get severe.

      It might not work as you have exceeded the time limit.

  46. dharmendra says:

    Plz tell me soon

  47. veru` says:

    Dear amdin
    I had sex with my gf on last day of the period 27th August and due to confusion given ipil within 48 hrs. we again had sex on 3rd of september. on 5th september she started paining heavily in her pelvis.then we went to doctr on 6th of september the ultroundsound is being carriedout and found only one problem of thicken fellopian tube in fluied collection in right annexde. on 11th septemebr the doctr had tested Beta HCG and UPT which were found negative. on the basis off reports the doctr started treatment and given antibiotics as they expected it infection. But on 15th she bleeded little. on 21sept she bleeded for 3 days, but the cycle was expected to come on 25 september. after bleeding she gets relief from the heavy pelvic pain and vomitting. but on 1st october she again have problem of pelvic pain and Vomitting with low back pain.now on 3rd oct she started bleeding with heavy pelvic pain . sir wht cud b the main problem??? does it the sign of ectopic pregnency or sideffect of ipill or any other problem. dear expert please give ur suggestion and help to me as early as possible.

    • admin says:

      Give her a pregnancy test and ensure yourself is it pregnancy or not.

      If the results are still negative, then these are just the side effects.

  48. sandy says:

    I had sex wth my gf geven her 72 with in 2hr.c had her date with in a week.bt nw 1month was completed bt her date is nt start till.can u tel me dts is due to ds tablet.

    • admin says:

      You can wait for 1 week as periods may get delayed sometimes due to the use of i-pills.

      and ask her to take a pregnancy test.

  49. dharmendra says:

    Plz sir reply me urgently plz plz plz

  50. rachita says:

    M 25 yrs old..within 1 yr i became 3 times pregnant and i tuk abortion pills and i wud hv taken 3 or 4 unwanted 72 pills…it didnt show any side effect bt my weight increased by 10 kg…is it due to these pills..

    • admin says:

      Yes, definitely these are the side effects. I-pills affects different bodies differently.

      Please, avoid taking them in future as you’ve already taken a lot.

  51. rachita says:

    What sud i do nw

    • admin says:

      Go to a gynecologist.

      • komal says:

        Hello sir im 23 year girl ..nd I used to sex wid my bf we started sex in 2010 sep tht was unsafe sex so we decided to take a pill because he ensure me that there is no side effects and then I started.. I had almost 20 or 25 pills but I didn’t take these pills regular it will only when we met but now im worried coz we broke up and because of these pills it will harmful to future pregnancy. ..nd im not married yet so I wnt to knw tht is it possible tht I can be pregnant in future plz reply soon coz im very worried

        • admin says:

          i-pill has harmful effects in pregnancy. do take care from next time.and its better if you consult your doctor before planning in future.

  52. Roshni says:

    i am 31 years old.i took unwanted 72 March 2013, now i had sex with my husband with protection but during intercourse condom has broke but no sperm has flowed….and we just replace the witth a new condom and had sex. But i m fearing as am not sure so decide to take a pill as 33 hours have been passed already. It will be harmfull for me as i am undergoing psychiatric treatment ,taking antidepressant medicines but at this moment i dont want to go to a doctor. Plz advice.

    • admin says:

      Chances are very very less for you to become pregnant if the male ejaculation didn’t take place before the breakage of condom.

  53. siddharth says:

    I had sex with my gf she is only 15 and i give her unwanted 72 in 24 hours….now she will be pregnant or not….???? plzz help me

    • admin says:

      No, she won’t be pregnant.

      But Dear Siddharth, she is in no age to take i-pills now, you must have protected sex with her. Consequences of doing unprotected sex with her and giving i-pills later on could be very dangerous.

      • siddharth says:

        but dear sir, she vomits in 3 hours after taking unwanted 72…nd her period date is 3 oct. but her period has not come so we had sex on 4 oct. nd still her period cannot come…im very tensed..plzz help me…

      • siddharth says:

        ok thankz dear sir, but she vomits in 3 hours after taking unwanted 72 ..nd her period date is 3 oct. but her period cannot come so we had sex on 4 oct. nd on 5 oct. i gave her unwanted 72 but her period still not come….what can i do sir…is this is a side effect or what…im so tensed sir plzz help me….

  54. Aditya Singh says:

    Hi im aditya n i am 23yr…….so u can tell me what is the age 2 break virginity…it is should be before or after marriage.

  55. Aryaa says:

    Dear Admin,
    Me and my bf got intimate but we didnt have sex. Although his penis was in contact of my vagina for a brief 3 seconds or so, he didnt penetrate or ejaculate but still keeping the precautions in mind i have taken unwanted 72 and now experiencing the side effects, ie, headache and fatigue as well.
    I hope i wouldn’t get pregnant and till when will these side effects last. please help.

    • admin says:

      You will have these side effects for a short span of time (hardly 7 days) but you go frequent with the pills, they may get severe.

  56. nidhi says:

    I took 2 ipills 1.5 year ago. I didn’t see any side effects at that time.n even after dat I haven’t any issue regarding my periods. But now iI get my period on 15 sep nd ab ye bandh hi nahi ho raha!!!! Is it the side effect of dat 2 ipills??

    • admin says:

      Yes, these are the negative effects of the pill.

      Please, take this seriously and avoid taking it in future.

      • nidhi says:

        Side effect after 1.5 !!! At dat time I didn’t see any side effect.. Ulta mere periods regular ho gaye after took dat pill.. Is it really possible side effect after 1.5 year??? (I hv hemoglobin problem!!!)

  57. Rajesh says:

    My gf is 19 and has arthritis..will it be safe to take ipill?

  58. aryan says:

    Dear admin,

    i had sex wid my gf on 6th october..but tat tym suddnly condom broken..nd m nt sure sperm her under..nd after few hwr i had taken unwanted 72..so m sure she z nt prigent..nd she told me my wait incerse,sir chakr de raha hai nd khana khana ka man ni kar raha hai..so it side effect of unwanted72???? plz help me..

  59. praful says:

    Hello sir , i do a sex with my gf before 8days without any safty its our first tme and cnt inser my penis in her vagina after the sex she get unwanted 72 after 15 hr . And now the problm is she is geting dark blooding in a days after 3 hrs . Wht is the sign of this is she get pregnant or its a side effect and how it stop blooding
    Plz help urjent

    • admin says:


      Never take the i-pill when you didn’t have sex. It is only taken when you do complete sex. Taking i-pills this way may get you in trouble.

      As far your problem is concerned, she is not pregnant and these are just the side-effects. These bleeding will stop after 5-6 days.

  60. Charu says:

    Its the second time i had taken unwanted 72. And after taking it, within 8 days i had my period. .i m scared, does it will make any harm. Please help me

    • admin says:

      See, these pills affects your cycle for sure.

      Avoid taking pills in future.

      • soni says:

        Hey admin. I had sex with my bf yesterday around 1 pm…..with condom.at first he ejaculated he was wearing a condom.then he changed it. Again some amount of liquid was found. The third time i asked him not to wear it because with condom it was not same as without.so do you think i can still get pregnant ?

  61. siddharth says:

    sir plzzz rep. me sir…plzzz sir but she vomits in 3 hours after taking unwanted 72 ..nd her period date is 3 oct. but her period cannot come so we had sex on 4 oct. nd on 5 oct. i gave her unwanted 72 but her period still not come….what can i do sir…is this is a side effect or what…im so tensed sir plzz help me….

  62. siddharth says:

    sir today she had light bleeding …nd diff. from periods is this is a side effect ???

  63. vickyy says:

    me and my girlfriend had sex on 7 october and after 28 hrs she took contraceptives, we are not confirm that the sperm has entered in to her. now after taking that pill she feels some pain in her stomach and her legs. do u think theese are the side effects of that pill??? do we get in to some serious problems?? this is our first time sir, we are very much afraid. please help us out sir

  64. lucky says:

    My gf period was ended on 5oct nd I did unprotected sex on 9oct if I’ll give her I-pill right now then it gonna to do some side effect or safe at this time to avoid pregnancy….

  65. pooja says:

    I got prioeds on 16 aug and I took unwanted 72 on 24 aug on same of after sex. Next periods after 19 day on 3 sep and again prioeds came after 19 days on 21 sep and finally now prioeds came after 22 days. So I m worried about plz give any suggestions regarding my above statement if you think any problems

  66. andy says:

    i had dos pill abt an yr ago for 2 to 3 tyms nd now m havng severe loss?no hair products are resultn effectvly.
    suggest me wat shud i do?

  67. riya says:

    I took an ipil within 8hours after the act..and then after 1day I took a tablet for cough and cold…will it reduce the effectiveness of ipil or do any harm?

  68. pi pi says:

    Sir, i want to know that if i take the pill 72, 10 time in my life n took so far on each, how to effect n can i get pregnant in future.

  69. rehan says:

    hi this is rehan dear friends I had sex with my fiancé around seven time in two years with out protection she took five pills in that year.. is there any danger to her for getting pregnancy in future. now we r getting to marriage in this year.. plz informe us about this matter.

  70. tia says:

    Dear admin

    I had unproteted sex with my husband last night soon after that I pee out..and wash properly
    In this case should I take Ipills…..

    • admin says:

      Washing won’t make any difference. Sperms are mobile, you can never wash away all the sperms with washing.

      • anu says:

        Admin….i had unprotected intercourse wth her on arnd 2pm n gave her unwanted 72 within 7 hours is there is a chance of her geting pregnant

  71. tia says:

    But if we pee soon after having sex than also there is a chances of getting pregent

    • admin says:

      No, peeing does not withdraws the sperms entered in your part.

      • riya says:

        my period cycle is of 26-28 days.on 19sep was my previous mc date & had unprotected sex on 11oct with my life partner.that was 23rd day from previous period date of 11sep,still my periods are not coming. Please help me to know what day i expect my next mc date or i am getting pregnant? Please help me what to do.

      • vek says:

        my gf has taken unwanted 72 without having sex and now her period has delay.so suggest me what she do?

        • admin says:

          I-pill should be taken only after unprotected sex. delay in periods is the common side effects . you will get your normal periods from next month onward.

  72. Falak says:

    I had unprotected sex with my gf 12 oct on her period time… i am not sure that my sperms has entered in to her.. for safety i give her i-pil toady… is there will be any serious problems ??? i am not sure thats why i give her i-pil..

    plzzzz reply sir

  73. riya says:

    my period are of 26-28days.i had unprotected sex with my life partner on 23rd day. today is 27th day but periods doesn’t came. i missed to take unwanted 72. wht should i do now.please help me

  74. Robin says:

    Hi!!! My wife took unwanted 72 after 4 hours of unprotected sex …she was waiting for her normal period which will start from 16 of Oct but in between she got splits of irregular periods from 13 oct to 15 oct..is it normal? NY problem will arise… waiting for or reply…

  75. sili says:

    I am 19 yrs and i take un want-72 after 6 hours of un protected sex with my boy frnd, but i had vaginal bleeding after 15 days(1 day only)wich is 10 days before my menstrual cycle.Is there any chance of pregnancy…

    • admin says:

      Irregular bleeding is one of the side effects of the pill. once you taken, there wont be any chance of pregnancy. but still if you are not having your regular dates kindly consult your doctor.

  76. pooja says:

    Hi .I had protected sex with my bf on 21 sep.but i was too scared so i tuk unwanted 72 on 22 sep morning…my period date was 7 oct.. Generally I get my periods before 5-6 days. But due to some very urgency I tuk periods delay medicine for three days on 30 Sep and 1 oct -2 oct… On 2 oct I had again protected sex and got bleeding when he gave a forced shot to me.I was scared..
    On 3 I don’t have bleeding whole day , in night very light bleeding just once. Then on 4 late evening I started bleed like my regular periods but little heavy flow than usual. Generally my periods are over in 6-7 days but this time it tuk 9 days to stop.

    Now after that my bleeding is stopped but I have pain at one side of stomach and then some time cramps in lower abdominal and feeling nausea some times. I don’t have any breast pain.

    I m scared…what prob I have… M I pregnant or what?

    Plz plz help me..

