6 Benefits of Protinex Powder

Protinex, a hydrolyzed based supplement which can be consumed by people of all ages and gender. It is one of the oldest health supplement being sold in Indian market. It is practically available at all health stores and medical stores. The supplement is aimed to make your body stronger, improving stamina and immune system of the body. It a complete protein formula containing more proteins than any other health supplement. Anyone who is expecting a healthy body and stronger muscles can take protinex powder on a daily basis and can see the difference.

Protinex Powder Health Benefits

Protinex Powder Health Benefits

Ingredients :

a) 85% Proteins. b) 15% fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Protinex fasten up your muscle recovery and replaces your weaker muscles with stronger ones. Let’s read more about the numerous benefits of this protein powder and how it can play an important role to improve your overall health.

How to Use Protinex Powder

Many people remain in doubts when it comes to using any protein powder. However, the company describes usage in pretty clear words on their box itself. To make it even more simpler follow our dosage procedure written below :

  • You need to use protinex two times a day.
  • At every time, take 2 full teaspoons of powder and mix it with 200 ml milk and drink instantly.
  • You can take it in as well as water.

Note : If you also do workouts make sure you take it 1 hour prior to your daily workouts.

When to take

Two best time for using this powder are :

  • In the morning, after the workout empty stomach.
  • In the evening, again after completing your runing or little excersise.

Protinex Powder Health Benefits

1) Hydrolyzed Proteins : Protinex doesn’t contain ordinary protein formula that you can find anywhere else, rather it contains hydrolyzed proteins that are easy to digest by your digestive system. And your body absorbs protein more easily and effectively.

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2) Daily Health Supplement : Protinex is a complete protein and nutrition formula that you can take on a daily basis without facing any problems. It reduces your dependency on costly foods and that you had to take to complete your nutrition needs. You can take this supplement alone and you don’t need to spend anything on other healthy food items.

3) More proteins than other supplements : As mentioned on the company website, they commit to provide you with extra 50% proteins that you won’t find in any other supplement. More proteins will give you more health benefits in short span of time.

4) Improves digestion : The presence of hydrolyzed proteins in every gram of this supplement enables your body to absorb it smoothly. You don’t need to worry about your constipation problems that people normally get after taking protein powders. Daily usage of this protein betters your digestion process and you digest better than ever.

5) Stronger muscles and better growth : If you are still a youngster and not grown to full, it is the high time that you use this powder. Protinex fulfills all your protein needs which is the building block of bones, tissues, organs, red blood cells and almost anything that your body is made of.

6) Improves immunity and stamina : The high quality protein aids in the formation of red and white blood cells in the body that directly impacts the immune system and makes it stronger and better.

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472 Responses to 6 Benefits of Protinex Powder

  1. I AM 20 YEAR OLD I AM DOING GYM …Can i take protein x poweder …

  2. Nithin says:

    Can i take this protinex …as of now i am using nutrigain. Can i switch to this ?

  3. Harinath Dussa says:

    recently few months back I suffered from chronic pancreatic problem due to which I had lost too much weight .Can I use protinex powder to gain weight & muscle.

  4. pawan kumar says:

    My muscle does not develop complete,, give me the suggestion of the protinex supplement .plzzz

  5. Somnath Dey says:

    Hi i’m 15 years old.can i use protin x powder for gain my weight..?

  6. Sannu says:

    Hi, I am 35 years old and do workout in gym.
    They suggested to have protein powder, since i am a vegeterain.
    So let me know your concern on taking protinex…

  7. yogesh m says:

    hello sir,my age is 29, ht. 5’6, weight 48, slim, i do some yoga & workout like push ups n crunches daily at home but still i cant gain weight..i m vegeterian… So,can i take proteinex. Can i gain some wt. Without gym..also, give me sme workout routine without weights.plz help me.

  8. vansh pawar says:

    I am 25 year old guy, and i am worried about my height.
    Will Protien X help for increase height till at-least 3″ ??

  9. Kanav Singh Verman says:

    when to take protinex. Morning or evening or night??

    i am 18 years old …

    and does protinex will help me to gain more height .. as now i am 18+

    • vikas says:

      You can take it any time if you are skinny guy than take 2times in a day…i personally use this nd it works (y)

  10. jeevi says:

    iam suffering from back pain seveiourly so, i can take protinex

  11. subhransu sekhar says:

    hii sir i am 21 years old height 5.9 weight 57. i want to know protinex or b protin from british … is best for weight gain.

  12. saket says:

    My nake is saket and I want to say that ,my weight is heavy.can it help me for loss belly fat

  13. ash says:

    hey…I am 17 year old and have my 6 abs ..but I want them to be 8 …can it be possible…I just started taking proteinx

    • admin says:

      Protinex is not made to give you abs. It just fulfills your protein requirement. Try looking for workouts that help you build abs for example : reverse crunches, double crunches and more.

  14. Vikrant says:

    I am too slim and 23 years boy
    I want to gain weight and want to improve health
    Is protein x work for me
    And how i will take it
    With milk or anything else and how many times in a day

  15. sumit auddy says:

    how should i take protinex podwer ? and when should i take ?

  16. Hitesh Chaudhary says:

    Hello Sir
    I am 19 years old and too slim
    My weight is around 52kg
    I want to gain weight but i am unable to do workout due to lack of time.
    Shall i start taking protinex to gain weight
    My height is 6’1

  17. vishnu says:

    mai bhut hi weak hu, or weight bhi km h to kya protinex better hoga mere liye?

  18. shouryadeep says:

    I m 16 yrs old ….. i m 5ft 4in …. can proteinex help me grow in height ????

  19. Deepkamal says:

    Hi.. I’m a diabetic and in the 8 th month of pregnancy. Doctor has advised me to have protein powder. Does this product contain sugar?

  20. shahnaaz says:

    hello sir/madam can i use proteinx after illness as i am 25 years old

  21. Srihari says:

    Am 20 years old boy..am feeling weak sometimes how much of powder can I take daily

  22. Abhi says:

    Hi I am 42yrs and I do medium workout .Can Protinex replace the Protein powder like Whey Protein. Is it ok if I take protein powder in morning.

  23. Abhi says:

    Hi , can I take proteinx with cold milk after work out.

