Revital Capsule Benefits & Side Effects in Reality

‘Health’ has moved on from being a general item on a person’s wish list to an ever-growing industry that is charting out variety of products, to help people improve longevity, stay fit and look young.

What does the slogan says ?

I love revital because…… Well, the slogan starts but doesn’t end, funny aah ? This incomplete slogan is made official by the company only god knows why.

Revital Capsule Benefits & Side Effects

Revital Capsule Benefits & Side Effects

‘Revital’ –one of the India’s leading daily- nutrition supplement products. It is one such product in the wide array of health products that are available today. Growing number of consumers prefer to use such products for reasons like :

  •  To combat stress and the high tension environment at workplaces
  • To compensate for their ‘junk food’ diet
  • To maintain and retain their energy levels in today’s fast paced life
  • To avoid / prevent falling sick
  • To retain mental alertness and focus
  • To improve general immunity level and health

But can these products alone, really help in improving the general health of Consumers?

The Oxford dictionary explains the meaning of ‘Health’ as:

  1. The state of being free from illness or injury
  2. A person’s mental or physical condition

The daily nutrition supplements do improve your immunity, thus leading to lesser occurrences of sicknesses. But can you really improve your health, simply by taking these capsules daily?

Good Health is achieved by a combination of:

  • A healthy diet
  • Some amount of daily exercise
  • Recreation activities that help de-stress and rejuvenate not just the physical but also the emotional and mental state of a person
  • Satisfaction & contentment in all aspects of life

By consuming the daily supplements, you may be able to account for the shortfall of nutrition that occurs due to ignoring your diet or the reliance on a more fast food type diet, but what about other aspects of Good Health?

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Can these capsules really compensate for?

  • The lack of exercise in one’s life?
  • The lack of time, for pursuing hobbies/ interests?
  • The increasing stress and worsening ‘work-life’ balance
  • The quality of life which is a by-product of the hectic corporate life with cut throat competition
  • The paucity of time to spend with loved ones

Such daily nutrition supplement capsules do improve longevity, and may be one of the good reasons behind the average age of mortality rising up. These capsules, definitely make sure our body keeps running and going ahead, without stopping.

And you can easily fool yourself to assume, that you are taking great care of your health, because of taking these products daily. This could be a greater risk to your over-all well being, if you continue on the stressful life journey, with the sole support of these daily supplements.

These supplements when teamed with an adequate amount of work life balance, good nourishing diet & time for fitness/ exercises can be the keys to great health.

But solely by consuming some fixed amount of nutrients that are packed in the small sized capsules, if you think you are marching your way towards good health- please think twice!!

Revital Ingredients :

All revital capsules are made of one primary ingredient i.e. Ginseng powder – 42.5 mg.

Other ingredients are as below :

Vitamins content :

  • Vitamin A 2000 I.U
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C 40
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E 5

Minerals content :

  • Folic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Ferrous Fumarate
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous

Minimum Age to Use Revital Capsules ?

Anyone who is more than 12 years old (Both Men & Women) are eligible to use the capsules. Common thought is that, Revital is only meant for men but that’s not completely true.

Revital Dosage Indications

The user is entitled to use 1 capsule a day.

In rare case, when you are too weak to carry out physical tasks or feels completely exhausted after your working day, you can exceed the intake to 2 capsules a day.

Also, the quantity more than 2 capsule/day is not suitable for the body. Exceeding the intended dosage may get you in some trouble.

How to Use

The intake is generally preferred after any heavy meal. If you take a heavy breakfast, then that’s your best time to take the capsule. Or if you lunch meal is heavy, then only after it.

and 1 capsule in the night after the dinner.

But, the only function is to keep you active all day long, therefore it is for you to decide when you are in a need for some energy boost.

Intake empty stomach is highly discouraged. One may face burning sensation inside stomach after so.

Revital Promises you the following benefits :

1) It improves your stamina.

2) It helps you to fight stress, anxiety and depression.

3) Keeps you active all the day long.

4) Improves your immunity to fight against diseases.

5) Gives you all the required vitamins and minerals.

6) Betters your concentration, learning power and memory.

and more!!

Do they really improve HEALTH ?

Taking one more angle to understand whether it helps or not. Consider if you are much stressed, living in anxiety, passing through bad phase of life, lost your mental peace. These situations in your life always effect your health. Now since your health is affected you tend to make it correct by taking external agents like “Revital H or Revital Woman”. Don’t you think it is just like suppressing outcomes of emotions which your body tends to expel out through various difficult health situations?

Our body is a programmed system which is completely linked internally and externally. All your emotions, status, mental and physical states are connected so if you are making your body habituated of external medicines such as Revital then you are making yourself addict to tablets.

