How to Stop Loose Motion Instantly? (Within 5 Mins)

Looking out for the fastest, natural and immediate cure for Loose motion ? I will tell you the most effective home remedy for Loose motion that is not only easily available but safer for everyone from child to adults.

Since Diarrhea is also known as a symptom where the body start to flush out all the toxins and infections that are stored in it for a long time. The body start to function normal when all toxins are out. Meanwhile, It is strongly recommended that you should intake more based drinks than you excrete to keep the water level maintained. Failed to do so can get you in troubles like Dehydration ( Most commonly caused due to loose motions). (Ref. 1)

Natural/Home Remedy for loose Motions

Natural/Home Remedy for loose Motions

Before we go further, lets read a bit about Loose motion and its causes.

Diarrhea or Loose motions occurs when more fluids passes through the large intestine without getting absorbed. Usually, whenever something passes by the colon or large intestine, it gets absorbed by it and left waste only. But when, the electrolytes of the body are disturbed, more and more fluids passes though colon and causing a medical condition called Loose motion ( Ref. 2)

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Common Causes of Loose Motion :

  • Stomach Infection.
  • Soda Drinks/Soft Drinks.
  • Diseases or infection related to large intestine.
  • Malabsorption syndromes.
  • Hormonal abnormalities.

Is it serious ?

Loose motions are generally not considered as a serious problem. However, under the absence of proper treatment and precautions it may become to serious. Since, the body keep excreting vast amount of fluids out of the body, the water level gets disturbed and leads to a condition known Dehydration. If not diagnosed properly Dehydration could be life-threatening. Other symptoms includes weight loss, weakness, dry-mouth etc.

Fastest Cure for Loose Motion

If you are unable to control your motion, you can try this drink of known to be very effective for Loose motions/Diarrhea.

How to Prepare :

  1. Take a cup of cold milk (organic Milk).
  2. Take a half lemon and squeeze it in the milk.
  3. Drink instantly.

The milk will start to loose its fat, right after the lemon drops are released into it. You need to drink this mixture as soon as possible. There are no possible side effects of this mixture. You can take it around 5 times on regular intervals. Don’t forget to take it before, you go to bad. In most cases, up to 3 cups can do the trick taken on the same day.

Watch our Step by Step video to help you out :

Can we take any medicine with it to fasten up ?

Simple answer, NO.

Medicines directed by physicians in such conditions are not much effective. Some rather have serious side effects if taken for long period and most common side effect is stomach ulcer. This remedy works perfectly without any medicine, and you should not take one.

491 Responses to How to Stop Loose Motion Instantly? (Within 5 Mins)

    • sunny tewathia says:

      Thanks for giving your time.

    • violet Leon says:

      I had loose motion for the past 10days and I had tried so many home remedies but of no use. Thank God I luckily saw ur site n tried drinking cold milk with lemon juice as directed by you. I had 3 cups on equal intervals n I am relieved of loose motion. Thanks a lot


        • admin says:

          Thanks for your feedback doctor πŸ™‚

          • vineeth says:

            I am having loose motion from 2days there are not stopping after using proper medicine this will work for that situation

          • admin says:

            Yes, try this.

          • purush says:

            can I know whether the milk should be boiled or not..??

          • admin says:

            You can boil earlier and leave it to cool before using it.

          • Nitesh sharma says:

            Well I have just did wat you said. But I was afraid so I took half cup of milk and half lemon. I drink lets see how it goes. I hv got loose motion since yesterday morning its very frequent. Will let you knw how it went. Finger’s crossed

          • Ritu says:

            I have IBS(irritating bowel syndrome) . Because of which I generally suffer from indigestion and loose motions. Can this cure my loose motions also. Even if I don’t eat or drink anything unhealthy, I get loose motions. Doctor says the cause of my situation is anxiety and depression. Will this remedy work for me? Please reply

        • Manpreet kaur says:

          kya yeh one year baby to b de sakte hai….

        • Manpreet kaur says:

          kya yeh one year baby ko b de sakte hai….

    • Manoj Shah says:

      I have read this remedy 3 years back. It had worked for me. From past 3 years, whenever I feel that my stomach is upset, I use this remedy. I have not taken single tablet after that. My whole family is using this remedy. Thanks for giving me perfect solution for my problem. I request every one who is suffering from loose motion, please stop taking medicines and drink at least 1 glass of milk and lemon 3 times for 2 days ( maximum).

  1. adarsh srivastava says:

    i am afraid it will work let alone worsen the situation

  2. Nithin says:

    If you drink milk while on loose motion, you are gone..

    Never drink milk products while you have the runs.

  3. Sam says:

    This may no it will worsen the situation

  4. sana says:

    You can take youghat or can take fennel seeds

    • ethi says:

      the fine situation is don’t eat anything and it will cure automatic because there will nothin in stomach to come out and it will stop…

      • admin says:

        No, that will make the situation worse. If you don’t eat or drink anything your body may get dehydrated and you may go unconscious. Proper diet is the basic requirement under all bad conditions that you suffer.

        It is necessary to drink a lot of water and you must try this unique remedy as well to fix your condition.

        • Shawnn says:

          What’s organic milk? Also we use bottled milk or packet milk boil it n then keep it in fridge. So can that milk b used. I have been having intense loose motions, green colour from 3days, hv lost 3kgs f weight, no med helping, shall I try ur milk n lemon thing, Becz i fear it may harm. Also Lil uneasiness like craving type in stomach sumtimes due to lack f food. Also milk shud b boiled n kept in

        • dddd says:

          Hey I just took medicines….now….should I wait till tomorrow or try your remedy now….plz reply fast

        • Nsk says:

          I just took medicines…should I wait till tomorrow or try u r remedy now..l plz reply fast..!

      • Devil Trent says:

        We can take curd and rice it will help u alot

  5. Clow says:

    Drinking milk makes it worst

  6. Ram says:

    thank you for giving your valuable informations

  7. choudry says:

    it is understandable bcoz lemon in milk turn it into buttermilk which is good to kill becteria

    • admin says:

      Yes, you made a great point here that will help understand more users.