    • admin says:

      there is less chance of pregnancy and irregular bleeding is due to the side effects of the pill. .but I rather suggest you to consult your gynecologist ASAP

  77. roshini says:

    I had an intercourse wid my partner last morning…for about 5 minutes he inserted the penis in vagina…but before ejaculation he took condom and semen ejaculates in that only…so is there any need for me to take contraceptive pill????

    • admin says:

      you cannot predict whether ejaculation was completely outside or not. there might chances of having semen left inside. in that case you should have the contraceptive. and if you are pretty sure then wait till your date comes.

  78. Pinku says:

    My wife has taken Unwanted 72 pill in the month of August 14.After some days I am seeing that many pimple and tiny hair are appear on her face. Is this side effect of pill? How can she get rid from this problem? Please help me.

    • admin says:

      No these are not the side effects but yes some usual hormonal changes. it will take some time to get normal. you don’t need to bother for any treatment on this.

  79. azhar says:

    Hello sir I have a question.. That..I had a physical with my wife after that the next day she take the unwanted 72.. But after 2-3 days she started vaginal bleeding.. It now still she bleeds..so please help me.. To answer..

    • admin says:

      bleeding is common, she got her early periods .it is one of the side effects of I- pill. you need to wait for few days. and no need to worry.

      • anamika says:

        dear admin,
        i am 25 yrs old and i have my regular period on 22 december and after making unprotected sex on 26 december i took unwanted 72 and after that i has perids on 2 january and after that i have no periods. on 21 feb i took unwanted 72 bcz of unprotected sex. can u tell me something that i can get back my periods .

  80. raj says:

    i had sex with my gfnd..i gave her “unwanted 72” more than or equal to 5 time .she already having problem for her irregular periods.she is thin and waieight near abt 42 kg.now i reffered her to doctor ,she is having kideny stone…plz tell me that is it affect of “unwanted 72” or other…or tell me can she get pregnant in future.plz tell me

  81. Dhana says:

    I had sex with my gf.@14-08-2013. At that time I give unwanted -72 tab. After that she got proper mc cycle in every month. but the problem was her last cycle was@ Aug 17. Till now she did not get periods.she tooks papaya many times. But she did not get period. Is the cause of that tablet. But my doubt was, is there chances of getting late cycle order after 1 year by the taking of unwanted-72 tab @ 14-08-2013?? Plz help me.

    • admin says:

      if she is not having her periods till date, she might have chances of getting pregnant. pls consult your doctor for further diagnosis.

  82. Amy says:

    I had intercourse with my gf in morning about 1:000 am on 20/102014 but condom was torn off and she took an Ipill at 12:00 pm. Again had intercourse late night at about 1:00 am on 21/10/2014 and unfortunately again the condom was torn off but this time I was not sure that the sperm got inside or not but my gf was tensed and she again took medicine at about 9:00 pm on 21/10/2014.
    Now wanted to ask that whether she is safe or not from pregnancy?

    • admin says:

      she is safe from pregnancy ..but she might have to face some its side effects like early or delay periods, also irregular bleeding sometimes. so take from next time.

  83. Sonakshi says:

    Hi! I have taken an I pill & 2 times unwanted 72 after unprotected sex will it effect me getting pregnant in future pls reply?

  84. komal says:

    I used to sex wid my bf we started sex in 2010 sep tht was unsafe sex so I m worried now coz I almost take 20 or 25 pill im not married yet but I wnt to knw can I get pregnant in future plz reply im very worried

  85. komal says:

    Actually I trusted him a lot and he ensure me that there is no side effects nd I believed..we r not together from last year june.. plz help me

  86. waay says:

    me and my bf had sex on the 7th day of the cycle, pill was taken within few hours. But another pill was taken 4weeks prior to that…. This time i had bleeding on the 17th day of the cycle and even for last 2 days there is some white vaginal discharge.. Are these side effects of the pill taken at short interval or i should consult a doctor???? Please help

  87. navya says:

    i had unprotect sex with my bf on 27 oct. it was 17th day of my cycle. i took unwanted 72 within 6 to 7 hours on the same day.after 2 days on 29 oct i felt lower abdonominal pain,fever and pain and burnt during urinate. i want to know these are only sideeffects of pill or something dangerous?i got my last periods on 10 sep.is there any chances of pregnency? i am sure that he ejeculeted inside.plz help me.it was my first time so i have no idea about these thing.

  88. swar says:

    I had sex wid my bf on d same day whn i had my date n took n unwntd 72. Now its a week i dint get my periods. Is anythng wrng? M i prgnnt? But d sex ws safe. Whn wil i get my periods?

  89. gyana says:

    Sir.I have done a unprotected sex with my gf on 30 October then she take unwanted 76. After that we had again sex on 2nd November.. Now whether she needs to take unwanted 76 once again.. Or is it fine with the previous one pill..plz suggest as soon as possible..

  90. Rahul says:

    i had sex wid my gf 6 hrs ago with condom and then i removed it bt after half hour i do sex wid her without condom but i m sure that sperms are not entered that time
    i wanna know that is there any chances that she will pregnant because i dont wash my penis second time the sperms may entered if my penis is goes in vagina without clean

  91. nandini says:

    hi! my friend is 22 yrs old n has had unprotected sex in the mornin of nov 2. her bf gave her ipill in the evening 6pm on the same day, n she took it immediately. lately, everything seems to b normal for her. no backache, no abdomen pain, no nausea or vomiting. everything is normal, so she is worried. shouldnt there b some changes in her body? some side effects of the pill?? now she is jst waiting for her period which is due on nov11. but can it b possible dat she becomes pregnant evn after takin ipill?
    she took one more few years back, that time she had bleeding after a day, as a reaction of the pill. bt this time there seems to b no such changes??
    she is really worried, pls help.

  92. amita says:

    Sir,30 oct i had sex with my husband & my last period date was 24oct.then i take unwanted 72,31oct within 21 hrs.now today i m felling very wk nd bleeding started nd abdominal pain also. Bt the bleding is limitd.whats going on plz tell me.am l pregnant or not????

  93. angel says:

    hi i had unwanted72 2 months back after that i had irrregular periods for a month and then i started getting rashes on my face .. i still have rashes and redness on my face and burning sensations. have consulted a dermetologist but nothing is helping .. how to get rid of this rashes … please help is it harmonal imbalance? if it is .. how to make it stable?

  94. rose jency says:

    I had sex wid mah husbandat 1st nov night 2ndd 3rd 4th mrning tk unwanted 72 at 4th eve my last date was 12 th october. I m also studinv dnt wana get pregnant hv fear so wt to do

  95. anu says:

    is there any problem to use unwanted 72 only once

  96. anju says:

    5 months before i used i pill 72,7 nov 2014 i have sex wth my hus ,unfortunatly condom broks what should i do?i have no regular periods ,so i am afraid to take i pill,now i am not ready to be pregnant,what should i do,plzz help me,
    reply immediatly..

  97. augustus says:

    I had unprotected sex with my gf
    then i gave her unwanted72
    Now she is having headaches bodyache
    and dizzyness
    Should i consult doctor

  98. navya gaur says:

    sir is there any chance of pregnency?

  99. navya gaur says:

    sir i had unprotect sex with my bf on 27 oct. it was 17th day of my cycle. i took unwanted 72 within 6 to 7 hours on the same day.after 2 days on 29 oct i felt lower abdonominal pain,fever and pain and burnt during urinate. i want to know these are only sideeffects of pill or something dangerous?i got my last periods on 10 sep.is there any chances of pregnency? i am sure that he ejeculeted inside.plz help me.it was my first time so i have no idea about these thing.i am not able to consult a doctor.plz reply is there any chance of pregnency?when will my next period come?plz reply………………….

  100. seng says:

    Hi me n my gf had sex day before yesterday n she has taken unwanted 72 yesterday evenng n we also had sex today mornng will she has 2 take again

  101. karan says:

    admin me and my gf had done se today but it was a totally safe sex bt to ensure tht sperm did’t enter in the body of my gf in ny way i gave her unwanted 72 after 3-4 hrs of sex…so tell me if sperm entered thn do pill works? n if it did’t nter in the body then is that pill cause any sideeffect? PLZ DO REPLY

  102. ayush says:

    hey!! i had unprotected sex with my g.f yesterday n i gave her unwanted 72 with in a hour… n since today morning she iz having back n abdominal pain.. n a feeling of vomit n evn she vomited in d morning… is it a sign of pregnancy?

  103. Rudra says:

    I had unprotected sex with GF in month and she has taken 4 I-Pill in month. 15 days gone priod date, but priod still not come. Already do pregnacy test with I-care test kit got negative result.please suggest

    • admin says:

      your girlfriend is having the side effect of i-pill. there is delay in her periods. i suggest you to wait for some days. and take care that you should not go for any unprotected sex and avoid i-pills in future.

  104. Siya says:

    Dear admin,
    I m 19,i had 4 unwanted 72 in 2 months..the last unprotected sex I had I got my periods just will having sex and I took a I pill jst aft 4-5 hrs…and now that I m experienving that my bleeding has decresed…….is it veru dangerous….plz sujest what should I do?

  105. shailu says:

    Hello sir
    I had given unwanted 72 to my gf after unprocted sex but after 20 has gone she has facing headach and pain in lower

  106. roky says:

    dr admin mera gf k sath unprotected sex hua hai bt mai confm nhi hu k sprm andr gaye hai ya nahi….fir bhi maine 3 hrs me i pill diya hai fir 3 din bad bleeding hua our aaj 14 din ho gaye fir bhi stomack pain ho raha hai…our uren eritation….to plzz suggest me wht fo do …

  107. Vritika says:

    i had unprotected sex with my husband and after 36 hours i took unwanted 72 But i dnidnt get any side effect even not blood too .so is der any achance to pregency .plz reply .coz this waz first time n now i m not ready for tje kids

  108. Vritika says:

    Reply f my last questb plz plz .i m worried plz rplu soon admin

  109. malli says:

    i am carrying 50 days of pregnancy, i don’t want to carry now because i already have a feeding child, so i presume to use unwanted-72. is it safe for me and my kid?

  110. Boro says:

    I had sex with my GF yesterday at around 10.30am. I told that i masturbated in the morning so sperm may be in the seminal vessel and enter during sex. So soon after we finished she too I-pill. 3 hrs later she ate sour fruits and was scared the I-Pill wont work. She again took another I-Pill in the evening. She again ate the same sour fruit during dinner d same day. She’s scared now and wants to have one more I-Pill. Please advice

  111. Boro says:

    can eating sour fruit diminish the effectiveness of I-pill???

  112. Vritika says:

    Plz rwply as i m so worried my last peripd.date waz 27thoct n.i had sex on 15th nov n took unwanted 72 On 17th nov n.today is 22nd nov .still der is no side effect not bleeding too .plz reply is der any chnce to pregency

  113. bikas says:

    i give my gf i pill tab for unprotected sex on 28th sep.and her period date was 14th nov.and her period was delayed 4days.but now period was not going .very slight blood flow and then period stop.is this the sign of pregnancy.

  114. bikas says:

    i give my gf i pill tab for unprotected sex on 28th sep.and her period date was 14th nov.and her period was delayed 4days.but now period was not going on in right way .very slight blood flow and then period stop.is this the sign of pregnancy.

  115. Raj says:

    I m 24 yr old. T have done unprotected sex with my gf and with in next 5 hr she has taken unwanted-72 . after a week she has bleeding for 2 days . Now she has 3 days overed due to is periods date and he didnt have there period. she need’s to consult with doctor plz help me i m in trouble …..??

    • priya says:

      Hello admin plz reply fast….I v intercourse with my bf in 30 october after doing that i v taken unwanted 72 with 2 hour but nw problem is that i v missed my periods which had to start between 18 n 22 of nov i m very tensed earlier i v lso taken unwanted but aisa toh phele khabhi nhi hua aur sometimes u feel abdominal pain in which i feel it will start but my perids r not starting n i cant go to doctor for test why its paining help me

  116. Shivya says:

    Hello Admin,

    I had an intercourse with my husband and take unwanted 72 on date around 24 Oct…The date of my menstrual cycle is 14 Oct….Till now i didnt get my menstrual cycle…Its late by 13 days….I am getting worried now..I took this medicine in 2010 as well..I cannot see any side effect of it on my body..no bleeding…no vomiting….no stomach pain…plz help me..

