Endura Mass Side Effects in Detail

Endura Mass – From athletes, body builders to students in school are very familiar to this weight gain supplement. Rather it is genuinely the first choice of anyone who doesn’t know much about the supplements and wants to build muscles.

Endura Mass is the most selling weight gainer dominating in the Indian market. The company “Endura” was founded by Mr. DK Singhal in 1996. Endura only deals in health & fitness products that are made for people of all ages.

Endura Mass - A weight Gainer

Endura Mass – A weight Gainer

Due to excessive marketing efforts for the product, no wonder people buy it at the first place whenever there’s a need of one. More than 90% of the people simply doesn’t know anything about weight gaining powders, supplements, or pills. But this puts their health at more severe risk and in a few cases they end with up something they never expected.

Here are a few side effects of Endura mass that you may face, in case you don’t take the precautions. The thing is whenever you are taking health supplements via any external source you have to be cautious. Failing to do so can lead to several health problems.

9 Side Effects of Using Endura Mass

1) You may face Sexual Problems : 

In a noticeable number of , people have found to be complaining about sexual side effects of the product like premature ejaculation, low libido, less sexual drive etc. It is very rare to find a health supplement linked with any sort sexual problem. Not every individual mentioned it clearly but a few did.

2) Hormonal Imbalance due to prolong use :

Long term use of Endura mass leads to hormonal imbalance in the body. Common symptoms of Hormonal imbalance are : anxiety, growth of facial hair in women, mood swings, stress, low libido, fatigue, depression etc. Therefore, long term use of such products is highly not advisable.

3) May Lower the liver function :

As you may know liver plays an important role in the absorption of food in the body. The reason here is that, when you are taking inorganic supplements and your body is unable to absorb the same, then in such cases liver seems to malfunction.

4) Muscle damage due to increased blood levels :

The primary factor causing this is high glycemic index carbohydrates. Glycemic index basically tells us the increase in blood glucose levels or blood sugar levels after eating a particular food. It is being noticed that, after taking Endura mass the rise in blood glucose levels is comparatively high as compared to other foods. It’s actually a bad sign.

5) Chances of gaining unwanted fat : 

It is linked to the point above. When you body has enough levels of hyper glycemic carbohydrates, then the fat deposits take place. Instead of gaining muscle tissues, your body parts start gaining fats.

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6) Lower Bone Density :

It basically means, low amount of minerals present in the bones. As you all know, our bones also needs vitamins & nutrition to stay strong and healthy. This leads to the risk of bone fracture, whenever your bone comes in contact of heavy force or you met some minor accidents.

7) Reduces testosterone levels :

In order to enhance the effectiveness of supplements traces of steroids are usually added. According to many user reviews, Endura mass contains some quantity of steroid that interfere with the production of testosterone in the body. As you know, testosterone performs many critical function in the body like building male reproductive tissues, bone mass and improving body strength.

8) Diabetes : 

The product is highly sugary, and found to be linked with high glucose levels which eventually leads to a worse condition called as diabetes. People who are not diabetic should take this seriously and people who are already diabetic must stay away from the product as far as they can.

9) Not made for non gym-goers people :

Can people who doesn’t go to gym take Endura mass ?

A big No!!

The high levels of sugar, and carbohydrates and enough can only be absorbed by the body if you do daily workouts. And if you simply can’t manage to do, and still using the powder you’re in more danger.

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What we suggest :

Se, all you need is a protein rich diet when it comes to body building. Most of the human body is made up of protein mostly the flesh part. In order to gain more mass, you need to eat more protein’s on a daily basis. Therefore, add organic source of proteins to your daily diet and do regular exercise. You’ll eventually gain more weight.

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  1. abhishek says:

    Your review on endura mass is really helpful. You just cleared many points about the product i was not knowing earlier.

  2. HARIRAM says:

    I want some more details about it so please i want a contact number of it to talk clearly about it

  3. Bhavik patel says:

    I am 58 kg only with 5.8″ ht.. Can u plz suggest me the exact dosage of endura mass to avoid above side effects…is it helpful with mild gyming at home?