Some of the side effects that you face by using Revital

  • Dizziness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritability
  • Muscle twitching
  • Restlessness
  • Swelling of feet or lower legs
  • Weakness

Symptoms of too much fluid in the body

  • Puffy eyelids

More common

  • Vomiting (mild)

When you stop taking it, it cause weakness, Low BP and many more. Consulting your family doctor before plunging on any regular tablets is always suggested. One more thing for majority public in India is Revital’s outer coat is gelatin which is made of animal sources. For that they have introduced liquid version Revital. To be on a safer side pregnant or lactating women should not take Revital instead go for medication suggested by your gynaec and never make your children habituated of such medicines.

Live a life of satisfaction and enjoy togetherness of family, add to it a balance diet, this will engage your entire body to produce all vitamins and minerals required automatically.

334 Responses to Revital Capsule Benefits & Side Effects in Reality

  1. vikramsinh parmar says:

    revital levathi su fayda thai ane ae game tene levai game tyare pls suggest

    • admin says:

      Please, comment in English.

      • avik roy says:

        Plz say,is the capsule good for my health?

      • aksh says:

        Im only 17 cn i use thi”?

      • rishav says:

        Hi admin can u suggest me for best protein and stamina capsule and no side effect….

        • admin says:

          You can try protinex.

        • Smith says:

          You can eat egg whites for protein intake. Usually 1 egg white contains 4g of protein, 0 carbs & 0 fat.. So consuming 5-6 egg whites daily can provide you 20-24g of protein (i.e. 80-96 calories).

          Protinex has 9g of protein but also has 9g of sugar per scoop. If you can afford whey protein (typically of US brand) then you can add high quality protein in your diet. These supplement is best to grow muscles and every fitness lover uses it. One scoop of “ON Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolates” (1 scoop = 30.4g) contains 24g of protein, 3g carbs and 1g of fat. This is one of the best available protein supplement in the market but plz beware that in our country fake protein supplements are found everywhere. The best place to buy is from an authorized dealer like or or
          Use this supplement to balance your weight loss diet OR muscle building diet OR to keep a health life-style.

          For building stamina prior workout you can have 1 cup of black coffee without sugar OR drink “Red Bull” OR if you can go with Cellucor C4 pre-workout supplement.

          Revital is an average multivitamin supplement but if you’re are looking for the best then go for “Muscletech Multivitamins” & if you’re a vegetarian then go for “MuscleXP Multivatamins”.

      • Pranjal nath says:

        Sir,i have a intrview in 15 days aftr..but i can’t cmplt my running at this time..sir can i take revital h for more power nd stamina..

    • Manish kalal says:

      no….koi bhi nai le sakta …minimum age 18 honi chahiye……and isko lene k baad daily some workout bhi chahiye….

      • Suffering prostate ailments BPH.should i take Recital. Tv

      • Kunal says:

        I wanna know weather revital can help me boosting my energy because i m gyming so can it help me giving strengh so dat i can lift heavy weight??

      • Vinay Kadian says:

        If it is above 18 yrs tablet then something extra is put inside it.Vitamins& minerals are needed from baby of day 1 to adult of 100yrs.Go for simple vitamins tablets like Supradyn(effective in cost n health-15tablets for 19.5rs)

      • Vinay Kadian says:

        Vitamins never give energy.Helpful for enzymes n metabolism of body.If some workout is essential,then it would contain extra fat-protein content.Also addiction is there so its legal.Thats why its rate is near 300rs.Better go for Home-made food,exercise n simple vitamin tablets-like Supradyn–A Swiss product cost 19.5rs for 15 tablets)

    • ashok says:

      How to use revital medicine and how many times eat medicine in day.
      And which vitamin’s are available in this medicine..

    • babu says:

      High bp pecants us this product any problem or not

    • Subhojit Naskar says:

      Jiska heart main problem hai o Rivaitel le sakta hai

    • Naveed Butt says:

      I need Revital at Pakistan if any one deliver in pakistan

  2. rajeev says:

    I m 38 years old and taking revital since last 3 years.its really addictive….although you will feel some alertness while consuming this product. But whenever u stop… it will reaches u as same condition as earlier u were.u will feel more tiredness and sleepy every time.