  117. raj says:

    hi admin,
    reply plz fast
    I m 24 yr old. I have done unprotected sex with my gf and with in next 5 hr she has taken unwanted-72 . after a week she has bleeding for 2 days . Now she has 7 days overed due to is periods date and he didnt have there period. she need’s to consult with doctor plz help me i m in trouble …..??

  118. Nisha says:

    sir me an my gf had sex yesterday ,I’m not sure tat sperms went inside her ,I was too afraid so I gave her unwanted 72 in hours after sex ,now is it a problem for her she’s having her periods date on 10th today’s 2nd will she get pregnant

  119. Shivam suri says:

    Dear admin,
    please do’t ignor
    i had unprotected sex with my gf on 4 dec. Her last mc date waz on 18 nov. I m sure that i did’t fall inside her bt nt sure about pre cum. And main prblm iz last time i had unprotected sex with her on 11 th nov. Nd she took i pill nd evrting waz fine. Bt this time i m worried. What should i do plz plz tell me sir/mam..

  120. kashish says:

    Dear admin
    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 4 times within a gap of a month or more and every time I had taken unwanted -72 my periods are regular.Plz tell me that will I face any problem in futur related with my pregnancy.plz tell me.

  121. vasu says:

    i want to sex with my gf,to avoid pregnancy..,which one is suitable tablet iphil or unwanted?which one has more side effects?which one is best?

  122. vasu says:

    hi admin i have one doubt,if lady period date is 10th then which dates are safe to sex with her?for which dates she will get possiblity of pregnant?

  123. vasu says:

    hello doctor,my gf period date is nov 27th,but it is not come, after that we want sex.so we want sex on dec 7th.from 30 th to dec 7th she took tables for avoid minsturation.so finally we had unprotected sex on dec 7th .my quetion is any possibility of pregnancy?she already took idoz-72 pill after sex.please give me ans

  124. kitu says:

    Is ejaculated penis make her pregent. If I do sex with ejaculated penis in her vagina .at that time.
    Give me ans .

  125. kitu says:

    Can she get pregnant ???

  126. priyanka says:

    I have taken 6-7 unwanted 72 in last two years.. I want conceive after 5-6 years so do i face any problem in pregnancy after 5-6years..??? Please reply me admin fast…

  127. priyanka says:

    i want to conceive*

  128. maryanne says:

    I had unprotected sex after consuming unwanted 72. Now I’m having vaginal bleeding. Is it the pill or am I pregnant?

  129. shreya says:

    i hav cyst for one n half yr in my both embryo n takng continue mdcn fr ds prblm. dis year, i had sex wid my fiance frst tym jst a day after periods on 3rd june nd took ipill on same day. i hd start bleedng again for 5days. i thought ds hppening fr my cystc prblm. again i had on 3rd nov. m damn sure i hdn’t recievd sperm bcoz i had tested by preganews. bt he pressurise me to take. frm dat day i had 3 tyms mc within a mnth. my face’s skin bcms dry n itching evryday. i didn’t cnslt my famly dr. may b he know about hvng ipill. please guide me admin wat i do now? is it jst side effct of ipill or my cystic prblm? m so scared about dis shitt..please rply me detail..is it gvng me harm effcts too bcoz m suffrng lotss of abdominl pain as nvr felt before please gv me suggestions of do’s n dont’s..rquestng u asap..

  130. Pinky Sharma says:

    I had an unprotected sex on 14/06/2014 so I took unwanted 72 pill on 17/06/2014 after that I am had regular 3 periods (July,August & September)Last period was in 30/09/2014 but after that I have no periods ,,,Is there is a possibility of a side effects of that pill that taken on 14/06/2014

  131. raja says:

    I had unprotected sex wid ma gf on 21 dec and she took unwanted 72 on 23dec.now she is facing severe abdominal pain.is this nornal? Or will she pragnent for this unprotected sex??plz help

  132. sonu says:

    I take I pill after sex in 4-5 hours and my periods date is 12 BT before this day at now in my body booding is start I m getting worried ..plz help me ….its very dangerous I don’t know plz help me

  133. samridhi says:

    i had sex yesterday and today i am having periods should i take i-pill or not,…
    is it periods or just vaginal bleeding?
    if i go to a doctor, whether in report it will come that i had unprotected sex or i had sex
    plz reply as soon as possible

  134. Sandip says:

    Dear admin,me n my fiance having sex since 3 years not regularly,in 2-3 months we did it once n starting days she used i-pills,7-8 pills she had like 1 pill in 2-3 months n after that we had protected sex but she gets headache abdominal pains,stretch marks on her back waist n on stomach too n even she gets fat on her face n stomach.Now in February we r getting marry n she wants to loose her fat coz she always told me she gets fat coz of taking i-pills.Wot do i do please suggest me???? Please rply soon…

  135. khushi says:

    Pls rply me.in Dec.due to my marriage I had taken norethesteron.for delay periods after that I will be in period 7 the December.on 17 the December I had taken unwanted 72.now at 27 the December I had vaginal bleeding. So I m in period?or which sign of these bleeding?

  136. wajid says:

    Is unwanted 72 not harmful for feeding mothers..taking first time ununwanted 72

  137. Vivek says:

    i had sex with my gf yesterday..still i’m not sure that sperm was entered or not in vagina..she take unwanted 72 after 24 hours..and also she has late period problm is there can any side effect on her body?

  138. Saumia says:

    Hi! I m of 17 years. .i love my bf dearly bt we never crossed our limit bt on last night we came quite close! And we are nt exact sure we did intercourse or nt becoz he was jst touching my vagina and sideways of it with his penis! Sperm released. He never inserted bt.
    What should i do i m feeling may be if my period wuld miss ? This tought is creating tension. My bf frnd comented to take unwanted 72? Should i take it? Is it safe to take once?

    • admin says:

      NO, you didn’t had intercourse.

      That’s why you shouldn’t take any ipill, but make sure you are using condoms next time. Don’t go for unsafe sex.

  139. chandni says:

    Hi admin,
    I had unprotected sex with my Bf 45 hours ago. My hymen broke in the act. But we are not sure if he entered me or not. However after 24 hours I started feeling nauseous, headache n punish. Not sure if it’s due to hangover, acidity or first tym sex..
    Please advice if I shud take i-pill?

  140. Sandip says:

    She only had 7-8 pills in the year 2012 after tht Im using condom,so can she get any problem bcoz of tht pills?
    N now she get very bad pain in her abdomen while having sex,so how do i satisfy her bcoz she needs satisfaction but can’t bare abdomen pain?
    How do i reduce her abdomen pain?
    Please rply wot do i do Im eagerly waiting for ur rply…

  141. Sandip says:

    She only had 7-8 pills in the year 2012 after tht Im using condom,so can she get any problem bcoz of tht pills?
    N now she get very bad pain in her abdomen while having sex,so how do i satisfy her bcoz she needs satisfaction but can’t bare abdomen pain?
    How do i reduce her abdomen pain?
    Please rply wot do i do Im eagerly waiting for ur rply…
    Rply soon

  142. Ashish 007 says:

    I had unprotected sex with my gf and i am not sure that sperm got inside har vagina or not bt i had given her unwanted 72 after 18 of sex and she tells that she fells vomiting when she eats smthng and some time stomach pain what is the prblm plzz telll me is there any chance of pregnancy or what should i give her to remove her weakness she had her period 15 days before having sex

  143. Sandip says:

    Dear admin,please suggest me we r getting marry in next month so after marriage having before sex we should consult a doctor or not for these abdomen pain ??? Can u suggest me or do i consult a doctor coz whenever we r doing sex she is having very bad pain in her abdomen?N after marriage ill definitely have protected sex with condom…
    Now Wot do i do? Please rply

  144. james says:

    Hey sir, I had sex with my GF on 3/1/2015 and she had one pill 4/1/2015. Will she get pregnant or not plz reply soon.

  145. Sandip says:

    Dear admin,can u please rply my question

  146. anjali says:

    i hd sex wd my bf …he rlsd his sprm in my vgina nd i wshd it quickly….bt i m assure…m prgnt or not…if i ll tke unwntd 72 so is it ok for me ? it wll nt effect me na

    • admin says:

      No, washing won’t prevent it from entering inside.

      • mady says:

        sir me and my gf had unprotected sex on 2/1/15 her mc date is 19 of month.after 4hrs i gave her unwanted72 after 1 day light bleeding from urinal side occurs and burns on urine.also she had body pain,sleepness …….bleeding stopped sfter 2 day these are side effects or she is pregnant????
        how many days i waits for delay.of mc to test pregnancy??’

  147. Arzoo chopra says:

    Hi, Admin
    I had unprotected sex almst aftr every 8 or 10 days nd my age is 17.; I had unwanted 72 pills almst 10 times. wat r the side effects of these ?? Nd wat should I do now?? Plsss kindly help me…!!

  148. anil says:

    my friend had protected sex with his gf on 8th january but as tbey were not sure she took unwanted 72 within 48 hours. But no side effects can be noticed till now. is there any risk of pregnancy and after how many days will the side effects appear…

  149. jagmit says:

    I have given my wife unwanted 72 five times in a month. Period date of 28 days but 15 days has been over but period
    is not coming. Please doctor tell me what is the reason behind it…

  150. neha says:

    i had unprotected sex nd after an half hour i take i pill nd after it 24hours i again take ipill
    so am i safe frm pregnency?

  151. Reyansh says:

    Sir I had sex with my gf n after that she took i-pill with in 72 hr. But after 3 days she had vomiting suddenly but only one time. N now she is not sure she is pregnant or not n her monthly cycle time is 22nd January plz reply me will she get pregnant plz sir

    • admin says:

      No, she is not pregnant. But to assure yourself, you can ask her to give a pregnancy test using prega news test kit.

  152. Rima says:

    I am 24 year i had my sex before 4-5 days ago. I had taken unwanted 72 due my husbands condom broke during intercourse its my 6th time i had taken in 4 years. Since one year i had gain around 22 pounds. Is this a side effect or my thyroid problem. Irregular in period since 2-3 months..

    • admin says:

      Yes, irregular period is one of the common side effect of unwanted 72 ipill.

      Please, go for protected sex next time, if you want to save yourself from more health problems.

  153. ankit says:

    I had unprotected sex with my gf during her period next day she took unwanted 72 but after 10 days also her bleeding is not yet stop what to do now plz help……………….

  154. rk says:

    Me n my gf had unprotected sex…and she hd taken I pill within 24 hrs ….expected dates of period ws 18 jan ….I want to knw dt ….is it possible to postpone these dates of periods due to I pill …. if yes dn how long…..how many days we hv to wait …? Plz suggest …

  155. tanisha says:

    I am under 18 and took unwanted 72 on the 15th of dec after 2 hrs of having intercourse. My due period was on the 7th of jan but it is now the 20th of jan and it still hasnt come. The pregnancy tests have said it is negative. Please help me and tell me when i could get my period??

  156. sanjay says:

    I had a sex with my GF without any protection in use, later I came to know that, her mensuration was started on 8th of this month and finished on 10th jan,continued to above we had a physical relation on yesterday 21th jan with 11 day finish of her menstruation, so whether it a chaces to become get pregnant, or if we had a dout shall she can use unwanted 72 I- pill conticeptics, what is you opinion and suggestions on this matter please reply urgenty within time frame of any solution.

  157. shady says:

    body pain and fever is normal ?
    eyes, burning too
    had protected and gave a pill after 3 days
    after an oral sex :/
    is it normal

  158. nitin says:

    My gf take unwanted pill, half an hr after having unprotected sex bt its period delayd for 7 days n not coming yet , there is any chances of pregnancy ?? Either period has come within couple of days ?