      • Ayesha says:

        What can I do for 4month baby have loos motion

      • New user says:


        My child is 9yrs old and we came to india from UK after 3yrs.
        My child is haing losse motion only twice a day… i have tried all the remidies.. but it is not working can u pls help me .


      • New user says:


        My child is 9yrs old and we came to india from UK after 3yrs.
        My child is haing losse motion only twice a day… i have tried all the remidies.. but it is not working can u pls help me .


  8. vikas says:

    I too have this problem (loose motion). Now after read ur method, i tried it and lets see if it works, then i have no words to thank you. (taken two times)

    ……..telling u after its work.


  9. vikas says:

    kindly tell me, how to use this method ….in one day or taken after regular intervalas in one hour.

  10. aliya says:

    Oh yeh…its a gud trick…tried it….but it dose not heal u complty….it ll only stop the hurricane in stomach…..

    • admin says:

      If you’ll take it more frequently, then your motions will be cured permanently.

      • Shawnn says:

        I have been having intense loose motions, green colour from 3days, hv lost 3kgs f weight, no med helping, shall I try ur milk n lemon thing, Becz i fear it may harm. Also Lil uneasiness like craving type in stomach sumtimes due to lack f food

  11. Anish says:

    Man !!
    Thanks a hell lot !! I took 4 medicines in a row but they failed to work but what u suggested damn worked !! Thanks a lot buddy !! God bless

  12. KP says:

    Just followed YOUR remedy. Actually was having loose motion from morning 3 am and now it is 9:30am. If I would have seen this remedy then I would have tried then. Now I have classes and I dont rely too much on this remedy so going to take off. Will let you know HOW INSTANTLY it works. LOL!!

    • admin says:

      Yes, do tell us the results. We are waiting too πŸ˜‰

      • KP says:

        It is 4:30pm. This is the 2nd time I am taking this. And thanks it worked the first time only, all those uneasiness and stomach problem is over. If I would have checked this earlier it would be much worth.
        Again thanks and for those who are thinking what they should do, try and make you feel better.
        Last question, is there any dosage? To be more precise if it is consumed daily what will happen?

  13. RC says:

    there is a hurricane going inside my tummy. Just searched a drink for loose motions and your site was the first to pop up in google . Cheked it and am going to take the cure . See you soon with the result

  14. Ammara says:

    I don’t want to take risk

  15. Ammara says:

    i am sorry admin i tried it but only one time and i am now feeling very better thanks a lot

    • admin says:

      I know you were scared of using this remedy but now you know the truth πŸ™‚

      I am glad that it worked for you.

      Take care πŸ™‚

  16. Q says:

    Normal full fat boxed milk will not work? Also please let me know the quantity of milk and lemon involved in 1 dosage

    • admin says:

      The more fat is present in the milk, the more will be better for you.

      1 lemon is for 1 glass of milk but make sure you squeeze it completely.

  17. bow wow says:

    Bow bow wow yippi yo yippe ye

  18. buch says:

    taking hot milk with chacolate horlicks causes loose motions admin???

    • admin says:

      No, its doesn’t cause you loose motion but it also don’t stop your motions. To make it stop, you need to follow the above remedy.

  19. sathish says:

    I have loose motion problem from yesterday , should I added a sugar wit milk r not?

  20. BM says:

    Would have tried this if I saw this before. After reaching will have try this. Hope this works well.

  21. sangeeta says:

    Thank you so much. I was suffering from loose motion for past 2 weeks. Nothing worked. But your remedy has worked wonder. I am so grateful to you. Thank a lot πŸ™‚

  22. sridevi says:

    Mam my baby is 21 months old shall I give the milk with lemon is milk to be boil ( packet milk )

  23. Fela says:

    so the milk need to boil first and then make it cold.

  24. Fela says:

    is it good to take ors alongwith curd

  25. Fela says:

    is it good to take packaged milk

  26. Ajmalkhan says:

    Hi ‘ i am suffering from last 8 days (loose motion) some time every 10 minute need to go toilet & some time only twice in a day but continues loose motion . can i try your cure ?

  27. ram says:

    I have loose motion from last four days i had taken medicines ,it stopped on third day,but now itself i got pain and iam not going outfully

  28. Arslan says:

    Can i take it “empty stomach” in the morning??
    I mean this mixture should be taken before meal or after????

  29. neema says:

    having loose motion from last two m going to try this..fingers crossed

  30. neema says:

    having loose motion from last two m going to try this..hoping 4 d bst

  31. amit says:

    I have taken my first dose now;let’s see the result…..I will take next cup of mixture in one hour before going on bed.

  32. sumiy says:

    I m having problm from 2 days. I can’t even stand.. can I use this remedy with cow milk?? will it cured with cow milk?

  33. Pravin Preet says:

    Early morning 4.30am after clearing bowels.Had half glass tea and was searching for my mild disturbance slight loose motion,found your remedy.Just tried it in cup of cold milk with 1/2 lemon.lets c how it works.Its 5am will try next shot by 9am.will revert with updates.

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  35. M.MUDASAR says:


    • admin says:

      If you don’t eat anything, you may get stomach ulcers due to the amount of acids that keeps secreting in our stomach.

      Just try out our unique remedy and see the impact yourself.

  36. GAMABOY says:

    I was having loose motion for the last week and without thinking twice i ate an Indian take out meal. i am sure they use lots of cream (milk) in it. since my meal eight hours ago i had about six toilet trips and very fluid motions. do you think i should seek medical help or continue to let nature flush out the bugs or seek medical help. i have to wait for another four hours for GPs… i am taking lots of water in the mean time. afraid to touch your milk formula. though i had some lemon just now

    • admin says:

      No, you don’t need to afraid at all. Just try this formula it is totally natural and safe.

      Tested by a lot of users of this site, and the result was 100%. Just go ahead you’ll be cured.

  37. jass says:

    hi. my baby is 1 yr 3 mnths old. He hs been suffering wid loose motions for 11 days now. is it safe to use dis remedy for him?
    and how d milk should be given for dis remedy?.. boiled and then cooled… or non boiled..??
    pls answer as sooonnn as possible… am really tensed for him…

    • admin says:

      Yes, the remedy is completely safe for kids. Boil the milk and then use after it gets cooled.