  4. nitesh says:

    I face is small. And my wight is only 60 kg plz help me

  5. Ranjith says:

    Wat about side effects

  6. Ranjith says:

    Am 5.10″ my weight 60 I can take endura. For again energy

  7. ajeet says:

    I am 60kg should I try this one or not

  8. Pavitra Chaudhary says:

    I’ m 18 yr old. I hve only 55 kg weight with 5’9 inchs hight. How many days ? And how much dosage should i take? To get average weight…… And tell me also its side effect

  9. krishan says:

    Can u suggest me any other supplement which has no side effect and more advantages.

  10. jith says:

    I am 31 year men. I am 168 cm height and 58 kg weight. Endura mass is good for me???

  11. narendra cheemakurthi says:

    im in 45 kg only and 5.2″ht can u plz suggest the exact dosage of enduroamass to avoid the side effects

  12. Ayaan panchal says:

    I want to increase my height

  13. dhanashri says:

    I m 22 year old , my height is 4.11 and weight is 35 kg .. please suggest any supplement or any tips for weight gain .

  14. suresh says:

    I am 20 yr old n 65kg weight and do more workout but have pain or tiredness can u suggest this or any to relief and build body

  15. Nisha divekar says:

    Can i use this product for a month with daily exercise? I m 20 and i m underweight

  16. Lucky says:

    Hi m 29 yrs old 5’11 height weight 68 kg please advise fr wait gain required according to age n height and also vl it be suitable to take if sombody is suffering from ulcerative colitis

  17. I want this but I read it’s cause sexuly side effect that’s why I don’t purchase Endura Mass gainer can you suggest me any other protien that don’t cause any sexuly effects.

  18. aman sharma says:

    If I take Endura mass then I will face the problmes? that you quoted above.

  19. aman sharma says:

    please suggest me natural wait gainer and helthy building food.

  20. bakash says:

    Sir endura mass is really a dangerous product

  21. Bikram says:

    i am 16 and i am 50kg i can use endura mass from 2days so you think that’s good for me

  22. vikarant arya says:

    Hello sir I’m 18 year old and my weight is 50kg my height is 5.7 .BUT I LOOK LIKE VERY THIN sir which protein powder is good for my health … proteinx or endura mass…please help me sir

  23. pankak says:

    i am 22 year….can i use nutrigain powder

  24. priyanka banerjee says:

    I want to be a mother and will try from next week.but my weight is 58 kg, hight is 5.4″,age is 25.i have some acidity problem for a long time. My digestive system is very poor.
    can i take this endura mass????

  25. namdev says:

    iska seven kare kya na kare plz batao effect or side effect bhi dikha rahe ho…

  26. sonal singh says:

    I am 5’3 in height and my weight is 40kg
    I am turning 21 now .
    I am a girl and really want to gain weight .but i dont go to gym but go for walk sometimes and do squats and crunches in the morning but not daily.
    But as you said it is harmful for no gym people.what should i do ? People say when you stop eating it ,you will be back to your same state .is it true .clear me please and suggest me the best way .
    (my metabolism is really good but i dont gain fat )

    • admin says:

      No, that’s not true.

      That happens you stop taking healthy diet and stop doing any workouts.

      • Sonal singh says:

        Sir I have bought endurance mass
        And I will start with one scoop a day
        But can I do like squats ,crunches,lendges daily or three four days ?
        Set me a schedule please?
        How to take it in a proper way to overcome these problems

      • sunny says:

        Also i am useing endura mass bt when i leave this & back same state

  27. sapna says:

    i am 29 year old married lady.. if i take endura mass then any problem in pregnancy ?.. I had ask this question many time but never answering me..

    • admin says:

      Hi Sunita,

      Sorry for the delay. Its just a weight gainer, it has no issues with ladies who are trying to conceive.

  28. sougata says:

    I am 16th years old .5’4″.i want to gain height fast.please help me.my weight is 54 kg.please help me.

  29. Rishi says:

    Im 16 years old my weight 36kg height 4.14….please suggest tips for weight gain

  30. santanu says:

    Which protein is the best for body building. Please suggest me

  31. Vivv says:

    sir I am 22 year old my weight is 60 kg nd my height is 6.1ft so I want to go for weight gain supplement which is best nd safe for Health.

    • admin says:

      You can use protein powder like protinex to improve your weight.