    • Subhen says:

      Rajeev is very much right. I presently can not take this Capsules for last 3 months because non availability in the local market.Now,I feel dizziness,sleepy & tired . Less energetic than before taking this cap. Moreover, regular taking of this cap made my eyelids & legs Swelling.And stopping this medicine made my BP & heart beat lower.
      But,it works during the period one takes it,means it gives energy,stamina.It controls stress etc etc.I suggest, if we are lucky, we can find better medicines in Ayurveda’ without any side effect. Swallowing Revital gives one energy with fear |

      • lucky says:

        Subhen & Rajiv u both are right by taking revital it makes you addictive. I’m 24 year old n was taking but now I want to stop taking but now I’m feeling tired, felling lezy and felling pain in leg & body also so I suggest to others that don’t take it. Try to avoid.

      • Rimple says:

        subhen ji u r right I have also faced same problem so pl tell us what should we do now suggest any multivitamin capsule

    • Arjumand says:

      you should try product of nutrilite called “daily”.
      that is best to use.

  3. avinash kumar says:

    i very weak and i want to become fat can revital make me fat

    • admin says:

      No, revital will not make you fat or healthy.

      Instead, you can try daily banana shake, you will feel the results within a month or so.

      • Vinay Kadian says:

        Neither fat nor lose weight.Vitamins are must for body but they never give energy.Protein-fats-carbo give energy.Weight loss can be possible on exercise only.This is addictive tablet.

      • deepak says:

        Hey admin
        My father age is 55 and he is a kidney patient
        Can he take it.

  4. ganesh says:

    i am 21 yrs old.thanks for giving very valuable information .i have back pain ,can u suggest me some tips and food to reduce it.

  5. suvam says:

    what the bloody product have you supplied?full of side effect

    • admin says:

      We’ve made this post only to tell you about the side-effects.

      • Vinay Kadian says:

        Tell me why it cost around 300rs? Definitely Something extra protein you put.Also why it is addictive?Vitamins rarely give side-effects if consumed in excess amount.However most of them are water-soluble-so gets excreated when in excess.People must go for simple tablets which are 39rs for 30tablets without anyside-effects n addiction.

  6. kiran says:

    i lost my emmunity plz
    revitalis perfect medicin

  7. prathmeh desai says:

    thank you for sharing this valuable information, i’ll better giving it a stop before i get addicted to it.

  8. amit says:

    revitel increase sex or decrease

  9. rohan says:

    I am thin is revital will be ok to make mi healthy

  10. shivyansh singh says:

    Hi, I m taking buprenorphine injection regular now I m trying to leave it but when I leave after my body parts are filled with tiredness but when I had start taking revital cap to get energetic power I feel good and active more it also helps to leave addiction!!!!

    • admin says:

      See daily addiction of your Buprenorphine injection is very bad. You are likely a drug addict if it is to be said properly. But, if Revital is helping you overcome this addiction, then you must continue with use of Revital.

      And when you think the addiction is no more, you can discontinue the use of revital because it is not also good for you.

      • sabir says:

        my wife started using it before 3 months she says that she is feeling stronger and it has helped her especially the pain in the body then my mom started taking it now i have given to my dad since they all have same complain that they feel pain in their and bones specially guide me plz

    • rajesh says:

      Used timing distance
      I have used morning
      Any problem
      Please tell me

  11. shivyansh singh says:

    Can revital cap helps to restored my body and get rid from drugs addictionaddiction !! Answers

    • admin says:

      You can test it by yourself. Stop with your drugs and start taking revital, if that helps then its very good.

      • uppu says:

        Hi….I m 18 years and 6 months older and I want some focus on my studies bt I can’t becoz I feel tired and sleepy so please give me some advice about revital capsules and I don’t know about doses.I will take it only for a month only and pls give all information about it and its price,course so please email me………I m waiting….

        • admin says:

          See, Revital won’t help you in improving your focus against studies.

          Better, improve your lifestyle and try to wake up early in the morning.

  12. mujib says:

    Hello I want to ask that my mother is 50 years old and she feel always tired when she work little more so is revital women is good for him or not…plz reply

    • admin says:

      No, Revital women is no permanent solution. Tell her to intake more iron based foods which are : Nuts (Cashew, Pine, Hazelnut, Peanut, Almond), Spinach, Swiss Chard & Whole Grains etc..

      It is better to take an iron rich diet.

      All the best 🙂

  13. rohit says:

    i very weak and i want to become fat
    Can i use to revital Capsule

  14. rohit says:

    What is Reason My Body is not fat

  15. Bertie says:

    Simple question, does Revital cap increase the blood pressure

  16. rohit says:

    Thank you sir

  17. rohit says:

    I am daily use the one capsule
    Without my body problem
    benefit ya lose

  18. Mili says:

    Can u pls suggest any good medicine for women for energy…as I am still feeding my 1 yr baby …and due to workload @ off & home makes me tired…I get exhausted mentally & physically…. thank you

  19. TAran Mehra says:

    Please suggest; I’m 34years old. I’ve a very long going on problem is that most of the time either early morning evening or even during night, I feel very much tired restless and always want to be on bed. My body starts paining when I was on bed for long time but I don’t like anything just want to take rest all the time.
    Can these revital capsules make me alerted all the time while in office or while doing daily routine work.

