Nutrigain Plus Powder – Review, Benefits & Side Effects

Nutrigain Plus is a product manufactured by Ayurwin pharma, an Indian origin company founded by Mr. Shivakumar PB. The company deals in health products made using the ancient ayurvedic formulation that addresses the common body disorders. All the products are tested, proven to be beneficial and being used by over millions of people around the world.

Nutrigain Plus Powder/Capsules

Nutrigain Plus Powder/Capsules

Nutrigain Plus – A natural Weight Gainer Formula

The top selling product from Ayurwin, Nutrigain plus is available in two forms : powder and capsules. It is basically an ayurvedic weight gainer formula that helps people who are comparatively weak and underweight to gain sufficient weight to get their body in shape.

Nutrigain plus works primarily on the appetite. Those who are unable to eat much due to less appetite are provided with a few natural herbs like pippali and marich that improves the appetite naturally. Therefore, eating more healthy foods satisfies the daily bodily requirements of vitamins and nutrition.

Nutrigain Plus Ingredients :

Following are the 7 main ingredients you would find mentioned on the box of Nutrigain.

  • Pippali
  • Maricha
  • Ashwagandha
  • Gokshura
  • Musali
  • Draksha
  • Kharjura

Nutrigain Plus Health Benefits :

1) Naturally prepared Weight Gainer : Unlike many other weight gainers those contains artificially prepared formulation to increase weight, Nutrigain on the other side is completely natural and free from any artificial ingredient.

2) Increases Blood : Draksha and kharjura fulfills the iron requirement of the body which then leads to more blood production in the body. Better blood production removes the weakness from the body and you feel active all the time.

3) Improves appetite : Two major ingredients, Pippali and maricha plays a vital role in improving the metabolism of the body. It works by increasing the appetite first which makes you eat more food than normal. Then better absorption of foods at the right time helps you gain healthy weight.

4) Organic weight gaining ingredients : Ingredients like Ashwagandha, gokshura and musali are known as the natural herbs to gain weight. These improves the stamina, and provides sufficient amount of energy to the body to do daily tasks.

5) Reduces fat : Ashwagandha is also known as a natural fat burner that removes all the undesirable fat from the body and gives you a shaped body.

6) Improves digestion : If you were suffering previously from any digestion disorder, then Nutrigain plus will surely eliminates that problem. All these natural herbs betters your digestion and makes you feel more energetic.

Any Possible Side Effects :

Since, the formulation doesn’t contain any artificially prepared content which makes it a safe for any individual.

A) Avoid large dose : The product contains all contents in definite proportion which is followed by the limited daily usage. Increasing that daily usage may give you the following side effects :

  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Less appetite (More usage than the required may affect your appetite negatively)
  • Vomiting

Hence, limit your daily intake of the Nutrigain plus powder or capsules as prescribed on the back side of box.

Age Criteria :

Anyone who is above 15 years is eligible to use this powder. Children below 15 years of age should avoid the use of nutrigain at all. The powder can be used by both Men & Women up to any age.

Dosage Procedure :

For caps : You have to take two capsules a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

For Powder : Use the powder in the right amount as mentioned on the pack two times a day.

How To use :

Eat well before taking any dosage. Your morning breakfast and lunch should be heavy. No intake of capsules is prescribed with empty stomach at any time of the day. You may use either warm or hot to swallow the capsule or drinking the powder.

Nutrigain Plus Powder or Nutrigain Plus Capsules – Which one to choose ?

You might face a dilemma while going for one of the particular version of Nutrigain plus. As, you already know that, the company sells two version of the same product; one in capsules form and the other is in powder form (granules). Since, the overall formulation of the product is almost same; you need not to worry about the form you are taking in.

Both the products contains exactly the same ingredients as you’ve read above. Its just to meet both the demands for different community of people.

Feel free to chose whichever you like, both are same.

Can we use both powder and capsules alongside ?

No, you really shouldn’t. Taking both as per prescribed quantity can cause the overdose and can bypass the daily limit of nutrigain supplement.

Any supplement taken in dosage more than prescribed can lead to serious side effects as mentioned above.