  159. palash says:

    Sir I had unprotected sex wid my gf on 17 Jan , after 24 hours I gave her unwanted 72 pill her menstural date is 21 bt she didn’t got her periods till nw and dere is lots of white discharge started from yesterday….sir plzzz confirm this is a sign of pregnancy or it is a side effect and everything is normal

  160. jitender says:

    Hello sir…. Me nd my gf got intimate last month(14 dec 2014) bt unintendedly i touch her vagina with my penis, next day i have given hr ipil for a safe side, in that month she got her periods on time, bt now in jan. Its already 2 days delayed, she was having a fixed n regular cycle uptill the last cycle, bt now its irregular n we r worried, how long at maximum could the delay can take place??? N me n my gf both r 25+

  161. jitender says:

    One more ques i want to ask that, in how much maximum time does the early symptom of pegnancy are visible???? As its already 12 days since the intercourse but there are no symptoms visible yet…

  162. worried says:

    I had unprotected sex with my partner a two days ago. She took an ipill before 24 hours. Later after one more day passed we again had unprotected sex and she again took an ipill. So that makes it 2 ipills consumed in three days. I want to know is it safe for her? I mean for her health. Will it have any serious consequences on her health as for the side effects? She is 20 years old. Please let me know

  163. Subrata says:

    After taking unwanted 72 my GF facing a problem of menstruation, 7 days before her date is missing? please tel me what we do now?

  164. ram says:

    I took unwanted 72 aftr doing sex bleeding from vagina occur ??? What is the reason

  165. trisha says:

    AfteR how many hours does the side effect of unwanted 72 appears….and he long does they remain.

  166. aporva says:

    Hi …. I had sex with my bf yesterday …. But didn’t took unwanted 72 pill yet …. Can I take it tomorrow morning ????

  167. Nikita says:

    dear sir/madam,
    i had an unprotected sex with my bf 2 months back when i took unwanted 72 and my periods came early. last month again we had a unprotected sex and i did not consume contraceptive pills and till today my periods got stopped. i am scared and my bf too. is it one of the side effects of consuming contraceptive pills or i got pregnant. Pls help me as both we are hesitating to visit a doctor in our locality. if i got pregnant how will i know? and whether any pills available in the market to stop pregnancy? pls suggest !!!!!!!

    • Nolan says:

      You should immediately meet a doctor. Its a sign of pregnancy. You say you haven’t consumed any Unwanted 72 pill the second time you had sex. So all I can say is YOU ARE PREGNANT based on your story. Please go see a doctor.

  168. abc says:

    my gf took w72 within 1-2 hours.. she is feeling lower abdominal pain and vomitting tendency after 24-30 hrs.. is it just side effect or by any chance what is the possibility of getting pregnat??

  169. Stephen says:

    Is there any side effects of unwanted 72 if taken once in a year??

  170. riya says:

    hey admin… m riya… m 27… n me n my boy friend whenever got intimate i always have i pill…. n we had intercouse usually once or twice in a month…. i just wanna ask is there any other substitute by which m will be safe n i dont need to take these pills in future…. as i read this post m so worried about myself…. so plz reply fast….

  171. neha says:

    I usually take I pill whenever me n my husband gets intimate…. nw I realise its not safe for future pregnancy. So can u plz tell me is there any other safest way by which we can safe n terms of not conceiving baby now…. is there any other safe substitute… .

  172. bikash kumar says:

    sir I want to ask you which day will be safe to have sex if one have her period last to 1st -3rd date. And tell me which is better date before ovulation or after .

  173. ashhh says:

    I hv done sex with my gf nd her date was finished oN 9 feb nd i hv done on 14 feb i gve her unwanted 72 within 2 hrs nd now she said that she went lot of time washroom …… wts the problem anyone tell me

  174. papps says:

    My friend took unwanted 72 and she is still experiencing headaches, bodyaches, tiredness after 6 days. Is that normal?

  175. Roufee says:

    I had sex many times with my wife but she taken i-pills and right now she had a huge Fever & cold ….is it any side effect of these pills….but she had pill more than week before….please reply fast

  176. rakks says:

    1st day of my period was on 7th feb,and on 25th feb i’d unprotected sex with my husband,and he ejaculated his sperm inside vagina,since it was more than 17 days from my period,is there any chance to get pregnent..or should i take i-pill,but i’m worried for its side effecs…and i don’t want to take i-pill..

  177. Nikhil says:

    Periods twice in a month means
    Pregnancy .?
    My gf took unwanted 72 just before 24 hours
    plz help me .?

  178. sumeet says:

    sir maine apni Gf k sath unprotected sex kiya… nd sex krne k jst bad hi maine unwanted72 khila diya… kya pregnancy ka koi chnce h??? sir plz help me

  179. Eva says:

    Hii admin,

    m 23 yr old..I had sex wid my bf yesterday..unprotected sex..Bt unfortunately my periods got started today..as its due date was 27..
    should I tk any pills???

    and..since 5 months m in a physical relationship with my bf..n due to some emergencies I took 4-5 pills in 5 months..

    just wanted to know will it effect on my future pregnancy???

    its reply ASAP…

    • arjun says:

      My wife taken unwanted 72 only once. That in Jan. Now we r planning to have baby. Please tell me what is the chance of not getting pregnancy if she taken only one. Unwanted 72

  180. meenu says:

    Sir..meine 27 jan 2015 ko unprotected sex kiya tha with my bf..n unwanted 72 b liya tha next day..uske baad bleeding ho gyi thi 1st ko..fir 13 ko date hui thi..Than after 6 days k baad thik ho gyi thi..ab feb mei 2 baar sex kiya condom use kr k..lekin period ab tk nhi hui..kya krna chaiye..

  181. anonymous says:

    I am very feared, my gf take unwanted72 then after 2days take i pill then after 4day bleeding will start that is 12day before from normal mc time, after 2day bleeding finish i do sex with gf.. Now she fill vomiting and uncomfortable ..

    Plz suggest me is she pregnent… Plz

  182. Ankita says:

    I m 25 Yr old nd had period on 2march.i had unprotected sex wid my partner for d first time on 10 March nd took i pil within 3hours nd den Sex again on 11 March nd 13 March after dat on 19 March it bleeds during sex and den stop is it normal…but on 20 March without having sex its bleeding from morning wat to do m very stressed plzz help

  183. rhitoswini sengupta says:

    I am 19 and yesterday on the first day of my periods i had unprotectd sex..previous year i has taken pill twice.and thhis time if i take it will be thrice.will it be harmful for my futre if this 3rd time is taken? reply asap

  184. Amanpreet says:

    Hi, I am 26 n I had unprotected sex with my fiancée last this month like thrice n have taken unwanted 72 twice n i-pill 1c in this same month.Now m feeling swelling in my whole body and pain in abdominal portion. I m worried about my increased weight n body swelling.Is this temporary? What should I do now n will it affect my pregnancy chance in future.Please reply soon m very tensed n scared.

  185. shree says:

    I just had sex just after 1 day of my periods and I took unwanted72 and now after 8 days it starts bleeding ?? Is is a side effect or pregnancy sign ???

  186. Sammy says:

    I and my girlfriend had unprotected sex on 30th March around 10:30pm, but before ejaculating I withdrew and ejaculated near her vagina. Then we cleaned up and didnt have any sex. Just to be sure, I gave her an i-pill after 48 hours, i.e. around 9:00am on 2nd April. Is there any chance that she can get pregnant? Please advice.

  187. Shanaya says:

    I hd an unprotectd intercourse wd my bf day before yesterday
    i hv alrdy taken i pill two times in my life ..
    and today going to take it for the third time..
    Pls tell me ..can i get pregnant safely in future .?pls tell me

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can get pregnant in future, but it is not good to take so much i-pills. It will affect you badly.

  188. Shanaya says:

    And i m under 18 n my bf is saying dat i spilled my sperm out ..
    but i m vry nervous .n dnt knw what to do?pls help me out

  189. Ash says:

    I went to see my boyfriend during my so called dangerous period. for almost 8 days. i had two pills with three days gap. now my lower back n lower tummy portions hurt like anything after 4 days. also burns while urinating. is that the side effect of pills or something else.??

  190. rag says:

    what is time of sex in which a girl can’t get pregnent … so that i can do a unprotected sex

    • admin says:

      There is no day, when you can have safe sex without protection. Every unprotected sex may get her pregnant.

  191. sagar says:

    Dear sir..i had unprotected sex with my gf on 14 night..after that i had given unwanted 72 after 12 hr..her last period was on 18 march…but now the periods delayed….sir is there any delayed in periods.?.till which date the periods will come.? Is i m safe side…plz suggest

  192. arnab says:

    I had sex with my gf on 7 th march.. seh took i pill on next day with in 30 hr.. and after that we againd do sex on 8 t5h march and after that again took i pill on the same day with in 6 hr.. after that his period come on 23 th march.. but not properly.. from 23 th march to 25 th march period continue with very little.. and now this month today 19 th april period still not come.. her normal date of period is 20 th.. is there any chances of pregnancy??
    what should i do now…

  193. aakash says:

    i had unprotected sex with my g.f , on 13april then she took i-pill , after 1 day , and her periods date was about 5-6 april, but she had a problem of unusual periods….so m confused now, what to do????
    plz help me…

  194. anjy says:

    How to lose weight gained by regular intake of unwntd 72?

  195. baba says:

    dear admin
    I had unprotected sex with my gf on 11th April 5 days before her periods. She consumed unwanted72 within 6 hrs of having unprotected sex.but still she had no periods .today its 10th day of consumed the pill.What should be done in this matter?

  196. ammu says:

    Hi admin, I am 25 I’m having a baby seven months old, i had sex with my husband two days before today its a third day can I take the pill , I sure that sperms gone in,

  197. rinku says:

    Hi i had an unprotected intercourse wid mygf on 21st april night! N when my sperm was goin to b released i took out my penis!and as i took out my penis sperm spelled out! Iam doubtfull that if very little was released inside her vagina? she also mastrubated her vagina after that.!what shud i do? Shud she go for a i pill? She has took 3-4 ipills till now!? She took the last ipill 4-5 months back! Please tell me what to do? Moreovr she is suffering from thyroid and she is on a thyroid medication also! Please reply asap!

    • admin says:

      It is going to be very serious for your girlfriend, if you continues to take ipill in future as she is already going under thyroid medication.

      You can do two things :

      1) Either give her last ipill this time (if you are so confident about the leakage in her vagina or

      2) Wait for her next cycle, if she gets it, then no problem.

      But if she misses, ask her to do a pregnancy test and get ensured.

  198. prakash says:

    I had sex with my gf 3 tyms in. A day and gave her unwanted 72 pill…
    After 4 hour we did it again
    I m thinking to give her now
    Is ther need to give pill now or nor

  199. roshani says:

    My friends boyfriend masturbated
    and ejaculated on her stomach and
    panty line she cleaned after 2 hours but is worried if she
    could get pregnant ..is it possible?
    Should she pop an ipill she is
    under 18 I am her best friend and
    very worried for her pls reply fast

  200. bob says:

    Hey guys need a suggestion my girl is getting weight due to use of ipill how to over come it pls can anyone help ???pls pls

  201. vishal says:

    Is there any problem if a girl consumes ipill just before her periods date?

  202. hepz says:

    One day after her period I meant to have sex with my gf but when I am about to enter her vagina only the tip of my penis it enter then my sperm it comes out then suddenly I pull out my penis and spelled out in her stomach and she still a virgin

    After that we take a rest and then my gf she suck my penis again we try to have sex but I didn’t want it to enter fully into her vagina only the tip of my penis so is possible for her to get pregnant or should I tell her to take a pill plzz help me

  203. Lilly says:

    I had protected sex with my bf, bt at first the condom broke though he was no where near to ejaculating. We used another condom then bt after we were done I took an ipill.
    I ws worried that some precum might hv entered bt wasn’t sure.
    Now I was supposed to get my period yesterday but didn’t get it yet, I am not usually late. N I didn’t hv any unexpected bleeding yet.
    I’m worried plz help admin

  204. Liza says:

    Hlww frnd….i had unprotected sex with my bf but he is not sure sure wheather he ejuclate or not…i took unwanted tablet nd i got my periods.but on the last day of my period i found some white fliud on my breasts…am i pragnent…i am too much worried…so plzzz gv me answer

  205. sima says:

    I have been taking a lot of ipils to avoid any pregnancy…I usually take one a month…and now my period flow is once a day during my mensuration days…now I am gonna stop using these pills…will I be able to recover my normal periods ever again..?