  24. Can girl use to drink protin x powder ?is it helpfull in loosing weight ?

  25. Kiran says:

    Hi, My daughter is 5 years 10 month she can take this Protinex

  26. shankar says:

    46 age, 60 kg weight and 5’4 hight, can i take protinex

  27. Aarav Sinha says:

    I am 16 years old and suffering from pulmonary tb… Due to which my weight looses gradually… Now my weight is 38 kg… Can protienex belp me to gain weight and does not give sede effect. .. And tell me the right amount of protienex to take..

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can but before that you must consult a doctor. Because your current medication may have reactions over protinex use.

  28. Gire Prasath says:

    We are planning for a pregnancy but due to some reasons we could not success. Can we take protenix whether it is suggestible. Do reply us for our doubt.

  29. Lucky says:

    Its been 15 days I started taking protinex
    ,some or other way I can see the good result of it, I do not workout, I feel pain in my left hand Palm and fingures, also in left side feet started giving me pain, I can not even walk properly, is there anything to do with protein x powder?? Please suggest…

  30. Nishith says:

    Hey I’m 15 can I use this increase height and if yes how much age will I grow till?

  31. Nishith says:

    How much age will I grow till if it helps increase my height?

  32. Aaquib warsi says:

    Hello…one thing I would like to ask that when should I take protein x before workout or after workout…is it effective for muscle growth ?..plz reply

  33. chander singh says:

    i am 35 year old suffering from blood pressure and asthama problem and i take medicine for these dieases.can i take protienx for weight gain. i am daily walking half hour and half hour excercise.

  34. Himank says:

    Hey, I am 16 years old and I am too skinny. Will protinex help me in gaining weight. If yes, how much weight, I will gain in one month. I also do workout.

  35. shibu says:

    helo sir age 21 male
    weight 67 me gym nh jata hu. per kya me daily basis per protien x le skta hu. normaly daily routine k lye.

  36. Panku says:

    im a slim guy 22 years old 52 kg weight and having gym for last 1 year, but there is nothing much effect on my body i observed. Sir, should i take protinex? Can it help to gain the weight or muscles will it be valuable for me? i need your suggestion, dear sir.

  37. Sanjeev says:

    Sir I am 18 years old 5,9 and weight 54.
    I want to gain my weight . Plezz tell me the daily value of the protinex.plzz

  38. Hello sir maine abhi protinex buy kiya hai, mai din mai 2 baar le rha hu morning aur evening. Mera weight 65 kg hai aur height 5 f 4′ hai. Kya mai ghar mai dumble,dips ya normal workout kar ke protinx lunga to mera liye bad to nhi jayega na ?

  39. Sir protinx morning evning mai khana khane se phele lena h ya baad mai

  40. Sandeep says:

    Sir i am having stone in my gall bladder?can i take proteinx?

  41. Rajiv says:

    My daughter age is 9 Yrs. her weight is 55 Kg, she has a problem in her left knee when she walk she feels pain and not able to walk properly. Due to this her weight is increased. She has this problem from last 1 year. Doctors diagnosed muscle weakness and giving calcium tablets only. Can we give her Protein-x to increase the muscle strength to her.

  42. shibu says:

    sir plz rply my comnt

  43. Aman singh says:

    Hello sir protinex also usefull for smoking addicted persons???

  44. Salman says:

    Sir i have problem in stomach after medicine reaction now im getting weak if i take this it will work if yes then kesay khana chahiye

    • admin says:

      Please, consult your doctor first whether you can eat protein powder or not.

      Then you can try it according to the dosage written in the post.

  45. Rohan Das says:

    I am 16 years old and my height is 5’6 and my weight is 52 kg. I do yoga asanas and some free hand Exercises. So when should I take it in a day?

  46. Rahul kumar says:

    here it says to drink proteinx twice a day…but on that product its given that drink only once a day! so should i drink 2 times a day ore once..

    • admin says:

      It all depends on the intake you required.

      See, for a 50 Kg individual, you’re supposed to eat minimum of 50 gram or maximum 62 gram proteins a day.

      You can have all this protein in 1 serving or two servings, its all depends on you.

  47. kazi issaq says:

    my blood pressure is always low . cause I have gas problem . should I take this .

  48. Rohan Das says:

    If I take this in morning with milk, then is it possible to get the best results for me?

  49. Kshitiz says:

    I am 19 years old can i use protinex to increase height with my regular workout and exercise ?

  50. Rohan Mehra says:

    I am 27 year old male.My weight is 55 kg.How can I increase the weight using protinex and what should be ideal weight.

    • admin says:

      Ideal weight is always according to your height not age.

      To increase your weight start taking protinex as explained by us.

  51. vishal says:

    My height is 5’11 nd weight is 65 can i take protien x to gain musles nd weight

  52. bik's says:

    isko ek din me kitni bar khana sahiye admin? ??

  53. JK says:

    i m 34 yr old.can i use proteinx without any exercise.
    any side effect or not.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can use it on daily basis.

      But is safe to consume any protein protein, when already you are doing some decent physical work.

  54. nikhil says:

    I’m 16 years old so I can take protinex

  55. Piyusha says:

    I m 34yr old and 59 kg I have started taking Protinex powder since 8 days at evening.I also go to gym.But I want to loose weight not gain.So will it be beneficial for me.And also tell me when is good time to take this powder-morning or evening.

  56. Hemanshu says:

    Kisi ka weight bada h kya protein x se…agar bada h to kitne time me bada h..aur kitna weight bada h plz tell me

  57. Yogesh says:

    Should we take it after the workout or before the workout?

  58. Rohan Das says:

    Which will be better protinex or endura mass and why? …. Sir, Please answer I want to know…..

  59. Rohan Das says:

    Sir, I’m 16 years old and my height is 5’6 and my weight is 52 kg
    I do yoga asanas and some free hand Exercises…. Is my weight OK or not? … If not OK….. Then… when should I take it to gain weight and height?

  60. abbas says:

    i m going to gym and my body is athletic so can my body become bulky if i take protinex,

  61. Ashank says:

    Can we take protinex with banana shake??

  62. jaspreet says:

    Can I take protinex with cold milk….?

  63. Sam says:

    Can i take protinex in banana shake ?

