Nutrislim Plus Powder – Benefits & Side Effects

Nutrislim Plus Powder is a natural fat burner and healthy weight loss formula prepared by Ayurwin. While the company is already being recognized for its former product Nutrigain.

Nutrislim is specially prepared for people who are very dedicated to lose weight in a healthy manner. That being said, its a totally organic product free from chemicals, stabilizers and drugs which are contained by most of the weight loss supplements out there.

The product promises to provide you a lean shaped body in some short span of time, well you’ve got to earn that body. You simply can’t lose that much by just eating something; means workouts, daily exercise can’t be avoided while you’re onto losing weight.

Nutrislim Plus Powder

Nutrislim Plus Powder

How Nutrislim Powder works on the body ?

Well the actual process is quite complex, but we’ve tried to make it simpler; hope you all will like it. Nutrislim powder or capsules works as an carbohydrate blocker in the body. Whatever we eat or drink, most of the food items contains carbohydrates that keeps on storing inside the body as fats. We are supposed to perform daily workouts to prevent this carbs turning into and eventually fats. Failing to do so, left us with lots of fat in the body.

Nutrislim prevents this from happening and therefore, your carbs are not converted into sugar and no worries about fat formation in the body. Also, the company doesn’t ask you to give up any foods habits; since the powder is already taking care of all the whereabouts.

We’ve tried to review the product for our users and let’s find out what more this Ayurwin product have got through its various ingredients.

Nutrislim Plus Powder Ingredients :

The primary content in the nutrislim powder are as below. You can also check the box content written directly on the outside packing of the product.

  • Chromium
  • Glucomannan
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris
  • Green Extract
  • L-Carnitine
  • B. Bifidum
  • L. Acidophilus

Nutrislim Plus Powder Benefits :

The numerous health benefits one can have by using the nutrislim powder or nutrislim capsules are as below :

1) Organic product : The product is 100% natural and free from any artificial ingredient.

2) Suppress appetite : If you have some sort of food addiction, or you eat more than normal people than nutrislim have a solution for you. Since, the product contains lots of fiber in it, it helps you in suppressing your appetite which allows you to eat less of food and helps in lowering the amount of calories intake.

3) Gives more energy : The green tea extracts which primarily contains polyphenols, catechins and caffeine compensates the less calories and gives you the required amount of energy that keeps you active all the time.

4) Lowers blood sugar : Chromium is the primary constituent of nutrislim that helps you in lowering the blood sugar levels naturally.

5) No food restrictions : The product does’t ask you to lower your food intake or to give away some of your favorite foods habits. Some other natural fat burners sometimes advice you give up your favorite meals, well in that case nutrislim is different. You can eat whatever you want and still the product will aid in weight loss.

6) No preservatives : The product is free from any known preservative that may affect your body in many ways.

7) Betters hurt function : The ingredient L-Carnitine basically burns your fat in natural way and provides you more energy from that fat. This also aids in better heart function and reduces your chances of any sort of heart disease.

Any Side Effects of Nutrislim Plus Powder ??

Apart from all the benefits you read above, nutrislim may affect you in a bad way if you’re not aware of the following recommendations.

1) Not for pregnant ladies : The product is generally not prescribed for pregnant women who are in any phase of their pregnancy cycle.

2) No eating at Night : Yes, if you are on nutrislim diet you’re not supposed to eat dinner at night as the meal is already replaced by the powder.

How to use Nutrislim Plus Powder ?

Powder : If you’ve brought Nutrislim Plus powder; you’re supposed to mix 20 grams of powder in 200 ml of or warm and drink it instead of your normal breakfast and at night instead of dinner.

Price for the same is : Rs. 886 for 500 grams.

Capsules : If you’ve purchased Nutrislim Capsules; you’re supposed to take 3 capsules half hour prior to your breakfast and dinner.

Price for the same is : Rs. 492 for 60 capsules pack.

47 Responses to Nutrislim Plus Powder – Benefits & Side Effects

  1. Deepak says:

    Iska Side efect to nahi hoga. jaise Ki dava khane ke bad weight jyada to nahi Ho jayega. or ye milega kanha pe

    • admin says:

      Apko ye kisi bhi medical store par mil sakta hai. Side effects apko nahi dikhega, jab apko lage ki apka weight bhad chuka hai tab aap nutrigain lena bund kar saktey hai.

    • Pooja J says:

      iska koi side effect nehin hoga Deepak ji, yeh puri ayurvedic product hey. Nutrislim wajan ghatane ke liye hey. yeh aapko najdiki medical strore pe ya online bhi mil sakti hey

  2. logi says:

    i want to start nutrislim powder and capsules ,as am affected with sinus problem and getting medications is it any problem if i consume nutrislim and what about side effects and i want to know about what r the combination contain in capsules.

  3. Mera naam neetu hai n Meri age 26 years h mera weight 54kg hai jo Ki arms or thiaise pr jyada dikhta hai no Ki mei loss krna chahti hu so pleas advise me Ki nutrislim powder khane pr koi side effect to nhi hoga n mujhe kitne time tk khana hoga or khi esa to nhi Ki nutrislim on khana bnd kr du to weight double ho jaye…..pleas give me answer thanking.