      You can also buy it from our link for discounted price.

  32. Sameer says:

    I want to gain muscles.. Is it helpfull ?
    Without any side effects



  34. Prince says:

    Sir I have jaundice problem can I use this weight gainer

  35. shailesh saini says:

    My height is 5’6″ and my weight is 42 kg. Is it helpful for me?

  36. sunny says:

    Sir I want a info ihave a problem lactose intolerance can I take endura mass

  37. Spirits chary says:

    I’m 20 years now with 5’4 height n my weight is 43 can I use it as I don’t go for gym plz suggest me

  38. priya chary says:

    I’m A girl of 20 years now with 5’4 height n my weight is 43 can I use it as I don’t go for gym plz suggest me

  39. Sonali says:

    Hello sir im 28yr old girl.my weight is 42.i want to gain weight but i have thyroid hence my weight is not increase.should i take endura mass.plz guide me.

  40. manoj says:

    Sir i want to gain weight…endura mass is good or not?

  41. Zara says:

    Hii Sir …
    I’m 24 yrs old and my weight is 43. Height 5″ 3.
    I am skiny& weak. and i want to increase my weight. Can u plz suggest me any food supplement without of any side effect. I was interested to buy endura mass but after reading side effects em scared to buy it..

    • admin says:

      Most people don’t workout at all and keeping using gainers that leave them with side effects.

      You must do daily workouts and follow a proper diet plan and dosage to save yourself from any effects.

  42. AKASH PATOLE says:


  43. dheeraj pratap singh says:

    सर enduraamas आयुर्वेदिक है या नहीं

  44. manoj says:

    I am 17 year old boy
    Height is 5.5 ft
    But my weight is very less , just 42
    I want to gain weight
    What can I do????
    Please help me

  45. Sara says:

    Sir I am 21 yrs old and my weight is 42 and height 5.5 and I want to gain 8 kgs what supplmnt I can take? Or I should not take supplmnt ?

  46. shubham says:

    hi i am 18 years and my height is 5.4ft and weight is 48kg i want to increase my weight but i do not go to gym. Can i take endura mass without going gym or any exercise.

  47. sagar says:

    As u r telling about side effects then if i would take and dont go to gym bt do normal dips,pushups at home thn it would be ok.

  48. siva says:

    sir my hgt is 5.9 and wght is 50 i saw in the above statement if we stop using endura mass then wght will be reduced. please say me the answer.

  49. Rishabh says:

    Endura mass is Very worst product because I am Suffering from fever and jaundice by using this for 3 months ago

  50. sheetal says:

    Hello sir/mam,
    I am 20yrs old girl. And i want to gain wait..is endura mass good for me? Is this product safe for me or this can have worse effect on my future life? My immune system is weak..

  51. Lakshay says:

    I am 15 years boy
    So i can use this product endura mass or not

  52. Mridul says:

    I am 18 and weight 50 kg i use this without going gym…but doing regular exercise

  53. shamsher says:

    I m14 years with5.3height and weight 33 .Endura mass good for me

  54. Nimish Mishra says:

    Iam 18 year old boy and my height is 6 2 and my body weight is 65 is endura mass is good for my health or not

  55. priya says:

    I m 16yrs old my body weight is 40 Nd height is 5.3 is endura mass is good for my health or not

  56. priya says:

    Is this product safe for me or this can have worse effect on my future life? My immune system is weak..

  57. Ileyas says:

    Hi I am ileyas 35y,50kgs weight, to gain my weight started using endura mass from past few months, starting I feel little gained in my weight but after using some long time so many side effects accursed, like pimples on face, small wounds in nose and other parts of the body swelling, tiredness etc. And I stopped using it from last few days but still so many symptoms I feel.
    I suggest to readers, don’t buy it blindly, analyse and consult doctors or physicians before using it.

  58. Sumit says:

    Sir isse 1 month main kitna weight badh jayega

  59. Daljit says:

    I m 48years old height is 5.6 my weight is 49kg how much cantain endura daily before exercise or after& workout one time or two time

  60. Kapil Sharma says:

    I am 25 year old having weak body. I have only 47 Kg of weight. i want to make it till 60 kgs. Could you please tell me that could i take Endura Mass or any other supplement. If any other please specify it with name. Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      You can use Endura mass as your first supplement, its not a heavy one.