  64. Deepak says:

    I’m 26 yrs old and I’m facing hair fall problem from 4 years. Somebody said to me that protinex is useful for hair fall…so can I take protinex to get rid of hair fall. Please, sir suggest me.

  65. Arun says:

    Hi my son is 2.5 years old.he is under weight. Can we give him protinex? If yes then how much quantity?

    • admin says:

      You can give him protinex that is specially made for children of age between 2-10 years. It has good results so far.

      Dosage are clearly mentioned on the box itself.

  66. Ashu says:

    Does protein x have permanent result or it is like other gainers.

    • admin says:

      It can give you good results for a long time, rest depends on your diet.

      Your diet should be healthy and complete of all nutrition.

  67. Ashu says:

    Is it necessary to do gym with protein x

    • admin says:

      The point is to do workout on daily basis, if you are taking any supplement. You can do workout at home as well.

      Not necessarily gym.

  68. Prashant says:

    Which one is better protinex or Whey protein ????

    I have used both of them…protin X helped me very quickly to improve my muscels..however whey protiens not that much..but still I am confused…

    • admin says:

      Whey protein is concentrated source of protein while protinex is not.

      Whey protein is recommended for body builders only.

  69. vashisht says:

    sir can i take protein x after work out

  70. Saikat Das says:

    Sir, is ashwagandha powder helpful to increase height of a teenager? And which will be better for increase height protinex or ashwagandha powder? I am asking this question for my brother. He is 16 years old.

    • admin says:

      Yes, it can help you. Other things you can try is : daily running, milk and too much of water to help you with your brother’s height.

  71. shubham says:

    Sir what quantity of protinex in one time

  72. Ankit says:

    My weight is less can i use this powder to increase? It will give result?

  73. Neev says:

    is protinex help to grow muscles?

  74. dipanshu says:

    Sir I’m 20 yeas old
    If I drop proteinx after 1 months …then what could be problems??? (Or any side effects ??))

  75. Piyush Purohit says:

    Helllo i am 17 years old my height is 6.1 and weight is 62kg but am slim i wanna gain 6 kg weight then how till how many days i should use protinex ?? N what amount

  76. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    Hey! I am Rahul this side. I do workout regularly in gym I am using whey protein after workout . Still can I use proteinx? With other supplements if yes then can I take it in water?

    • admin says:

      You can take other protein supplements but keep one thing in mind, you daily protein requirement shouldn’t be crossed.

      Protein should be taken as required.

      • Arun krishna says:

        I started taking protinex ….I mixed it with milk but it tasted very sour even after 5tablespoons of sugar…can u help me with this.thank you

        • admin says:

          Please, don’t add more sugar it already has lot of sugar. Adding more sugar can eventually harm you.

          Try using it in chocolate milk it get better taste, but no more sugar.

  77. Madhuri says:

    Hi I’m suffering from Tuberculous Lymphadenitis in which I need to intake high protein so how help full is proteinex for me or can you suggest me some good protein powder or food.

  78. Vipul Sharma says:

    Hi, i m 18 and currently weigh 70kgs height is 6ft. On the box of protienx it says use once a day and here twice…. i do gym twice a day for 5-6 ours total….should i take the shake once a day or twice? also can i eat egg white with the shake?

    • admin says:

      They have mentioned 1-2 glasses of protinex a day.

      So, yes you can take 2 glasses per day. 1 in morning and the other in evening. You can also add eggs for sure.

  79. Tarun says:

    I am 19 year and my weight is 46 kg… What quantity of proteinx I will?

  80. Laila says:

    I am 24 yrs old and underweight, 34kg. Will it help me to gain weight also that i dont workout or do much of physical activities

  81. abcd says:

    Please help me
    My age-15+
    Height -5:9feet
    I’m too skinny before 5 or 6months I’ve started gym
    Its working but too slowly
    Even few days ago I have started to take protienex
    I want to gain weight very fast
    And my main problem is my age is just now 15+ and my height has been 5feet 9inch
    So I’m feeling very tall and skiny so
    So I’m feeling very sad or
    I’ve been very frustrated
    I don’t want be anymore tall
    Please help tell me please
    It can increase my height more
    Which I don’t want
    I want to gain weight very fast but I don’t want to be more tall
    without any doctor suggestion
    Please tell me
    WHAT I should to do now


    • admin says:

      Yes, you can gain weight. It is not difficult.

      First understand that you have to do heavy workouts in gym. It will improve your strength and stamina which you need the most.

      Secondly, take protein regularly like we’ve mentioned. You need protein and heavy workouts to increase your weight.

      I hope you can do it.

      All the best!!

  82. Help says:

    My age 15+
    And I’m too skinny
    Everyday I do gym in the morning after workout I take protienex then I do breakfast
    Its the first time of take protienex
    I want to gain weight very fast so I think I should take it twice in a day
    So when I should take it again
    Second time??????????? When?????????

  83. aqib says:

    If we are using protinex powder and if we do sometimes mastursbate
    Does it will effect or not
    And my age is 19 and my weight is 38,how much teaspoon of protinex should i use in a glass of milk??
    And i am doing workouts like jumping rope Atleast 250-260 times and hanging upto 30-40 seconds etc to increase height
    Does it will effect??

    • admin says:

      You must stop masturbating at all cost. You weight is very low, you must stop it now.

      With regular exercise and workouts, you can increase your weight easily.

  84. Rohit says:

    i’m suffering from Pancriatics pain in my middle back (spinal)
    when i’m take like – Ghee, oil, butter, Milk etc. as result my weight is loosing (i’m 32 , 5’8″ but weight 55)

    can i take Protine X for weight gain.

  85. Dhruv Dutta says:

    Can I gain height I am a cricket player I am 14 years old and my height is just 4’9 I am taking protein x from 2 month

    • admin says:

      Drink milk, run daily and take protein (like protinex) and yes can you increase your height this way.

  86. Ankush says:

    Hlo sir i am 18 years old… i am taking protinex powder for about a week…i have done a little body building..and now i want to gain weight .. so i have stopped my workout..should i take protinex now..

  87. hemant says:

    after using proteinex increased height …..

  88. Ajay says:

    Are their any steroids in protein ex?

  89. prince says:

    kya ye height bdhane me madad kar skta hai

  90. sahil says:

    My weight is 90kg and height is 5’10” . I have started running . how much amount of protein should I consume from protinex .