  4. John Babu Purimitla says:

    I am Diabetic using insulin. I am 5.6 Hight weight 86.having belli age 52. Can I use Nutri slim plus

  5. Nityanshu Tiwari says:

    I Am 16 year old boy and my height is 5 feet 8 inch and my weight is 78 kg. I am doing workouts to loose weight, so can I use Nutrislim for a good result?

  6. shilpa sudrik says:

    HI, I am shilpa wants to loose lower body fat. Can I take nutrislim plus pdr and cap? How to take this?

  7. Priya says:

    I want to reduce my weight is it really helpful to reduce and I work in night shift tell me the diet plan and how to take nutrislim I have bought this powder..

  8. Optimus says:

    Will it cause any gentical or sexual problem for me ?
    Or will it bring harm to my off-springs ?

  9. Sonam says:

    if your sinus problem is prolong for a period of 2-3 months, then please avoid the product and if the problem is for a short period of time, then you can take it

  10. Swathi says:

    I am 21years old height is 5.2 and weight is 63

    • admin says:

      Your weight is normal according to height, what is your question.

      • Archita Gupta says:

        Hello sir myself Archita Gupta from Ajmer my age is 24 heighy is 5’5 amd weight is 77kg i want to loose my weight so can i use this powder Nd koi side effects to nhi hoga na

  11. Roshni says:

    Hi…m 25 years old girl. My hight is 5.3, n weight is 63 .I want to start nutrislim powder ..sooo can I use or wht…??? N m newly married ..wethr it good fr helth or wt ..????

  12. harry says:

    I’m 27 years old my height is 5.5 nd my weight is 75

  13. aman says:

    Is ko protein ke sath b kha sakte ha

  14. meghana says:

    can i use this product in periods

  15. meghana says:

    can i use powder in periods

  16. Abc says:

    In how many days are results visible?

  17. Neeraj Sinha says:

    Nutrislim powder and capsule both should be consumed simultaneously or I can choose any one of them. My problem is belly fat..

  18. Sivalakshmi says:

    I am Mrs Lakshmi . I want to use nutrislim powder for reducing my fat.I am 80 KGS and my age is 27 . I want to loss 20 KGS. Is that possible to me by using ayur nutrislim

  19. simran says:

    I’m 24 years and my height is 5.1 nd weight is 85kg…. Is it safe to use the product

  20. simran says:

    I’m 24 years nd my height is 5.2 and weight is 80kg…. Is it safe to use nd is it works???

  21. jyoti says:

    Hi, im 24 yr old, my height is 4’9″ and weight is 55.. I want to reduce my weight.. Is nutri slim is help ful or nt?

  22. Sapana says:

    Can I intake nutrislim post pregnancy . Im 29yrs old n 69 kg weight . Height 5.1 and bmi 29

  23. amrit says:

    Âgar Hum nutrislim use Kar rhe hai to hme diet Krni pdegi

  24. NIKESH PANDEY says:

    my hight is 187 cm and my whight is 80 kg can i try for good result

  25. NIKESH PANDEY says:

    i am 18 year old
    my hight is 187 cm and my whight is 80 kg can i try for good result

  26. Deepak Singh says:

    Nutrislim use kaise kartey hai

  27. nanditha says:

    sir m 22year old my height is 5 nd weight about 52. my arms and thighs are very fatty if I use ths cn it works completely is thr any effect and I hve a habit of sleeping in afternoon also. is there any problem r any side effect by using it. answer me.

  28. nanditha says:

    sir also if i stop taking nutrislim after wat weight I needed is thr any cause by stopping it.

  29. ritu says:

    Hello mei apse puchna chahte hu mere jo ladies bachi ko apna milk feed karate hai woh nutri slim powder le sakte hai

  30. pancahmi says:

    Does this product effects for girls in future for their pregency

  31. Shwetha says:

    I’m 24 year old, my height is 52 and weight is 55. I want to use nutrislim product. I’m getting married within a month. Is it worth to use it!!? Please answer me

  32. Subir Sarkar says:

    I am15 years and my weight is 70kg. Can I try this??

  33. Rajpal Singh says:

    helooo meri age 34 years ha meri height 5-8 ha or weight 81 kg ha. i have high blood pressure problem . can i use nutrislim.

  34. Merlin says:

    Sir can i tak nutri slim in the morning and green tea in the nyt?? Consuming both in the same day..wil it cause any problm???

  35. pragyan says:

    Hello doctor my name is pragyan mallik
    I have a problem ovarian polisist syndrom
    My height is apporx 5 feet 2 inch and my weight is 70 kg i am very depress beacuse any exerxise and diet plan doesnt effect on my body so can i take the help from nutrislim

  36. Pinki Hota says:

    My age is 27 and weight is 72 and height 5ft.

    I have brought Nutrismil plus powder. Can it help me to reduce the weight?

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