      You can it through the link in post to get more discount.

  61. vishwajeet singh says:

    Sir if i stop the Endura mass, will my weight lose again ?

  62. kaarthick says:

    Endura mass & protien powders.wt one is the best wit gainer in my body….i am 21 years old..wit 46 kgms ..then my ht is 168 cms..

    • admin says:

      Basically, you need both carbs and protein as you are in early 20’s.

      You can go with a weight gainer that contains a good amount of protein, endura mass is good for that.

  63. bhavesh Pednekar says:

    Dear, sir I want asked that when the powder to use? After doing gym practice or before gym practice? And 1 t-spoon?

  64. Amit Suryawanshi says:

    sir kya ye sach he ki endura mass lene se future me sexual problem aata he?my height is 164cm and weight is 56kg can i use endura mass without side effect?

  65. Amit Suryawanshi says:

    kya endura mass se sexual life pr effect hota he ? and my hght is 164cm and weight is 56kg and age 24 running can i use endura mass for good effect?

  66. sai arpit says:

    My height is 5.4 and weight 47 can i take endura mass with daily workouts

  67. Ravinder sharma says:

    Hi sir my wife is very week she is very thin n slim kind of person n her weight is 42 n height is 5’5 inch but she working hard standing job for eight hours so she can not expend time for gym but according to her TB causing she can take ur endura mass supplement. So plzz can u give ur reviews on that situation.

  68. Hello sir my wife is suffering a TB causing n she is very thin n slim kind of person and her weight is 42kg n height is around us 5’5 feet, so i want to conversations on that topic she is earlier using endura mass weight gainer so i want to know that she can use this kind of supplement yes or not plz give me your reviews on that topic.

  69. Hello sir my wife is suffering a TB causing n she is very thin n slim kind of person and her weight is 42kg n height is around us 5’5 feet, so i want to conversations on that topic she is earlier using endura mass weight gainer so i want to know that she can use this kind of supplement yes or not plz give me your reviews on that topic.

  70. Adi sarkar says:

    I am 21 years old and very thin .i drink endura mass 1 month.how many time i perfect body.

  71. aatish tiwari says:

    Sir mai e janana chahata hu ki Maine anduramass powder (yellow) sewAn kar raha hu o bhi din me do bar kya isase kuchh side effect ho sakata hai kya

  72. anuj kumar says:

    Hello admin g…. I am 23 yr old..& my weight is. 52 k.g. & height 178. I am hbag (hep-b) reactive…so plz tell me can I take indura… .

  73. diya says:

    I am Diya 37 yrs old And4.11 height,and weight is 42 kg . endura mass is good for me, any side effecte,

  74. NITIN says:


  75. priyanka dhanola says:

    hello sir,

    my name is priyanka i am 25 year old and my height is 5.3 and my weight is 43 kg only i want to ask some quastions
    1.which is the best weight gainer nutrigain or endura mass
    2. if i take any of these it cause any problem in future in pergency
    3. i am having thyrd from past 3 years in TSH and i am taking medicin for that in regualr basis so should i take weightgainer it will help me out or not
    4. if i take weightgainer is there sideeffect of these beacuse i am having thyrd problem
    i want that link from where i get discount
    kindly sugguest good and proper discussion

    • admin says:

      1) Endura mass is better, but workout is necessary with any supplement.
      2) No, it won’t affect you in any way unless you use it the wrong way.
      3) Yes, you can use weight gainer (just ask your doctor to be 100% sure).
      4) Thyroid problem won’t be affected with this.

  76. Kamaljit Singh says:

    Sir , i know about all these effects before used Endroa Mass but due to my low weight 49kg hgt 5;10 , i used that product for 2yrs continuously and now i released lost stamina , and becomes very sensitive body , if i don’t used that product i lose again wight of my body its my humble request to you kindly suggest me any diet or supplement to maintain our body weight and strong bone and good health , now my body weight is 72 kg 29/9/2016 .
    kindly answer me please

  77. Pritam chakroborty says:

    Sir i am 23 years old…. and i don”t do any workout……so can u tell me is endura mass suitable for me or not???