  91. sahil says:

    My height is 5’10” and weight 90 kg. I have started running since last 15 days . how much protein should I consume from protinex ??

  92. abhay says:

    sir i m suffering from indigestin last 10 months can i take protinex…

  93. I am of 14 year old my weight 46 ,height is 5.2 protienx will help me to increase my hieght fast

  94. sheena says:

    I am a weightlifter can i use protinex in place of other whey protine

  95. Manash Pratim Sarmah says:

    Hello.. I am 28 years. My weigh is 79kg. Can i use protin x to get more energy and stamina? I use to go to gym in evening. When should i take it.. Before gym or after gym??

  96. jikku nizar says:

    Hlo sir
    i am 23 years old… i am taking protinex powder for about a week…want to gain weight .ihave a 3d designer job . so i have no workout..should i take protinex now..
    is this growth weight ?????

  97. jikku nizar says:

    Hlo sir i am 23 years old…weight 40… i am taking protinex powder for about a week… ..and now i want to gain weight .. so i have no workout..should i take protinex now..is this gain wight ????

  98. Sanya raikar says:

    I am 21years old and i dont gain weight at all i want to gain weight can i use protienx ? will i gain weight?

    • admin says:

      Yes, also make your diet healthy.

      If you just take protein and won’t take good diet, weight won’t increase.

  99. pinkesh says:

    hello please sir, Mujh mai ashkti jyada hai or vitamins or iron calcium sabhi kam hai b12 weight kam hai.

  100. Vamsikrishna says:

    Hello – am 34 old and weight 50, i have thyroid problem, can i use?

  101. Jatin sharma says:

    i am 20 years with 5.6 height. protinex can increase my height?

  102. shilpa says:

    Can i use endura mass & protinex together? Can i mix them together & consume it? I am 24years and underweight. Weighing only 38kgs.

  103. vinit says:

    my 6 old son can have protein x . he does swimming everyday ?

  104. anshul kumawat says:

    can I use protinex for hair fall

  105. rahul says:

    Sir apka proteinx mera kitna weight bdha skta h

  106. Abhay says:

    Sir I’m suffering from digestion problem last 6 month…I’m 25yrs old n my weight is 50kg can I take protinex plz suggest me sir..

  107. subash chettri says:

    proteinex available in nepal???

  108. Talib sayyed says:

    admin 1 qsth
    Protinex better for girls or not is no side effects na n no overload faty

  109. Talib sayyed says:

    Girls k liye prfct h kya yh 19 age h bht weekness aa gyi h agr uz kre to protinex ko over size to nhi ho jaega na

  110. mick says:

    my face is skinny but my weight is normal can i use protein x to put weight on my face

  111. Shivam says:

    Sir actually i bought protien x new green box which dont have any type of sugar and after reading at box they mention it is for diabetes pateint and i dont have diabetes can i take this or not?

  112. sai adithya says:

    hey bro my weight is 90kg’s i want to reduce my fat and build my muscles
    can i use this protein x?

  113. morisca says:

    hi m 21 years old nd my weight is 38.. as per my height m under weight.. i wanted to take protinex powder.. so will it help me to increse my weight? and how i can take and what i need to do.. plz reply

  114. Pankaj says:

    i am doing daily workout at gym since 1 months but i can’t lift some normal weights. Can protinex help me to lift heavy weights ? Can it give me energy for lifting weights, I am 33 years old height 5.9 and weight 70 please tell me.

    • admin says:

      Yes, Protein will make your muscles strong, so that you can lift heavy weights easily.

    • Aditya Bhardwaj says:

      Proteinx has good protein useful for muscle growth and when it is mixed with milk it gives you a protein+calcium boost making your bones harder and make you muscular.it will make you feel stronger.

  115. Pankaj says:

    Can Protinex boost energy and cause weight gain?

  116. Pankaj says:

    I’m 42 and diabetic. Presently taking no medicine and just managing with sugar intake control. Due to this I have lost some weight and feel little weak and tired. Will taking protinex help me overcome the weakness without having any side effect on diabetes??

  117. Tarun says:

    Hi I am 19 years old now.. And my height is only about 5’4″ .. Can this product will increase my height???/plz help

  118. Mk says:

    I m 22 years old. I want to improve my weight and mascule . Will it work for my masucle gain.

  119. Sunil says:

    hii my name is sunil and i want to gain my wait it will help me for gain my wait

  120. Sunil says:

    i am much thin and want to gain my wait now my age is 24 and my wait is 40kg only please help me with this

  121. yogender rawat says:

    hello, can i take with orange and anar juice after work out.

  122. Deepankar says:

    Sir are there any side effects if we consume it for a long time ? (Eg. Everyday for 2-3 years)
    I workout in gym daily.
    Plz do reply !

  123. kushank sharma says:

    bhai meri health jyada nhi h but pet nikal rha h toh mai kya kru

  124. bakash says:

    Hi Sir I am 25 years old and I am 5.3,my weight is 41kgs.now tell me how to use this product.

  125. Arun says:

    can i take proteinx without going gym or any workout?

  126. @dîsoñ says:

    Hey dude I am 19 my height is 5’8 & I am 56 kgs iv started gyming from last 2 months I do see good results in my body BT I expect more! I wanna increase my muscles BT iv listened about many sideffects of bodybuilding supplements so a bit scared about what to use is Protinex safe & useful for me???

    • admin says:

      Protinex is not for bodybuilders, it just help you become healthy.

      There are no side effects, until you are allergic to it or not following the recommended dosage.

  127. Yogesh says:

    No one ever answered this question, will you please answer it!

    Does Proteinx contain steroid?

  128. Ron Cho says:

    Just wanted to know the box says take it once a day ur saying twice what do I do

  129. manik says:

    hii i want to loose my weight and increase my height…so can you plz tell me how should i take dose of protinex n one thing can i take this with water or milk..n if i take this without gym…there is any sideeffects…

  130. amlan sarkar says:

    hello sir, my age is 20 and weight is 65, i reduced my weight from 108 to 65 kgs, now i want muscles and loose the final layer of fats and belly fat, can protinex help me to build up muscle,loose fat and can i have it with water

  131. Unknown says:

    I am 30 years old and i work in night shift. My weight is 90 kg and to reduce that I have started doing running and exercise. Can I have protein X. This will help me in reducing weight with by workout

  132. Kumar says:

    Hi, My daughter is 8 years old, she looks very thin. is it advised to take Protinex. Pl suggest

  133. ajay says:

    I am 29 years and my height is 5″7 and my weight is 80 kg and i am doing mostly night shift that a reason i feel weakness in my body and i am not doing any kind of exercise so we take protinex or not if yes so what the qty we take.