  206. mengtu haisa says:

    dear adm, my fiance n I hv a unproted sex aftr 3 days of completion of oral pill(duoloton-l) course which was prescribed by her gynae to treat rt side ovary cyst. c was on waiting 4 her period but I gave her unwanted-72 without consulting her gynae. so, is there any risk of affecting her ovary? pls reply…. waiting/expecting/hopin 4 ur reply wid good sound.

    • SUDHIN says:

      i had sex with ma gf on 17th of may her last period was on 27th april,i never touched her pussy with ma penis but i inserted into her anus and i ejuclate there then i taked my penis that time the cum went down through her vagina iam not sure it touched there or not immediately i cleaned it with a cloth and after 1 min she went to bathroom and cleaned it. iam tensed so i gave her a ipill 5 hrs later its the 7th day she feeling fainting and hard pain on her lower stomach is this a symtom of pregnency? plss do reply

  207. anwesha says:

    dear admin,
    my bf tried to have sex with me and it entered my vagina 2 to 3 times not completely…and his p###s head touched my vagina 5 to 6 times..and he is saying that he is 100% sure that sperms have not gone inside my vagina..
    but still m scared plz tell me what to do should I take i-pill or not
    please help…..

  208. bush says:

    my frnd had sex with her bf for 2 min..she is 17 yrs old ..she is not sure whether she is pregnant or not..because bf didn’t ejaculated..but she is in worry.she havnt took unwntd 72 till now nd it is her 2nd day of sex…admin plz rply whethr she should take or not..

  209. aarav says:

    Hi admin, me and my gf is having sex from d last year and she had taken around 10 to 12 unwanted 72.will it affect her pregnancy and if yes then what should we do…

  210. megan says:

    Hi administration. because of a doctor’s prescription, after 5 days of intercurrent, I took 4 ipills… 2 on first day and 2 on second day…After 3 months of this, my periods are delayed for more than 45 days? ipills are the reason? Their effect laSt’s even after 3 months?

  211. kajal says:

    hey 6-7 days before I had slept with my bf all naked bt we didn’t had sex he just rubbed his penis on vegina.. N aftr 5-6 days I had nausea N burning sensation in my stomach N so I have taken I pill now so plss tell me is der ny chance of getting pregnant or that Ipill is going to harm me.

  212. situ says:

    my bf ejaculated his penis inbetween my two lap.i think his precume was come in contact in my inner and my inner was slight wet in my precume.still now i am virgin.pl. tell me is there any chance of pregnent.

  213. anytym says:

    i touched my private and then just touched d private part of gf…will this touch can make her pregnant.
    it was just a touch…v didnt did anythng. Is there any chances of gettng sperms in to her. If yes, what should v do??
    please help

  214. Naina says:

    I m havin contraceptive pill for past 6 months and almost twice n smetyms thrice in a month.how badly will it affect me?
    Will der b a need to go to my gynae n check my ovaries?will i b facing an infertility problem in future?

  215. khushboo says:

    hey my name is khushboo i had sex many times with my boy frnd n that’s y i took ipiils many times so i want to know that is there any effect on my future pregnancy i think i ate 15 ipills in 4 year realtionship so plz tell me in future i can pregnant or not

  216. sai says:

    Sir I offered ipill to my gf 4times in 6months duration.
    Sometimes she was feeling headache.Is there any problem by using pills.
    In future getting pregnancy is possible or not.
    I’m waiting for u r reply..Admin

  217. Anamika says:

    My age is 22years. I had unprotected sex last night(8th june) with my husband.I had my last period on 11th may. We had intercourse 3times and the sperm goes into my vagina. Is there any chances to get pregnant? What should I do to prevent pregnancy?

  218. Rahul says:

    hello dear admin
    i touched my part with my gf part and we started moving….
    and after some time i got ejected bt my part is not in the my gfs part….
    when i ejected my part is in the contact with mt gf part…
    bt my i confused that few drops of sprem is on the my gf part out side…
    and i gave her i-pill in 24 hours bt now she’s facing pain in stomach and she’s feeling like vometing….
    advice me pls….

  219. rajiv says:

    dear sir/mam
    i had unprotected sex with my gf jst after she had completed her periods. i even gave her i pill 72 after 10 hours. she had 3 days bleeding after 9 days but her period didnt happen on the exact date. its now 12 days passed that she is not having her period. we even did pregnancy test and the result was negative.. plizz advice. i shall be very much obliged to you.. your advice and opinion matters a lot.

  220. rajiv gogoi says:

    hello sir/mam
    i had sex with my gf three days after she had completed her periods. it was an unprotected sex and i ejaculated outside. even though she had an i-pill72 after 10 hours. 9 days later she had bleeding for 3 days. 12 days have gone by from her menstrual date but she did not have her periods yet. we even did pregnancy test at home and the result was negative. please i need your valuable advice and suggestion. i shall be obliged.

  221. rahul says:

    hello sir.
    my name is rahul and i want to aks you that i put my penis tip in my gf’s vagina and then i pull it out. My sperms are not went in my gf vagina because i droped it off outside.

    so my question is if my penis’s tip is went in my gf vagina so is there any chance her to get pregnent…??
    please help

  222. ariyan says:

    hello sir,
    I was in love with a very cute girl named jiya.but she got married forcefully with an MBBS doctor when she was at age 17.after two years she was divorced.And now married with me.She told me that she had sex wid her ex-husband for 21 times and every time he gave her unwanted 72.As he was a doctor so she blindly took all .and suffering very much pain during sex .also headache and she all times vomits after sex.day by day she is becoming thin and sick.I have introduced many doctors.but all failed.please,help me.I just want to give back her healthy life. she is my life.please help me .her age is 21.

  223. rajiv gogoi says:

    plizzz sir/ madam plizz reply, i really want some suggestion and advice

  224. Abhi says:

    hi admin my gf is 22 i want have sex with her without condom but we dont want baby…. is it safe to have i pill or after 72…. and which pill is better

  225. xxxxxxx says:

    I hv sex with my bf on 15 may and my periods start on 8th may and taken unwanted72 in 1 hour .now my periods delay and on 17 their is minor bleeding
    I just want to knw tht is their any chances on pregnancy . and thier is minor bleeding plz tell are these effects of unwanted72. plz reply fast

  226. braj says:

    sir i had unprotective with my gf she is under 18. And during 24 hr he had taken unwanted 72 .. is any chance of pregnent ????
    pls reply sir as soon as possible

  227. rahul says:

    hi my gf had already taken more than 10 times in last two months nd her menstrual cycle has stopped ?wat is da reason, is she pregnant?nd wat is the other consequences

  228. Arijit says:

    Hlw admin, I want to know that my gf is now on her periods today is her 3rd day ..we r thinking abt to do intercourse on the 6th or 7th day , for that should c use the I pill or unwanted 72 for precaution… ? Please reply

  229. Prinkiya says:

    I have a regular Menstrual cycle of about 30 days but last month it comes 15 days delayed(nearly after 45 days), and now my present period is also come after 39 days. Normally my period’s fluid discharge long last for 3-4 days.Is it safe to have sex after my fluid discharge stops and within 1 week after that or i want to take ipill for unprotected sex. Also give me advice to when I can done unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.

    Reference Date of my periods are:
    My Present Period Comes on 26 June
    My Last Period Comes on 17 May
    My Previous to last Period Comes on 2 April
    And previous to this period comes on 3 March, before this I had a regular of 30 days MC
    Please Help Me Thank U

    • admin says:

      There can never be any day when you are completely safe from pregnancy.

      Delays comes as a side effects of i-pills, be conscious about it.

  230. rahul says:

    pls admin sir reply.
    my gf facing period from 17 days.
    some time bleeding not occur bt in night pain starts in her stomch and then bleeding occurs….
    she took ipill.
    what should we do pls reply and help…

  231. she says:

    hello dear admin…
    on 7 june i had forplay with my bf and then i took ipill.
    after taking ipill i had my period on 17 june for 8 days bleeding occur regularly without any break then bleeding occurs once in a day.
    i had bleeding now also from my period starts.
    its not going.
    wht shoud i do pls help….

  232. anu says:

    I had a protected sex with my bf but dher was a tore of condom dats y I had a I pill i m getting irregular periods hair fall and evn found loss of hair wat to do

  233. kiran says:

    I had an unprotected sex with my gf daily……… we are enojying daily ………..she taking ipill daily is that cause any pregnancy

  234. kusum saonerkark says:

    Hello Mam, I had a sex widy nd bf in lst month nd I was taken a pill of unwanted 72. After 48hrs bt I had sex wid my bf yesterday bt m nt sure is ejaculation is inside my vagina or nt nd again I ws taken apill of uunwanted 72 on today’s morning is. There any chance of pregnancy or any side effect in my body plz tell me nd plz rply soon m wtng

    • admin says:

      No, you are safe from pregnancy now but you may face the side effects the pill.

      Avoid taking the pill in future and try to use protection while having sex.

  235. admin says:

    Yes, she may face side effects.

  236. Anu says:

    Hi admin ..
    I want to know that i have protected
    sex with my bf nd he iz not sure that he
    properly have enjuct the sperm out so we
    both were worried about it after next
    morning my bf gave contraceptive pill
    that names (unwanted 72 ) and my age
    is 17 nd i want to know that there any
    side effect by taking pill in age 17 nd
    not confirm about the sperm enjuct reply
    fast……. Is there any chnce of pregnancy!! Plx rply soon!!

    • admin says:

      You won’t get pregnant but be aware you cannot risk your life using this pill over and over again. It is too unsafe for your health.

  237. karan says:

    Sory it ws a protected sex but not conform ejculation was out or not … . so there is any chnce of pregnancy n i hve given a pill of unwnted 72 to her for safety!! Is there any side effect of it or is there any chances of pregnancy!!

  238. Savan says:

    I had unprotected sex wit my gf… nd she took an Ipill with in 20 hours.. m scared that even after 2 weeks ma gf did not get her periods or withdrawal.. is there any problem ? Please help me

  239. karan says:

    Hi admin !! Just waana ask tha after using umwnted 72 after 2 days she is suffring from pain in vagina!! How can she get off with this pain??

  240. Anu says:

    Hi admin !! Just waana ask that after using unwnted 72 after 2 days I m suffring from a lot of pain in vagina!! How can I get off with this pain??

  241. tanmay kumar says:

    We had sex on 18 Dec and she take unwanted 72 after 24 hours and she bleeding after 12 hours of taking pills..but now after 7 days she starts bleeding like periods..I don’t know is she pregnent or its the side effect need help.

  242. shambhu says:

    I had getting I-72 before 15 days but period is not coming so I am in more tension if is it dangerous for coming baby so please advise me

  243. payal says:

    I had unprotected sex on after 5 days of mastaurbation ..on 20Dec …but I hvnt taken pill.. yet,is tht possible tht m pragnant at first time sex….. actually we hve done sex 1tim nd taken rest nd after few min again we hve done nd his sperm goes under me …but I hvnt take any precautions. …m really worried about it plz plz help me plz..Sir rply fst

  244. Genovia says:

    Admin please help… last night i took beer and vodka… then i went to my friend’s place… had unprotected sex.. he ejaculated in me… i took unwanted 72 right away after that… will the pill work? I mean..i took alcohol last night.. my friend is asking me to take another one.. plz help

  245. Genovia says:

    Will the pill work after taking so much of alcohol? I wanted to make sure

  246. Genovia says:

    I want to make sure whether the pill will still work or not… admin????

  247. Genovia says:

    Okay Thank you sooo much… no more unprotected sex

  248. Genovia says:

    My friends were saying that antibiotics don’t work with alcohol

    . I mean when there is alcohol content in your body… but again Thank you .. I’ll not take anymore

  249. vicky says:

    Now my gf getting some issues of her hormons are to much bleeding so if in case we sex with together is it effect on her and doctor said to her u have problem on less chances of pregnant so if I sex with her is it effect her in future

  250. Genovia says:

    Not facing any side effects … i think…it was written that your breasts will be softer than usual? Admin plz reply…

  251. tanu thakur says:

    Hlo l want to ask that I had sex with my bf on last night but I don’t take unwanted 72 pills early after d sex….. dis all happen on 2nd jan nd today is 4 jan ….. if I take these pills there is any side effects hapoen or may be I’m got pregnant. …taking these pills so late…….
    Plz rply me fast

  252. Rose says:

    i did unsafe sex on the last most day of my period where usually i dint get period. after that i took pill unwanted-72 within 60 hrs. after then i got period like spotting of blood after 4 days again .it lasts for 2 days. after 12 days i was having my left upper jaw last teeth problem so i removed that and that day i saw a large amount of white discharge with light blood spotted. on that day i got a severe fever and urine was also dirty. it continued for four days. please tell me the reason and tell me also tht there any chances of pregnancy or not.