  78. Ali says:

    M 5,8″ tall nd 51 kg weight..i go gym regularly..can i use endura mass for weight gain..?

  79. sourabh says:

    i am doing workout from 9 months whn i started my weight was 45 kg n now 52 kg and my weight was not gaining properly as compared to other people as your point numbr 7 the testosterone is the main hormone to gaining weight if this product have contain sexual problems like reduces the level of testosterone so can i take it or go for an other products

  80. Pallavi says:

    I m 19.
    I want to use endura mass.
    My height is 168. And wt 45 kg
    I dont go to the gym but i do squats and excersise at home i go for walk daily morning. Can i use endura mass?

  81. kishore says:

    Air I am 19 can I use endura mass to gain weight I am 48 kg nw will there b any side effects in sexual life

  82. Rupam patil says:

    I join the gym 3 months ago my age is 18 so endura mass is good for me or not

  83. rohit says:

    Sir my 49 kg kya muja endura mass lana cha hiya es ka koi problem to nahi ho ga

  84. Thelma says:

    My son has just turned 15. He’s 6ft tall and very lean! He a regular footballer and works out at home everyday n gym for 3-4 times in a week. Also, plays matches on weekly basis.
    He wants to gain some weight, as his couches think he needs to buff up a bit… I want to make sure that endura mass is a good choice for him?

  85. suraj says:

    Sir i want to gain weight i m 18 ys n my weight is 48 which protein powder is best 4 me.or can i use endura mass..

  86. raj pal says:

    Hello sir iam raj pal.
    Hum endura mass use karna chatehein lekin dar rehthah hai kohi rog na ho jaye? Hindi mein.

  87. Niveditha says:

    Iam niveditha .. 40 kg, 19 years old .. I cnt gain the weight even using all weight gainer product… Endura is help me to gain wieght..??? Is there any side effect for using thz product ..???

  88. Niveditha says:

    Endura is really hellpfull to gain the weights..????

  89. Murti says:

    Dear Admin.: My son, aged 20, a regular gym goer for many years, took Endura Mass about a year ago, was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) – failure of both kidneys and needs to undergo transplant? He never had any health issues, forget about kidney alone. Ever since he took Endura Mass the CKD cropped up as a jolt! Was Endura Mass responsible in anyway for his current health crisis? Please clarify urgently!

  90. Ankit Sahu says:

    sir i am 23 yrs old and my weight is 63 kg i want to gain more mass. i have normal workout in home.kindly suggest a good quality protein powder & i have a acid problm.

  91. Shareef says:

    I’m suffering from a irritable bowels syndrome my ht=5.7 wt =45kg can I take endura mass plz suggest me best product

  92. rajiv says:

    I am 24 year , I am talking endurance from a year,&I have prob of early ejaculations ,what should I do now, have u any suggestion for me

  93. Himanshu Jain says:

    Which one is better : endura mass or protinex??

    • admin says:

      Depends on your requirement.

      If you want to stay fit with healthy muscles have protinex or if you looking out to gain weight try Endura mass.

  94. vishal rathee says:

    i am 17 years old i take endura mass yes or no

  95. Krishna says:

    Sir I’m 22yr old having height 5.7″ & weight 48kg so please suggest which supplement will better for me to gain weight….

  96. Alisha Amjad says:

    I am 18 years old girl with 5.6 height I want to increase weight. Is endura mass good for me or any other product…?

  97. Raju says:

    Hi I am 32 year old men, height is 5.8 and my weight is 60 kg from last few years.

    My father has Diabetes, is it okay to this product.

  98. Zaara says:

    I am 22 yr old nd 5.1 inch with 46 kg… Can i use endura mass for a healthy body

  99. santhi says:

    sir i am using endura mass from the last 2 months.but i will not get menstruation for these 2 months after using it.is it leads to any problem for me.

  100. santhi says:

    plz kindly give me your reply

  101. pranab says:

    I m 23 years old boy… I want to inform you that j am very thin.. so, looks like not so good… I wanna some healthier for more look… can I using this product for better look?? I also ready for workout… can I take it?

  102. saloni says:

    I’m 21 years old and my height is 5.4 and my weight is 38 so please suggest me which is better one protinex or endurance mass???