  134. ak says:

    I am 15 year old my weight is 40 I am very thin ,can I take it can it help me in gaining muscle, healthy body

  135. mohit says:

    I m 15 years old , I’m very thin ,I feel very lazy, can I take it , can it help me in gaining weight and muscles ,if it help me which one I have to take

  136. Bala vignesh S says:

    I’m 23 and 80kg, I started working out to reduce my weight. I do cardio and muscle curls…i don’t get Enuf stamina to do cardio because I’m on a medium diet too.will protein x put on more weight? Coz I’m conscious about my weight. Please suggest some supplements that don’t put on weight, but just gives energy.

  137. sharadha says:

    From eating protinex our weight will gain our lose and after eating I am having too much time loose extretion problems what to do

  138. Neville Stephen says:

    Dear Doctors,
    My mother is 96 yrs old.
    Till she went in for a Bi Poar Hip surgery for fractiur LHS she was an active thought lean granny.Her kneed buckled and she fell squat on the floor.
    Her surgery wentwell, healing is in place and she is one month old from the hospital,
    All things being equaleven theough she never had bBP she has begun to have a countthat needs medicaion of Betaloc 25 1/2 tab three times B/L/D. Urination is quite high at night I believe due to BP tablet. Sodium is also a little low. She may get loose stools if the diet is different.She has lost a lot of weight after the trauma of surgery.
    Can I introduce to her PROTINEX.
    Will it put in more flesh as they say.
    Will she get more energy of value.
    She needs to walk with a tripod stick.
    Climb some stairs.
    Sit and getup by herself.
    Will PROTINEX help and what kind of PROTINEX…ratio / flavour . qty per serving.She has never had any supplements before except Vit B daily and Milk of Magnesia sometimes when in need for constipation.
    How many times a day and when to supplement this before or after meals or in between.
    Please do tell.
    Neville Stephen

    • admin says:

      Hi Neville,

      I will suggest natural source of protein here, instead of any protein supplement as she is already going through a lot of things. Liver seems not to be strong enough to withstand heavy diets, therefore we can’t suggest any sort of heavy diet. Since, supplements are mixed with a lot of ingredients that may not go well with her current condition.

      But in order to gain flesh and muscles she needs more protein. Please, go with all natural sources like milk, yogurt, peanut butter etc. You can find more easily.

      And try not to use supplements!

  139. Anil Yadav says:

    Hello sir I am 23 years old and my weight 62kg can I take protiens

  140. Param says:

    Hi m 20 years old but I m a bit slim so I want to gain muscles will it b benificial ?

  141. Nitin says:

    Dear admin,,

    In how many days protinex gives results if we go to gym on daily to build body?

    Please explain me…… I need to build muscles soon

  142. santosh says:

    Hye i m 21 yr old my wt is 50 kg ,i want to increase the weight ,,but,,is there any compulsion for gym.

  143. aman says:

    i am 36 year old . i am suffering from hernia . i cant exersice. can i take proteinx as iam losing my weight from some time . i want to put some weight and built muscle. if yes then how much time should i take

    • admin says:

      If you can’t exercise, then do running or walking for long time or basic cadio exercise.

      And then, use the powder you’ll have good results then.

  144. Dheeraj says:

    I am Diabetic, age:17, height: 5.10,weight:48, I was lean can this powder helps me to gain weight and body

  145. Rahul singh says:

    Sar mera over weight he mera weight 80 kg he or mera height 5ft8 inch he to proteinex use karenge to mera nhi bharega na

  146. saira says:

    my child can drink protinex or not. she is of 11 years can she drink that please let me know…. please

  147. saif khan says:

    any sideeffect this product

  148. Anil says:

    Sir/ madam protein x height bhi badha sakta ha kya

  149. Abhi says:

    Hi I’m 23 yrs old n my weight is 53 my height 168cms n I wanna gain my weight so protinex is helpful for me or not??? N sometimes cn I take it with water or not???

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can take it with water as well.

      • shreyas says:

        Yeah this a very helpful supplements… Its important that this supplement does not contain soybean protein.. Because soy has a female hormone estrogen that will give man boobs… Next things is that it has one cons that its high in sugar its better to take after a heavy workout to recovery because sugar (glucose) will help you to recover fast but supplementation does not work if you are not consuming your marcos from natural food

  150. RAJ says:


  151. Natasha says:


    I am 38 years old female. I usually go for walks in the evening around 7-8 pm. And I take my dinner post that. I take protinex with milk at bedtime around 12 am. Is this OK? Or does it have to be taken right after my walk?

  152. tina says:

    can 11 year girl take protinex or not ?… Pls let me know

  153. s j says:

    How much quantity for one time having protinex

  154. Ritesh Raj says:

    sir …i am a student (18age, 59kg,176cm) ….sir is it helpfull in increasing stamina….i also want to gain weight so that i can go to gym after 19 ….so plss sir suggest me some workout which i can do at my home….PlS HELP SIR!!!!

  155. Akash says:

    Sir i go to gym,so what will be the best time to take this powder ?

  156. Rohan Rathore says:

    Hey sir I am 18 and have weight of 45kg my height is 172 cm so how can I gain weight

  157. Naved says:

    Hi i want gain my weight can protinex hepl me or not

  158. sourabh says:

    I am 18 yes old can I take proteinx. As supplement for workout.

  159. Rockstar says:

    My age is 17 nd my height is only 163cm……… protinex is helpful to increase in height??

    • admin says:

      Most of the height part is related to your genes and is hereditary, only a small part is related to nutrition.

      Drink milk daily.