  253. Raj says:

    My gf is taking unwanted 72 about 10 to 12 times..Does she face problems in future?right now she is fit n fine no vomits,no pain nothing.plzz reply fast admin.we both are very scared.

  254. Raj says:

    10 to 12 times in a year.

  255. Rohit mehra says:

    dear admin,
    I hd unprotected sex with mah fiancée..
    nd gave her I-pill within 5hrs..aft 1week
    she started bleeding little bit no abdominal pain
    no cramps…but the bleeding continues
    lyk 2times a day only…nd it’s 12days she z still
    plz reply admin wht to do?? is it side effects or
    we should consult doc?? how many days it vl
    bleed?? nd vl it stop by itself????
    plz reply admin as soon as possible

  256. mahal says:

    i sex with my girl and its her first tym to take ipill…
    after consume she feeling sick and not 2 days later , she continuous telling me she feeling not gud like-she has headache and some body pain and not feeling normal.. plz let me now what can i do/?

  257. sreja says:

    Hi sir, first time sex after it will take i phill is it will effect for future pregnency plz tell me fast.

  258. Ankush says:

    My gf has taken unwanted 72 12 times in a year..does she get any problem in preagnency in future??

  259. bhawna sharma says:

    Hi sir/mam i want to know that there us any side effect of i- pill ..i take evertime aftr doning sex wid my bf nd i m wooried now about our future plzz tell me to how i overcome from this situation i reaaly need urr help..!!

  260. Sam says:

    Hi I had sex with my girlfriend many times.but last tym wen we do sex she got blood from vagina in between. We stopped that tym.now from that day till now I.e 4days she is having spotting. We were not lubricated that tym…is she need to see doctor or it is not……there is no pain to her and bleeding is generally when she usedto take stairs. Pls help

  261. bholu says:

    sir yesterday i sex with my gf on her periods but i ejaculate near her vagina or either her pad so what can i do please help

  262. Shivi says:

    i am 21 years of age.. i hve been taking I-pill when i was 18..
    i also had abortion pills two time.Please an u tell me.. can this have any negative impacts on my reproductive system? will it harm my future pregnancy?

  263. ankha says:

    I had sex with my bf and I took unwanted 72 after 24hr n now it has been 3days now I feel stomach pain headache and frequently feel urine

  264. nutan says:

    sir we had unprotected sex aftr sex she takes uw 72 and aftr 6 dys she get light bleeding and now its 5 dys delay in her period of due date of period …what is the rzn plzz rply as soon as psbl

  265. Aditya Raj says:

    i spilled over her vagina and was not sure so gave her the pill. She is having headaches ,vomiting and dizziness from past 4-5 days. it was mentioned that d side effects would last for a day or two. Is it possible that the side effects last for 4-5 days or even more cause i read somewhere that these are also d early side effects of pregnancy so i m worried that is dis cause of pill or something else

  266. angel says:

    i have sex with my bf. but he used the same condom twice. and after that i consumed half ipill. if there any chance of pregnancy ? help

  267. sagar says:

    hey me and my gf had a foreplay who is virgin i tried to enter but she refused and only the tip was inside and i ejaculated outside i gave her unwanted 72 within 24 hrs but she now is having vomiting and headache. Can she be pregnant even after taking the pill.?

  268. ganda bacha says:

    After taked unwanted 72 the periods are not stopping from 15 days but periods was started at right time

  269. sheema says:

    Hai,since from 2 years iam using ipill once in a month after having sex with my hubby will it affect on pregnancy in future

  270. hima says:

    hi admin,
    i will take ipill every month.because of this what are the side effects that occur to me in future…..?

  271. rahul says:

    We had unprotected sex on 18th jan for 1 min,her periods was ended on 8th jan..but I didn’t ejaculated inside her,still she taken unwanted 72 on the 45th hour after sex..now she having problem like,headache,quick hunger,and vomiting..but still now she hadn’t vomited..and next period date is 1st feb..is there any chance of pregnancy??

  272. namesh says:

    sir plz tell me that
    I want to sex with my gf with out protection. we don’t want to pregnancy so can she should take unwanted 72 before sex. or after sex plz give me solution sir.

  273. Frank says:

    I made out with my gf… And we just rubbed our genitals… I din ejaculate but it was kinda wet… I mean there her vagina was wet and even my penis got lil wet… (And I had masturbated few hours ago b4 making out) … So is she likely to get pregnant?? And she also has irregular periods so is it safe to have a unwanted 72???

    • admin says:

      Unwanted 72 can never be safe, you have to face the side effects if you are taking it.

      In your case, if you didn’t ejaculate inside then she has no chance of getting pregnant.

  274. Shubam says:

    Hii admin i have sex with gf without protection not sure that sperms released.in her vagina and i have given her unwanted 72 dys after 3 hrs her body startted pain …. she is pergent aur not admin pls rply

  275. Abhisekh Routh says:

    Dear admin..
    I had unprotected sex with my gf 3 days continuous .. 1st day after having sex she took a unwanted 72 within 2hrs and d second day i used condom.. d 3rd day i had again unprotected sex and she again took a unwanted 72 within 5hrs .. will she get pregnant?? Please sir rply fast i m very much tensed

  276. Abhay says:

    Hello sir, my Gf is 17 yr old and we had unprotected sex on 4 Jan my Gf took unwanted 72 for that nd it also shows normal effect nd she get bleeding also, after this we again had unprotected sex on 23 Jan and after 12 hr she again took pills but this time befor she bleed due to her excitement we had unprotected sex again on Jan 26 and nw I am worried should I give her pill or the previous pill will sufficient for that.. She will get pregnant or not and will giving pill again this time cause her health.. Plz tell me..

  277. Areka says:

    I have taken unwanted 72 2 times in this month and taken the combipack also would there will be any problem pls admin rly I need ur help

  278. Are says:

    I have taken unwanted 72 2times this month and combipack also is it safe pls admin rply

  279. Abhay says:

    Hello sir, my Gf is 17 yr old and we had unprotected sex on 4 Jan my Gf took unwanted 72 for that nd it also shows normal effect nd she get bleeding also, after this we again had unprotected sex on 23 Jan and after 12 hr she again took pills but this time befor she bleed due to her excitement we had unprotected sex again on Jan 26 and nw I am worried should I give her pill or the previous pill will sufficient for that.. She will get pregnant or not and will giving pill again this time cause her health.. Plz tell me..plz I need ur help.

  280. Abhay says:

    Plz tell me coz.. She already had it.. And it showing effects like pain in body, light fever..

  281. Radha says:

    Hello. I have involved in intercourse with my bf on 5 th Dec.he dint insert his but to be safe, taken idoz72 in 24 hrs.after 7 days( the expected date of my menses) I got black and red discharge for 5 days. Taken hcg blood test on 20 Dec and was negative.took urine test in Jan 15 Jan 23 and was negative.. I was supposed to get my periods on Jan 14 but yet I dint get… I was so worried. Am I pregnant?? Is there any chances?

    • admin says:

      No, you are not pregnant. Just your periods are delayed. But never take the ipill without surety.

      Without any work to do, the pill may affect you more negatively.

  282. ST says:

    Hi. I had sex with my bf and I don’t know if sperm got in. I ate unwanted 72 I-pill within 2 hours after sex. If the sperm didnt get in, will I still bleed? What are the side effects of eating unwanted 72 if the sperm didnt get in? I am scared as hell.. Please reply me ASAP! I am having back ache and stomach ache too. Please help me!!

    • admin says:

      Those effects are normal after taking this pill but never take it when you are not sure.

      You will get normal after your periods.

  283. ST says:

    Hi. I had sex with my bf. I don’t know if the sperm got in but I ate unwanted 72 I-pill anyway. I am 15 complete and I am scared if it might harm me in the future. Will it harm me? I am having backache and stomach pain too..Is it the side effect? If the sperm didnt get in then will I still bleed? When will I bleed? Does it take time to bleed? Please help me doctor. Please respond me ASAP!! Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Taking pills may spoil your body.

      And yes, you will face the side effects of the pill like unwanted bleeding that can happen anytime.

  284. Abhay says:

    If she had two pills after every unprotected sex in a week what will be the effect on her… How it will harm her..

  285. Worried kid says:

    Hey, I’m 18 and I had sex with my boyfriend today.
    I took an I pill 20 days back and I got down.
    Today we had unprotected sex and that was just for 10 seconds he didn’t even ejaculate. He ejaculated after 10 minutes and it wasn’t in.
    So, now I’m worried that can I get pregnant.
    Should I take unwanted 72 or not?
    Please reply asap.

    • admin says:

      If he didn’t ejaculate inside, then you really don’t need to worry about anything at all.

      • Worried kid says:

        Yes he didn’t.
        I took the I pill 20 days back because he fingered me with cum on his hands.
        I was virgin until today. We had unprotected sex for just 10 seconds.
        He ejaculated after he pulled it out and I gave him a handjob. After that he ejaculated.
        I’m really sorry I’m repeating myself but I’m really tensed.
        So, are you sure I don’t need to take the pill?

        • admin says:

          Yes, you don’t need to.

          But remember, you must not let something happen that may force you to take an i-pill.

          • Worried kid says:

            What do you mean?

          • admin says:

            Unprotected sex.

          • Worried kid says:

            And does me being a virgin has something to do with getting pregnant because I had it for the first time?
            And also I read a lot about it.
            And many site’s said that there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

          • admin says:

            If you didn’t ejaculate inside, then you certainly don’t need to take anything as of now.

            Virginity has nothing to do with anything.
            Just save your body from pills.

  286. Worried kid says:

    Okay, sir.
    Thanks a lot.
    It did help me a lot.
    And can you also tell me the side effects of taking the pill twice a month?

    • admin says:

      Just go through this article on ipills, and it doesn’t matter how many times you are taking the pill. Side effects are certain in most cases.

  287. Worried kid says:

    But, sir trust me I’m pretty tensed even after all your counselling.
    Though it did relief me. But, still I’m tensed.
    That she might get pregnant.
    Also, are you a doctor or a gynaecologist?

    • admin says:


      There’s no way to check that you ejaculated inside or outside. As per your saying, you didn’t and you are sure about that, then no need to worry.

      But, if you did – then there’s no simple way out.

  288. Worried kid says:

    I didn’t. I told you I came after she gave me a handjob.
    In pretty sure about that, sir.

  289. Rakesh says:

    Hello sir,

    I had unprotected sex wid my g.f….I inserted my penis into her and did a few storkes just for 5 mins….and then pulled out….thn she did a *job and i fully ejaculated on her chest…..m just afraid of the precum while stroking fr tht five minutes….aftr 5-6 hours i gave her unwanted 72…..today is the 4th day and she is having headache and stomach pain…der has nt been any bleeding or anything as such…..just want to know if der is any chances of pregnancy….plsss rply fast…..plsss sir

    • admin says:

      Now, you have given her the pill already, chances are very less to get her pregnant.

      Don’t worry and those are just the negative effects of the pill.

  290. Are says:

    Pls rply. Doctor I didnt got any rply before I have taken 4unwanted 72 this month and combipack also will it effect my future pregnancy

  291. Are says:

    Pls rply doctor

  292. Pooja mishra says:

    Hello this is Pooja I had sex ago a month after that I have taken unwanted 72 pills twice. Now it’s been 37 days and I am not getting my peridods yet.. I am so tensed please tell me.. even I hv checked it by prega news. And result is negative.. then why I am not getting my periods.. please tell me soon .. am I pregnant?

    • admin says:

      If the test says negative that means you are not pregnant. Its just that your periods are delayed.

      Also, follow the test again.

