Hempushpa : Benefits & Side Effects

Hempushpa is a completely natural Ayurvedic tonic meant to cure a number of body ailments. From blood purification, hormonal imbalance to menstrual disorders it is practically known to heal almost all physical and mental disorders that a women faces throughout her life.

Hempushpa syrup can also be a used as a health tonic by women who are not suffering from any problems but are physically weak, underweight or skinny. It provides complete nourishment to the body and improves healthy weight.

Hempushpa Review - Benefits, Side Effects

Hempushpa Review – Benefits, Side Effects

Hempushpa Ingredients

The product is composed of many natural, herbal and plant extracts which are mentioned as follows :

  • Lodhra
  • Manjistha
  • Anantamul
  • Bala
  • Gokhru
  • Shankhpushpi
  • Musali
  • Punarnava
  • Asgandha
  • Bach
  • Dhaiful
  • Daruhaldi
  • Gambhari
  • Nagarmotha
  • Shatavari

Let’s dig deeper and find out what are the various advantages of using Hempushpa syrup.

Hempushpa Health Benefits

1) Heals urinary problems : Issues like frequent urination, burning sensation during urination or dark colored urine can be healed so easily using Hempushpa. Also, it betters your kidney function which normalizes your urine routine.

2) Healthy weight gain : Those women who are underweight, looks skinny and are unable to gain weight using many ways, then this syrup could be a life changer for them. Frequent use of the syrup can provide them a healthy weight according to their heights. It provides all the required nutrition from diuretic properties of various plant extracts.

3) Gastric problems : Temporary gas problems can be cured easily but some women faces permanent gas problems in their stomach. It is to be believed that this syrup have significant effect over the Gastro and intestinal disorders.

4) Treats Hormonal imbalance : Every women at certain time in their lives faces this disorder of hormonal imbalance that gives them acne, stress, unwanted hair growth, persistent weight gain, low libido, insomnia, digestion problems etc. Hempushpa works as a great remedy for hormonal imbalance and eradicates all these disorders.

5) Regularize menstrual Periods : A lot of women happen to have irregular periods, pain during periods, too much bleeding during periods all of these issues are termed as menstrual disorders. The product works efficiently on them.

6) Heals Menopausal syndrome : Well, this is something a women can never run away from. At certain age, the body of a women stops producing eggs and the body produces less estrogen and progesterone. This leads to many problems in the body like body ache, back ache but the syrup works just fine on them.

7) Health for pregnant ladies : It is completely safe to use by a pregnant lady. Women faces lots of issues while they are pregnant for eg : weakness, constipation, weak digestion and all. Daily use of this syrup can help them fight those issues.

Any Side Effects :

  • Too much weight gain : It is noted in a few reports that, more frequent use of the syrup can leads to overmuch weight gain in women. It is due to the diuretic properties and haemostatic and astringent action by jave plants that causes retention and weight gain.

How to Avoid this Side effect : Well, that is pretty easy to achieve. One has to indulge in daily exercise routines that will not let water to retain in the body and it will be absorbed quickly by the heat thus formed.

How to use Hempushpa (Dosage) : 

  • One has to take a total of 14 ml in a day.
  • It is being followed by two dosage of 7 ml each.
  • One has to be taken early in the morning and the other during night before sleeping.
  • It is recommend to take the syrup after eating something (Not empty stomach).

Can Hempushpa be taken During Pregnancy ?

Well, Hempushpa is one syrup that is a good to go for women across all ages specially in pregnancy. The period of pregnancy is considered one of the toughest period in a women lifetime. There are many problems that a pregnant women faces which are almost unavoidable like constipation, mood swings, low appetite, back pain, morning sickness, fatigue etc. To deal with all these issues, Hempushpa provides you some really useful herbs that are known to deal with these problems. You may get relief from most of your discomforts during the course pregnancy. In case, you’re still not over them you are always free to visit your doctor.

Hempushpa During Periods ?

One common issue with women is that they suffer a lot of pain during their periods. Sometimes the pain is so high that it becomes unbearable, and they use painkillers. Regular dose of hempushpa not only heals the pain you are going through but also makes you strong enough to bear the pain during coming periods. No need to quit using the syrup when you are on periods in case you are doubtful. Regular usage will ensure you better results for sure. There comes a time in a woman’s life when the menstrual cycle ends that is called menopause, and that gives rise to a few more problems. But, you can still use the syrup on a daily basis and you may have a better and healthy life.

Original Manufacturer and Price :

The product is manufactured by Rajvaidya Shital Prasad and Sons and is available at a price of Rs. 175 or more at all the medical and retail stores. Please, avoid buying other products with relevant names, you might not feel the same benefits with the other ones.

397 Responses to Hempushpa : Benefits & Side Effects

  1. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    Does it gives any digestive problems ? My wife has taken a single dose today morning and from evening she is limiting continuously.. Why is it so..

  2. bhawnasingh says:

    Can menopause female use it?

  3. manisha verma says:

    Is it good for unmarried girls?

  4. Anil says:

    Can it be used in suffering from ovary cysist

  5. komal says:

    I m not married but 24yr m suffering from irregular periods. Can i use this syrup to cure the problem?

  6. Manish says:

    Can it be taken by married women not sexually active for 6 years but having menstrual problems?

  7. shivi says:

    Hello !!
    I am 22 year old,I am a skinny girl. I also suffer from unbalanced hormones , during monthly problem I suffer from lot of pain. does hempushpa help me to get rid of this problem?
    What are the dosage and up till when I have to continue this treatment?
    Duration for the hempushpa.

    • admin says:

      We’ve mentioned the dosage in the post. Please go through it.