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Current Price in the market :

a) Nutrigain Plus Powder 500 gram : Rs.895.00

b) Nutrigain plus 60 Capsules : Rs. 490.00

221 Responses to Nutrigain Plus Powder – Review, Benefits & Side Effects

  1. somu says:

    Recently, I purchased Nutrigain powder. However, there is no user guide mentioning how to take. In what proportion how many times to take daily whether in the morning or night. Pls tell me complete details..

    Thank you.

  2. durgesh soni says:

    Is it ok if i take capsules for 2months?
    and i will gain weight or not?
    pani me to nahi jaynge na paise? :/
    becoz am really tired from comments of the people that am looking like thin wood…. please reply…

  3. santanu das says:

    i found a white colour packet inside the ayurwin nutrigain capsules bottle.,, i dont understand what is it

  4. Rk says:

    Will u give me a written guarantee of no side effect of nutrigain.

    • admin says:

      No, there are not.

      We can only tell facts based on reviews we’ve collected so far.

    • Ayurwin says:

      RK: There are not any written guarantee on any product available in market. Being an ayurvedic product, it works based upon your age, body type, diet and health. If you take both powder and capsule as per the instructions and dosage, it will definitely work for you

  5. Richa says:

    I am 20 yrs old and my weight is 40 kg’s.
    Shall i take powder or capsules will do?
    Will it be really effective i m tired of eating natural products like banana eggs and stuff they didn’t help me to gain.

    Also is it ‘beneficial if i go to gym’ while consuming nutrigain?

    • admin says:

      You need to eat more protein on daily basis, around 50 gram/day.

      Take nutrigain powder with milk and add more natural source of organic protein to your diet.

    • Ayurwin says:

      You need to use both Nutrigain powder & Capsule for better result. You can use the product while going to Gym

  6. Rajinder Pal Singh says:


    I am 28 years old youngmen my weight 55 i want to gain some weight .

    My height is 5.6” please update me about nutrigain effect and side effect .

    I need to take powder or capsule or both at the same time.

    • Ayurwin says:

      You can Use both powder and capsule to gain weight naturally. There are no side effects as such found among the users so far. It’s an ayurvedic product.

  7. Saqlain Khan says:

    I am 17 years old boy my weight is 42kg’s
    tell me that if i take 500grms Nutrigains Powder
    How Much Days will it remain?
    How much Dose i have to take daily?
    And If I Take it for 1-2 months (till it ends)
    After I Left Taking Powder My Weight Will Loss again OR Remain Constant

    • admin says:

      We’ve mentioned about dosage and daily use in our post please go through again.

      After your powder is finished, you can increase your daily diet (Add more protein rich foods to it) to gain more weight.

    • Ayurwin says:

      You need to continue both the powder and capsule for a period of minimum 2-3 months. Once you get your desired result you can reduce the dosage gradually; Suddenly stopping the product wouldn’t help you coz You body need to be accumulated with the medicine.

  8. Rajat Kumar says:

    I m Rajat and I’m 19 Years old , height 5.2 InchAnd having 45.5kg Weight. I want. to Gain Weight Up to 60 kg Coz I’m so tired Using Desi Nukse of my family Like Eating Eeg, Banana And many More . Will Aayurwin Nutigain Help me to reach my goal In 2 Months .
    Could you plz. Tell. Me I will be your highly Obliged ….

  9. Shyam says:

    I have bought Nutrigain plus capsules .Please educate me on the way to take it and also what diet to follow exactly so that I can get desired results within short time..

  10. Vignesh says:

    Sir . I’m 16 year old boy , my weight is 50 kg . can I use these capsules ? Are there any side effects happen .

  11. Inderpreet says:

    My son is 14 years old ..and has become skinny from few months due to excess practice in basket ball .I am providing him sufficient diet but of no use …he is pale nutri gain safe in this age .please suggest.

    • admin says:

      You can give him any protein powder, but not Nutrigain as it is only meant for children above 15 years of age.

    • Chinky says:

      Hi Iam skinny my age is 26 weght is 39 it will work for me pls help me out,due this me not getting any proposals help me out

  12. Lucky says:

    I am 28 yearss old n my wieght is 41. What will u sugezt capsules or powder? Or shall tk both?