  293. sweety says:

    hello sir’
    from since 1 year im taking ipill………..is it will effect in future?
    in which way it will effect

  294. Rammy says:

    After taking iPill I had my periods on 15th when I usually have it on 30th.
    The periods went on for 1 week.
    On 31st I had unprotected sex but the guy didn’t ejaculate inside we had it just for 10 seconds no pre cum because he urinated before having sex.
    Now, when should I expect my periods?
    Or can I get pregnant?
    Reply please,

  295. Ayaan says:

    We had sex during her last day of periods is their possibility of her getting pregnant we did it on 4th of Feb n nt taken any pill till nw which pill should she take

  296. Varsha says:

    I just wanted to ask that taking unwanted 72 pills 2-3 within a span of 4 days has side effects of what kind… N taking it n then foreplay ing after that..
    Is it necessary to take it again…
    For how much time a pill is active to prevent pregnancy

  297. Kon says:

    Sir, i had sex with my gf on 23 december 2015 and gave her I Pill within 12 hours, her period came as usual on the first week of january but it was without pain in her stomach, again we had sex on 12 or 13 of january and within 48 hours she took i pill then her period came two times in the last two weeks of january and that was also no pain in her stomach. The last period she had was on 29 to 30 of jan. Now its Feb but still she did not had period as usual and its been 2 weeks as today the date is 16 of feb and she usually had period in the first week of every month.
    Is she Pregnant?
    Her breast is also paining

  298. swetha says:

    I had sex wit my bf bt the sperm is not entered in vagina.. bt stil m nt sure that m pregnant or not.? Bt m feeling drowsy and body pains.. so should I take ipill or not?

  299. Ankit says:

    Hello, I had sex with my girlfriend today.
    We had sex for 15-20 minutes and I had a condom on I ejaculated inside the condom.
    It’s always been my habit to check the condom if its broken or damaged after sex, it wasn’t but I could see some fluids on the tube of my penis and also i had some liquid over my balls.
    I could see the fluids before checking the condom for breakage.
    I was having sex in the missionary position and after ejaculating i gave 2-3 strokes and then removed my penis.
    Also, it was the 2nd day after her periods got over.
    Any possible chances of pregnancy or I should give her any sort of pill?

    • admin says:

      No, getting some leakage on the testicles is very common and there is nothing risky and its a fully protected sexual procedure.

      Don’t worry!!

      • Ankit says:

        This whole scenario is when my condom was on –>
        My basic concern was the fluid over the tube of my penis not the head.
        The sperm was there on the head. But I could see something slimy, had little bubbles, what was that?

  300. raghav says:

    if a girl takes a unwanted 72 and her age is 19 nd after taking tablte she is having low bp and heart rate problem after 15 hr is this is due to tablet.

  301. Anonymous says:

    My girlfriend and I had sex abt 9 days back but in between the condom torn off.. Didn’t leaked in her but as a precaution gave her pill within 2 Hr. Now her dates are missed by 3 Days and still nothing.. Is there a reason for worry or its a side-effect?

  302. PREETI says:

    1) Was having Intercourse in Period.
    2) Was on 5th Day. (minute Blood was coming)
    3) Had intercourse on 5th day with using Condom (as precautionary)
    4) Done intercourse for longer period
    5) Condom was left in vagina for around 1 hour
    6) Taken it out.
    7) Took Ipill after that for precaution

    1) Its been now more than 10 days
    2) Minute-Little bit of pain is there
    3) in 10 days, 2 times one drop of blood came.

    Please advice. Do I need to take any Medicine to stop little pain that i have and what about the Little dropping of Blood 2 times in 10 days.

  303. riya says:

    Hi admin, i had sex on 26dec2015 n i use contraceptive pill within 4 hr after sex n got my periods on 4 jan2016 and it remain only for 3 days and the flow was lighter.aftr that i dnt hv my periods again and it has been a month.Is there any chances to be pregnant??

  304. anonymous says:

    H Sir after taking an i pill within 48 hours now i found a delay in my periods about 28 days. My last periods was on 11th jan and had an intrcourse on 17 . Till now i had no periods . Does this show that the pills hasn’t workedout?

  305. dude says:

    Sir in first round during sex i used condom and the sperm ejeculated then after 20 min i again had sex with my partener without condom but this time sperm didnt ejeculated.. is it necessary to use the i pill to avoid preganancy.

    • admin says:

      Having sex without condom leaves traces of sperms inside her in most cases.

      Even if you didn’t ejaculate, chances are that sperms could have entered.

  306. Mayu says:

    Sir me n my bf had sex on 18feb then i took i pill on 19feb…after then that again we had sex on 1st march and on 2nd march i took unwanted72..n today frm morning m not feeling well.. plz help me out sir..is there any prblm or chances of getting pregnant…coz i m feeling uneasy.. abt to vomit n pain in abdomen..plz help me out…

  307. ayush says:

    I Had foreplay with my gf today noon I didn’t inserted my organ into her vagina nd i ejucted my sprem in my pant bt i touched it from outside the pant for checking it is dry or not nd it is litle bit wet nd i insrt my finger in her vagina little bit not more nd she is vargin too so should i giv her i pill plz reply fast

    • admin says:

      No, you don’t need to give her anything as you didn’t have sex.

      It is completely safe.

      • john says:

        Sir my girlfriend and i was playing around we didn’t had sex but i rubbed my penis around vagina will their be a chance of pregnancy amd should we take any contraceptic pill

        • admin says:

          Rubbing is very different than sex, you don’t take an ipill just with rubbing as no ejaculation takes place inside the vagina while doing so.

  308. prashanth says:

    My gf took unwanted 72 nearly15 times but not regularly.is there is any risk of breast cancer or any other cancer.plz reply it’s urgent.

  309. yogi says:

    Admin i touchd by sperm outside the pant n i think that touches my finger(little finger) n then i enter my little finger in her vagina n she is vergin bcz it of littl finger how much i insertd i dont know so should i give i pill to hr? Sir i m wory so plz give me the ans

  310. Rukh says:

    I had sex today morning and had ipill in evening and next day agin i had sex in morning so do i need to hav ipill again..please reply

  311. aaliya says:

    i had intercourse with my bf about a month n half ago. then i took emergency contraceptive pill within 48 hours. and now my period is delayed by almost a month.i had pregnancy test and it came out negative. How late a period can be after taking the pill? what may be the possible reasons for my delayed period? should i be worried?

  312. Swati says:

    Hello Admin,
    After doing unprotected sex i took iPill within 20 hour.I got my period 4 time on 15 days interval for 2 month.I got my last period on 1st jan 2016,now its more than two month,i am not getting period.I am scared of my pregnancy.Please suggest me what to do.

    • admin says:

      Give yourself some time and don’t use any ipill anymore.

      With time the effects of the pill may go away and you will be able to conceive.

  313. Ankit says:

    My girlfriend took an ipill in jan her periods came on 15th jan, it was 15 days earlier. Her usual date was 30th, then in feb it came on 11?
    now it s 12th when should she expect her periods?

    It s already 12th.
    We re sexually active but we always use protection and after each intercourse I check the protection for any breakage or leakage. Please help.

  314. Pls help says:

    I’ve been in a relationship since 5yrs and in these yrs I’ve taken ipill many times may b 10-12 times. I’m now 27yrs and married to my bf. I’ve stopped takin tablets since 6 months. As of now I don’t have any problem. My periods are regular but I get stomach pain evry 1st day of my periods. Its there since I started getting periods, not after eating ipill. But in case I want to get pregnant in future wil I get pregnant or cos of this tablets wil I have any serious problems or not get pregnant. What can I do. Now I hav stopped taking tablets but I’m very tensed. I haven’t tried to get pregnant as of now but will it be possible and what are the problems that are likely to arise in future cos of many tablet intake?

  315. Priya says:

    Hai sir.I had sex with my husdend last night.i used condom,but its broken after sex.so I cleaned my vegina.can I use unwanted 72 tablet.(I have 3years kid)because I’m not interested another birth within 1year

  316. rocksrich says:

    Hey admin
    Me and my girlfriend had sex i was nt sure abt my ejaculation may be some happened inside we took a pill within 72 hrs her dates were on 25th may now its june 4th there are no periods yet we have done pregnancy test 3-4 times it was negative always she is having abdominal cramps nausea vomatting irritation moodswings
    And yes after taking a pill after 5day she had a bit bleeding
    We are confused wats happening actully can u just gelp us out?

    • admin says:

      Since, the test says “No” that means there is nothing to worry about pregnancy. And these symptoms you mentioned about are just the effects of the pill.

  317. Ankit says:

    On 11th after we had sex she experienced there was a light red drop on her underwear.
    On 13th she had her periods, it was normal.
    But, today she’s feeling dizzy.
    Is there something to worry about?

  318. krishh says:

    Hi admin,
    Me and my gf was playing around on 17th (she was on her 11th or 12th day) and then we got a little intense. We didnt have intercourse, but i fingered her, then i touched and pressed my penis(with my underwear on) but not inserted into her vagina(her underwear was also partially on). But we are tensed if the precum that was on my underwear could get her pregnant(because her vagina was very wet at the time), and also she told that she saw slightly white hard jelly like discharge the next day which she has never noticed before. So, i gave her an i-pill on the 42nd hour. Please tell us if there’s any possibility of pregnancy, even after the pill? Also, what could be the possible side effects of the pill?
    Plzz help..

    • admin says:

      You should never use an ipill for such cases where you didn’t have sex at all.

      She will face the common side effects as we mentioned above.

  319. Abid says:

    Hi Admin I had sex with my wife before 48 hours but still hadn’t used any contraceptive pill yet I’m planning for tomorrow plz suggest me completely

    • harish says:

      Hai Admin
      I have sex with my girlfriend twice in this month I don’t ejection inside we have sex more than one time at a night for safety I gave ipill to her twice days we had also sex last month after her four days after period that time also she take ipill this month she miss her period date that was 25 this month I am so worried what is the reason is there any chance of pregnancy after taken ipill pls tell

  320. kajal says:

    Hii… i m takng ipill everymonth so is der any side effect of it… i m 20yr nd i m takng it from 2 yr bcz my bf dnt use any safty..

  321. Well wisher says:

    Hello sir? I need to confirm is it safe to have this tablet, or should i replace it with some other pill.

  322. Raj says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hair fall is the side effect of unwanted72???

  323. Om Prakash Samal says:

    After taking unwanted 72 my girlfriend vomitted 5 times within 16 hour and she had a very severe headeach also and feeling very weak. Please suggest something to reduce the side effect of this medicine.is it harmful? Please reply

  324. Rafia says:

    i am taking 2 times unwanted72 in a month can be it dangerous (but i am not married ) me and my bf we met 2 times in a month so thats why i am taking unwanted 72 twice in a month sometimes please reply me fast

    • admin says:

      These are not pain killers, these are emergency pills taken in case of emergency. You are taking them like common pills.

      Be aware, your health is at risk.

  325. Nishant says:

    Nishant here,
    I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on 31st march but I didn’t ejaculate inside her though we got worried and then I gave her ipill and on 4th April we had again unprotected sex. I gave her ipill . Her periods date is 21st but she get her period on 9th ..it is normal?? Please help me! Her next periods wil b on normal date or still wil b delayed or earlier..what should we do now? Please help me. Reply as early as possible.

    • admin says:

      This prior period happens because of the pill. She may get one more period according to her cycle around 21st.

      This happens normally after taking the pill, avoid taking one in future.

  326. shahid munna says:

    Me and my gf had 10 times sex from last 2 years and i have gave her 10 tablets of unwanted 72 (1 tablet per sex time)
    Can she be pregnant after our marriage

  327. dk says:

    Sir may i give my gf pain killer after giving her unwanted 72 .her stomach is paining too much .plz rply as soon as possible.

    • admin says:

      No, first of all pill is meant for emergency purpose only.

      Secondly, too much pills back to back is also not good.

  328. sanjay says:

    dear admin,
    i had sex with my girlfrnd..i used condom still we were in doubt so we used unwanted 72 after half an hour…next day again we had sex and i used condom…after 5 days she had her periods but only for 3 days…now after 10 days she is having nausea…and she feels like vomiting…is she pregnant??