  20. deepak says:

    incrise running stamina power plzz suggestion

  21. Gourav says:

    I am 21 yrs old student…I lack energy and often feel weak…regular intake of fruits or milk is not possible for me as you don’t get them nearby..please suggest any good brand supplement to be taken for only short intervals during exams…

  22. Sanjeev says:

    i want to increase my height ….can revital help me

  23. Aneesh says:

    I am weak in case of mental allertness. Is rivital a solution for it?
    If not is there any other solution?

  24. I am 17 year and i am very thik please send solloution

  25. A V Swamy says:

    I am a diabetic. Is is harmful to take Revital?

  26. rohit says:

    its real fact by revaitel

  27. ankit says:

    when we should start taking revital and should we take advice from doctor before?

  28. Aileen says:

    I’m 15 can I use revital ?

  29. babloo says:

    Main 30 years ka hu aur main eption leta hu kya main revital use kar sakta hu, pls rply

    • admin says:

      Revital apko utna help nahi krega, jitna apko natural diets kregi.

      Eat green vegetables, fruits and do daily exercise.

  30. anand says:

    I am going to gym does revital gives me more stamina

  31. D K SHARMA says:

    What is utility of revital and how long it should be taken

  32. Dev says:

    Does revital capsule helps in building muscle faster
    And does it gives more mineral supplements ??

  33. i am shamsad .sir mai dexona tablet le raha hu kya ye sehat ke liye hanikarak hai .pls riplay sir.

  34. raja says:

    i want to boost my concentration and memory power. will revital help me? please suggest some other alternatives…

  35. Gagan Chawla says:

    I work more than 16 hours daily can I take revital and is there any side effects of the tablet

  36. indrani nag says:

    my husband is an physiotherapist…after a whole day work…he suffers fron body ache…and feel tired…is revital help him?

  37. main 5 pate revitel le chuka hu koi fark nahi dikha hai please meri help kijiye

  38. adarsh says:

    Age 26 i have pain hand&leg I am take to revaital tabnet any changes coming

  39. balram says:

    hi…. i do exercise regularly.. and .y diet is also normal. ever i eat some vitamin n mineral capsule to get the right amount. is it good to replace those capsules with revital??? plz reply

  40. santosh says:

    mai previous 5 years se decadon aur practin le raha tha abhi 1 year se band kar diya hai but ab meri immunity weak ho gai hai aur bhukh nahi lagti sath hi meri bone bahut weak ho gai hai mai hyper acidity se pareshan hu aur weakness feel karta hu please help me quickly sir

  41. Ashish Ma srani says:


  42. prabhu says:

    Hello sir I am writing Government examinations,Can i take Revital tablet before examination it cause any side effect(I am writing at least one exam/month).please tell me

    • admin says:

      No, there is no use of taking revital before any of your exam. Its just a basic nutritional formula, the same mount of nutrition you can get from green vegetables and fruits.

  43. ved prakash says:

    Mai army me hone ke liye running ki preparation kr raha hu kya mujhe revital lena uchit rahega

    • admin says:

      No, Revital will not make you physically fit. If you want to increase your stamina do daily exercise and morning running.

    • mo abdulla khan says:

      No brother revital lene ke liye koi jaroorat nhi hai aap sirf uchit aahar lijiye kaphi hai Han AGR ap KO race ke daoran haddiyon me dard ho raha hai to calsiyam 50 mg le sakte hai agar Jada mg ki lenge to side effect ho Saktsa hai agar aap ke Maas me dard ho raha ho to namak pain se dho lo fit rahoge ye Sb mai isliye aap KO bata rahan hun kyonki mai bhi army ki taiyari kar raha hun OK brother bay

  44. Avinash says:

    Sir,I live alone..and cook for myself…but sometimes m not able to do so and even i skip my meals…due to night shift work.I feel tired and even have muscle pain…Is revital good for me!!!!

    • admin says:

      Dear Avinash,

      You don’t need to replace your meals with revital. The best thing you can do is replacing it with fruits. Eat bananas at night when you think meal won’t possible.

  45. Ramsha says:

    M 20 and doing gyming ! I lack calsium and vit D in my body , is Revital recommend ? And how long should i go with it , also state wheather it has any affect effects once one stop taking these tablets.

