Endura Mass – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients

“Endura Mass” – a name in weight gainers everyone knows about. The brand Endura was founded in 1996 by a team of health professionals who have already gained expertise in the nutrition field.

Endura Mass is the first choice of all vegetarians who are new into supplements and who don’t wish to take risk with any other supplement. No doubt, it gives noticeable results in short span of time.

However, other factors like proper sleep, healthy diet and exercise that contributes a lot to the overall body health also have impact on the results of the product. It is generally advised that, you follow the complete healthy lifestyle in order to achieve best possible results.

Endura Mass - A weight Gainer

Endura Mass – A weight Gainer

How to Use Endura Mass ?

It is absolutely necessary that you are taking the right amount of the Endura mass weight gainer on a daily basis following by workouts. Not all body metabolism functions the same way, but the following dosage would be a fit for any individual :

  • Start with two servings a day.
  • Every serving must have 4 teaspoons full with or .
  • Toned milk is preferred or you can also take it with full cream milk (If your digestion is good).
  • When everything goes good, you can increase to 3 servings a day.
  • Avoid taking after a heavy diet and before sleeping.
  • Recommended timings are : Early in the morning and after the workouts.

Which Flavor to choose for better results ?

No matter which flavor you choose, the results are going to be the same. Just choose the one which you can consume easily in terms of taste. Flavors are added just to improve the taste.

Age Criteria :

Any individual (male or female) who is above the age of 15 is eligible to consume Endura mass. It is also good for senior citizens (people of old age), but make sure they are not having any sort of disease or gastric problems.

Supplement Facts :

Find all the nutritional content related information in the image attached below. It gives you a clear cut information about the amount of , and fats that are contained in per 100 gram of the powder.

Endura Mass Nutritional Information

Endura Mass Nutritional Information

Endura Mass Ingredients :

The ingredients you may also find written on the back side of the box are as follows :

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Whole Milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Maltodextrin
  • Palm Oil
  • Sweet dairy whey
  • Emulsifying agents
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Artificial food flavoring

Endura Mass Health benefits :

The product has lot of benefits to the human body, some of the major benefits are written below :

1) Gives more stamina : Regular use of Endura mass is found to be linked with improved stamina. Your body doesn’t gets tired easily after few months of regular intake.

2) Healthy Weight : The product doesn’t contain any harmful drugs, steroids or chemicals that are used to accelerate all bodily functions, thereby improving the body weight in a natural manner.

3) Natural protein : One of the major benefit of using Endura mass is that you get the organic protein. The product contains naturally derived soy protein which works far better than artificially prepared protein powders.

4) 100% Vegetarian : Unlike other weight gainers, Endura Mass is a completely vegetarian product and contains no animals residues.

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5) Less Sugar : The sugar content is comparatively less as compared to other weight gainers in the market, no need to explain more as you already knows how much harm sugar (slow poison) can do to you.

6) More Energy : Since your daily calorie intake is significantly increased, so it leaves you with more energy to burn and to use it to perform your daily tasks. You feel more energetic, full of strength during the endura mass diet.

7) Vitamins and minerals : It also supplies all the vital nutrients to the body that are required by the body for better physical and mental growth.

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(Updated) Price in the market :

500 gram powder : Rs. 437
1 Kg powder           : Rs. 749

55 Responses to Endura Mass – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients

  1. prashant kamble says:

    How many month use ???

  2. John jacob says:

    ‘m just start to use endura mass. What exercise need to do.I am 60 years old .normal or heavy exercise.

  3. amu says:

    I m 22 year old,nd i wn to know either endura mass hv side effects on body

  4. Siddhi says:

    Hello, i’m 24 yrs old & my weight is under 45kg. Is there is necessary to consult with doctor before using endura mass? And if i started to using this then which type of workout i have to do..?

  5. Muhammed ravah says:

    How to use ?

  6. Muhammed ravah says:

    Any side effect to use this powder

  7. vivek sharma says:

    Hi im 17 year old is it nessesary to eat banana with it and shd i consume it befor wrkout or after it

  8. Siddhant says:

    How to take after exercise or before and is gym necessary ?

  9. SOMNATH GUHA says:


  10. saurabh aggarwal says:

    Hello I am taking endura mass in hot milk. Is it ok to take it in hot milk?And i am taking 2 plastic spoons provided in the container of endura mass. Is the quantity correct?

  11. Dhurjyoti Paul says:

    I am 18 years old boy. I take 3 spoons of endura mass after free hand exercise at home. Will the supplement show me up the result, i desired? And what more should i do to gain weight? Any suggestion?

  12. Manu says:

    Hi,am 23 year old girl,am doing a job in which am continuously standing for 6 to 7 hrs.my weight is 44 kg,height is 5’3″.which product I have to use,and if am using enduramass is it having any side effect on my health?? And is it I need a more workout after this???

  13. Pavan Sharma says:

    I m 18 yr old . What type of work out should i do n
    Is their any sugar or other type of problem
    and can i take it in night

  14. himanshu says:

    I was thinking to use indura mass last 2 years but finally took. I just want know gym or exercise is necessary to get result

  15. jitendra kumar says:

    iam 23 years old & i am very thin ,so how effect in my body. which exercise is better for me.

  16. raj says:

    I am 22,what is best for me runing or gym??

  17. siva says:

    if i stop endura mass the weight will decrease or not ?

  18. nitin says:

    Hi sir I’m nitin my age 26 weight is 43
    I use ur product improve my weight

  19. Sneha Bhagat says:

    Hiee m 25 year old working women. Can anyone tell me which kind of excercise I need do while using endura mass?

  20. anupama says:

    I’m 27 old women I ve 45kgs.how to use endura mass. How to weight gain as soon as possible ?

  21. Ajit says:

    I am 22+ . My weight is around 42 Kg. My target is to reach 60 Kgs. I am planning to take endura mass for that but dont want to go gym instead will prefer doing workouts in home. What kind of workouts would be advised and how many hours of workouts and after achieving the deaired results, can i stop taking endura mass without any adverse affects on my body? Please answer my queries?

    • admin says:

      1 Hour of daily workout is necessary.

      If you stop taking it, no worries add the same amount of nutrition to your daily diet, then you won’t have weight loss.

      Take it a little lower than the suggested serving size, so u won’t have any negative effects.

  22. rahul says:

    i am 21 years old ,can i use endura maas with banana shake?

  23. rahul says:

    before diner or after ?

  24. rahul says:

    in 1 kg endura mass how may waight i can gain?

  25. rahul says:

    how much i can gain waight in 1 kg endura mass??

  26. shadab says:

    Is it good for 16 year old

  27. Yusuf says:

    Before what sleeping time i can take this endura mass
    I mean at what time before sleeping i can take this

  28. Yusuf says:

    I m going to gym
    Can i take 2 spoons of endura mass which is available in the container beforee nd after gym
    Nd can i also take this in evening
    I mean three times in a day of 2 spoons with cold milk
    My height is 5.5 nd my weight is 48kg please help meee

  29. Yusuf says:

    Before what sleeping time i can take this endura mass
    I mean at what time before sleeping i can take thiss

  30. Yusuf says:

    Before what sleeping time i can take this endura mass
    I mean at what time before sleeping i can take thiss
    Can i take 2 spoons of endura mass which is available in the container beforee nd after gym
    Nd can i also take this in evening
    I mean three times in a day of 2 spoons with cold milk
    My height is 5.5 nd my weight is 48kg please help meee

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