    • Sonii says:

      M suffering from acne… harmonal imbalance
      Periods only 1 days aate h ashe se khul ke nhi aate jiske karan gandagi ashe se bahar nikal nhi pati aur acne ho jate h… aur… hairs..growth bhi h face pr inhi ki vajah se.. kya mere liye hempushpa lenaa thik h aur kaise dose leni h mujhe plz decribe me

    • Sonii says:

      Hi m 27 unmarried girl……M suffering from acne… harmonal imbalance
      Periods only 1 days aate h ashe se khul ke nhi aate jiske karan gandagi ashe se bahar nikal nhi pati aur acne ho jate h… aur… hairs..growth bhi h face pr inhi ki vajah se.. kya mere liye hempushpa lenaa thik h aur kaise dose leni h mujhe plz decribe me

  8. Nandini says:

    is it good for unmarried girls???

  9. Harmanpreet says:

    I m 20year old & unmarried.so can I use it r not?

  10. iram says:

    Is it safe to take this syrup alogwith other medicines for cure of arthritis

    • admin says:

      Yes, it won’t. Since its an ayurvedic syrup it won’t affect you if are taking it with other medications.

  11. J says:

    Its related to weight gain in women ?

  12. s.p. tyagi says:

    Kya Hempushpa syrup ko periods time main use kar sakate hain ?

  13. Narendrakumar says:

    My wife has been diagnosed with thyroid problem. She has to take thyronorm 50 mg. Can she take Hempushpa while continuing with thyronorm 50 mg?

  14. Lubna says:

    Can hempushoa be taken if suffering from poly cystic ovary disorder, can it cure the same

    • admin says:

      No, it won’t cure that. Consult your doctor for the same.

      • Divya says:

        But it’s said on the manual provid the with the box that it does help in PCOS. Also I suffer from the same and I have started taking hempushpa. It was only matter of a day and I had constipation. I suffer from both PCOS and fishers ( constipation related issue) . Pl suggest if I should consume it

  15. Sushma Pattnaik says:

    Can breastfeeding mom’s take it??

  16. Samia says:

    Is this tonic is beneficial in curing infertililty problem? Like swollen tubes ..

  17. Neha says:

    I m unmarried.n my age is 21. I m facing extremely stomach ache during periods.can i go fr dis medicine?

  18. neha says:

    i m unmarried.my age is 21.i face severe/extreme stomach ache during periods.can i go through with dis medicine?

  19. ANA says:

    can it help in vaginitis? yeast infection or bacterial viginolisis?

  20. Madhu says:

    Can I use hempuspa I am having oligomenorrhea, infrequent period at 3 months interval….

    • admin says:

      Its an ayurvedic tonic, it may not affect badly.

      However, you can also ensure yourself after taking it. If you experience anything unusual, you can stop anytime.

  21. Mona says:

    Can i use hempushpa . I am married Mere periods inregularly problem hai iss vejah se mein again conceive nhi kar pa rhi

    • admin says:

      Not able to conceive can be due to many reasons, irregular periods is not one of them.

      But you can still use the syrup to fix your period problem.

  22. diljeet says:

    It Is mentioned that hempusha contains self generated alcohol 6v/v.what does it means ??

  23. Z says:

    I am over weight but have weakness and irregular period problems. Can I use it? Will I gain more weight?

  24. Sadaf says:

    I have 8 months old baby.
    I am feeding him.
    Can i take Hempushpa while breast feeding.

  25. Anju.kalyan says:

    Can feeder mother use it no side effects for baby

  26. Tahira Khatoon says:

    I have too much bleeding problem and i suffer from unbearable pain during periods. Today is my 1st day of period so should i use this syrup from today or i shall start it after periods. I am unmarried and my age is 20.

  27. Rajan Patel says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want a postal address of the company. I want to some give feedback about the drugs.

  28. Nannu says:

    I’m 17 year n I’m suffering from irregular periods can I use it?

  29. preeti says:

    Kya ye fat loose krta h from belly

  30. Jaya says:

    I am 21 years old ..i am facing irregular periods. Due to hormonal imbalance..nd due to this..facing acne problem as well..due to body heat …will it for these problems??

  31. Tina says:

    Hi, can this be used for pcod issues leading to delayed period. I am currently using duphaston to get period. Doctor say I have hormonal imbalance..

  32. samaira says:

    Is it gud to prevent acne. . and pimple marks as m unmarried 24 yrs grl

  33. Roshani says:

    hello , i m roshani
    sir actualy me janan chahti hu ki ye face ki skin problm ke liye bhi better hain kya ,mujhe period problems bhi rhti hai btaiye kya karna chahiye

  34. Mansi Parekh says:

    Does it reduces kidney stones

  35. Sujata says:

    Hello I am 25 year old and unmarried girl can I use this syrup.

  36. Neha says:

    I have a problem of PCOS. Will taking this be helpfull as I have very scanty, irregular periods, hormonal imbalance due to PCOS?

  37. punyasha says:

    Can I use hempuspa simultaneously with patanjali amla juice .?

  38. Bhawna says:

    Can I take hempushpa in morning & evening, and a multivitamin in afternoon.

    Thank you

  39. manish says:

    My wife is having regular headache and get unconscious after using this syrup… what to do

  40. salim sheikh says:

    Man can use for sexual problem?

  41. Gautam says:

    Can HEMPUSHPA be used for women above 45 years of age and having gynea infection and due to which Hemoglobin reduced

  42. Rajni says:

    mai 3 month se hempushpa syrup ka use kr rhi hu mujhe iska result achcha mila lekin tb syrup ka texture gada hua karta tha ….lekin ab mai jab dobara syrup lekar aai to uska textur bilkul patla ho gya h….kya aap logo ne syrup k texture me koi badlaw kr diya h kya…? kya abhi bhi is syrup ka result pehele ki tereh achcha milega kya …plz reply me?

  43. reshma chavan says:

    Can we take it only for 12 days in month or for whole month ?

  44. imran says:

    Hello sir, Does it have any benefits for pregnant ladies ?

  45. Dipa says:

    Hi, I am married. I have irregular period issue. Bleeding bohat kam hoti hai. Can I take hempushpa ?