  13. ahmed says:

    Can taking nutrigain make my cheeks rounder ?

  14. Sana afreen says:

    Hey ..I am 24 weight is 33..wat should I use powder or capsules????mjhe kaise bh kare ke mota hona …will it help??????

  15. Rahul saxena says:

    can you provide the quality analysis report of the product as per your procedure and testing in your manufacturing unit of NUTRIGEN poweder or NUTRIGEN capsule.

  16. anand says:

    i am anand 23 old, but 50kg only so What will u sugezt capsules or powder? Or shall tk both?

  17. kumar says:

    Do I have to go gym by using this product????

  18. abhilash says:

    can i use only nutrigain capsules

    • admin says:

      You only have to use 1 thing only, either capsules or powder.

      Not both.

      • Teju says:

        It was helping me, Can we use one capsule box for two month

      • Ketan says:

        Hii admin u previously says that we can take both things capsules as well as powder an in nxt post u says that u can take one thing at a tym so pls give me suggestions for how to take that it both together or separately

  19. Vijay says:

    Hi I am 23 years and weight is only 46 pls suggest me can I go with nutrigain powder how many months it will take show the result.

  20. Rajesh says:

    I m 26 years old and my wait is 54 kg .. i m slim i want to increase my wait… can i use nutragain ?? how many % of fat in nutregain?

  21. daljeet says:

    I am 20yrs old my weight is 60kgs.. my height is 5’10” can i use only capsules for gain some weight.

  22. Vishal says:

    Hii i m 18 years old and my weight is 50 kg n my height is 5’10″……plzzz tell me that it is compulsory to do exercise……using nutrigain powder

  23. Aakib Ahmed says:

    Suppose I take nutrigain for 2 month and my weight increased and I Left Taking Powder. So my weight Will Loss again OR Remain Constant.
    And is it also result to increase in height or not.

    • admin says:

      It won’t increase your height but yes it is a good weight gainer.

      Secondly, If you stop taking it you won’t see weight loss as your body has already gained that much muscles.

      Just keep your diet good enough, and you’d never face such thing.

    • Ayurwin says:

      You need to reduce your dosage once you gain your desired weight. you can take once in a day instead twice, like this you will slow down your the dosage so your body will accustomed to it. Don’t stop it immediately once you gain weight

  24. Shambhavi says:

    The packet of nutrigain highlights the effectiveness of nutrigain when take the combination of nutrigain powder and capsule.Will it be okay or will be over dose?

  25. jeshwanth says:

    I am using both nutrigain and capsules. I am 17 years is it OK sir and how many months takes to show results .

  26. sathurjan says:

    Hai I am 17years old. my weigth is 51 kg and my height is 179cm.
    please tell me that it is compulsory to do exercise……using nutrigain powder

    What are the side effects include the nutigain powder …please tell me …

  27. Vamshi says:

    Hello, Is this only for gain weight or even helps in increasing body mass???

  28. tripty says:

    Hi, i am 20 years. My weight is 45 kg. Plz tell me whether nutrigain powder is helpful for me for gaining weight ? I want to gain weight for defence services.

  29. sonali says:

    is it also helpful in gaining height??

  30. surabhi says:

    We can use only 1 product powder or capsule

  31. kamal says:

    My name is kamal and my height is 5’4 and weight is 47
    plz tell me what should i take capsule or powder .
    And plz tell where i purchase this product

  32. Arpan says:

    I am 17 years old.. My wait is 44.. I want to improve my weight.. am I take both nutrigrain powder and capsules???

  33. Arpan says:

    My weight is 44… how much time I will take to reduce my wait upto 60?????
    please tell me quickly…..

  34. Can i take only capsule rather than taking powder?only taking nutrigain tablet also will gain weight? will it be helpful for gaining weight?

  35. if i will take only tablet than also it will work?

  36. Gaurav says:

    My body is so week..Mai mita hona Chahta hu kya is powder se fark pdega.. Plz tell me?

