Glucon D : Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects

Glucon D, the so called instant energy drink specially made for summers. The product is manufactured by heinz, a U.S. based company founded in 1869, most commonly known for its famous tomato ketchup.

Glucon D Benefits, Side Effects

Glucon D Benefits, Side Effects

The company entered India in 1994 with its world famous product Glucon D. Very few years after its launch, it quickly captured the Indian market, and as of now it has become the top selling energy drink in India.

Glucon D, a glucose based beverage known for its quick absorption and gives instant energy. Unlike other , its doesn’t contain any caffeine or any other chemical that may affect the body. Without going any further, lets jump into the various health benefits you can have by drinking 1 glass of Glucon D.

Ingredients :

Glucon D Ingredients

Glucon D Ingredients

Glucon D contains 99.4% of Glucose, it is basic ingredient of this product. Rest includes flavor part. Some coloring and a particular flavor is also mixed with the raw glucose to make it drinkable and more tasty.

So, the ingredients are as follows :

a) 99.4% Glucose.
b) Coloring
c) Flavor

Glucon D Health Benefits :

1) Instant Energy drink : Got tired on a summer day or got too fed with office work ? This is the drink. As it contains 99.4% glucose, which is a carbohydrate that fulfills the energy requirement of the body. Glucon D is known to be absorbed by body within minutes and releasing energy quite enough to give you an energy boost.

2) Cools your body down : It is also very important to keep your body temperature low on summer days, Glucon D does it for you. Drink a glass of Glucon D and it instantly lowers your body temperature.

3) Makes your healthier : Glucon D basically contains glucose & , which also counts to increase your calories. If you are slim and trying to be healthy, getting more calories from Glucon D will be a better opportunity.

4) Good for dehydration : There are a few body types that gets dehydrated very often. For them, Glucon D is the deal. It instantly gets dissolved in the body along with the and prevents your body from getting dehydrated too often.

Glucon D Side Effects :

However, Glucon D is not directly linked with health problems, but taking it without the precautions can drag you into a few problems. Here are a few side effects of Glucon D that you are must be aware of.

1) Not made for fatty people : As it contains sugar, if your body don’t require more sugar then the extra sugar will be converted into fat and will make you obese. So, it is generally not advised for people who are already fatty. They should find some other alternative than Glucon D.

2) Not advised on a daily basis : Most of your food items and drinks already contains more than required sugar and if still you are taking Glucon D on a daily basis, then it certainly will increase the sugar level. Increased sugar level is directly linked with diabetes, so it has to be limited.

But it is good for like 10 times a month or so, but definitely not recommended for a daily basis.

Flavors :

Heinz has proudly launched 4 flavors of Glucon D in the Indian market after seeing its exponential sales growth. The flavors are as follows :

1) Glucon D Original

2) Glucon D Tangy Orange Flavour

3) Glucon D Nimbu Pani Flavour

4) Glucon D Aam Panna Flavour.

112 Responses to Glucon D : Benefits, Ingredients & Side Effects

  1. rathod says:

    My hand shaking can drink glucon d .

  2. Abhishek says:

    Does gulcon D contain salt

  3. Shubhamm Patekar says:

    Can i use glucon-d instead of sugar in tea or coffee on daily basis.?? Does glucon-d contain less of sugars as compared to natural sugar for recommended use.?? Can glucon-d be used for diabetic patient as fat free sugar free product for sweetners in hot beverages.?? Is it okk to add glucon-d instead of teaspoons of sugar in a hot tea or coffee.??

  4. Mithun says:

    Can Glucon D be used during fever?

  5. AkashKS says:

    I have a 750 ml bottle which i take to gym
    So how much spoon of gluconD i should add?

    • Sunny Rai says:

      Hello if you are taking 750 ml of water to gym than you can add normal 4 tea spoons or 35g. If you are badly tired after work out then you can increase it upto 6 tea spoons 50g but it is recommended to use 6 spoons once in a month..

  6. Sany says:

    What is the expiry period for glucon D

  7. neetu says:

    Is it ok if i give glucon d to my 5 year daughter after she returns from school in the afternoon ?

  8. aptar says:

    can i use natural sugar as glucon d? what is the deferent between them?

    • admin says:

      No, you should’t both are different things.

      Adding Glucon D to your dairy products as a sugar substitute will make them worse.

  9. Vikesh says:

    Give me answer . can i take glucon-d daily after my Dance class?

  10. sgt Yak says:

    Please, is gulcon D recommended for bodybuilders and weightlifters?

    • admin says:

      Yes, anybody can take it. It just keep your body temperature low and saves you from getting dehydrated.

  11. Simhachalam says:

    Is Glucon-D help while suffering from cold and fever ?
    Is there any problems using Glucon-D while Drinking 3 Glasses Thrice in a Day

    • admin says:

      Three times a day will give you more sugar than you need and no, it won’t help you get out of your cold and fever.

  12. Yashwant Saini says:

    Can i drink glucose d during my intra workouts??

  13. Aditya modi says:

    I a
    can drink glucose for calcium

  14. Priyanka says:

    Can breast cancer patient take glucon d daily?

    • admin says:

      Yes, its just glucose. Nothing to do with anything else.

    • Khilanand Joshi says:

      As per my understanding glucose is the only source of energy for cancer cells and glucose feeds to the cancer cells, hence taking Glucon D or any other drink that has glucose is harmful for cancer patients. So my suggestion is not to give Glucon D to Cancer patients. Sweetness in fruits is because of Fructose and that type of glucose is never harmful for anybody. So instead of giving Glucon D I would suggest to give fresh fruit juices and that are never harmful.