  46. sarita says:

    I am 24 yrs and hv not got my periods for this month. There is a delay of 10 days n I also suffer from PCOS and my prolactin level is high. Can I take this syrup. Wl it be beneficial. Pls help and advise. Thanks

  47. rinki says:

    Is hempushpa useful in cervical erosion



  49. arti mishra says:

    I am 25 year old married woman, from the first month of my marriage i have got irregularity in my periods, i suffer from severe cramping ,stomach ache and also suffers from fever,and this month my period is delayed by 5 days, i took pregnancy test it is negative, i am overweight with a BMI of 29.1, does hempushpa will help me in my problem.

  50. Ritu Dabas says:

    My daughter is 12 yrs old.her periods started one month back.there are pimples started on her face.can i give hempushpa to her also ?

  51. Sonu says:

    Hi , Is that true as I heard u gain too much weight if you are taking hempushpa ?

  52. Pooja says:

    I am trying to conceive so alingwith that can i have hempushpa

  53. S says:

    Hlo sir! Pls gaye information about it hempuspa lene se pregnancy bhi ho skti h

  54. pranarkhi says:

    I have pcod issue and after taking hempushpa it regulates period but during periods I don’t feel pain so should I take it during periods?

  55. diya says:

    Good Afternoon sir/ ma’am
    Till 12th standard I was good in health but from 5-6 years I remain underweight, tiredness always. I m married almost 8 months still my health is same no improvement is there. I have done a lot for it increased my diet, as it was good earlier aswell n now from 1mnth I daily go for running n do exercise, I have also taken weight gainer I took it for one month but it doest work then I left, daily at night for more than 5 month I took one glass milk with awashgandha. I hv done lot whatever I can do but still all is same. my husband told for Hempushpa his friend recommended him, so I want to know will it help me in healthy weight gain and another rest of the problems, if you say yes n guarantee me that Hempushpa will help you in all term then I am ready to take it. Otherwise I tired of take such intakes for my health.. Pls help me.

  56. kavita says:

    Hi. Mujhe periods nahi hote hai. Kya ese lene se. Hone lagega. Mera i can test be negative aya hai. Kya main pragnent hu. Plz suggest

  57. madhu says:

    Problems means bleeding too much low during periods 3/4 drpos daily 3 to 4 days

  58. Nishi singla says:

    I m 46yrsfacing a problem of thick uterus lining about 25mm.can my problem be solved with hempushpa.I also take menopace capsule once a day.

  59. Noopur says:

    Hello Admin,

    I have light blood flow during my periods (2 days). I want to take Hempushpa syrup but I am afraid that it will make the blood flow even lesser as it is said to be helpful in heavy periods. Can you shed some light on this doubt?

  60. Zeenat says:

    Is it (hempuspa)helps me to increase the weight?
    Please advise.

    • admin says:

      No, its not a weight gainer but very less people gets more weight as an allergic reaction.

      You can start using it and if you feel anything different you can stop taking it.

  61. MONA says:



  62. Ayesha Irum says:

    can a thyroid women who is underweight use this syrup

  63. Archie says:

    Is it increases weight ????
    I m already over weight.
    So I can take this syrup

  64. Priyanka says:

    I am facing issue that my periods are almost 1day not more than that so it help me out

  65. Garima Tyagi says:

    Ihave used hempushpa and I am totally satisfied with the results.There were no side effects like you said.Thank you Hempushpa

  66. Jiya says:

    I m 27 yr old & i m facing pain in period time. My friend told me this syrup is only for 35 yrs old women. So pls tell me can i take it or not?

  67. rekha prusty.odissa'nayagarh says:

    rekha prusty..odissa.ngr.= sir namaskar i am 22 yrs marriage my problem is white discharge continue from 6 month.sir can i use it..

  68. DOLLY JAIN says:


  69. Deepa Patel says:

    My mother is 64. She has diabetes problem, it is useful ?

  70. Radha says:

    I am 20 years old married girl, from the first month of my marriage i have got irregularity in my periods, i suffer from severe cramping ,stomach ache and also suffers from fever,and this month my period is delayed by 15 days, i took pregnancy test it is negative, Dr. says i have infection in your stomach. does hempushpa will help me in this problem. please give advise me as soon as possible.

  71. pooja says:

    From 2 yrs I am suffering from pcod n irregular periods. is it OK to use this syrup? I am 24 yrs old unmarried girl having dry skin. took many ayurvedic medicines bt only medicines lene tak hi effect rehta he. plz reply

    • admin says:

      Try changing your diet, avoid oily and sugary diets. Reduce daily sugar intake and eat more protein and continue using the syrup.

  72. sanju saini says:

    Hi.I’m suffering from pcos. Lekin last 6 month treatment lene k baad cyst ni h lekin m conceive ni kr paai isly treatment chod dya. Hempuspa Lena start kiya h period regular ho rahe h. To kya mai hempuspa se conceiv kr paugi ya ni? Plz reply

  73. Jaya says:

    I am 22 year old,unmarried girl. I have a problem of irregular periods due to harmonal inbalance. So, Can I use it for regular perioads?

  74. Ravina says:

    how long we have it?

  75. rekha prusty.odissa.nayagarh..gania.. says:

    sir, namaskar, hempuspa tonic & capsul how i use it, per day. mix with tunic & capsul.? After food ya before food use it, please write me use process per day. for white discharge, thanks..

  76. rekha.prusty.odissa,ngr says:

    sir , hempuspa capsul use process,write me..

  77. pallavi says:

    Hi sir can i take this with cypon which is not an ayurvedic medicine

  78. Radha says:

    My periods are delayed by 1 month and 13 days & am not pregnant. So,will Hempushpa help in getting my periods?

  79. yashi says:

    my periods are to irrregular from 2 yrs i hve hairs on my face heim pushpa help me and releive from periods prblms and had hairs on my fcae

  80. कविता says:

    मेरी हाईट 5’5″ है , शादी को 7 वर्ष हो गए है , दो बेबी है मेरा वजन 45 kg है मुझे काफी कमजोरी और सुस्ती महसूस होती है , कृपया उचित सलाह दे , पीरियड्स नार्मल है ,हीमोग्लोबीन लगभग 8या 9 है

  81. Shikha Parbhakar says:

    I m 27 yrs old having some female problems.. can I use this tonic as I m already overweight as 85 kgs. What if my weight get increase after taking this tonic. Pls reply…

  82. akash sharma says:

    hello sir mere shadi ko 2years ho gaye h. mere wife ko conceiv nhi ho raha or humare sare reports bhi normal h to kya hempushpa lene cahiye?