  37. hi… admin am irfan .. am 23 years old my weight is 43kg i wnt to take a product neutrigain powder and capsul .. which is best our mine…

  38. anilkumar says:

    is nutrigain powder taken in after breakfast and night after dinner tell me when the capsules taken.

  39. vin says:

    Hi, I called nutrigain customer support. They told u have to take both capsules and powder in order to see good result. Plz suggest on this. Which one to take ?

  40. sunil says:

    hii…I am 18 yrs my weight 57 and height 5feet 6inch
    kya mai nutrigain powder and capsule lai skta hoon…

  41. Rishi chopra says:

    Hi I am using this product and is very fantastic and my body grown up.

  42. Sabir Alam says:

    Hi i am 20 years old and height 5″6 my wieght is 48 kg. What should i do for gain my weight. Please somebody tell me.

  43. sunil says:

    hi this is sunil,

    my age is 38, m suffering gas and acidity problem. my weight is only 52 kgs.
    so advice me nutrigain capsule is suitable for me, or how long take this (2 or 3 months).
    once i stop take this capsule again my weight is loss or same.
    please advice.

    • admin says:

      It is completely suitable for you. You can test it for 1 month, and normally weight loss don’t occur after you stop taking it.

  44. aditya says:

    Hi, i am 28 years. My weight is 50 kg. Plz tell me whether nutrigain powder is helpful for me for gaining weight ? and which flavour is best nutrigain powder- like chocolate flavour

  45. Safnas says:

    I am 23 yrs still i am 46kg can i use nutri gain powder ,and if i stop hvng it aftr i get enough weight will thr be any side effects?

  46. kuldeep says:

    It’s compulsary to workout in gym after taking nutrigain powder
    And nutrogain CSD canteen ( army canteen ) m bhi milta h kya

    • admin says:

      You can purchase it online, its available on many sites.

      Its not compulsory but regular exercise is important if you are taking any sort of supplements.

  47. ashimbiswas says:

    Can i take it in water??

  48. PRASHANT says:


  49. aji says:

    I am 21 old age boy. 51 kg . my body is slim. my doubt is if I go to gym and at the same day I start to use nutrigain capsule. if it may cause any side effect for my body… sorry for wrong English.. thank you

  50. Nisha Pradhan says:

    Hello! My weight is 45 kg nd i m19 yrs old can I use both nutrigain capsule+ powder

  51. Ganesh says:

    I am 18 years old 55 kg I need to increase my weight if I take powder and one capsule daily is gonna safe……I workout daily for 2 hours and eat healthy and enough diet my weight is increasing very slowly I want to Lil bit faster that….

  52. gayathri says:

    I’m lactating mother shall I take nutrigain at this stage.

  53. Sidra baandaar says:

    I want weight gain with in one month is it possible if i take nutrigain powder

  54. sreelatha says:

    iam 21 years old my weight is 43 so i have to gain my weight wihtin a short period. will it helps me????

  55. GUDDU says:

    Nutrigain powder aur nutrigain capsule
    Lena hai Kya
    Dono me se kio ak

    • admin says:

      Buy only one, not both.

      You can purchase using the link provided by us, that will ensure you gets the original product.

  56. vassu says:

    Hai sir m vassu m 28years old my weight is 41 i actually I hv used Himalayalive 52 wid ciplactin nd dexona tablates actually i gained weight nd very glow on my face tharowly I ustand that it’s effective in future after my marriage in the means of pregnancy soo I hv stopped that medicine on that to I got many changes in my body loss of weakness and sir pls tell me I want to use this nutrigain which one suggest me capsule or powder nd if any complications will come if I use give me good solution sir pls kyuki mine tho shadi pakki huei hey tho mayybe putton weigh sir

  57. yuva priya says:

    I’m 21 years old my weight is only 36 kg I want to take nutrigain plus, but I’m having doubt that it could cause any side effects for me and i take this product with out any doctor consent, please tell me can I use it or not and also sent answer through my email please
    Thank you

  58. yuva priya says:

    Hi I’m 21 year’s old but my weight is only 36 kg, I want to use nutrigain but I’m having doubt that it cause any side effects or it good to take with out any doctor consent so please any me through my email
    Thank you

  59. Hi I am 24 ur old men and my height is 5.6 weight is 54 kgs can I use nutrigain powder or a capsule which is best one .