      Follow the remedy properly, just a few teaspoonful will be enough to cure your kid.

  38. sumpi says:

    I am suffering since yesterday night,dint get sleep last night. Its been more than 30 times now -visit to the toilet. Can this remedy work? I have tried lemon juice, methi juice. Buttermilk. Nothing is working.

  39. Amit Kumar Pal says:

    I have problems with milk and milk products. .. what should I have to do…… as I am suffering from loose motion

  40. Mugdha says:

    Read almost al d posts(replies) above.
    I’ve a query- can I instead of d above drink(milk with lemon squeezed) consume fresh curd…?
    wil that work just fine?

  41. priya says:

    Sir my friend is suffering a lot wid loose motions he was so tired n can’t even stand n sit please suggest fast remedy to him

  42. Asma says:

    Previously I have tried this remedy several times for BLOODY STOOLS..
    And it worked pretty fast, got instant relief from upset stomach..

    So I presume it WILL WORK for diarrhea/loose motions as well.
    (But i always drank it on empty stomach)

    And IT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE MILK, its Kind of yogurt, actually even better than that because it tastes good even without salt or sugar.. I like it!

  43. ss says:

    Awsme it worked

  44. nijaz mujeeb says:

    from yesterday i started passing watery stools .it came all of a sudden.i am not able to sleep.

    i am gonna try this. i would be glad if it worked.

  45. nijaz mujeeb says:

    what can i have for eating.???

    can i have idlis or dosa??

  46. nijaz mujeeb says:

    ohk .. thank you

  47. Rohan says:


  48. Ashraf says:

    When we squeez lemon into the milk it becomes curd. Isn’t it? If so it ll also cure with curd too. Am i correct ?

  49. Shilpa says:

    Suffering from loose motions since 2days and eager to try this remedy.Please suggest if we can add a little salt to the mixture before consuming.

  50. viral says:

    Hi frnds m having loose motion from last 20 day n nw m realy tierd…i tried wid all d medicines but dint wrkd ny f dem….plZz help me ot f dis..

  51. Ankit says:

    Since last night, my stomach is badly upset. i have pooped more than 8 times and only watery fluids are coming from the shit. I have taken one tablet Norflox so far. Can you suggest any other tablets and what should i eat throughout the day so that my poop becomes thick as before?
    should i try your remedy?

  52. Ashika Sm says:

    I am on journey. Can I try it in journey???
    How much time does it take to cure ???

  53. priyanka says:

    Yesterday night I have bought Chicken BBQ Pizza from Asda and had it before sleep , today morning very worse siuation inside stomach, Went to toilet three times

    please help me …still roundings inside stomach

  54. muhammad amin says:

    Ihave been suffering from loose motion since 6 months ago. i am age of 40 years. in doctor opinion that your gut/intestine are become weak due to this problem with your please suggest medicine

    • admin says:

      Try our solution and see the fast result yourself.

      • Rameez says:

        Dear admin, my doubt is if i take cold milk with lemon liose motion will stop instantly. But unwanted germs and bacteria will stay back in stomach itself. So my question is shall i clean my stomach naturally like going to toilet when ever required or shall I try used technique

  55. surfbirds says:

    I appreciate, result in I found just what I used to be having
    a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you
    man. Have a nice day. Bye

  56. Anaya Pilankar says:

    My brother is suffering from severe constipation (only foam & blood) since 3 days, will this be helpful? Please reply ASAP.

  57. aakash says:

    Eating of arrowroot biscuit

  58. Rohit says:

    Can you please tell Milk should be boiled or kaccha and we should take full glass or half

  59. Rama says:

    Whether it is proven method? if so does any doctors confirm that it does not have any side/ other impacts? unless it is not i dont think anybody should try bcoz at the end of the day health matters…

  60. Malli says:

    I hve loose motion since 4 dys.its 5th condition is worse frm morning…how should i try it?regular intarval of 1-2 hours??plz reply soon

  61. Vishal Sawant says:

    i am Suffering from loose motions since last 2days and i try this method. Thanx its works for me.

  62. shobha says:

    iam having gass problem also,if take above redmi i fear that it will create my gas problem more,so what should i do

  63. anonymous says:

    will conventional milk work?

  64. uv says:

    Awesome remedy yaar…it worked for me in just 2 hours..thanks a loads dear..

  65. veena says:

    I am having watery loose motions from last 3 days,no medicines and home remedies are working, is this remedy helpful and can i take boiled milk kept in refrigerator instead of raw milk. Pls suggest.

  66. R Pais says:

    Hi, I’m suffering from indigestion, gas & too much burps immediately I’ll get chest pain type. After passing undigested motion everything stops feeling weak….I’m under medication gasec-20, enterogermina but still it is same… it safe to try this

  67. one who had problem says:

    Thanks alot man. It worked on me in just 5 to 10 mins. Very very effective solution. I owe you 1 mate.

  68. Abhisek Roy says:

    Omg… This is the worst nightmare ever… It is my date night… I’m gonna go out with my new hot girlfriend… And guess what … I’m suffering from loose motions right since is so exhausting So I search the Internet find your solution … And tried it…. And kaboom…. I’m almost fine…. GOD! I also had mad sex with her without giving a damn… . Your truck is pretty neat man…. Helped get me laid for Christ’s sake!

  69. Rakhee says:

    My son has a tennis match tmmw morning at 7….can I give him this milk early in the morning around 5 am empty stomach?

  70. Raghav batra says:

    been suffering from loose motions since 4 days ,eating 3 tabs per day…tried everything and nothings working…i need to fix it asap so i can continue my gym and education…gnna try it now..if anything bad happens am coming for u admin!lol

  71. MSR says:

    Good remedy and arrested loose motion (after 4 times in 1 hr). Was sceptical, but it worked. Thanks!