  83. Rinkal says:

    After starting with Hempushpa I am getting too many pimples on face.
    Is it possible?

  84. Rinkal says:

    After starting with Hempushpa I am getting small and painful pimples of face.
    Is it possible?

  85. vishal says:

    kya ise man or women dono use kar sakte hai

  86. vishal rajput says:

    kya ise man bhi use kar sakte hai plz AN

    answer me fast.

  87. Pari says:

    I’m 23 yrs old and married.. Since childhood m skinny and after pregnancy I’m again skinny and feel tired.. I need to gain little weight.. Will hemapushpa help me?

  88. Pinu says:

    can we take it after 1 fruit or tea with some biscuits or need only meal…

  89. ajablal kumar says:

    dear sir,
    meri wife ka periods kabhi 12 kabhi 20 din tal kar fir ho ja raha hai.bacha ruk nhi raha hai. kya usme hempuspa ka use kar sakta hu.

  90. pratiksha says:

    after taking hemphushpa tab and tonic i felt heavyness on my knees why it is happen is this any sideffect plz let me know?

  91. priyanka says:

    Hi… I am priyanka.
    And I have a problem of irregular periods due to hormonal imbalance. but i also want to loose my weight. it can help me to reduce my weight

    • admin says:

      It won’t help you reduce your weight, but it will stop the effect of hormonal imbalance.

      Start daily running in the evening.

  92. Pinu says:

    Can we take it after eating one any fruit or 4-5 biscuit with milk ya tea … or need only meal …

  93. Pinu says:

    Plz ans i have heavy white discharge problem from 5 yrs after delivery. How long 1 can take this and can we take it after eating one any fruit or 4-5 biscuit with milk ya tea … or need only meal …

  94. Pinu says:

    Plzz reply sir…

  95. Pinu says:

    Plzz reply me sir…

  96. Muskaan says:

    I have large fiberiod in utereus and suffering from heavy bleeding during periods, white discharge, frequent urination ,backache,mood swings, feel frequent tiredness. Can hempushpa be taken with above problems. Pls replyl

  97. Shivani says:

    I have white discharge when go toilet every time I take hempushpa

  98. S gupta says:

    I am 32 years female I have scanty periods only for a day or two
    I have hypothyroid tsh is 6.8
    My cycle is of 28 days regular
    Will hempushpha help me

  99. Sahi khan says:

    Does it works in lecoria problem in female

  100. sweta says:

    In pamplet it is not taken while mensuration period.it is true or what it can be taken on periods or not

  101. shriya says:

    Sir i want to use hempushpa bt i have joint pain, so i want to know, does it have any correlation with dat or i can use it?

  102. Asifa says:

    i have got 64 tablets free with hempushpa tonic. Should i use bot together?

  103. Asifa says:

    please reply to my questions

  104. Sakshi says:

    Sir, my daughter has 12 years old she has irregular periods(gap of one month or two month)can she take Hempushpa.

  105. Seema says:

    Hempushpa is turning sour gradually.there is a burning sensation in throat when I take it.shd Is it normal.i have kept the bottle at room temperature after opening around 15 days back.some hemtab tablets are also there in the pack.can both hempushpa and hemtab be taken simultaneously twice.I m taking it because of perimenopausal problem

  106. Asifa says:

    Hi, my question was-should i use both syrup and tablets together or i have to start tablets after i have finished the syrup bottle? Also i am experiencing pain and heavyness in my breasts from the time i have started Hempushpa……..any reason for this and as i have stopped from 2 days the symptoms also have stopped. Please help me understand as i am reluctant to restart it

  107. seema says:

    I have opened hempushpa bottle around 20 days back.I have kept it at room temperature.it has turned sour now.has it spoiled.should I use it or not.Also,can hemtab tablet be taken sinultaneously with hempushpa or not.please reply soon as i have discontinued using hempushpa

  108. Pooja Behera says:

    Can I take this hempushpa in gastric problems …and office stress ….

  109. Pooja says:

    Can I use this in gastric ….and stress ….

  110. seema says:

    iasked a question.neither question nor answer is there

  111. Prava Banerjee says:

    Hallo,I have a pcos problem,I took medicines for 6 months continuously,but my periods are still irregular and also stay only for 1 or 2 days,and after taken the high dosage of medicines I have started a mood swings and extremely over thinking problem,sometimes vomiting tendency also.So can hempushpa help me to reduce my these kind of mental and physical problem??

  112. Prava Banerjee says:

    And I am facing extremely non digestion problem from the 1st day of my pcos problem ,is it help me to reduce my problems,please reply.

  113. mona says:

    Can ashokarisht and kumariasav help in periods problem

  114. seema says:

    reply awaited

  115. seema says:

    i haveopened hempushpa bottle 1 month back.i kept it at room temperature.It has turned sour now.can i still take it or discard the remaining syrup.I am awaiting reply for last one week but neither my comment is visible nor i am getting reply.Do you choose selectively

  116. vandna says:

    I have ovarian cyst.Which was cure by medicine. But my period comes 9 days before. Can I take hempuspa syrup

  117. Rinky says:

    I have started using hempushpa tab from three days and after taking tab I get allergy problem.. Can you help me out

  118. vishakha sharma says:

    I am 28 years skinny unmarried girl, suffering from irregular periods, can I gain some weight having hempushpa ??

    • admin says:

      It won’t give you more weight, for that use have to use protein powders.

      Hempushpa will only fix your period problems.

