Mother’s Horlicks – Benefits, Flavours & Price

Mother’s Horlicks, a special and superior variant of the dietary supplement Horlicks, was launched in the year 1977, scientifically designed keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of breast-feeding and pregnant women.

This nutritional supplement has been re-launched in the year 2014 with an all new flavours, as a special food for lactating and pregnant mothers. It contains all the twenty seven essential nutrients which are vital for the all-round development and health of the baby and the mother.

Mothers Horlicks - Benefits, Flavours & Price

Mother’s Horlicks Benefits, flavours & Price

Mother’s Horlicks during pregnancy :

Mother’s Horlicks is a supplementary drink, which, when consumed on a regular basis, helps to satisfy the increased calorie needs of women during pregnancy. It contains several micro-nutrients such as Iodine, Folic acid, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B12, D, and B6 which are known to improve the birth weight of a baby.

Supplementation or dietary intervention during pregnancy can enhance the emission of these micro-nutrients in the breast . It supplies other nutrients as well, such as Vitamins B12, A, B2, B1, and B6, Selenium and Iodine which refine the quality of the breast milk during the lactation period.

The period of mental growth or development in children begins from twelve weeks of pregnancy till the age of three years. The sensitive and important period for associated behavioral abilities and neural development in a child is from the period of prenatal life till early infancy. Even the smallest nutritional deficiencies during the vital growth period of a child can cause learning disabilities.

In small infants, a lack of the essential and key nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Iron and Folic acid can hinder the development of the brain and the nervous system. Other nutrients such as Zinc and Iodine are vital for proper development of the brain cells.

Mother’s Horlicks contains such nutrients which are known to help in the normal functioning of the brain of an infant.

Health benefits of Women’s Horlicks :

  1. DHA and Choline, which are required for the healthy development of the eyes, nerves and brain, are not easily available in the average Indian diet. These nutrients contribute to psycho-motor development in babies and constitute around 40 percent of the PUFA or the polyunsaturated fatty acid in the infant’s brain which is essential for the growth of the nerves and the eyes.
  2. Regular consumption of this malted drink protects the cells in the body, releases energy in the food, absorbs iron into the cells of the body and helps to remove tiredness and fatigue  which is very common with pregnant women.
  3. As it is a malted drink, it helps to keep hunger at bay and thus induces deeper and sounder sleep, which is essential for the health of pregnant and lactating women.
  4. It contains potassium, sodium and chloride, which help in maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body.
  5. The Vitamin K contributes to normal clotting of blood, and the phosphorus, Vitamin D and elemental calcium help in the development of strong teeth and bones of the baby.
  6. The Vitamin A, Vitamin E , Vitamin D, Zinc, Copper and Selenium enhance the anti-oxidant function of the body and provide a healthy immunity to the baby.
  7. The that Mother’s Horlicks contains, apart from providing nutrition to the mother, also boosts and enhances the growth of the baby.

When to start taking Mothers Horlicks ?

A pregnant women who is a minimum 3 months pregnant is eligible to use this product. At that period of time, the fetus gets perfectly conceived by the mother and very less chances are left for miscarriage.

Flavours in which Mother’s Horlicks is available :

Mother’s Horlicks is available in the market in a wide variety of flavors including the classic malt flavourchocolate flavour and the vanilla flavour.

Any known side effects ?

No such side effects are known till date, as it contains no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors and no added preservatives.

Mother Horlicks Price :

The 500g pack of Mother’s Horlicks will cost you around Rs. 450 in India.

43 Responses to Mother’s Horlicks – Benefits, Flavours & Price

  1. Mrs.Sonali Dutta Guchait says:

    I want chocolate flavour mother’s horlicks bt in Kolkata its not available. I will be highly obliged if your company supply it in Kolkata as soon as possible.

  2. bosu says:

    From which month can a pregnant lady can start a drink mother horlicks

  3. somnath halder says:

    can a pregnant lady can start a drink mother horlicks from 1 month???

  4. sakshi says:

    Is it suitable for 16-17
    year girl

  5. Archana says:

    Why should it be taken after 2 months only?

    • admin says:

      Because it is only meant to benefit the women who are able to safely conceive the child, not for early pregnancy.

  6. anand says:

    what are the different flavours available for Mother’s Horlicks?

  7. sush says:

    Hi presently am not pregnant but trying to conceive. Couple of days back i consulted my doctor because of low BP problem. She suggested me to drink mother’s Horlicks. So is it ok to proceed??

  8. Zulekha says:

    Is this product wheat based like regular horlicks?

  9. Sophia says:

    Pregnant lady ll eat chocolate flavor??

  10. Priya says:

    How Many times should I take it per day to have sufficient milk for my baby?

    • admin says:

      It will provide you the required vitamins and protein. It won’t help you in producing more milk.

      That’s a natural process.

  11. c sarkar says:

    can a pregnant lady start a mother horlicks from 6 month? ???

  12. neelutpall kumar tanti says:

    Can i use it after baby birth?

  13. Gagandeep kaur says:

    I am giving feed to my baby…can i start women horlicks or mother horlicks ?? Which is benefitial for me nd my baby?

  14. nomita says:

    Can it be taken by non pregnant women..Will there be side effects ?

  15. maha says:

    Hi i am 6 weeks pregnant can i start mothers horlicks now.

  16. Megala says:

    I am 2 months pregnant…now only 3rd month started….shall i take mothers horlicks

  17. rashed says:


  18. roshny says:

    is mother’s Horlicks only for pregnant ladies? is there any problem if others take it……?

  19. Swapna says:

    Hi now for me 9th.mnth can i take mothers horlicks

  20. Swapna says:

    Hi iam swapna now for me 9th mth so can i take mothers horlicks

  21. Rajendra says:

    Rda ka full from kya hai or
    Who or
    Dha …?

  22. B.Suresh says:

    my wife pregnant 4th month running but this product how to use please explain me

  23. hari says:

    In which month pregnant take mothers horlicks

  24. Saghana says:

    Hi.! I’m 8 weeks pregnant . Can I take mother’s Horlick ?

  25. Divya says:

    My baby was 2yr started but​ she is immunity level is low ,my Brest milk restart can I use mother Horlicks

  26. sandhya says:

    Is this is taste as same as normal horlicks??
    Is it tastes like baby and me??

  27. Tharani Kumar says:

    My baby is 14 days old now.. My milk secretion is little bit less and its not sufficient for my baby.. Will mother’s horlicks improves milk secretion..??

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