  103. Jay thakor says:

    endura mass contain more sugar so it is safe?

  104. sandeep mall says:

    Sir, I am 22 & my weight is 45 kg with 5″ 4inch.
    I want to increase my weight by using endura mass. If I leave to take it, I will be like before?
    Or can I take it forever.

  105. Mohammed says:

    Am 19 year old and I’ve 185 cm height and 63 kg…
    is this product will help me to gain weight without any side effects….
    what would you suggest for me?
    plss tell me…..

  106. Arbaz khan says:

    sir ,
    My name is arbaz khan. I am 18 yrs old and height 6.5 my weight is 47kg. I want to know than endure mass is good for me or not….but family member are not allow to use endure mass and i already use proteinex powder but nothing improvement in my body… so what can i do.?

  107. harsh says:

    I am going gym daily for workout in evening. Can u plz tell me, when should i take this (morning or evening time).

  108. akshay chauhan says:

    sir I am using andura mass aprox 2 month, I think my body hair is grow fastly, sir I just want to know is it a side effect of andura mass..pls answer me

  109. Ankur says:

    is there any side effect with sexual life with this ? is this effect on strong sperm ?

  110. Jess says:

    Sir.meri wait 42k.g hai..me bohot dubli hu…kiya me endura mass le sakti hu…or meri 3mahine ki ek batchi v he jo meri dudh piti he..use koi problem hogi

  111. Raju says:

    Enduramass is good for health or not??

  112. Reshma says:

    I am 30 year old women. My weight is 38 wat I can do..

  113. Girish jethwa says:

    Hi my weight is 39kg only and I am 34 years old my height is 5.2,It is good for me, I have high cholesterol but I give the medicine

  114. khan faiyaz says:

    I have a digestion problem with endura mass what to do

  115. piyush says:

    did 14 year boy use indura mass??

  116. hari says:

    sir…i am 16….i am only 54kg….could u prefer me a way to gain weight

  117. mukesh pandit says:

    Hi sir I m 25 years old and
    My height is 5’4 but weight is just 43kg and I m a patient of paralyses so can I use this type of supplements

  118. Babusaheb Yadav says:

    Sir I am 19 years old.I am very thin ,what products should be used for a fitness body.
    please suggest me as soon as it is possible.
    and how long it should be used without having any side effects.

  119. praduman singh says:

    it cant helful for non gym-goers people ???

  120. Hrishi says:

    How can we minimize the side effects………
    How much proportion is safe for us…….pls tell me

  121. Rooby says:

    I am 18 yrs old girl.my weight is 34 I want to increase my weight ..somebody told me u r like ur father..my father is also lean..is it I am lean due to my DNA..?? Shall I use enduramass to gain weight

  122. Babusaheb Yadav says:

    I am 19 years old .I am very thin
    can I use endura mass power for fitness of my body in a few days

  123. Raj says:

    Is eudura mass really have those side effects???? Could the normal peoples use this to gain weight???

  124. sanjana says:

    I m 35kg and height 5’2″..26yrs nd married .i want to gain my weight..plz suggest me

  125. Falguni says:

    Hello Sir,
    I do Yoga for an hour everyday..is it enough for taking enduremasss??

  126. om shreevastaw says:

    Dear sir ,
    I just want to know , I do official work and I haven’t more time for excise also I can’t manage for jim , is this product useful for me ? if yes please suggest me full name of product .

    thank you.

  127. Kaushal says:

    Protine x is helps to gain weight?

  128. Atanu De says:

    I want to join INDIAN ARMY but my weight is only 45 kg wheares my height is 172cm and my age is 19… can i use endura mass ?

  129. Sk says:

    I’m a 18 years boy and I want to weight gain. And my height 5.8 and my weight 49

  130. Anil says:

    I’m 21yrs old ! Now I’m suffering from insomnia from 5-6months so should I take endura mass??

  131. Rahul dey says:

    Endura mass packed milk (amul) k sath kha sakta Hun ?