  46. Gaurav says:

    Sir I m 18 years old
    I do exercise on daily basis
    But frequently in every 10 days achanak Puri body loose Ho jati h.. Feels very low and tired
    I don’t know what to do…
    Plz guide me..

  47. Mani says:

    hi I doing work as well as in evening time going for class, I am feeling sleepy and more tiredness in class, I am taking rest properly. pls suggest me to keep myself active in class.

  48. sagar says:

    ye revitalo capsuls workout ke pahile lena hai ya bad me , plz reply me

    • admin says:

      Workout mai help nai krega ye capsules.

      • Gaurav says:

        As I said in my previous comment I feel tired very much
        M already having a good diet but then too its not working
        And one more thing I use to get intimated with my partner twice a week at least
        What should I do to maintain my health and power also..

  49. gaurav says:

    As I said in my previous comment I feel tired very much
    M already having a good diet but then too its not working
    And one more thing I use to get intimated with my partner twice a week at least
    What should I do to maintain my health and power also..

  50. suhas says:

    Can revital increases running stamina???

  51. suhas says:

    Can revital incraeses long sex time?
    Tell me otherwise no then tell other capsul or diet….

  52. shubham shukla says:

    sir me 12th me padhta hu bahut weakness feel kr rha hu mere liye revital useful h

  53. SHAHID says:


  54. Nilesh Joshi says:


    Any one can advice Re vital & Cent rum capsule is become addictive multivitamin products.If it can be start to take daily dosage as recommended by company. Does it is really benefit on human body which is advertise by company? What kind of side effect come if it is take long time?

    I am appreciate if you could send me suggestion..

  55. dolly says:

    Mere husband ko bahut thakaan rahti hai or legs pain bhi rahta hai kya vo revital le sakte hai plz help me

  56. Najmu says:

    Im a football player im using revital mornig before breakfast the i go play is any problem ??

  57. mani says:

    Sir I am daily going running but I feel tired .recital helps me for my endurance and stamina

  58. mani says:

    Please give me reply sir .recital can improve my stamina and endurance

  59. Tushar says:

    Hi, im 25 & im having really big problems waking up in the morning no matter how many alarm i set but i can’t wake up. I sleep 10 to 12 hrs & i always sleepy plz help me, its affecting my work life.

  60. tarun says:

    Hii. I wanna make my body shaped n well tonned without take supplements. Is revital help ful in this?

  61. meghraj bisht says:

    I am 12th ckass student and i want to concentrate more in studies and want tto give up my sleep…will revital help me???

  62. samit juti says:

    Can revital increases running stamina?

  63. john kelly says:


    My self john i am 36y old i want know revital daily dose ?


  64. I want to use revital alternate days. It would be better for me or not?

  65. sachin says:

    I am taking revital but I am fell very pain full please holp me.I taking revital or not

  66. hii i m cmg star of india i hope ek din mai revital ka add karu :):p..wise i hvent use revital bt i thnkg to use bcz i m gettng jealus evry1 is using

  67. hii i hvnt use it bt i want to use bcz evryone is using nd i m d cmg str of india so i hope future mai iska add mai hi karu hehe

  68. skp says:

    let me know whether Rivital capsule benefited for increasing sexual desire and power, is it curing erectile disfuction?

  69. skp says:

    let me know whether Rivital capsule benefited for erectile disfuction?

  70. skp says:

    Is it useful to cure lack of desire for sex ??

  71. sk says:

    isrevital increase sexual desire and cure erectile disfunction

  72. Ankita Rathore says:

    I want to buy this for my husband he is little healthy he getting tired very much he is not able to work out everyday beacuuse of his work so
    Is revetial will help him to get active ?

  73. Gaurav says:

    As I said in my previous comment I feel tired very much
    M already having a good diet but then too its not working
    And one more thing I use to get intimated with my partner twice a week at least
    What should I do to maintain my health and power also..

  74. Gaurav says:

    Hey Admin..i am not addicted to revital.. But when i take it at night..I find my eyelids swelled in the morning.. why is it so?? Please answer.

  75. ajay says:

    do revital caught in army medical test?

  76. avi says:

    When stop to take revital then should be body iz unhealhy

  77. deepak chandra says:

    is revital help me to clear my physical test exam (running test ) of 5km in 24 seconds
    if yes then plz tell me that i take 1 or 2 pills of revital and how many hours before physical i take revital pills

  78. deepak chandra says:

    is revital help me to clear physical test of 5km easily

  79. sham says:

    plz suggest me how to be healthy by Ayurveda??

  80. himanshu aggarwal says:

    I am very weak
    So I want to b healthy
    Can u tell me any other diet except banana shake .. … only veg

  81. vikas Rajput says:

    What works of revital ?
    I m asking so bcoz u replied in last comment that take banana shake for healthy body. Why?
    Does revital do nothing?