  15. Sakthi says:

    Can I add glucon d orange flavore with optimum nutrition unflavored bcaa powder? Is it any problem?

  16. Dinesh Kumar says:

    I am a daily runner from last six months. As soon as the summer has arrived, I am feeling exhausted during my run while one month back I was running easily same number of km. Should I start taking Glucon D while feeling exhausted in running?

  17. abhishek says:

    Can I take glucon d before workout to boost energy?

  18. sri says:

    Does glucon d can help you in gaining weight?
    My height is 5’7 and weight 50. Want to gain some! Please tell .

  19. Ipsita says:

    my father in law has high blood sugar. My husband’s blood sugar is normal till date. Can he have Glucon D after he comes home from office? or this may lead to blood
    sugar in future?

  20. amit says:

    is the glucose content glucose-l or glucose-d

  21. Sant Dayal says:


    As i read from the above replies you said on daily basis its not advisable but can we use it daily in less quantity let say half spoon a day before workout.


  22. deepika says:

    How long can be the solution of glucon-d be kept.can I keep it for 4 – 5 hours.


  23. Anirban Ghosh says:

    I have a 1 litter bottle which i take to gym. So how much spoon of gluconD i should add 1 litt water ?

    • admin says:

      That depends on you,how much you want. Glucon D won’t give you anything, you may feel a little energy but that is not worth the sugar quantity you are taking it anyway.

  24. VITTAL says:

    Is Glucon-D healthy for children less than 5 years of age on daily basis.

  25. subhasish says:

    Can I use it daily as an energy drink ?

  26. shivram says:

    i am regular doing exercise , so i can daily use glucon d during my Workout.

  27. Akhil says:

    Can lactose intolerant take glucon d??

  28. Rahul says:

    Should we drink glucon c in jaundice.. Does it help?

  29. AMOL DAGALE says:

    I am going to gym so i can drink glucon d with water every day while am doing gym and how much glucon d should i take with 750 ml of water.

  30. Ankit Gaur says:

    I do exercise in gym daily 80-90- minutes including running. can i use glucon-D for boosting energy level on daily basis in gym???

  31. Saurav says:

    Can i drink glucon-d in diarrhoea?
    Can it help me in any way?
    Or will it do side effects?

  32. shyam says:

    Can a pregnant lady use it ?
    My wife body temperature is high.can I give her glucon d with orange flavour

  33. Roma Sambhav Jain says:

    Can I give 120 ml of water mixed with glucon d to my 17 month old daughter daily as she doesn’t drink much of water so wen its flavoured she drinks it, but is it advisable to give her glucon d daily?

    • admin says:

      Well, your baby is too young for glucon D. The only issue it has is the sugar.

      Babies faces hard time to digest sugar, but yes try it with the minimum possible quantity in your case.

  34. Abhishek says:

    Will talking glucon d daily increase body fat %?

  35. Arti says:

    Can i mix it in milk nd give to my 2 yr baby

    • admin says:

      No, it shouldn’t be mixed with milk. It contains vitamin C, and we generally don’t mix that with any milk product.

  36. Sonal Mahajan says:

    can a patient with inflammatory bowel disease take glucon d ? like as a substitute for the glucose hospital give ?? the disease here is ulcerative colitis.

  37. komal kumari says:

    Nice post

  38. Rohan says:

    Can glucon d helps in alerting the brain.

  39. Naveen says:

    I am lean.Can i consume glucon-d daily during my strength workouts.

  40. Abc says:

    Can I eat it dry?

  41. Japita says:

    I am suffering from Sour throat and fever..Can i take Glucon-D as i have bitter mouth

  42. Shashi says:

    Can i give glucon-d to my baby in powder form without mixing in water.

  43. Faizan says:

    will it give energy to lift heavy weight during exercise?

  44. Meenakshi Malik says:

    Is it safe for kids?? My son loves to drink this in 3-4 times in a day.

  45. Meenakshi Malik says:

    He is 6 years old..

  46. Indranil says:

    Can i use glucon D after workout. I have little bit belly fat..

  47. Anne says:

    After fasting can I consume glucon d ? Or should I have elctral ?

  48. Nil says:

    Can i take glucon D after workout.. I have little bit of belly fat.. Please help me.

  49. Bhavesh says:

    Hi I daily workout in gym every day in early morning at 5:30, I take 1 ltr water along with me n have 1 sip after every set, so will it be OK to add 4 tsp in 1 ltr on every day basis, if it increases sugar level then will it be neutralize by drinking more water on daily basis , let’s says min 3 ltr water (or according to your advice )

    • admin says:

      See, much of the sugar gets absorbed by body meanwhile before you drink more water to neutralize it. Therefore, you must reduce your sugar intake anyhow.

  50. meghraj says:

    I go gym daily and in between I have to dring water to avoid my body from dehydration so can I mix glucon d in my water on daily basis?

  51. Ashutosh says:

    May I use glucose as a sweetener in green tea? I’m not fat and green tea isn’t a dairy product.

  52. deepak sahu says:

    I consume glucon d 10 times a day with 4tea spoon of glucon d everytime. Is it harmful for me or harmful for body as like more of sugar n body or something like that ?

  53. Shree says:

    I have given my 2 1/2 son glucond 1 time for last 3 days. Is it beneficial for him or harmful in any way?
    1 glass of water + 1 tspoon glucon – d.


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