10 Alcoholic Drinks That Don’t Taste like Alcohol

Alcohol is sweet poison for one and all. However, for those who aren’t into alcohol, it is necessary to start off with something soft and then gradually increasing the capacity. So, what are the drinks that aren’t very hard?

After all, a sweet taste is always better than a bitter taste. Hence, if you like to have alcohol that tastes sweet, you aren’t at a complete loss. There are more than enough of them sold all around the world.

Of course, the entire list cannot be shared with you but here is a list of 10 of them.

Alcoholic drinks that don't taste like alcohol

Alcoholic drinks that don’t taste like alcohol

10 Alcoholic Drinks that don’t Taste like Alcohol

1) Disaronno

This is a bitter sweet alcoholic drink. It is almond and fruit based. It is best for those who aren’t into alcoholic drinks. The level of alcohol is just 28% in this drink. Thus, it is cool for those who want an alcoholic drink that doesn’t taste like alcohol.

2) Archers

Archers is also a fruit based alcohol and doesn’t taste a lot like alcohol. It is largely based on peach or apple. Hence, it doesn’t taste like a lot of alcohol. It is good for those who don’t like a lot of alcoholic drinks.

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3) Passoa

Yes, the name is weird but the drink isn’t. It tastes bitter sweet and the level of alcohol is also low in this. This is also a fruit based like the other 2 and is ideal for beginners or for those who don’t like bitter alcohol.

4) Cider Coochie

This is a cider based alcoholic drink. Owing to the presence of cider, the bitterness of alcohol wears away and it tastes sweet. Apart from cider, it also has pear in it and the presence of both these fruits dilutes the alcohol in it.

5) Midori

This is a musk melon based alcohol and is bright green in colour. It has a lemon sort of flavour. It is the best for those who don’t like bitter drinks. It is available in all bars and hence, if you can’t find any of your poison then, just ask for Midori. This alcoholic drink is based on France, Japan and Mexico.

6) Dooleys

This liquor comes all the way from Germany and is a mix of toffee and vodka. Hence, it has the right amount of bitter and sweet in it. Other than that, it includes sugar, cream, milk and flavours. It is a very creamy and sweet alcohol. Dooleys is a must try alcoholic drink even for those who aren’t into alcohol.

7) Baileys

Baileys is Irish whiskey. It is creamy and sweet. It tastes like brewed coffee. 17% of alcohol is all it contains. It is definitely a great drink for those who are not into alcoholic drinks that are bitter in taste.

8) Malibu Rum

It is of course not to be confused with the Malibu islands but now you know where it comes from. Malibu Rum is also an alcoholic drink like the others that doesn’t taste like alcohol. This is also based on fruit, coconut and Curacao. Hence, this is also the best alcoholic drink for those who don’t like to have a lot of bitter alcohol.

9) Cherry Brandy

This is sweet liquor and as the name suggests, is cherry based. Hence, it isn’t very bitter and can be consumed by those who don’t like bitter alcohol. It is in fact as sweet as cherry. However, a lot of people don’t like this drink because they think it tastes like cough syrup. However, if you buy a nice brand then it isn’t going to taste so bad. Thus, buy the original cherry brandy and you are going to love it.

10) Galliano

You would be surprised to know that this bottle contains herbs and it would be the most medical alcohol you have ever tasted. Hence, if you are in the mood for some drinks and don’t want to load yourself up with liquor then this is the drink for you. Full of herbs and 30% alcohol and sweetened as well. It is definitely a nice substitute for alcohol.

Thus, these are the list of alcoholic drinks that don’t taste a lot like alcohol. They are ideal for those who like a dose of alcohol once in a while but don’t want a hard drink. These are sweet and leave a taste of alcohol in your mouth without making it bitter.

There are many more alcoholic drinks such as chambord, frangelico, red wine and white wine are drinks that are sweet in taste and yet, alcoholic. Hence, if you aren’t a lot into alcohol and yet like to have a drink or 2, these are the drinks for you. Thus, hold a drink in your hand and enjoy the party for as long as you like!

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