      • ananya bajaj says:

        hi wen i was pregnant doctr sugested to take protinex n i gained 10 kgs in 5 mnths ..so have i gained the weight due to pregnancy or because it was gained by taking protinex and again now i lossed i am only 45

      • mariya says:

        hi sir my height is 5 feet and wait is 41 kgs .but i have very thin cheeks so my face looks like a very ugly how to get chubby cheeeks

  160. Gaj says:

    Can I take protinex 15-20 min before work outs

  161. swagun says:

    hi sir iam 24 years old can you please tell me protinex is having any side effects related to sexuality in feature how may years or how many months does it apply,

  162. Sujal says:

    Is it contain steroids?

  163. Akshay says:

    Hi.cya mai protinex weight lose ke liye use kar sakta hoon.?

  164. Princi says:

    I want to loss weight n m start gyming but coach told me take protein is it proteinx also use in weight loss

  165. Guru says:

    I am 19 plus.weight 51 & height 167c.m.i am going to running every day.can i use protein x supplement ?? If yes then how much please suggest me dear sir/mam

  166. abhijit datta says:

    i am 34yrs and 54 kg, can i take it,i travel by daily 200km up/dn for reching my office and also come back home, in office not much hard work i do, so may i take it

  167. Sameer Kanwar says:

    I have only time to go office and no time for any kind of work out. Can I take Protinex ?
    Is there any side effect taking without workout ?

  168. Adithya says:

    Sir,i am 17yrs old and weight is 54kgs.how much amount of protinex should i take daily? Is it compulsoy to workout if we are using this supplement?

  169. dhamu says:

    i am pregnent can i use protinex

  170. Kunal says:

    Can I take protrinx without doing any excersice or workout ??

  171. Thakur Dinesh says:

    My father is 62 years old
    can I give the protinex supplements
    please suggest

  172. shreyas says:

    Admin really a work done by you… Keep it up

  173. Manish v naik says:

    Sir I do have a doubt , that is I am having proteinx daily but what are the symptoms and I do have a muscle ache daily

  174. Tushar khurana says:

    Im 18 year old skinny boy can i add proteinx in my diet to gain weight

  175. Gautam says:

    Hi sir I am 18 and also underweight my height is 5’5and want to gain weight will protein x powder will help me and did it has any side effect

  176. Sanjeev says:


    I am 18 years old and my weight is only 40 kg i am in college 1st year and hope you can understand my feelings.
    I am using protinex since 2 months but I am not getting any single result. But still I believe, it will help me.

    Sir please suggest me some nessery details like:-
    1) Quantity of the supplement and milk.
    2) Workout(time period,which exercises,running or not)etc.
    3) Best time to take supplement.
    4) Time period of showing result.

    Thank you.

  177. Viki says:

    Is Protine X mass or weight gainer?

  178. Sarbeswar Dash says:

    Sir,My Father was a diabetic patient a few year ago and now he has given photodynamic therapy for cancer(1st stage).So He looks so week.Can we gave him Proteinex Diabetes Care? And how much his age 75 year and 45kgs.

  179. Pawan says:

    Protein X can build mass or not

  180. Raju mukherjee says:

    Iam 74 kg ,170 cm , age 39 should i use protinex after workout

  181. KHAN says:


  182. hemant says:

    sir kya market m protienex ka bhi duplicate possible h.

  183. Rahul says:

    To increase weight what i have to do.

  184. nirmal says:

    hello sir
    i want to know that if i take proteinex power then how long to leave the excersice for gaining the weight?

  185. harsh says:

    Sir,i am 30 yrs old and weight is 72 kgs. and hight 5’9”how much amount of protinex should i take daily? Is it compulsoy to workout if we are using this supplement?

  186. nitin says:

    Is this protein help us to tonning up the muscles I used to lift weights in the gym can I use this product or I should use whey protein

  187. Plz tell me the protienx are help in to fix hair fall

  188. Salman says:

    I am 24 years old.I dont have a diabetes problem. But I want to take protinex powder sugar free for body building.. Is it good for me.

  189. Zak says:

    Hi.sir. I dont have have diabetes problem. But i want to take protinex powder sugar free for Body building.. Is it right for me.

  190. salman says:

    sir my age is 17 .i want to gain weight and height.is it use full to me?

  191. Taufik says:

    sir i need to gain my weight…so can i take the proteinx powder with milk and bananas?

  192. samadhi says:

    I’m 24 years weight 38 can I build the muscles and weight use the protinex

  193. Vasudha says:

    How much of daily recommended amount of protien is provided by protienx alone if consumed twice a day. Also how does it benifit nursing mothers

  194. Chota Pandit says:

    Admin agar main ek question puchu ga ap. kitten minutes k Baad reply dho gey ?

  195. rahul says:

    soy food rich in oxilate and in winter we consume soy protien a lot like in peanuts.I heard it contains soy protien which can cause kydney stones is it right?

  196. Sreeja says:

    I m underweight and i m also type1 diabetic patient….!!! I m 5ft3 inch and my weight is 37kg …can i use protinex and will it help me …?

  197. Mohamed says:

    I am 29 yrs old, weight 48.8. Can I take this supplement to gain weight.

  198. Raghuram says:

    Sir am 18 yrs old.. my weight is 64.. height 5.3.. protinex is useful to get height or not? Can you pls clarify my doubt..

  199. Arjun says:

    Mera vajan 52 kg aur height 5’8 inch hai
    Me 1 mahine se din me 2 baar milk ke sath protinex use kar raha hu aur ghar par hi exercise karta hu.
    me ye janana chahta hu ki muje ek din me ki gm protinex lena chahiye?
    Protinex ka kitne month tak regular use kar sakte hai?

  200. Masung Chaudhary says:

    Hello sir…… I’m 19 year old and weight is 54 kg…… Can I take proteinX ?? and…. Sir… plzz tell me how much quantity use…….?

  201. adesh says:

    Without gym can i use this
    I dont want to go gym
    In Regular life can i use this??

  202. abhijeet says:

    can i using protein x in zym and workout

  203. lucky57 says:

    2 tdsp protinex how many protein in grams

  204. chain singh says:

    Can I use proteinx for weight gaining but I have no time for workout so please suggest me is it helpful or not for gaining

  205. chain singh says:

    Can I use proteinx for weight gaining but I have no time for workout so please suggest me is it helpful or not for gaining

  206. gurwinder says:

    I am 17 year old .I increase my height. My height is 5.5 .can I use protienx

  207. arjun says:

    Sir mera weight 57 he Maine gym b join kri he muje weight bdhana he like 75 kg tak krna he muje kya krna chahiyee

  208. Hasnain says:

    Sir I’m suffering from ulcerative colitis..I’m lactose intolerant..can I consume this supplement? Also can I take this supplement even if I don’t workout?