  60. Raut Nikhil says:

    On nutrigain capsule bottle it is written that , For best result use nutrigain capsule along with nutrigain powder ….sir my question is , if i use only capsule then it will work or not ?

  61. On nutigain capsule bottle it is written that ‘ For best results use nutrigain capsule along with powder….means both at a same time…..if i use only capsule , then it will work or not ?

  62. deepak sharma says:

    How many boxes of powder to use in two months.
    plzz tell me….?

  63. anuj kumar says:

    Sir I m using this product from last 3month even then my face cheeks becomes lean thin day by day except my further body … I go to gym daily so tell me what to do now

  64. Navjyot Vashist says:

    I have purchased nutrugain capsules .Is it helpful in weight gaining and muscle building.

  65. Kumar says:

    I am 25 year old . My height is 149 cm and my weight is 42 kgs only , Can i use the nutrigain product to increase my height and weight. Please tell me how to use the nutrigain product?

  66. Arindam Mukherjee says:

    I am 20 year old. What should I do to get the full benifit of it?

  67. Mohit says:

    Can I take Nutrigain with water?

  68. Mehar says:

    Can I get result In one month..I tried lot of weight gaining foods..but don’t get any it really work???please give a reply..I am very tensed about my weight..I am 20.I have only 42 kg..I am married and also have a 160 cm..Can I get result In one month???

  69. Ashish Pathak says:

    Hi i m 24 year’s old m & my hight is 5.11 & my waight is 59 kg.can i use nutrigain powder or capsules or any side effect of use both…what is the perfect waight of my hight 5.11

  70. Vikas says:

    Hello sir… yesterday I was both the product…the Powder and the capsule.. but I just want to confirm that eat both the at same time..PLZ TELL ME.

  71. manju says:

    Hi, Myself Manju…

    I’m 24years old,48 weight, how to use nutrigain, I want to gain as early as possible, can u give any suggestion ?

    • admin says:

      I’ve mentioned already in the post about using this powder.

      Use it with milk everyday in the night or in the morning to have better results.

  72. ishanq says:

    iam 28 years old and my height is 5.5 i want to gain wait as early as possible.Is nutrigain will help me.

  73. Shivang singh says:

    I am 15 year old and my weight is 45 kg what should i take nutigain or revital.which is better

  74. nidhun says:

    Can i take nutrigain before breakfast

  75. Kunal says:

    Hi i am Kunal.My age is 16 Years And Weight Only 40 Kgs. Tell me When should I take Nutrigain Powder after eating or before eating? . Or if I preferred capsules when to take it before or after eating. In morning can I take it with milk before going to school ?

  76. Kunal says:

    Hi i am Kunal.My age is 16 Years And Weight Only 40 Kgs. Tell me When should I take Nutrigain Powder after eating or before eating? . Or if I preferred capsules when to take it before or after eating. In morning can I take it with milk before going to school with empty stomach?

  77. SUNIL STAR says:

    HELLO SIR..MUJE KIDNEY STONE kya nutigain use kr skta hu.koi side effect to ni hai na?give me reply sir??

  78. ram says:

    I am 29 years old 55 kg I need to increase my weight. Plz tell me whether nutrigain powder is helpful for me for gaining weight ? and which flavour is best nutrigain powder.and after taking powder or capsule complsry go to exciresize or no need? shall i use both powder and capsule?which one is better for gaining fast?

  79. md Tauhid says:

    Sir ….kya main sirf capsules use kar sakta hoon for gaining weight??

  80. md Tauhid says:

    Sir ….kya main sirf capsules use kar sakta hoon for gaining weight?? Aur agar capsules use kiya toh kitne dino mein result ayenge…?

  81. MD Tauhid says:

    Sir…kya main weight gain karne ke liye sirf capsules le sakta hoon? Aur result pane ke liya kitna din lena padega? Aur iske wajah se heart ka koyi problem toh nahi hoga nah?….plz sir tell me


    dear sir

    my name is NIRAJ and i am 24 years old and my weight is 51 kg and height 175 cm and i want gain my weight and i used to your product past 15 days but i don’t have any effect my body How much of the day, which will be used to increase my weight

  83. Hemanth says:

    Sir, my name is Hemanth. My age is19 and my weight is 41. I get my ideal weight with in 3 months is nutrigain will help to gain.?