      • sharma sonam kumari says:

        i am 27 year old i am married 3 years hogaya marriage ka 5 month back i m pregnant but my pregnancy is miscarriage mera period bhi sahi se nhi ata kabhi 4 day after ata 2 day hi rahta hai i am very weakness can i take hempushpa syrup kitne month tak use kar sakte hai plz plz sir

  119. Ridhi Sharma says:

    m 24years old unmarried suffering from PCOS, and unwanted hairs growth..i want to know,kya Hempushpa unwanted hair growth k liye useful hai??

  120. Swati says:

    Helloo sir…i am married…24 yr old…suffering from irregular period…..can i use hempushpa

  121. shalini says:

    sir, does it helps in improving the complexion of the skin??? and i am too skinny does it help in gaining weight?

  122. Sugars meshram says:

    Is it for girls of 16 years age?

  123. Alisha meshram says:

    I’m 16years old can I use hempushpa

  124. Alisha meshram says:

    Hi I’m 16 yrs old can I take hempushpa

  125. shalini says:

    sir, does hempushpa helps in improving the complexion of skin…and i am very skinny will it be helpful in gaining some weight?

  126. abr says:

    It can cure polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos)? Plz help

  127. Rinki says:

    Mujhe lagatar kuch dino se periods aa raha hai n normal nhi ho raha hai aur mera harmonal imbalance hai aur doctor se medicine liya par usse bhi thik nhi hua and abhi bhi thik se nhi aa raha hai toh kya mein hempushpa le sakti hu abhi periods me?

  128. Shalu says:

    Helo i m 35 years old mene abortion karvya uske baad mere periods kam ho gya only 1 day kya hem pushpa se periods ache se ajaega

  129. Tanya says:

    I have a dry skin problem
    Sometimes I notice
    While having hempushpa my skin becomes more dry
    So what can I do for that

  130. vishwash says:

    My frd is 20.
    She was suffering from low blooding problem.and gas problem regularly…kya km blooding se use pet dard hota h…ultrasound b krya h usme sb kch normal h fir b pet dard band n hota h.

  131. Tamil nadu Coimbature Toppampati jenpaliym dr nationl school

  132. shagufta r says:

    Hi…i am shagufta Hempushpa and tab kitna din tai leni chahiye ek mahine me mujhe pcod problem hai.

  133. Manisha says:

    I am having pcod and m unmarried … can i take it ?

  134. Madhu says:

    sir, sir mai period time pai muj ko bhut pain hota h or bukh ni lagti or pain jab hoti h to hath or pair belkul cold ho jatai h or muj ko hempushpa ka course ketnai month chalana chahe a

  135. Sunil Das says:

    Sir, I am interest to using Hempushpa tonic for my wife, but one problem has showing me, because of my wife face High BP Patient but she is very weak.This time i know what i doing now. So, please some important idea give me.

  136. anjali sharma says:

    Can I take primoult N with hempushpa
    bcz hempushpa se to periods stop nahi ho rahe
    I m continously having periods for last 15 days

  137. Megha says:

    I am megha and I am overweight. And I have irregular periods too. I don’t want to gain weight but it’s side effects are weight gain what should I do.

  138. Preeti says:

    I have to take both tablet & syrup or only syrup for irregular periods?

  139. Surinder says:

    I live in Canada n dont get Hempushpa here. Can i order this medicine online or is there any other way i can get it here.

  140. Fatima says:

    Did it help me am suffering secondary infertility

  141. Ashlesha more says:

    By 2 mnths i havnt got periods will it give me a nice result immediately. And my wht is 75kg can i continue it daily

  142. Manisha jha says:

    I had two DNC before and m having irregular period problems that’s why from one month I m using Hempushpa after using this i m continously bleeding little bit everyday.should I continue using it or not?

  143. R.J. says:

    I have POLY-CYSTIC OVERIAN DISEASE (PCOD) problem & I m 86kg.
    My thyroid,other hormonal test n rest of the reports are normal.
    My periods come properly on date or bfore 2-5days from my last date.
    Other than PCOD I don’t have any issue but due to PCOD during periods “Flow” is very irregular or heavy in this case can I take Hempushpa? Will it be helpfull for me or bcoz of it will i gain more weight??

  144. Hi
    Last year in Feb i got missed miscarriage so I bleed like for more than two months and it fix in May i got periods on time but I got acne pimple problem which I never suffer. i m 27 yr old .i also notice facial hair near chin n neck area.is hempushpa will be affective for this.

  145. 1 more thing is hempushpa is available in dubai

  146. Mukesh says:

    Can this be taken when a lady has pcod problem, has regular period and wants to conceive.

  147. Manju says:

    I am taking hempushpa syrup and tabs for about 8 months regularly for manopausal problems and it really works. For how long I can take it.

  148. Vaani says:

    Iam 19 years old and suffering from PCOS and some hair growth in my face is it help me to reduce problem

  149. Aradhana Mahanta says:

    Sir my I have 31 years but my best is small.n also period is delay can I use it.

  150. Aradhana Mahanta says:

    Breast sizes

  151. Aradhana Mahanta says:

    Breast size Small

  152. moon says:

    i cousin have problem to get pregnant and she did a lot of things to get pregnant but until today she don’t have baby can hempushpa also good for these problems?

  153. samira says:

    Hello…. i m having a liver problem also periods problems and blood loss is a main issue during periods and digestion plus gas problem too. Physically m very weak nowadays…. so does hempushpa helps…..

  154. Samira says:

    Hello…. I’m having liver problems and blood loss is the main issue during periods bcoz of it m physically weak also m having Weak digestion…. So does hempushpa helps…

  155. Madhu says:

    I am 27year old Unmarried girl suffering from PCOD
    Can I use hempushpa
    Can hempushpa cure the problem of PCOD

  156. shivanika says:

    i havee been suffering form pcos since 4 years is this syrup helpful to me ?

    can i take it besides my homeopathy medicine?

  157. Sumita says:

    I m 37 yrs old and now I am facing acne problem mainly on my chin, will using hemoushpa be beneficial?