  72. Troubled and Relieved says:

    Awesome remedy… Got relieved within 2 drinks of 5 hours interval…. Boiled packaged milk and cold it after before using it… Worked like a charm… God bless you…

  73. Shariq Saied says:

    Ahhhhh suffering from loose motions since 5 days… Watery poop is dripping from my ass… Ahhh its so disgusting man… Its also hurting my daily routine job gym training…. I’m on strong medication since 3 days… But now loose motions started again… Now gonna try ur remedy… Hope it will work… Fingers crossed… God bless me and you admin.

  74. Adil says:

    I am loose stools since last 3 months will it work for me too if yes then how much time will it possible take for me to recover.

  75. Adil says:

    I am having loose stools since last 3 months will this work for me too ,if yes then how much time it will possible take for me to recover.

  76. Arun says:

    Ive suffering from loose motion last two days and ive taken medicine today night before going to bed, let’s see what happens…

  77. mridulla says:

    Suffering from loose motions since morning. I have my exams from tomorrow. Trying your remedy now. I hope it works. I desperately need it to…

  78. mridulla says:

    Guys…this actually works like magic…wasn’t sure how it wud taste…but it’s ok…not bad at all…thanks for sharing this awesome

  79. anand says:

    Since yesterday , our bathroom came under sudden invasion of loose motions by me and my brother(already 6 times not sure of my brother) . This morning came across your site. let me try this!!

  80. sam says:

    I’m suffering from loose motion since 2 year, its become chronic for me. Each time i take medicine and it cure only for few week after that it again happen.i guess that it happen due to IBS(irregular bowl syndrome). What should i do for permanent cure.please suggest remedy, i will be thanks for you.

  81. Vinay says:

    My grandmom used to tell us the exact same remedy..
    It is an ayurveda cure and works..

  82. sameer says:

    I just tried, I hope it will work situation is not good.

  83. anil says:

    am gng to try this
    I bought milk and
    can I take with hot milk
    or should I wait till it becomes cool..?

  84. ravindra oza says:

    God bless for posting this remedy

  85. Zaid says:

    Going to try, God bless me and Admin. Cross figure….

  86. chirag shah says:

    My stomach went upset since evening,, had no medicine at hom nor did I hv ingredients for other suggested remedy at home…sae d milk n lemon trick…….had a cup fullnof milk with half lemon juice………it feels cool asit goes downthe throat…till d stomach n it settled d earthquakes immediately ….stomach is at it cool n dsnt ask me to get up n go towards toilet…….thanks a ton

  87. ifrah says:

    plzz….tell me a full recipe to take i made it.

  88. Motion raj says:

    My motion is green in colour… After having lime and milk…was yours also like this…send me the pic of your motion…I even tasted it…I tasted like kfc chicken wings…tq for the remedy..infact tq u for the great taste

  89. Nadhu says:

    Thanks very much for the remedy it quite worked wonders

  90. John says:

    Can i use amul milk which is available in packets…???

  91. John says:

    I m also taking medicines..shall ur trick work in dat conditn??

    • Bijay Kumar says:

      Should the milk cool after boil and then add lemon on it??
      Please suggest as soon as possible. I am suffering from 6 days.

  92. Bijay Kumar says:

    Should the milk cool after boil and then add lemon on it??
    Please suggest as soon as possible. I am suffering from 6 days.

  93. sanjeev says:

    wahw superb !! its working 100% really cool thanks admin.

  94. maxxs says:

    I am having lose motion since 9 pm now is 4 am what shoud I do now sir

  95. maxxs says:

    I am having to much lose motion how to stop it sir

  96. Prasad says:

    Should i drink buttermilk

  97. Pushkar says:


    I face this problem almost in every two months, i think its like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) disease. This causes weakness to a large extent. I have gone for all the tests (LFT, KFT, WIDAL). Please let me know whether this remedy will work for me or not. If not what else could I do, please let me know.

  98. Sethurani says:

    My 10 months baby having loose motion after drinking milk, tried all medicine what doctor prescribed, but no use …… can I try this for my baby

  99. Chaitanya Soren says:

    Thanks for real time instant solution. After seeing your article, I immediately tried for it. Within very short period of time I feel comfortable.

  100. khalid says:

    i wl drink ths nw. wl let u
    kno the result

  101. Ashish says:

    I tried it.. hope it will work..

  102. sunilkumar says:

    Let me try once

  103. Saurav verma says:

    Can we use pasteurised milk also available in market???

  104. vivek prakash says:


  105. Pranati says:

    My husband is suffering from loose motion for the past 5 days. I tried all medicines but is not cured.He is a diabetic patient. Will this remedy create any side effect for him? How many times do I give him this drink?

  106. shubham says:

    can i use curd instead of milk with lemon

  107. Mahi Sood says:

    i have had loose motions for three weeks now. read about this and IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC. THANKS ADMIN

  108. Sathish says:

    last 2 days I have loose motion problem.. 4 hours interval once.. give some good remedy admin

  109. Manikanta says:

    hi i im having loose motion from 4days, i took medicine but i did not cure and also today evening i took milk with half lemon but i want know while having loose motion what type of food have to be take?

  110. piyush kewlani says:

    How much time interval must be there between each dose?

  111. varun says:

    Sir i am suffering loose motion since two months.if i eat any thing than i sunddenly gotta go toilet immediately
    I can’t eat anything πŸ™ lost 5kg in 2 months
    I am a bussiness man .i have to seat 10hrs at my shop
    Please tell me the best way to get cured

  112. Lalit says:

    Hi. I took couple of medicines to control about an hour ago. Can I still have this mixture now?

  113. sachin says:

    Great 100% performance

  114. nina roy says:

    Thank you soo much…it really worked.

  115. dice says:

    Is it safe?
    If it is yes then please tell me if i can use full fat bottled milk.
    Is it also safe if i drink the milk-lemon concoction lukewarm as i am sick?
    please reply as fast as possible

  116. dice says:

    Is it safe?
    If it is yes then please tell me if i can use full fat bottled milk.
    Is it also safe if i drink the milk-lemon concoction lukewarm as i am sick?

  117. Ram says:

    Just had first dose…fingers crossed!