  84. madhuri says:

    Sir, i am 35 years old with 42 kgs weight. Can i take both powder and capsules for 2 months to gain weight through water

  85. ramana says:

    hi sir,
    my name RAMANA.I’M 23 year’s old.can i take the powder and capsul’s

  86. Sara says:

    I am 30 year old lam marreid my child in continue fedding so can l take powder and capsule

  87. Dheeru says:

    Kya nurturing capsule Khana jaruri h sir..?

  88. Tapan says:

    If i take once in night after dinner with warm watter then it s helpfull for gain my health or not
    If yes then how many months i take nutrigain poweder for gain my health

  89. Apoo says:

    It is compulsory to do exercise

  90. soumya says:

    Hi iam 24 yrs old and my weight would be around 40 kgs.. I badly want to gain weight…. I went to gym..tried so many things but it did not work out… nd I have wasted money…which one would you suggest me to follow capsules r powder? Iam basically very weak

  91. saurav says:

    i’m 18 year boy , i’m very slim ,may i take nutrigen capsule with water ?

  92. raju sharma says:

    hlo mujhe joindes hua tha abi nhi h to can I use nutrigain product pls tell

  93. raju sharma says:

    i suffard joindes before 3 month abi nhi h to can I use nutrigain product pls tell

  94. shakeel ahamed says:

    am a sports person can i use nutirgain for fitness and geting more energy while doing sports

  95. Geetha says:


    I am 33 years weighing approximately 38 Kgs, I have started taking Ayurwin Nutrigain from today only. I am not feeling much hungry, I have taken 2 scoops as instructed. Further, I read somewhere that taking Ayurveda Medi without consultation may have side effects, kindly clarify.

  96. Aryan says:

    Sir .I am 29 year old .my weight is 65kg & 5.9′ inch height.I do gym daily.can I take nutrigain with my whey protein shake after meal.pls suggest me.

  97. Devesh Rajendra Jadhav says:

    i have brought a 500gm jar if i consume it for months will i gain weight my current weight is 67kg and my target is 76-78kgs. how much months i will need to consume Nutrigain to achieve my target .
    Thank You

  98. Bharath says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 22 yr old and my weight is 56 kilo so is it OK to take 2 capsules a day or should i prefer powder.

  99. Akshay says:

    Sir my age 21 year my body verry small.kya neutrigen capsule in fit my body in 1 month Me kya body ho sakti he.please sir help.

  100. Vikash kumar says:

    If i am stop to taking nutrigain after wright gain..
    After some day my body lose weight or not…

  101. raj says:

    Nutrigain powder use in many day can get result.

  102. S baral says:

    Can I increase height

  103. vijay says:

    Hai its possible or not gain waight by using nutrigain

  104. raja says:

    same product why not powder or capsul same price?

  105. meen says:

    hello i’am 25 years female my ht 5.5ft weight is 49 only… i am using the powder morethan one month i didnt gain any weight…..can u please tel me how can i increase my weight

  106. gitika saikia says:

    hey i dont go to gym bt still can i have it?

  107. abhishek bane says:


    Can I take Only capsule? Because due to my daily schedule it is not possible to take powder.

  108. ganesh says:

    hai its ganesh, i am 21 yr old, and my weight is 50 kg,

    i want gain my weight, what should i do?

    can i take capsules or powder?
    itis usefull for me?
    any side effect will get?

  109. Yogita says:

    I have a kidny stone. If i take this capsule, koi problem to nahi hoga

  110. payel Biswas says: Payel Biswas…my weight is 41 k.g…n my height 5.3..I have hypothyroid…can I use this product?

  111. hi…am Payel…I am 22 yr old…my height is 5.3..n my weight 41kg…can I use nutrigain?