  209. Hasnain says:

    Sir I’m suffering from ulcerative colitis..I’m lactose intolerant too..can I consume this supplement?also can I take it in case if I don’t workout?

  210. Aliza Khan says:

    I am 17 years old but my height is 5’2 will it help me to increase height
    But my weight is more so will it increase my weight.

  211. Shah Bhavya says:

    Is it helpfull to increase body fat or weight?

  212. Hii sir I m 22years old and I m thin and I want to increase my weight can I take protein x is it any side effects

  213. Sunham patra says:

    I am boxer so my daily workout doing. In this period my weight constantly loose so plz solution drink protein x

  214. Subham says:

    I am boxer so mari daily workout karta hu jab say boxing gayi hu tab say constantly weight loose ho rha hay 55kg reduce hokar 47 hogya hay or weakness lagata hay.protinex peni ki bad problem solution Hogana. Age-17 hay

  215. Subham says:

    For adult age like 17-18 what is protein powder drink it. Like proteinx or boost or Horlicks or like that’s?

  216. ayush says:

    Sir does proteinex have hairloss Side effect??

  217. Prateek says:


    1.Should i take protinex or not.
    2.Any side effects.
    3.And if i discontinue after sometime any effects.

  218. Rocky says:

    Hey admin m 25 ysr old n i weigh 91kgs. M doing my workout, some HIIT. How much protinex i have to take for building body and not to gain any weight.

  219. Sheethal says:

    Protinex can be used during breastfeeding for weight gain..?i am losing lot of weight during breastfeeding

  220. ujjwal godiyal says:

    i am doinG gyM and my weight is only 46kg i am taking protienX as post workout and i want to increase my weight in how many days it gives me result
    reply fasT

  221. khalid says:

    I am 27 years old and my weight is 65 kgs & 5.9 height & having problem of kidney stone. I want to gain weight to 2-3 kg, how much quantity of protinex i need to drink in a day ? Will it have any side effect on my height?

    • Aamir says:

      Hi sir my father is 60yrs old and he is suffering from diabetes. His weight is reducing day by day. can my father use protinex.

  222. I am 15 yr old . so I can take proteinex

  223. Akshat says:

    Protinex can i take it for increase muscle and weight loss

  224. Devidayal prajapati says:

    Sir isse kya mera hight increse ho skti h kyoki mera age 22 runing h ur weight only 42 kg ..
    H ……..mera hight 150cm h..

  225. shiva says:

    i m 23 gyming will protinex will in increase in size of body

  226. Rohit says:

    sir im 28 year old i have no time to workout daily i can do workout 15 mintue a day so protinex is helpful for me

  227. Nitesh Katia says:

    I am 27 years old my height is 5’7 and weight is 55 kg. I want to gain weight. I daily run 4 kms in the morning. Can I take enduramass. Endura mass and proteinx which will be better for me

  228. Nisha says:

    Sir i am nisha, my weight is 45 kg and age is 24. How much chances to increase weight by using this product? As i am scared about side effects.

  229. hany gupta says:

    sir i’m 22 years old.i have fat but my muscles are weak and have less stamina.i have started a gym for a week,and i do exercise daily.can i take protinex?????

  230. Jerry says:

    Hey There..I’m an youngster
    i want to take protinex..my question is if i take would i have to do gyming or something else?

  231. Bishal Das says:

    Sir, am Bishal Das. I’m 19yrs old & my weight is just 45kg. Sir, I want to know what should I take in my daily diet plan as I am a hostelite?? & what should I do for the best result of weight gain.??

  232. vishu says:

    How much time it will take to show his effects of gaining?

  233. Keshav Mukeria says:

    Sir ,

    i am doing nigh job and workout at morning time , but nowadays i am taking gainer after workout , so please suggest me when i have to take it and how much (one serving or Two)
    can i take it with water.

  234. Aashi says:

    I am 36 year old suffering from thyroid from past 5 years. …my weight doesn’t remain constant..I was 66kg but now 58/59 kg…..it keeps on decreasing. ..I used ensure and endura mass to gain weight but it dunt increased my weight. ..can protinex help me increase my weight. ..

  235. Rishi says:

    Hi i am 36 years old and my weight is 115 kg, i am taking Protinex from last two weeks. i want to lose weight.can it works?

  236. SAURABH GUPTA says:

    Sir mera weight 50 kg hai.protinex ke istemaal se weight increase ho jaega ? Oor iska koi aide effect to nahi hai ?

  237. Can i take protinex after workout.and also tell me its side effects

  238. Can i take protinex after workout.and also tell me its side effects

  239. Ganesh says:

    I work in the call center in night shift most of the times, when can tske protinex i. The night
    For better results?

  240. Prakash says:

    Hi, I am 30 years old and my weight is around 95kg, recently I had operation of my knee (Tibial Plateau Fracture), can I consume Protinex for fast recovery of fractured bone. Please advice. Your early response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank You.

  241. Prakash says:

    Hi, I am 30 years old and my weight is around 95kg, recently I had operation of my knee (Tibial Plateau Fracture), can I consume Protinex for fast recovery of fractured bone. Please advice. Your early response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank You

  242. muna says:

    I am 16 year old and very thin.
    Can I take protinex to gain weight and become normal

  243. varun sharma says:

    i have digestion problems.. my age is 21 and weight is 50.i exercise daily but unable to get results and now i got frustrated, tell me, i need help, suggest me admin

  244. Yogesh says:

    Hi Sir my husband height 5 feet 9 inch . But his weight is lose day by day so protinex is best for weight gain

  245. md arshad says:

    I am so week is there right for me

  246. Satya says:

    Sir can I take protein x before going to bed with milk?

  247. Manan says:

    Can i take protienX Empty stomach??

  248. Sachin says:

    I am of 17yrs old & of 50 kg.& I want to increase my muscles. In addition of going to gym I want to take supplement.
    Will protinex really help me to increase my muscles.

  249. CHETAN says:


  250. aakash says:

    Hii … my bisecps is in shape but i want big size..so can i take this protein x supplyment.