  118. Ravikumar says:

    I had a loose motion last 3 days to still pls tell me how can I stop it

  119. Isha says:

    My mother is suffering from frequent loose motions since morning, she hardly has eaten something but still going to washrum every half n hour… She has taken medicines but is feeling very weak… She has had a uterus operation a month ago… Let me know if ur lime and milk remedy wont do her any bad

  120. haraprasad mohapatra says:

    my mother gave me chilled milk with instant lemon squeeze. in addition, often an ayurvedic concoction buy-able under “karpUrAriSTa” brand name. and then our daughter when a three-year, got down with chronic green dysentery. she got cured of it completely at her 14 with intake of green pomegranate-peel grind! in addition to this instant lemon-in-chilled milk. all through more than a whole decade’s suffering. several allopathy and homeopathy and unani were administered during this long period. to no good.

  121. Jack says:

    Can i used simple packet milk like nestle?

  122. Kish says:

    Thank You Very Much.. The cold milk with lemon mix & a banana instantly stopped the 3 days of loose motions ..Had been having antibiotics for 2 days now with no relief .. natural solutions are always the best !!

  123. Sanjay says:

    The milk has become like cotton after putting lemon juice in milk,can I drink it now

  124. Sanjay says:

    The milk has become like cotton after putting lemon juice in milk,can I drink it now.Also can I eat non veg.

  125. Pratik says:

    I have loose motion and bloated upper stomach problem. Can I have this drink for both loose motion and gas problem???

  126. Prem says:


    Shall I use raw milk or chilled boiled milk?

  127. Sheetal says:

    My daughter is ten months old she is passing motion. Very watery which is now n then…and her motion is acidic..can I give her above remedy…Very tensed….by giving tat above remedy Wil not worsen the situation

  128. Sheetal says:

    Can any other medicine be given along with tat remedy+?wat food intake can I give her

  129. asiri says:

    I tried …hoping for a good result…

  130. Sara says:

    My husband suffer loose motion since six months ago but it’s not typical diarrhea type as only one time per day. He complained of stomach bloating and too much of gas the last 2 week, his stomach feel better now after we stop all the dairy products (suspect lactose intolerance) but only with loose motion problem. Can he try your remedy Sir?? Appreciate your reply. Tq

  131. Kunal says:

    well i have used ur remedy and it works like PERFECT ,,, thnx for the remedy

  132. imran merchant says:

    i was having motions since past 4 days .. took medicine from doctor .. on the 4th day things had worsen .. it didnt stop .. just now tried ur remedy .. and man … its awesome .. i had that wierd sensation in my stomach all this while and its all gone now .. people do try this ..

  133. neeraj says:

    I hav no source of milk other than the packaged one…and i think packaged milk pouches are having all vitamins consumed can i take that packet milk from shop?
    Also can i eat chapatis?

  134. Sushi says:

    I m suffering from loose motions … N tomorrow I have to travel … N I have only a night to stop them so apko suggest me some remedies .,.

  135. suganya says:

    Hi , i having 4month baby , he is suffering from loosemotion past 25 days , i am so worried , i dont no what i to do ?? Can i try this remedy??how many times want to give in a day ??can i add lemon with breast milk ??? Or aavin milk???Please reply me soon as possible i am waiting

    • admin says:

      You can take milk in a bowl and add lemon to it and instantly feed that to your child by teaspoons. I just hope, he’ll be better soon.

  136. chitra says:

    Pls reply sir…. Its urgent will it work for me…

  137. chitra says:

    Can I use cow milk or I have to used toned milk

  138. Sam says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed! I hope your remedy works man! I have my exam tomorrow :/

  139. Amrita says:

    Very very disgusting taste

  140. Ashima says:

    I can try this remedy for my 2.5 years old baby? Is this safe for him?what about bacteria? Motions can stop by this remedy but what about bacterial infection?

  141. Tazeen says: daughter is 2.5 yrs old..she is suffering from loose motion since 1 weak..i hav tried lots of medicine and it wont work..what should i do? Pls suggest some remedy without side effects

  142. Ashima says:

    My question is , what if he have already bacterial infection?

  143. rocky says:

    no effect

  144. vicky says:

    I have loose motion for more than 2 months. I have consulted my doctor. and it’s normal for two days when I take medicine after two days I’m suffering from same loose motion problem can u suggest me any permanent remedy

  145. saloni oberoi says:

    I am having loose motions since morning and i have gone atleast 5-6 times..watery motions ..pls help me .. will it work for me ?

  146. sugu says:

    Hi , i having 6month old baby , he getting dysentry past 10days still there, i am so worried about him , i gave him ur remedy 4times in a day but still it continuing , i gave the mixture of milk and lemon of 2teaspoon of each time , i want to know how much i need to give in a day and how many times , plz help me , as soon as reply me plz i m waiting for ur reply

  147. Aleena says:

    Hello Admin I too have loose motions and additionally I have lost my appetite and sometimes I feel like vomiting (very rare)…and after I take meal I feel very heavy please help meeeee

  148. yash says:

    Hello milk is safe while hvng loose motion? And milk with lemon? Is this combination is risky?

  149. altaf says:

    I have loose motion from last 2 days I have alrady oflaz and lopomind but no improvement please guide

  150. may237 says:

    i tried ur remedy nd still gone 2 times..i have mouth ulcers accompanying with loose motion

  151. Nithya says:

    I’ve been having loose motion twice a day for the past week . will this work ?

  152. Sebu says:

    Last three weeks i have loose motion per day one time with watery type.

    Done with doctor and taken the medicine also.

    Still same…

    And avoiding the spicy and hot food…

    Kindly adivise?

  153. S.k.sethi says:

    I have regular high Constipation what should u Advice me

    • admin says:

      Please, follow our post related to constipation.

      That’ll help you out and then ask more questions if you are unsatisfied.

  154. anonymous says:

    Sir I’m suffering from loose motion.In the morning I had one bottle of glucose & DNS. Had two tablet one before the meal &one after meal.
    Can I try ur solution (milk&lemon).
    Plz reply
    Thank you..