  112. Rajib Kr Mahato says:

    Hi I am 18 years old My hight is 5.5 and weight is 45kg …I wanna to gain my weight about 60… so what I use to gain my weight “pouder or capsuls “

  113. Rajib says:

    Hi sir my age 18.. weight is 45 and hight 5.5…. I wanna to gain my weight about 15 kg so What is more effective for me “powder or capsuls”

  114. rohit says:

    i want to know about if i start to take this product aftr 2 3mnth i will stop to take this when my wait will be lost ya not???

  115. robin says:

    Sir powder use kru. Ya. Firr. Capusule

  116. udaya das says:

    sir…i bought one Kg of this production…i take it two times a day after general foods…but sometime i feeling quite stomachache…how can i relief from….

  117. Sagar says:

    My age us 17 my weight is 45 my height is 5’10 should I use nutrigain powder to gain mass

  118. prerna says:

    Im 21 years old n my weight is 37kg i want gain my weight wht should i do for
    Can i take powder only or both u
    it is usefull for me…can u plz tell me

  119. simran says:

    I m 32 yes and my weight is 35 kg may I take nutrigain+ powder and copsule both in a day?

  120. birender singh says:

    sir, i am 30 yrs old married male, but my weight 55krs How can gain weight can i use capsule or powder

  121. Siraj says:

    Hie myself siraj. I’m 25 yrs and weight is 57 n I’m employee daily 8 hrs working in office on laptop. I loss my confidence due to skinny body so I want to gain weight from 57 to 70 KGS at least . I’m taking one glass of milk with 3 bananas after that 1 or 2 eggs. So please suggest me what should I use powder or capsule. Is both equally in results but only price is difference ?

  122. Varun raj says:

    My age is 19 years …my weight is 46 but I am so thin .I want to become fat ..what can I do ….it helps me ?

  123. Akshay Sutar says:

    I am 20
    My Weight is 54 KG.and as per BMI my weight should be above 60KG
    So Can nutrigain Capsules will Help me to reach my goal??

  124. aakash says:

    sir m 24 yrs old and my weight is 54 and with height 5’7 so should i go for both powder and capsules or any1 plzz suggest sir

  125. aakash says:

    sir m 24 yrs old and my weight is 54 and with height 5’7 so should i go for both powder and capsules or any1 plzz suggest sir vaise i have used it once and its effective

  126. Sanju says:

    How long I have to use this ??????? I mean the course duration …….

  127. pintu says:

    why is so costly sir comparely with other products…..plzzz tell

  128. pintu says:

    why is so costly sir comparely with other products…..plzzz tell.. accumass is cheap.. and protein quant in 1 serving

  129. I am 29 years old .I am underweight from childhood how i increse my weight.i have been trying every thing like eating bnana,exercise in jim but no result get.please guide me.can i increse my weight.

  130. Puneet says:

    Nutrigain is useful for diabetes patient
    Can i use nutrigain in diabetes ???
    Please tell me
    My age is 18 and weight is 45

  131. krishna says:

    Im 18 years old nd my wt is 49..what should I have to use capsules or powder or both. nd how much time it takes minimum to be 55….
    pllllzzzzzz tell me sir….. I’m eating banana since 2 years bt it has no changes….Im very worry about to gain wt.

  132. krishna says:

    Im 18 years old nd my wt is 49..what should I have to use capsules or powder or both. nd how much time it takes minimum to be 55….
    pllllzz tell me sir….. I’m eating banana since 2 years bt it has no changes….Im very worry about to gain wt.

  133. Ashik says:

    Hi My age 18 My weight only 45 KG very bad of my body I am not use tha Nutri Gain bud quickly imbrowing tha body pls help mee

  134. sk sanowar says:

    I am using for 3 month but I hadn’t seen any result …… will it effect?

  135. sk sanowar says:

    How much time take to seen any result plzplzpzl response fast

  136. ravi says:

    my age is 23 and my weight 61 kg height 5.6
    but i am looking very thin can i take nutrigain powder
    any side effects of this product

  137. Mousri says:

    Hi,Am 24, I look V-lean(height 5-3″,weight-45), and I am hypothyroidic, taking 62mg dose daily, is this suggestable to use nutrition power, please suggest me. Thank you

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