  82. Lila kanta Das says:

    Sir, I am 34 years old. I am very thine and weak, feel very sleepy.can you advice me how can i improved my health ? KINDLY Tel me how revital help men body?

  83. Tejs says:

    I have used geofit since last one week it make me feel better n give more energy can I show some side effects of geofit for man if any

  84. Prachi says:

    I am 29yrs old, working out regularly. I have been told by trainer to take revital women to fulfill vitamin needs. Do i need it now?

  85. lucky says:

    Its very bad, I suggest to all please don’t take any more this because it makes addictive to you.
    I was taking but now I stop taking and now my personal experience with it very very bad.

    • Deep says:

      Shilajit is better n less side effects
      it increase stamina also good for improve erectile function.
      and many other benefits.

  86. mahesh says:

    what is the exact time to take revital before meal after meal or morning or night

  87. Deep says:

    Can revital help to lose weight?

  88. Mohammed Usama says:

    My age is 16 do you think I should use this revitel

  89. bikki says:

    My age is 19 do you think I should use this revitel

  90. mukesh says:

    hi I am 25 years old can I used it

  91. Gurya says:

    Sir my Age is 21 i cant work hard im getting tired quickly my weight is 42 im using capsul daily in a night with milk becuse my family doctr told me is this cap good for me or not..? Plzz sugest me

  92. SANTOSH says:

    sir mere pure badan medard rahata hai kyaa me revtal ka sewan kar sakta hu? replay soon…

  93. Rishabh says:

    Hi. I have major exams coming in one month. Is it recommended to use revital for one month. Will it help when it comes to focus and alertness. Also hope it won’t be addictive in jus one month use.
    Please suggest

  94. Ashish says:

    Revital is good for the depression or diabetes patent?

  95. Ravi says:

    Hi, i feel i need health supplement as i lack focus & pace in office work. is there any other safe substitute for revital.

  96. Ikram Siddiqui says:

    I just taking it Revital capsule, one of friend suggest me to take once daily for three months however I need to know whether is useful to take at my age 44yrs since most of the time feel sleepy and also suggest me it really help to get fit or do I get any side effect.

    I am desperately wait to know the fact of this please help.


  97. Raj says:

    I just wanted to know, does revital helps from a black skin to fair skin. It’s impossible I know but still if there little bit effect or not ??

  98. Intakhab Alam says:

    Ma 18 year ka hun kya may revital use kar sakta hun revital lene ke saath kya khana he wo bhi muzhe bataye plz… email just thanks

  99. jitesh says:

    is revital is helpful for 1.5 km running? ?

    in which way this is helpful??

  100. ankit says:

    Sir what is eating Revital Capsule after What could be depression??

  101. sudin says:

    Hi, I want to use revital. I am 26 years old.
    Can you tell me this useing right procedure.

  102. gyanesh mishra says:

    does revital any type of help to conceive preganancy
    can it avoid preganancy ( any side effect related to pregannacy)

    plz tell how it work

  103. A says:

    Bought revitalH bottle. Just realized for women revital Women comes which is different.
    Is revitalH intended for men only strctly? What if a woman consumes it?

    • admin says:

      There won’t be much difference between the two. You can take it.

      Revital women just has extra calcium and other nutrients.

  104. mani says:

    is that help for making stamina ? plz reply fast

  105. Ravi Chaudhary says:

    how to use revital capsule

  106. Ravi Chaudhary says:

    i m 24year old, can i take revital capsule

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can use revital any time you want.

      But, if you see no results after taking it for 1 week, you must stop taking it immediately.

  107. Nagaraj K S says:

    iam feeling good after using revital….feeling energetic….

  108. Nagaraj K S says:

    please search in google for some of its side effects as well….

  109. jana says:

    If revital caps can improve the sex life

  110. kavita says:

    Ye doses ek high blood pressure person kha sakta hai kya our other problem like vomiting headache weakness. Please tell me your reply.

  111. Can this medicine make me in fast runner realy reply me

  112. ritik says:

    Can I use revital after removing it’s outer coat that is made of gelatin ? I am asking about it because when I use revital capsules I got heartburn , stomach heaviness problem and after leaving I get rid of these problems. Also I have read on many websites that gelatin causes these side effects. So please answer me .

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can take it that way as well.

      Gelatin has not much benefit for our body, but if the side effects still persists then you would have to discontinue the use of revital capsules.