  155. IQBAL SINGH says:

    My father aged 78 yrs suffering from loose motions due to medication i.e. heavy doses of antibiotics & still under medication. Will this formula which you suggested will be effective.

  156. Prakkash says:

    I’m having loose motion problem from 15 days and above no medicine is working on me I have lost almost 9 kg
    Should I try the above remedy
    With buffalo milk??

  157. Jabeen says: suffering from loose motions since from 3 months.tried medicines also.medicines are working only for few hours.i lost my weight as well.plz suggest am very much worried. It is effecting my health.

  158. suha says:

    Milk should be chilled or we can consume it in room temperature. Is it safe for her cause she even vomited once. Will it be ok for her?

    • admin says:

      This remedy will be completely safe. Cold milk will be better.

    • Rajiv Sharma says:

      This is very old combination for stop lose motions & i have also try it so many times, it has no side effect, this is indian ayurvedic formula lemon+milk= instant relief in lose motions

  159. nihal says:

    What is organic milk!??
    I think unboiled mik is the organic one

    • admin says:

      No, pasteurized or packaged milk is not the organic one.

      The one you get directly from dairy is the organic milk.

  160. Jivesh says:

    I took it with some sugar will it not work

  161. Akshay says:

    I started having problem of loose motion from today morning. I took your remedy just now. Is it OK if I have some food soon after taking the remedy ?

  162. Alex says:

    will it hurt

  163. Manpreet says:

    I am having terrible loose motions since yesterday afternoon after a composite filling of my tooths since I swallowed most of the chemicals diluted with water during the procedure even I had vomitted once yesterday afternoon.. Wil this remedy work??

  164. kislay choudhary says:

    exuse me sir i have loose motion from 4hrs and stomach is paining to much

  165. Navya says:

    Hi admin I m suffering loos motion for 7 months . Sometimes it becomes OK but sometimes it become again .please suggest me what should I do.

  166. I am suffering from a strange phenomenon. Generally I have solid / constipated motions. For last two months, I am on restricted diet. Still I am passing one loosish motion in morning. If I have normal food, it comes out in a couple of hours as loosish motion. It appears that my stomach is not retaining any food. At my normal weight of 55 kg,, I have lost 4 kg weight in 2 months. Please advise.

  167. prashant says:

    i have loose motion from morning should i try this. is there any side effect

  168. Raj says:

    My uncle is suffering loose motion from last 9 days and all medicine not working, after searching on net I got this remedy and try just now. Hope it will work. I will give you update later. Thanks

  169. admin says:

    You can give it a try.

  170. Raj says:

    Thank you very much Admin it’s work. My uncle is okay now. God bless you Admin 😊 πŸ‘Œ

    • admin says:


      We are glad that your uncle is better know, do share our posts and videos on social media πŸ™‚
      Good luck!

  171. Rupa says:

    U can have spoon of mustard seeds and put it in ur mouth and drink water then u can stop ur motion in 20 mins

  172. Mals says:

    I am going to try this now, tired of visiting the loo since morning. Mild cramp in stomach and running to the loo. Will let you all know about the results.

  173. Akarsh Rastogi says:

    If it happens so that I manage to take it only once today, and it fails to cure, will it (even for one day) have an opposite worsening effect?

    Because I have an important presentation today. I wanna make sure nothing wrong happens

  174. karuna huja says:

    loose motion from last one month what to do drink milk or appproch doctor please advice

  175. d d pandit says:

    I am having loose motions from morning..I had 11 times..I have Important work tomorrow morning now it’s 1:15 am here.. shall I try this..

  176. Rony says:

    Hello sir.

    I have been having pain in the lower abdomen for 6 days. The pain is not persistent. But it keeps coming on and off. Due to this condition I have a bloated belly as well. And that’s not it. there is loose motion too.

    Do you think your remedy can have a quick effect on me? And what do you think is my condition? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

  177. Rahul Patel says:

    Sir. I do have a question. .
    A glass of milk suggested by you I mixed with sugar or direct packed milk

  178. Nishi says:

    I have des entry or ibs

  179. immanuel jena says:

    hello admin,
    after buying milk directly from dairy i need to boil it?or directly keep in fridge and then squeeze lemon on it and drink it?plzz help and how many times i need to consume it?so when to squeeze lemon during boiling or taking out from fridge and then do it.

    • admin says:

      1) Boil it first to kill harmful bacteria.

      2) Refrigerate the milk and let it cool.

      3) Use this milk now, and squeeze lemon on it and drink instantly.

  180. himanshukandpal says:

    Admin sir .. can we consume curd /yoghurt at night if person suffering from loose motion ?? Actually there is turmoil in my mind after knowing the fact that we shouldn’t eat curd at night as far as health is concern … is it right ???

  181. rajesh basumatary says:

    My wife having loose motion 2 times in a day last 25 days firstly she is having caugh and cold after that doctors giving antibiotics. After takeing antibiotics she got having lose motion I suggest so many doctors but they can’t solve this problame . plz give some home remedies. Thank you

  182. Humna Tahir says:

    How many times per day it should be consumed

  183. deepak says:

    dear sir I have loose motion at 5 days I want to ask one question how many time take this milk in a whole day please tell and how much time take to effect

  184. Bani says:

    My mother is suffering from loose motion from last 5 days . a week ago she was hospitalized in ICU because of lungs infection and also saviour cold and cough. She is unable to eat anything because of heavy dose of antibiotics. Also she is having cardiological problem. Can I use this remedy to control her loose motion.

    • admin says:

      Those medicines she is taking are heavy thats why she is facing this. This remedy is completely safe for her, you can give it to her.

    • Bani says:

      Thanks a lot admin I will definitely try this remedy …. She has lost her appetite and is unable to eat any thing. Could you please suggest me some remedy to increase her appetite…

  185. anonyms says:

    There wont be any side effects?

  186. MD ALTAMASH says:

    Can i take it with powder milk?

  187. Sam says:

    Boiled nd cooled milk or non boiled packet milk ????