  132. Sonali mitra says:

    Hello sir i m 21 years nd weight is 41kg with 5.01 height …can i use it in daily basis ?or not..and dont do any workout.. Can i do simple workout daily.. It is enough or not

  133. Parul roy says:

    I took endura mass for about 3 month.suddenly I gained a lot of weight and my periods also got effected.i had 3 month gap in period.please suggest something too lose weight and have a regular period

  134. Parul roy says:

    What term of dose of endura mass is consider as long term use.

  135. Mounika says:

    I’m 23 , my weight is 37…And I’m also working …
    I want to use endura mass…BT gym is compulsory to do while using endura mass…BT I’ll nt get time to do workouts like gym because of shift timings…Pls suggest me

  136. RAJEEV SHARMA says:


  137. Abi says:

    Did endura mass has any side effects pls tell me

  138. Joyner says:

    I am of age 17 and weight is just 40 what should I do……please help me to gain weight and muscle please please please please please

  139. Subhankar says:

    Tell me it’s side effects

  140. suraj says:

    Hii..sir I m 18 years old my weight is 50 n height is 5.5 inch I want to do muscles can I try this..?suggest me plzzzz

  141. Abhishek says:

    Please tell me whole procedure for taking enduro mass that do not lead to disorders

  142. rahul malusare says:

    I am 21 years old with 5.4 height I want to increase weight and height. Is endura mass good for me or any other product…?

  143. Ashish kant says:

    sir ye kitna file pina pdega

  144. Ashish kant says:

    sir kitna file pina pdega

  145. Ashish kant says:

    sir ye kitna file pina pdega

  146. Saziya shaikh says:

    Hello sir.. im 19 years n my weight is 40.. i wnt to gain weight so will endura mass wil help me to gain weight??

  147. sakib says:

    sir..I’m from bangladesh,
    I’m 21 years and weight is 50 kg with 5.8′.
    can I use it without any side effects…..?

  148. Ayan Malik says:

    Guys don’t ever try protein x or endure it’s all folks……. If u want to stay fit look better and naturally gain your perfect weight then use (B-Protein)

  149. Ayan Malik says:

    Guys don’t ever try protein x or endura mass it’s all folks……. If u want to stay fit look better and naturally gain your perfect weight then use (B-Protein)

  150. dinesh says:

    hello sir,my age is 20 year.and height is 5.7 and weight is 55kg. so should i take endura mass.

  151. idrees says:

    Heelo i am 17 years old . How should i use it

  152. satyam says:

    I am 6feet hight but low muscle and low weight. Only 52kg

  153. taufik says:

    sir I’m taufik m 31 yrs old. my height is 5″7inch and weight is 54kg..how to use this product and gain my body and weight.. plz suggest me something to do..can i dose 2 month continuesly this product..will be good effect for me.. plZ reply must.. I m so confused..

  154. Yasir Khan says:

    If I am can Use the endura mass gainer than
    After leaving any side effects of this products
    Its useful for our body to gain weight

  155. prashant narayan chougule says:

    endura mass weight gain who to take the milk and banana.but how much to take daily.is any side effect after take endura mass.

  156. Jan_har says:

    Hii i m 15 years old nd my heightis 5.5 nd weight to too less only 40 so any suppliment can help me there to gain weight ?????

  157. xyz says:

    Hight 6ft, weight 55kg, face looking dull,
    I want to gain weight should as per average of my hight . Gain healthy fat+muscles. .
    But I have nightfall problem which happens every week .. what can I do nd how to gain weight …I have tried accumass but result is nill…plz reply and suggest me.

  158. xyz says:

    Hight 6ft, weight 55kg, face looking dull,
    I want to gain weight should as per average of my hight . Gain healthy fat+muscles. .
    Hight 6ft, weight 55kg, face looking dull,
    I want to gain weight should as per average of my hight . Gain healthy fat+muscles. .
    But I have nightfall problem which happens every week .. what can I do nd how to gain weight …I have tried accumass but result is nill…plz reply and suggest me.