  113. Dev Sethi says:

    Meri joints se tak tak noise aati aur thodi si tension mai bhi rehta hu maine apke sari review & comnents bhi pade mai pehle se weak bhi ho gaya hu so pls suggest me sir kya mujhe revital capsule lene chaiye

  114. Abbas says:

    Can a diabetic ..not high diabetic but having sugar problems take recital..I am 35 years old

  115. Iqbal says:

    Main 23 saal ka hu mujhe vitamins ki kami hai kya revital sahi hai mere liye or is capsule ko kitne mahine tak ley sakte hai. Yeh capsule lene ke baad koi said effect to nahi hoga na. Please suggest me

  116. ratnadeep sarma says:

    Hlw sir i m 21 yrs old. I go to gym daily. And i take revital daily … is it good or bad.. my body is average…☺☺

  117. vikas roshan says:

    Sorry I got headache after taking revital.

    pls give me suggestions

  118. prashant says:

    My exams are near and I am in stress.can I take these pills for better outcome of mine

  119. SUMIT sharma says:

    It’s necessary to take the dose by milk or I can take it by water also

  120. Ranjan says:

    What is the best time to take it. Because u have confused me by telling 2 times.

  121. Concerned Human says:

    Looks like one gets addicted to the tablet as soon as you STOP taking the tablets it cause weakness, Low BP and many more as stated in the report.

    Is this then a dangerous tablet

  122. satyabrata samal says:

    Can it help for increasing the running stamina

  123. abbas says:

    I have cholesterol level of 200 and am on medication. I tire easily and then get fever, I have been taking revital, would it b wrong to take it with two pills of cholstrol meds

  124. Yoimayai Loitongbam says:

    Good things about what you mentioned here about benefits and side effects of the revital.

    I’m pharmacist. I want to share my views as per the studies.

    Whatever health supplement means here is supplement, not substitute. People should not be misguided supplement for daily needs.

    Please use supplement for temporary or time being. Never go for it like a daily requirement. Any medicine (allopathy, ayurvedic,unani,etc.) are chemical substances. If go for long term will bring side effects to the human body.

    Consult and refer any health nutrition or doctor before going to consume any medicine. Never try for it, because results can be life threatening. You may be doing experiment with your life.

    Many things are there people must be aware for consuming any kind of medicines.

    To admin; Whatever you have written about revital medicine is well enough.

    To the public, kindly see proper details and meanings mentioned regarding consuming of any medicine.

    Life is once, use safely and do something good for yourself, then go for the help of others.

    Please correct or forgive if I typed anything wrong. And thank you to all, always eat safe and be healthy !!

    • admin says:

      Hi Yoimayai,

      Thanks for your valuable piece of information that you shared. We believe that it will help more users to educate themselves.


  125. sougata says:

    Simple question….can the revital body growth occur

  126. DilipC says:

    I’m 16 years old can i take revital for get stronger

  127. S.k.sethi says:

    I am 65 year old I use to take one revital but I have some problems in my stomach, a little pain. Should I take or not ?

  128. Nill says:

    I would rather prefer to control my diet with including some daily exercise and some vitamins or protene drinks…that will not only save your money also will work better than this.some say it is additive …a I also agree on this…..

  129. RAM SOFA MAKER says:

    hi sir. main 24 years old aur main bahot dubla patla hu main kya karun sir please help me.

  130. Prince says:

    I love revital

  131. yumnam basker singh says:

    i am a marathon runner i can take a revital to improve my stamina

  132. Ram says:

    I am doing gym. My instructor suggested to take alternate days, one day revital(only 1 tablet per day) and other day evion, celien and b comolex…give a gap of 10 days every 10 days usage and then start again…
    Please advice, can I proceed or not?

  133. purushothaman says:

    am 42 years old man, very active and doing regular exercise like, walking and gym. present am feeling tired because of my workout increase due to reduce weight . present weight is 84 kg to get down 75 kg with in six months .

    yesterday am bought revital , i hope it will gives energy and wipe out my tiredness. please suggest any other supplement has to recommend please give the details,
    I am searching good whey protein powder mfg. if you know please tell me.

  134. nayan says:

    Hi my age is 19 and my weight only 44 kg. And i started gym. So which type of powder or capsul help to increase my weight and body without big sidr effect.

  135. Raj says:

    My age is 18+. I am so weak and thin. If I use revital can I improve my body??? Plz reply in mentioned e-mail id.

  136. omkar says:

    Up to age 59 can be taken or not plz tell

  137. suman kuiri says:

    I am so weak and my weight also very low…. I am 23 now.. which medicine can I take ?

  138. PIJUS KANTI PATRA says:

    My heartbeat 90/min I can use Revilat capsule
    plz Answer

  139. harish says:

    suggest a medicine for weakness

  140. Sonu says:

    Main 21 year old hu Aur Patla bhi kya revital lene se meri body ka vajan badhega main le skta hu

  141. sandesh says:

    I want gain my weight.
    Can Revital Help for that?