  329. xyz says:

    I fingered my gf vagina but m not sure whether i touched my dick before fingering or not …is there any chance of getting pregnant ..

  330. suvika kale says:

    I take a pill without(means penis is just insert but not have sex) sex just one day ago my period date..and it is my 4th pill in 4th month…and 6 days are over but my period still not come …….does i should go to doctor????

  331. Sakhi says:

    After taking unwanted72 my menstruation time has crossed over 25 days of my mensuration date . I am in a big tension .plz advice what to do

  332. chtz says:

    Day before yesterday my friend had sex with her girlfriend, yesterday after 24 hours she had i pill, she is not having any side effects. Is it a symptoms of getting pregnant?

  333. sonam says:

    spoting 4-5 mnths means side effect or not

  334. Yuvi says:

    Sir I got intimate with my bf yesterday… as he use protecton but the last one got burst while having…we are confused that will there be any chances of getting any problem? So in this condition should I take i-pill or not? Is it safe to take if there is no pregnancy???

  335. Samantha says:

    Hello Admin.
    Im 31yrs female supposed to get married .. last 2 yrs i have taken the ipill 5times at a emergency state & now im depressed over it.. will it effect me getting pregnant next.. what should i do? should i do a fertility test? Pls help? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Don’t be depressed. If you’ve stopped taking the ipill by all means, you might not face infertility issues in future.

  336. vijay says:

    I touch my girlfrnd vegina with my sperm finger (( little sperm BT it is dry )) …can she take ipill to avoid pregnancy ???? Plss help me

  337. Rahul sharma says:

    My freind had sex with her girlfriend on 30april 10 pm they did used protection but doubted that something would have been gone wrong so her gf ate unwanted 72 at 9:15 in morning on 31st april but she Vommited after 2 hours approx. At 11:30 ! So the couple decided to repeat the unwanted 72 dose the female partener took it on the 3rd day approximately after 50 hours on from sex on 2may !! Now she is not getting periods as her date was on 5th may what should be the reason and for how much time should the couple wait to take further action ! Should they wait for the periods till 10 or 12 may or do anything else ! Please do reply to this !! Urgent !! Please reply to the email too after replying to this comment !

  338. harsh423 says:

    dear admin
    i had unprotected sex with my gifriend n although i pulled out at the right time but to be sure i gave her an unwanted 72 within half an hour
    she is not having any major symptoms of the pill but is a lot sleepy these days
    should we be worried??

  339. rahul says:

    hey if a girl had sex someone and take I pill ,but second day again sex same boy then she take again I pill yes /no

  340. nisha says:

    my friend had sex with her boyfriend, on her MC date 4 may after 24 hours she had unwanted72 they did sex with condom still thay were in doubt so they used unwante 72 before hours. my friend is pregnant? Until now she did not come in period time her period date was also 4may nd she had sex also same day 4may period date wasn’t come that’s why they committed. is there any pregnancy chances? Plz answer me she is in very depression

  341. Sunny Difuza says:

    I had a unprotected sex right after OneDay stopping my normal Period. And within 48hrs i had unwanted 72 pill and aftr 5-6 hrs of pill consUmption..I doSnt get any pill effect symptoms. So will it protect from prEgnancy?

  342. Mukesh kumar says:

    Hi ,

    We had sex on 10th april. Her periods were on 3rd april , normally 26-28 day cycle. She had unwanted 72 on 10th of April and then on 11th of april. (two pills in two days). after dat, her periods came on 21st april.
    We again had unprotected sex on 13th May and she took unwanted 72 on 13th may and then on 14th may(again two pills) .. We will never use this in future. for surety, two pills taken each time.

    1. Will it cause any side effects like irregular periods, ??
    2. any other prolonged side effect.??
    3. Remedies for the same.
    Kindly reply fast

    • admin says:

      You won’t see any effects in future, if you just give it a full stop right now.

      Yes, you may face a little effects as of now.

      No need for any remedy as none will help.

      • Mukesh kumar says:

        Hi Admin,

        By how many days her periods will be delayed. Its 25 th of may. Normally she has 28 days cycle . Earlier by the use of unwanted 72 they were on 21st april.

        Is there any chance of Pregnancy.. ??


  343. Green Flash says:


    So today at 2:00 PM i had Unprotected Sex , but didn’t drop my sperm inside her, but again precum can carry some of the sperm, her period started on 8th May and Stoped bleeding on 12 May, and then today 16 May we had unprotected sex, and i’m planning to give her Uuwanted 72 tomorrow @ 10:30 AM ,

    I wana know what are the % she can get pregnent even after taking U72 after 21 Hrs

  344. Swadha Mishra says:

    I hd sex wid my bf on 19th of last month. And den i hd an Ipill . On 26th i startd bleeding which lasted for 3-4 days. Then i again had sex with my bf on 8th of this month.. I did nt ejaculate inside me. now I m nt getting my periods but can feel crapms. I m worried plz suggest smthng. i did pregnancy test aftr 5 days of delay. nd it ws negative.. my regular date of periods is 10th . nd its 17th now .

  345. shivangi says:

    i have taken i-pill more than 10 times so it might be possible not to get pregnant in the future and i am just 19 years old??

  346. Sid says:

    Dear admin
    If we having unprotected sex once in 2 months and taking I-pill once After every 2 months having sex. Does it matter..???

  347. ADITYA says:

    My girlfriend has taken about 6 unwanted 72 pills over the last . what can be the dangerous effects . I know this is being very careless. But we got into such situations. Can you please answer this . thank you .

  348. Monika says:

    Hi Admin,

    My girlfriend has taken about 8 ipill in 1year. Now periods every month only 1 day coming. Before using ipill normally 5-6day periods time, but now only 1day in Every month. But we got into such situations. Can you please answer this. Is this any problem for that.. Pls answer me..

  349. Rahul says:

    Hello. Admin…
    Actually me and my gf had sex on 31/06/16 but I remember well I ejaculate outside..but after that till now she had vomited 4-5times and she also said there was a stomachache we have a doubt that she is pregnant or not….
    And yeah one more thing after intercourse…. 5-6 days she gone through mesuration… But she was gone through it before our intercourse.. Days… 6-7 days before…..
    So is there any possibility of pregnancy…

  350. anuj says:

    20 times use ipill then what will happen ? reply fast!

  351. shubham adakane says:

    sir …. taking ipill twice in a week is that dangerous for girl’s future pregnancy? plz help

  352. Raj says:

    I had sex with my partner on 4th august but she wore her salwar without innerwear.My sperm just drop on it maybe.so may i give him pills.or just wait

  353. Raj says:

    My sperm was dropped on her salwar pls reply

  354. vipin patil says:

    Hey admin,next day after her periods i had unprotected sex with my gf i don’t ejaculate it inside it is their any chances of getting her pregnant???

  355. Shrutee says:


    I had my last menstrual periods on 14th of July.I had unprotected sex on 12th of Aug and i took unwanted 72 the next day on 13th of Aug.I am not bleedin after that, its 17th of Aug.After how many days the bleeding will start? Is there any chance that i am pregnant.plzz helpppp

  356. ocean says:

    Hello i need ur help for my frnd….she is having problem…after her period days she got intimate n took pills in continue 3 days after n now spotting of blood is going on since then…WHICH MEDICINE SHE should take?? bcoz it been more than 15 days her periods is still on…m worried for her help plz

  357. Ammego says:

    I had sex with my bf.he did not cum inside me.i took unwanted 72 a day later.is there any chances of pregnancy….????

  358. komal says:

    My friend had her last period on 19th August n had unprotected sex. With her Bf on 21st Aug. N precum go inside but evacuation is out of vagina.. Again had sex on 29th of Aug. N I suggest hr to tk unwanted 72 tomorro i. each. 1st sep ( do pregnancy test for 21st Aug. Unprotected sex)
    Kya ye thik h. What should I suggest hr. She’s afraid of taking unwanted 72 as wanted to be pregnant in future few months after getting married with hr Bf.

  359. komal says:

    Which menses phase going on 3rd day of menstrual cycle and 11th day of menstrual cycle

  360. CommanMan says:

    I had sex with my gf on 31-08-16 then again on 1-09-16 i had. On both days i didn’t used condom and i gave her unwanted 72 on 1-09-16 after the intercourse. Will unwanted72 effective on both sex or i should have given her twice ?? one after 31th intercourse and one after 1th sept intercourse … plss tell me fast … should i be worried about preganancy ???

  361. commanman says:

    I had sex with my gf on 31-08-16 then again on 1-09-16 i had. On both days i didn’t used condom and i gave her unwanted 72 on 1-09-16 after the intercourse. Will unwanted72 effective on both sex or i should have given her twice ?? one after 31th intercourse and one after 1th sept intercourse … plss tell me fast … should i be worried about preganancy ???

  362. nikitha says:

    Hi admin..
    I had *** with my fiance a week after my period with protection and took unwanted 72 within two hours will there be a chance of getting pregnant?

  363. rohan says:

    sir …. taking ipill after 1/2 months is that dangerous for girl’s future pregnancy? plz help

  364. Chrisi says:

    Hi. I have taken unwanted 72 tablet after intercose with my partner 16 months earlier & today again i have taken the tablet. Will this harm me in any way? I am 22 years old

  365. s.k.raj says:

    my gf date of period is on 24th august and ends on 29th.we did sex on 1st sept. after 5 hurs she take unwanted 72 tab. on 5th sept we again did sex. on same day in evening she start bleeding. is it normal ? is she pregnant or not ? any chance of pregnancy or not ? i am worried badly. plz help me.

  366. Raju says:

    Hello Sir,
    I did an unprotected sex with my wife, i put the sperm in her vegina 6 times within 36 hrs, after 36 hrs she takes an Ipill, will there be a chance of getting pregnant?

  367. Nikki says:

    Hi admin. I had unprotected sex with my partner on Saturday after which i took unwanted 72 and now since Monday i have been sick and i am on medication. Will this medication cause any harm? Because my partner cummed inside me so are there any chances of ne gwrring pregnant? Please reply i am really worried

    • admin says:

      Since, you’ve already taken the pill so chances are very less.

      And what you are feeling right now is just the after effects.

      • Nikki says:

        Sir/ maam another thing which i wanted to ask is that this is the second time i have taken the pill in a time period of 1 and a half year so will i have any problem in the future to get pregnant?

  368. Ritu says:

    Dear Admin
    I had unprotected sex with my partner, i put my sperm in her vegina about 6 times within 2 days, after 36hrs she takes an Ipill, is there any chance to pregnancy?

  369. Nikki says:

    Hi admin its been a week now that i took the pill but i am facing the side affects till now. Since yesterday i have started bleeding also which looks like my menstrual bleeding. But my dates are very far away. What is happening with me? Should i visit a doctor? I am so worried please reply

  370. Radhika says:

    I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 7sep and i take pills on 10 sep does this pill is effected as i m very tensed because it is not a proper sex but still we both are scared of this canyou please help

  371. Stella says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My last month period was on 11th August. This month i had periods on 8th September. If i have unprotected sex with my bf on 11th September that is my last day of periods will i get pregnant. Is there any chances?

  372. Avi says:

    Hi i I had sex wid my gf. And gave her unwanted 72 within 24 hour .but 2-3 days ho gye use bleeding ni hui ? I’m worried about it . Its compulsry to bleeding take this pill . Her perioud was 26 to 30 August .and we had sex on 13 September midyt . And give her pill on 14 September noon ..so any worry or not?

  373. Avi says:

    Sir I gave her another pill for soon bleeding or wait ? 10 days left her perioud cycle . But I’m worried too much. After take pill how many days does bleeding start ?

  374. sarkar says:

    Hello i had sex with my gf aftr that i had given her unwanted 72…but aftrr 1 hr her head is paining then next day she is ok…then at afternoon her head is again paining but not more ..but at night her head is painin alot is is it sideeffect due to unwanted 72 and if then tell me what to do…plz help me

  375. Aaryan says:

    I had sex and given unwanted 72 in 24 hrs den after 3days i had sex i sure dat sperms got inserted 2tyms so again i gave her unwanted 72 then after 1day she is suffering from continues bhomitting and stomach paining with bleeding…. what to do plz help

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