  159. Pria says:

    Iam 29 years diabitic girl….my height is 5.3 n weight is 43…i want to put on fats…can i take endura mass???i dont workout too….plz reply at d earliest

  160. Lucky says:

    Endura mass is really creat prodlem or not they have side efects or not

  161. Lucky says:

    Endura mass is really creat prodlem or not they have all that side efects

  162. Sonam says:

    Hi sir im boy and im so thin and im married also..
    So I want to use this product. My question is-
    After using this product child will happen in
    the future or not? If yes how many persent
    Is possible? Plz answer me its so important for
    me bcoz im only one son in my family……
    Plz plz

  163. Ravinder says:

    Sir my name is RAVINDER Kumar my age is 23 my weight is 53 kg and height is 5.9 I can take endura mass to gain my weight

  164. chander says:

    I’m 25 year old weight 49 kg.tack andura mass ,benefit for me increase weight

  165. gourav says:

    dear sir,
    I am 22 yrs old and 6 ft of height but weight only 46…
    i tried a lot to gain weight by food stuffs..
    can u plz suggest me how to gain weight..

  166. abhi dhiman says:

    Sir I am 20 year old and my hight is 168 Cm so sir how can Type take to endura mass to gain my weight

  167. yogesh says:

    pl. confirm whetheer to drink endura mass , milk and banan combination as it is mentioned on the endura mass banana flavor pack ?

  168. Rashii says:

    Hi I am 28 years old and I m using this but I saw black moles on my face I thought this is side effect of enduramass, is it… Or it’s only illusion??? Plz leave a true reply

  169. Nagamouli jami says:

    Sir I’m suffering from fever last 1 month back . now I’m perfectly have good health.but i Having lowver weight now I’m using endura mass ……? For weight gain.

  170. Ganesh says:

    I am 20 years old and my weight is 50kg n my height is 6.2 inch
    so protinex better or enduramass.
    I am also going to gym everyday.

  171. Safa says:

    Hi, could you plz tell me a mother who is breastfeeding her child and she is suffer from less weight (so thin), can take weight gainer supplements? Plz guide me.

  172. D Rajesh Kumar says:

    Sir I am 29 years old Height 5.8” weight 44Kgs I am very thin. I want to increase my weight I want to gain weight as per average of my hight

  173. kartik says:

    I have stone problem can i use this product

  174. Abrar Khan says:

    I’am a Non-Gym Goer But I Do Workout At home Like Skipping,Pull-ups and push-ups.
    Can i Take Endura Mass

  175. parag nath says:

    I m 17 years old athlete and I do exercise 1 hour everyday and then playing..I m underweight ..can u suggest which protein powder is best for me?

  176. samatha says:

    I am 35 kg only with 5.1″ ht.. Can u plz suggest me it is usefull to gaining weight.And i am very lean.

  177. iman says:

    Sir I m 23 years old n my weight is only 41 ..Is this benefit for me

  178. ABC says:

    What is this admin…?
    If it has so many side effects then why people will consume it… One side you are advertising it as a better product and other side you have mentioned side effects…

  179. harsh says:

    If I will not go to gym and still consume Endura mass so what will happen.. Plzz tell.. .I am waiting. ..for answer.. ..

  180. harsh says:

    I am 15 and my weight is only 32 kg what should I do?? ??? If I will not go to gym and still consume Endura mass so what will happen.. Plzz tell.. .I am waiting. ..for answer.. ..

  181. harsh says:

    I am 15 and my weight is only 32 kg what should I do?? ??? .. Plzz tell.. .I am waiting. ..for answer.. ..

  182. mohit kumar says:

    i am 18 year old , my weight is 45 kg can i use andura mass with gym .what is the best for me

  183. anna says:

    Hey…m 20 years old and weigh just 37! Tried many diet mantras but no result…now m using endurs mass…will it work for me or not?
    Want to know proper details

  184. Twinkle says:

    M 26 years old and my weight is 38 kg and height is 5.2″.
    I m a very skinny girl.is endura mass beneficial for me

  185. krishna says:

    I am 21 year old but my weight is 46 kg so i can use of endura mass .

  186. Harshit says:

    i am 14 years boy with 5’6″ hieght and 43 kg mass.Should I use endura mass?If yes,then How?

  187. Narendra Kumar says:

    M 19years old & my weight is only 42kg
    so i can use this product???
    iska koi side effects to ni h n sir

  188. Nill says:

    I am 15 years old & my weight is 55 kg & my height is 5.9 inch should I take endura mass without any side effects…..please tell me

  189. June Hujon says:

    I am pregnant and I am underweight so it is save to use enduremass

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