  158. Roma bawa says:

    Imbalance hormone is due to cyst plm.. Pcos.. Is this tonic helpful for that.. Pls rply

  159. Roma bawa says:

    Imbalance hormone same cyst plm.. Is this tonic remove this plm

  160. Roma bawa says:

    Imbalance hormone same cyst plm.. Is this tonic remove this plm.. I taken 6month treatment bt after sdnly periods stopped.. I have pcos plm.. Nd periods not on time.. So weight gain starts.. Is this tonic helpful to remove this plm.. Plz help..

  161. Alka says:

    I am 30 years old and my weight is 81kg. I am too much fatty but have problems in menstrual and I have acne problem on my face and even my body sensitive areas.It will help me without gaining the weight.

  162. alka says:

    My prblm is that in periods tym my bloods goes black.and my skin color is also black so after using hempuspa can I get fair skin

  163. Delma Jacob says:

    I am having irregular perids 6-8 months of period. I have done several tests, but no issues were found. No PCOD, no hormonal imbalance and no other issues. Will it be helpful for me if i am having hempushpa…

  164. Sanjay says:

    Is it helpful in hair fall and skin glow

  165. Richa says:

    Can hempushpa help to lower high prolactin level?

  166. shivani says:

    I have the problem of cystic ovaries cysts are not too large i m taking hempushpa from last month to regulate my periods due to irregularities of periods its happened to me…i only want to know will it leave any sideeffect on me during this polycystic ovarian condition till yet i didn’t felt anything wrong but then also i want to know…i was worried…kindly reply asap

  167. Tanvi says:

    Recently I did blood test and found that I have pcos can this syrup cure my pcos.

  168. Tanvi says:

    Sir I am 25 years old married woman for a quite long time I was suffering from irregular periods I was not getting periods for three months n all so after taking to my gynaecologist he suggested me to do some tests and in that report it is detected in have pcos so sir can this syrup help me to cure my pcos.

    • Sir I am 25 years old married woman for a quite long time I was suffering from irregular periods I was not getting periods for three months n all so after talking to my gynaecologist he suggested me to do some tests and in that report it is detected that I have pcos can this syrup cure my pcos please reply

  169. Akanksha says:

    I have pcod and also suffering from irregular periods can I take this medicine even though I have pcod

  170. Shubham Gupta says:

    Sir meri wife ko white pani aata h daily din 3 to 6 time in a day…kya problem ho sakta h aur kya hum use hempuspa de sakte h…

  171. Vaishali pant says:

    As I feel tiredness easily and sometimes mind stops taking things and I forget the things easily due to it
    And my eyes are week too..
    I do job soo all dese things can cure from hempushpa……??

  172. sharma sonam kumari says:

    hi sir i am sonam meri shadi hua 3 years 5 month horaha hai mujhe bahut kamjori rahti hai mai job karti hu 5 months pahale mai pregnant thi 3 month ke bad miscarriage hogaya kya hempushpa mai le sakti hu kya isase pregnant hosakete hai mujhe period date change hoke ati hai jaise 5 date ko aya to next month me 8 ko ati hai aur 2 din tak hi rahti hai plz mujhe replay kijiye sir

  173. sharma sonam kumari says:

    i am 27 year old i am married 3 years hogaya marriage ka 5 month back i m pregnant but my pregnancy is miscarriage mera period bhi sahi se nhi ata kabhi 4 day after ata 2 day hi rahta hai i am very weakness can i take hempushpa syrup kitne month tak use kar sakte hai plz plz sir

  174. Taniya says:

    I am 21 years old i hv problem of irregular periods ….nw i brought hempushpa in that pack their are 24 tablets also …how to take that tablet? I m unmarried ….so even i can take it

  175. Shambhu Jha says:

    s this medicine can usefull for man and boys.
    If yes than what should be the doze?

  176. Khushboo Ushir Shah says:

    i have gain much weight without any particular reason so does hempushpa help me to cure it?

  177. Nandini says:

    Is hempushpa work for pigmentation??
    Plzzzzzzz rply

  178. Nandini says:

    Is hempushpa work for pigmentation??
    Plzzzzzzz rply
    Plz suggest me which is correct srype and medicine for pigmentation??

  179. nikhita shah says:

    I am.aleady overweight..Can i use it?

  180. Shahana says:

    I am having just one day period every month from three years. Can it help?

  181. suraj kumar says:

    my girlfriend had period three time in a month after taking hempuspa. what should she do next?

  182. ruhul says:

    Preagnet larki kHa sakti hai

  183. Anjali says:

    I m 23year unmarried,my weight is 40 so i m so skinny .hempushpa help me to gain weight

  184. Rohit says:

    Fallopian Tubes are Blocked with cribriform Adhesions of my wife , and laproscopy is already done but tubes are not opened with that, Can Hempushpa help in this , or you can suggest any other medicine.

  185. Ankita Lad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have not got periods since 3 months, can I start taking Hempushpa, is it safe? And will it help? Or should I visit gynaecologist? Please advise to the earliest.

    Thank you so much.

  186. ritu says:

    How to take hempushpa tablets with syrup.can I take both of syrup and tablets at same time or one of them at a time

  187. Manju Suyal says:

    Some time I feel my head spinning some time pressurized & during walk I feel my my leg shaking ( weak ) …is hempushpa helps in this problem ?

  188. Manju Suyal says:

    Some time I feel my head spinning some time pressurized & during walk I feel my legs shaking ( weak ) …is hempushpa helps in this problem ? I have a baby 16 months old meri delivery operation se hui hai. kya stress ya hormonal imbalance ho sakta hai …

  189. tanu says:

    Hi sir,mujhe periods me bht jyada pain hota h n also ulti v bht hoti h,kamjori toh pure 5/6 din tak rehti h….is hempuspa useful for me???

  190. chaya says:

    In hw mny days it starts working in our body using of dose?

  191. Sumi says:

    I am taking hempushpa from 1 week .. I have developed boils around neck and arms they are very itchy… And spreading.. what should I do now ? Continue it or go to doctor for allergy after stopping… Please help…

  192. Neha says:

    Can use for skin problems like pimples, bacnes ,etc

  193. Anshu says:

    I am trying to concieve and have a anovulatory cycles will hempushpa help me in proper ovulation

  194. mukundan says:

    hi,sir meri wife ko peried ke bad v white sa ata rahta h,ye pichale ek mahine se yeisa ho rha h,kya hempuspa ismei help kar sakta h,plz tell me..