  188. V.Kumar says:

    Hi, My Wife is suffering from Loose motions & Vomiting from last 15 days, I have tried all the medicines But the relief is temporary, I want to ask does your remedy to stop loose MOtions works on vomitings too ?

  189. Mohsin says:

    If milk with lemon works as a buttermilk for killing bacteria’s can I drink buttermilk directly for the same.?

  190. Rajiv Singh says:

    I am having loose stool and body is little warm. I tried drinking butter milk, methi, honey but it’s doesn’t work.

    I get loose stool (4-6 times a day) after eating something and body is little warm from last three week.

  191. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Thank you very much for the post . I was suffering with loose motion since last three days . Yesterday night situation was worst .At night around 12.30 am I was just checking some quickest way to get rid of loose motion and came across this tips and with hesitation I adopted . Trust me within 5 minutes loose motion was stopped . I am writing this comments after 8 hours , no loose motion .
    Thank you very much for sharing . May god bless you

  192. seethalakshmi says:

    Im suffered from stomach upsett & stomach pain. I tried many home remedies but there is no use. so I take medicines along with the consultation. but now I have constipation problem for 3 days. can you please give some advice for this

  193. Sufia says:

    My mother is having continuous loose motion for 1 year. She is diabetic and heart patient. What can she do?no medicine is effective. Please guide us.

  194. Sufia says:

    My mother is a heart patient and diabetic, she is suffering from loose motion since 1year, no medicine have any effect.can she try this remedy?

  195. Abu Sayed says:

    Im always going to bathroom since yesterday because of loose motion, I think I have IBS too. Im 16 years old,and I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks, Will this remedy work for me too? Please let me know admin, and Thank you so much for the good work.

  196. Ram.S.Chandran says:

    Last two days am suffering from loose motions.tried your milk+lemon now.hope it works.thanks.

  197. Ram. Chandran. says:

    I was suffering from loose motions for the last two days.thanks to your cold milk+lemon therapy,it is gone!! It is sheer magi.gbu.😊

  198. Leela says:

    I am having loose motion about ten days like some undispgestive type nearly 5 to eight times. I also taken medicine continuously for five days. No response. Pl I can also take the medicine .is it cure for me also.please suggest. Sir,

  199. Ashwin Suvarna says:

    Admin.. I am having loose motions for last 3 days thats too just yellow water flowing in high speed… I used each and every medicine and not able to stop it anyway…. And i feel some bubbly sound inside my tummy… Can i try this…???

  200. Ali says:

    I am having loose motions since 2weeks if I take medicine then they are stopped for 1 or 2 days .. I can only digest rice otherwise result is loose motion I have tried antibiotics too but when I try to start thing other than rice it becomes worse

  201. Kiara says:

    Help admin… need your help urgently. My mother wa diagnosed with stomach cancer last year and her chemotherapies have been done. Her reports showed good improvements. After chemotherapies her immune system has become very weak. Because of which she caught stomach infection. She is having loose motions. We have been giving her the medicines, but nothing is working great. Can I give this cold milk and lemon mixture to her. Is it going to help her ?? Please suggest ASAP!!
    Thanks in advance.

  202. rishy says:

    I’m suffering loos motions, but present no original milk in my home (only paker milk) what I will do?

  203. jai says:

    What should i take for the cure of weakness cause by loose motions

  204. Sutej says:

    I am going to try it. …

  205. Kirti Mandal says:

    My daughter started having loose motion and little uncomfortability in stomuch and i gave her half cup of cold milk and 12-13 drops of lemon in the interval of 1 hou. Just 2 doses and so far she has not complained of any loose motion and uncomfortability. Thanks for the remedy

  206. Deepak says:

    I am having loose motion since the last 36 hours , I was having medication but it didn’t seem to work , so I tried your remedy , the doubt I have is after having milk and lemon , is it normal For the loosemotion to continue and how long will it take for it to cure .

  207. vengatesan says:

    Admin sir how much time it will take per day is there any limit

  208. Abhishek dalmia says:

    I have tried this method on my dad who was suffering was very bad motion did atleast 30 times in past 2 days
    I tried all kind of medicines but nothing worked
    I would like to thank the conveyor and oc and admin for such Imporatant information

    Kindly let me know how to conncet you for further problem and cure it naturally

    • admin says:

      We are glad that, it worked for your uncle very well.

      To contact further, our comment section is always open for you!

      • ks gill says:

        I had loose motions for three days. Tried medicines and home reminders.. No effect. TRIED your remedy now. Will watch the result. Fingers crossed

  209. Harsh says:

    What is the tyme interval

  210. SMK says:

    Great Information! But I usually get loose motions problem frequently at least once in a month. Is there any permanant solution for get rid of this loose motions problem? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  211. Raj says:

    Seriously it works, I have tried and it stops loose motion immediately. Thanks a lot.please try this before your condition go bad.

  212. Asha khairlar says:

    I am suffering from loose motion since 3 days and I try your remedy in 2 times after every 2 hour of interval but I did not get result what I do

  213. Asha khairlar says:

    I am suffering from loose motion since 3 days and I try your remedy in 2 times after every 2 hour of interval but I did not found any result what I do

  214. Asha khairlar says:

    Help me ,I am suffering from loose motion since 3 days and I try your remedy in 2 times after every 2 hour of interval but I did not found any result

  215. Asha khairkar says:

    It really works thanks

  216. Ashraf Saiyed says:

    I just want to know milk should be a cow milk or buffalo milk ?? I m having this problem since two days taken many medicine but there is no effect so just inform me as soon as possible.

  217. Amit Jakhar says:

    Dear admin.
    I am suffering from loose motion from many days as I u take this milk I feel comfortable. But after some days, m getting same problem.
    Please help me out . M looking my personality.

  218. sathish says:

    Hello I have loose motions with stomach pain can I drink milk with lemon

  219. Umesh says:

    i have loose motion i had ORSL juice

  220. Nilesh says:

    What is organic milk

  221. nitin the says:

    I have a loose motion from two days then I go to to the doctor he advised me and gave me odicef injection but not cured my loose motin then I tried lemmon juice an buttermilk but I still have bad condition what can I do ?