  142. Nithin says:

    Can I increase my stamina by taking this capsule. ..will it help me running. …as I have a phycial test in police force

  143. Ritesh raj says:

    hi…i am a student (17yrs old) i get very sleepy when i study @night ….will its intake with apple/day helpful

  144. Rahul says:


    Sir…..i very weak……can u tell me ..
    How i can gain weight easily

    Without any side effect…

    Revatil has any side effect…?????

  145. anil kumar says:

    Sir I am trying to run 1600 m in 6 minutes but I can’t do this after 1000 miter I got tired and stop .can I use revital for this ?

  146. Nasir alam says:

    I want to take revital
    How to take revital
    Any efficet &any problem

  147. Kumar Sashi says:

    I have a low blood pressure, Can i take Rivital on daily basis.
    pls suggest me

  148. amit says:

    Any side effect for use revital capsule

  149. sagar fikal says:

    Sr. how to increase my stamina sr Revital product best for me or not ..

  150. laxman says:

    Hi i am using Revital just one month complited sencand month started, But i havnt any progress in my health, so wen i enjoy Benifits of this product …

  151. salmaan says:

    If revital plays any role in running ?

  152. Sagar says:

    I am 28 year old. I am doing preparation for a competitive exam. I feel weakness in my body, but I have to do my study for 10- 12 hours perday. as I take comiflame teblet I feel energetic but I don’t want to take that. after 1 month my exam is to be held, so I need energy only for one month. So can I take it only for one month. will it work?

  153. satendra kumar says:

    Best for getting stamina. ……..

  154. varun gowda says:

    How to increase hight after 21 any suggestions for this questions

  155. vishal says:

    Once I had taken without meal in morning..on the same day in night I suffered from Gas do not take it before meal or some heavy diet..

  156. sarfraz alam says:

    Best product for me .I take 5 years this product .no side effect

  157. Sama says:

    I Samantha age 32 year I like revital

  158. Bobathi says:

    Revital capsule is when help the body building…? Its help?or not?

  159. Shanaya says:

    How can I loose weight fast..can revital help me?

  160. Anil sharma says:

    Sex power bbadtata hai

  161. Anil sharma says:

    Sex pawar badta hai

  162. Girish M says:

    Sir this product uses to gain the wait and reduse the muscles body to use daily?

  163. Noushad says:

    Sir I m suffering from chicken pox I used revital daily before this situation.can I take revital this I m totally weak but I can’t eat anything so use revital with liquid diet? Any content is against chicken pox? Can I use this for daily nutrition pls reply me fast

  164. Jatinder kumar chauhan says:

    My work day night help to revital

  165. Jatinder kumar chauhan says:

    My work day night help to revital

  166. Dhruba says:

    I have 3200 m running for SI post.If I take a 30 day dose of revital H will it increase my stamina?

  167. Siddharth says:

    Hi…. I m very weak sooo i can eat revital to improve my health…… In just one month….

  168. Fariha says:

    Can I give the women’s revital to my husband instead buying the normal one? Will this be bad for him. I have a lot of women revital just not sure if I can give him the same n hope there is no side effect in it.

  169. Arvind says:

    If a woman takes men revital capsules, is there having any side effect?

  170. anand says:

    Mai bahut dugla hu to kitne mahine uj karu

  171. Ejaz khan says:

    Good morning
    I am asking residing for revitel site effect

  172. SUKHEN SARKAR says:

    Admin can u suggest me for best weight gainer suppliment capsules without any side effects ..

  173. SUKHEN SARKAR says:

    Admin wht is da best weight gaining capsules r available in india

  174. shobhit says:

    is it beneficial for low b.p..?

  175. asbhoye says:

    I had 2 conversion of seizures , can I take it?

  176. anil kumar says:

    what is the right time to use it

  177. Satyam says:

    Sir i am upsc aspirant. My daily schedule is very busy and at night i am fully exhuast. So my question is can i take this medicine for night study. If other alternative is present plz suggest me. Thnx.

  178. Anku says:

    i read its side effects……
    the side effects that you face by using Revital
    Fast heartbeat
    High blood pressure
    Muscle twitching
    Swelling of feet or lower legsWeakness
    what’s the banafet of using thi
    it is harm for ous

  179. deep says:

    hey sir my father is to weekness prblom what i do can u explain rivitel

  180. Satuanand kumar says:

    Bahut acha hai

  181. Sukhi says:

    Can I take revital capsule after a 30ml drink of whiskey ??

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