  195. Swati says:

    I am a married female with age of 37 yrs and trying to concieve…will it help in it too.Even if my AMH levels is on a very lower side.

  196. Nita says:

    I have got Early period. Is it helpful for me

  197. Nita says:

    Irregular means also early period ?

  198. Dolly says:

    My doctor suggested me hempushpa with row stock(water) of rice..I have want issues like PCOD and irregular period.. can I take this as suggested by doc.?

  199. Ukri says:

    I’m underweight or skinny girl. I want my body to be fit physically. So, Can I use this? And I also want to know that can it works for breasts growth?

  200. Aishwarya mishra says:

    Sir i have a pcod problem ,l take now angelica and estranon can i take this tonic?

  201. ravendra says:

    it can be taken when we are taking other medicin

  202. ravendra says:

    how many days should be take

  203. Dolly says:

    My doctor suggested me hempushpa twice daily with raw rice stock(water)..I have a PCOD issue..want to conceive.. Is this a effective way for taking hempushpa?

  204. Sudha says:

    Is it necessary to take hempushpa along with hemtab provided with it.
    Can we take hempushpa only ?

  205. neeshu yaduwanshi says:

    did it help in increasing the breast size?

  206. AB Singh says:

    Hai,I’m 29years old I have always white discharge.Is it gud to reduce this problem?

  207. Ward says:

    Can breastfeeding woman take this syrup or not

  208. Swati says:

    Can we use hempushpa during the periods?

  209. Disha Bandekar says:

    I have not used it, but want to. It is beneficial to those who are facing a problem of PCOD and related problems like irregular periods weight gain etc.. please reply..

  210. Deepika says:

    After breastfeeding my breasts are so small…. I m also weak overall..can hempushpa will work for me in 2 months.?

  211. Rashmi says:

    age 45. Irregular n heavy periods with clots. Weakness. How much n when should I take Hempuspa? ?

  212. Nikki says:

    Hello I am 27 year old married .Mene I bottle finish ki hai 170 ml ki . Kitni bottle aur leni hogi mujhe period me bahut jyada pain hota hai.

  213. Sheetal says:

    Hi my age is 32. I have harmons froblem after delevery.because of that I have melesma on my face. So for that hempushpa is helpful for m

  214. Sneha says:

    M suffering from leg pain,even though after rest i wake up in mrng, I still face leg pain,,can this syrup help me to cure from this leg pain

  215. Ravi Sharma says:

    Sir, My fiance is suffering from irregular periods from last one year and feels too much pain whenever she gets period after a gap of two months. Her weight, size of the body is increasing, white discharge as well. Do I need tell her to start taking Hempushpa and how much quantity of spoons in a day?


  216. Ravi Sharma says:

    Sir, My fiance is suffering from irregular periods from last one year and feels too much pain whenever she gets period after a gap of two months. Her weight, size of the body is increasing, white discharge as well. Do I need to tell her to start taking Hempushpa and how much quantity of spoons in a day?


  217. nupur says:

    Is it compulsory to take tablets too with Liquid as i take liquid only. cannt take tablet its to big.

  218. nancy dahiya says:

    my wife having not coming period on time from last 4 month and my wife taking hempuspa before 3 month to till now and the period problem are same .Periods not coming till now,please suggest me

  219. nancy dahiya says:

    my wife having not coming period on time from last 4 month and my wife taking hempuspa before 3 month to till now and the period problem are same .Periods not coming till now,please suggest me

  220. zankhana says:

    Can you please suggest website/address of shop for it which deliver at home ? because medical shop taken 212 Rupees from us.

  221. seema sahu says:

    M 24 year unmarried girl. From last 5 months I dont get my periods..now I am using it from 1 month. I got my period after 30 days after using hempushpa…bt I got my periods again after 10 days… why it happend? should I continue this?

  222. Komal Pol says:

    I suffer with the problem is of irregular periods. Will it help me to get out of it..? And also I have put on some weight so will it’s use cause me further weight gain..?

  223. Divya says:

    I am facing irregular period problem.can i start hempushpa during my periods or i should wait?

  224. Arya khana says:

    I m suffering with skin fungus problem.. hempuspa can cure this… I took many medicine it cure it but again I m getting same fungus infection ….

  225. Swapnali says:

    I have a pain in breast because of harmonal changes and weakness, can it be cure if i take this medicine everyday.

  226. Saf says:

    my wife has suffering from irregular period about 6 month or 4 month. other then this she has no problem and her age about 40 so pls guid sir.

  227. pooja thakur says:

    Sir hempushpa ka syerp kitna aur kese Lena h
    Aur tablet din me 1ya 2 lu
    Kya period me bhi lu
    P///zz help me sir
    I am 20

  228. divya says:

    can i start it during periods? please help

  229. Sapna says:

    I am 24 year old girl. And my weight is 46/ I am suffering from over cyst can I use hempushpa ?

  230. Anaya says:

    i m 21 years old…can i take it and if yes, for how many days i have to take it, for (2-3 months)?

  231. Ankit Sharma says:

    My mom is 50+ and she is suffering from anemea does it help her in recovering with the same she has hemoglobin count to 6 how it will help her and what is the procedure to use it how much and when to use it

  232. nitesh says:

    Any side effect for Thyroid patient

  233. Nisha says:

    I am 23 yrs and i am suffering thyroid problem seance 4 years i used many medicines for gain weigh it didn’t work i really want to gain my weight hempushpa will help me for solve my problem……..plz rply

  234. Mahek says:

    I am 23 yrs and i am suffering thyroid problem seance 4 years i used many medicines for gain weigh it didn’t work i really want to gain my weight hempushpa will help me for solve my problem……..plz rply

  235. Nisha asad says:

    Hai…im fatty lady. No kids.2 tyms miscarriages.i hav PCOS problem.irregular periods(coming evry aftr 2 months)….is i will bcme more fatty????i can bcme pregnant..if i use this syrup????