  222. Sree says:

    My parents is suffering from loose motion for 2 days and I gave them milk plus lemon as u sujjested but didn’t worked…

  223. Neha says:

    I am a breastfeeding mom of 3months old child will it cause any problem to my child if I consume it

  224. RAM says:


  225. jagadesh says:


    My brother is suffering with loose motion since 3 days.consulted doctor by still he is going for motions today he went for 5 times.

    Please suggest can he have milk with lemon as u suggested.

    Kindly advise

  226. jagadesh says:


    My brother is suffering with loose motion since 3 days.consulted doctor but still he is going for motions today he went for 5 times.

    Please suggest can he have milk with lemon as u suggested.

    Kindly advise

  227. M.M.Iqbal says:

    My friend having loose motions nd suffering f from collities for the last one month he has taken so many medicines but he is not getting relief to stop loose stools. Kindly tell me he can use this remedy above mentioned to stop this problem. Pls tell me as soon as possible. I shall be highly thankful to you.

  228. Anonymous says:

    If we dont have lemon at home, so is there any way other methox for loose motion.

  229. Hii says:

    I’m suffering from loose motions from 3 days even the medicines were not working I just now tried ur recipe waiting for the result

  230. Sreeja says:

    I’m suffering from loose motions from 3 days even the medicines were not working on I have tried ur recipe 3 times in a day still it’s not helping

  231. AR says:

    What a remedy. I was sufferimg from loose motion for past 2 days. Today around 5 am I saw this post and quite reluctantly i tried this panecea as i wasnt sure but boy what an instant effective relief. Thanks for posting and would recommend to all

  232. subhabrata says:

    Do orni 500 drug help in controlling loose motion

  233. subhabrata says:

    Do orni 500 drug help in controlling loose motion?

  234. neetu says:

    my friend is suffering frm motions and vomiting I had suggested this remedy, hope he will be fine πŸ™

  235. Nami says:

    Hi.. i am 6 months pregnant and having mild loose motion since 2 days. Can i also try your remedy?

  236. Muhammad Asif says:

    If someone have milk/lactose intolerance then what he/she will do

  237. Tra says:

    I am suffering from loose motions since around 1 month. When ever I consume a diet after about 2-3 hours I need to go for motion and motion is loose along with bubbles and froth.Neither allopathic nor homeopathic is working for me. Shall I try your remedy?

  238. Tra says:

    I am suffering from loose motions since last 1 month and whenever I take a diet I need to go for motions in about 2-3 hours.along with being loose,motion is having bubbles and froth.neither allopathic nor homeopathic is working for me. Shall I try your remedy?

  239. Muhammad Naseeruddin says:

    I am a patient of lactose intolerance. The doctor has told me no to take milk , can I use your remedy ? I have been suffering from loose motions frequently. Thanks and regards,

  240. Muhammad Naseeruddin says:

    Sir, please advise me because I have tried all the medicines prescribed by gastrologist. I only want to know that I may use remedy because I am a patient of lactose intolerance and Dr. has advised not to take milk and milk product. Pl. Reply me on priority basis because now a days I have been suffering from dirhea and last night 10 times loose and watering motion ha become and I m feeling not well.

  241. D Govinda rao says:

    Good evening sir,
    My father suffering from frequent motions but not loose motions. Is this drink is suitable to my dad plz help me
    And he is diabetic patient

  242. D Govinda rao says:

    Good evening sir,
    My father suffering from frequent motions but not loose motions. Is this drink is suitable to my dad plz help me
    And he is diabetic patient.He was tried all madicens for frequent motions but no use sir plz suggest me.

  243. drale remoray says:

    Will this work,if i have already taken an anitbacterial drug?

  244. drake remoray says:

    Will this work,if i have already taken an anitbacterial drug?

  245. Damodar rao says:

    Please help me

  246. kaleem ullah Ghani says:

    Thanks Doctor , for me that was really an easy and most effective treatment.

  247. Tejas says:

    Does this help with dysentry due to IBS?

  248. alka sharma says:

    Thanks this worked for my husband ..

  249. Rafi says:

    Dear sir,thank you for the loose motion stopped immediately but my digestion becomes bad whenever i eat fruits like banana,apple,papaya,etc also spinach.pls tell me what the reason could be and how to cure it?
    Thank you!

  250. Teja says:

    found this remedy while am on stool. going to try this ryt away to save my 4 holidays.

  251. Teja says:

    found this while I’m on stool. going to try this ryt away to save my 4 holidays.

  252. Teja says:

    I don’t know whether it’s my feeling to satisfy myself or it really worked immediately. My stomach started to feel like taking rest just in 10 mins. Hope the issue resolves completely.

  253. Veer Malik says:

    How stupid it did not worked at all

  254. Ali says:

    Will your solution work for someone who is lactose intolarent and has ibs

  255. vishnu says:

    I’m tried some tablets and homely medicines…..but loose motion is not stopes and in my stool there is blood and mucus……… so I’m very tired……please help me,………

  256. Ritu says:

    I have IBS(irritating bowel syndrome) . Because of which I generally suffer from indigestion and loose motions. Can this cure my loose motions also. Even if I don’t eat or drink anything unhealthy, I get loose motions. Doctor says the cause of my situation is anxiety and depression. Will this remedy work for me? Please reply

  257. Anita Biswal says:

    Hey I m having a watery type of loose motion since 6am yesterday. It’s vry troubling. Can I try your remedy

  258. Sagar says:

    Sir please tell me the milk should be of cow or buffalo

  259. Bala says:

    My child 3mns old having same issue. Green watery motion since 25daysso I just starting having this since morning and feeding him…lets see the result

  260. Sharath says:

    Hi I’m suffering from severe diarrhea (watery stool-10-15 times in 24 hours). The medicine is not working. I want to try your method — but I live in a Pg..boiling milk is not possible. Kindly suggest.

  261. Yamini says:

    Its not working for me can you please tell another remedy

  262. Lizzy says:

    What happens if ua hungry during loose motion?

  263. faiz mirza says:

    Nice it’s worked

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