  251. Sanaf says:

    How much time will it take to gain 6 kgs with protinex …plz reply

  252. rajat says:

    Sir can i take proteinX after breakfast because i am doing gyming in evening

  253. aman says:

    Protinex pine ke baad main skipping aur hanging exercise karu toh meri height badhegi

  254. Sumit says:

    sir. i can take protin x with banana shake

  255. Unknown says:

    Can a person who do not workout at gym
    take protinex?

  256. sanu says:

    I’m 27 year old and my height is 5.5″. Can I use the protinex original powder? But i dnt increase to my height..

  257. Badri Lavanya says:

    I m 18 year old girl my weight is 75 now I m doing some workout sooo I can use protinex it will help me or not to reduce my weight plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  258. king777 says:

    My height is 5.4,weight-49kg,age-15,daily workout in the gym,how much time should I take proteins in a day

  259. Rahul singh says:

    I am 27 years old and i am allergic to milk .
    So i would like to have protein x withe juice ,
    Which juice would be good to intake with

  260. Gowthaman says:

    I am not taking protein powder beacause of my big question
    1) any side effects appearsvon taken this
    2) it reduce a weight after in take in long life

  261. rupinder singh says:

    I am 20 year old I don’t doing gym or workout. Can I use protein x ?

  262. Hritik sahore says:

    Which protinex did you recommend for gym.And which protinex helps to increase hight.

  263. Vishal Tanwer says:

    Can i take protine x with out work out

  264. Surjeet yadav says:

    I have acne problem can i take protinex??

  265. Surjeet yadav says:

    I have acne problem i use the protine in 2015 can i take protinex??

  266. abizer says:

    sir do you tell me dosage time and how many scoup I take per day.

  267. tarun says:

    Sir meri age 20 year hai or weakness hai kya mai bhi proteinx le sakta hu …
    Or kitna lena h ek din me

  268. Alekh says:

    I take hot milk n oats for breakfast. Can i add protienex in milk while boiling it?
    How much qty i can add initially?

  269. Manan Athwal says:

    I am 17 and my hieght is 5 feet 6 inches i want to increse 2 to 3 inches Can protienex will increase my hieght?

  270. Hassan says:

    Can it work with water?

  271. Sukhbir says:

    Can i take protein x during pregnancy

  272. divyansh kavidayal says:

    can i take protienx after gym for bodybuilding

  273. vani says:

    I want to loose weight pl help me out how can I use this

  274. sonu says:

    dear sir my name is sonu sharma and i m go to gym regularlly but sir my body cant expand so sir can i take protinex and give to me best resulttt

  275. sonu says:

    dear sir my name is sonu Sharma and i m go to gym regularly but sir my body cant expand so sir can i take protein and give to me best result

  276. bullla la la yah says:

    How much did the brand pay ?

  277. Ujjwal says:

    Hey admin!
    I am 15 years and i am joining gym. Is it good for the age of mine to take proteinx?

  278. Ishant says:

    Hi plz tell me a right ans proteinx take before gym ya after gym who is more effective

  279. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Hi,I have joined gym from past 2 months now but whenever i am working out like dumbbell press or weight pulling i am feeling pain in my right hand from elbow to palm and pain in wrist in left and right hand.the pain is so worse that i can’t even lift anything properly. My hand is quite slim and weak. Just wanted to know can protinex help in gaining muscle in those areas like from elbow towards wrist..
    my weight is 86kgs. is it feasible to take it. i am working out for weight reductions.

  280. bhanumati sadrani says:

    is diabitish patient use protinex powder for weakness? it usefui in old age?

  281. RAVI KUMMAR says:

    Dear Sir
    I Take weigh gain tablets(aurvedic) can i use protein x with tablets
    please suggest

  282. RAVI KUMMAR says:


  283. Tarun Kumar says:

    i m 26 yrs old, my height is 5’11 & my weight is 63 kg only. How many months to increase weight, if i take this by your way in daily routine ?

  284. Abdul says:

    Guys anyone using protinex ‘original’?
    And tell how it’s tastes

  285. manasa says:

    Sir,24 years old.. u want to put up my weight.. scared of using any protein powder because of the side effects they will cause specialy for girls…people will be saying it may affect pregnancy in future… Please suggest…

  286. Krishna dassinha says:

    My son is suffering from chicken pox , May I GIVE HIM PROTINEX.PLEASE SEND ME REPLY

  287. Dilshad says:

    Sir protein x se meri height aur weight badh sakta hai

  288. Dilshad says:

    Sir protein x se meri height aur weight badh sakta hai

  289. saravana says:

    Im 50..i improve my weight and body..can i take it protinex?

  290. balraj singh says:

    Can I use protienx I am 15 years old iam also increase my height

  291. Inna says:

    Hi i am 30 yr old, i used to hv weakness n now my ankle hv pain…..can proteinX helps?

  292. Arif Ahmed says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 32 years old but my weight is 51 kgs, nd height is 5ft 4inchs. I have high bp and also lite colestrol. I take bp med as well as anti depression and anxiety med. These days I’m goin to gym for improvement so can protein x will be beneficial for me or I suggest my doctor.
    Kindly reply asap.
    Thank you
    Arif Ahmed.

  293. harsha jyoti says:

    i m 17 year old boy. i do workout at gym. does protinex will help me for muscle growth? kindly reply its very urgent.
    Thank you

  294. shitu says:


  295. Krutika says:

    Hi, I am 28 yrs old. I want to reduce fat in my body specifically the lower body fat. Even i go to gym and do workout and i am also following diet. So can i take ProteinX

  296. anni says:

    Sir, can i take proteinx without workout coz no time for doing workout…

  297. RitZy says:

    I had heard that proteinx has too much of suger and fatty substance, which is not really healthy, is that true ?

  298. RitZy says:

    Can I take the powder even if I don’t gym or do any workout?Coz I only need proteins… Is it gonna harm me or make me fat?? Plz reply..

  299. Raj singh says:

    Sir meri age 22 year h or weight 45 h or hight 5.4 h kya ye mere liye better rahega

  300. rishabh says:

    hello sir my name is rishabh my hight is 5.11 and weigh 60 its usefull for gian weight
    for me

  301. Masa says:

    When i am buying this product, how im confirm
    Tha original sapliment

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