  236. sana says:

    My period are coming more than seven days it can remove this problem

  237. Mojesh says:

    My friend has lots of problem with her menses. She feels cold,sneezing around, feels like fever and sometimes vomit , body joint pain, back pain and she gets heavy blood loss.
    These problem arise before one week of menses and continues till after one week it over

  238. sonal says:

    M 24,unmarried. M periods r scanty n last for 1 day . Earlier it was normal last 5 days but since 4 yrs they r getting scanty n painful n getting decreased day b day n this now it last for a day.Would hempushpa help me in curing my problem??

  239. sonal says:

    No medical treatments cured my diseas. I tried all medicine but didn’t get any +ve response
    Please help me

  240. Priyanka milind patil says:

    I m suffering from polycystic ovary and i had also used in hempuspha tonic. Can i used herbal products with hempusha tonic. Any side effects?

  241. heena says:

    7ml water ke sath lena hai ? kite water keep sath mix karna h?

  242. shubhi gupta says:


    i am taking hempushpa from lond time. i have taken 12-13 small bottles but i am facing some skin problems like itching is it side effect of hempushpa while taking it long time ??

  243. umme hani says:

    Is it benefical in less periods..I mean,
    Is it benefiacial to a women who get 1 or 2 days periods with pain..?
    Or in a simple cyst..?

  244. Parwez says:

    My wife got her oral abortion two years back, since then she is having problem of irregular periods. Now she is delayed in her menustral period over a month and she is also not pregnant. Will be hempushpa helps??

  245. Deepak Chauhan says:

    Hello sir.. Can HEMPUSPA be administered by those who are taking contraceptive pills.

  246. Aashkaa says:

    Hello, please suggest if hempushpa tablets is compulsory to have along with tonic.

  247. Aashkaa says:

    hello, pls suggest if tablets are compulsory along with tonic?


  248. Rajdeep says:

    Im married 4 years ago. But still no pregnant.i don’t know why. Is this tonic to help me to get pergent

  249. Diksha says:

    Hello sir I had very light bleeding during periods can I use it

  250. kt says:

    sir, i usually have regular periods. last time i had periods on around 15 april 2017. but no periods this month.

  251. kamolika says:

    hi I am 36 year female mujhe enimia n weakness h thyroid b bata hua h weght loss h 10 kg chakkar b aate h weakness se kya mai ye syrup le sakti hu


    Can a woman suffering from sugar use hempushpa at the age of 42 yrs


    Can a 43 yrs woman suffering from sugar use hempushpa

  254. Shallu Srivastava says:

    Is this help to conceive..

  255. Sanjeev says:

    I HI I bought a Hempushpa syrup along with that I got some tablets so want to know how to take those, syrup and tablets, can I take both together

  256. Sanjeev says:

    HI I bought a Hempushpa syrup along with that I got some tablets so want to know how to those, syrup and tablets, can I take both together

  257. Sanjeev says:

    HI I bought a Hempushpa syrup along with that I got some tablets so want to know how to those, syrup and tablets, can I take both together,, Sanjeev 8088562822

  258. Rs says:

    Hempushpa ko galti se 17 year man try kar le to kya hoga…….???
    Please reply ?

  259. MANISH D DALWADI says:


    • MANISH D DALWADI says:


  260. Sunita says:

    I am suffering from bleeding piles
    It give me so much weakness
    Can i use this tonic?

  261. harshita sahu says:

    Since the day i started using hempushpa the next day my stool has appeared black
    Is hempushpa is causing the latter?

  262. Pragya says:

    Hello sir , I can’t conceive from last 6 months. Should I take hempushpa or sundarikalp or Ashoka rishta . Which will be best?

  263. nisha says:

    Sir I fill very weekness and my health is not good as like before marriage and my period is black so I can use hempushpa

  264. jaya mandal says:

    i am taking it from 15 days but i got acne problem by drinking this syrup..can u tell me why???

  265. Shalini says:

    Is hempushpa,beneficial after menopause? Is it effective in heat splashes,caused because of menopause? Joint pain?

  266. khushnuma says:

    Can i take hempushpa as a blood purifier, coz i am getting pimples and acne….will it help me…

  267. Shweta says:

    I have problem of polycystic ovaries, so can i use hempushpa for the relief??

  268. Shweta says:

    have problem of polycystic ovaries, so can i use hempushpa for the relief??

  269. Jayanti dutta says:

    Hi sir i have painfull period mood swing fatigue fill weekness can i use hempuspa

  270. Sweety gupta says:

    How long I take this hempushpa syrup….

  271. Jasleen says:

    can we use it for a 35 yrs. old diabetic lady..suffering from ulcerative colitis n anemic too REPLY

  272. deepak says:

    Does Hempushpa help me for white discharge?

  273. Vennila Gnaniah says:

    Hi my major concern is pimples….I had a clear skin but off late I have been getting pimples constantly so will Hempushpa help me in getting rid of those & not cause any side effects?

  274. Divya vajpayee says:

    I bought a hempushpa bottle of rs 475, its a glass bottle and liquid start leaking. Pls make a packing in better bottle.

  275. khan says:

    Is hempushpa good for breast enlargement

  276. sumana Chowdhury says:

    Hi I m 30 yrs old n unmarried. I m having problem of prolonged periods since last 2-3 months like it goes on for weeks along with severe stomach achee. I have polycystic ovary syndrome. So can I take hempushpa? Will it help to get my periods back to 3-4 days. Pls suggest

  277. ramam says:

    Hi i am married and from last 6 months my periods are irregular due to harmonal imbalance .. now i m taking hempushpa . Can you please tell me how long it will fix my periods

  278. shreekanth says:

    my wife has irregular periods, and all gynaec problems. she has hypothyroidism . Can she take this Hempushpa?

  279. sharma sonam kumari says:

    My age 28. I m not getting proper sleep in night. So we can us hempushpa it is better to me please tell me sir

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