10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks are available at various bars for people who do not drink alcohol. These drinks often come at extremely high prices and cannot be afforded by everyone, especially college students, who are always on a low budget.

However, there are a few non-alcoholic drinks which are available at a cheap price and can be served at parties, brunches and barbeques, or simply enjoyed at home without getting drunk or spending too much of money.

10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks

10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks

10 Cheap Non-Alcoholic Drinks to try

1) Diet Coke

Diet Coke is a sugar-free carbonated soft drink which is manufactured and sold by the Coca Cola company. It is a cheap and good non-alcoholic drink option for calorie-conscious people. It is available in most local stores as well as in bars, and is a perfect drink for enjoying an evening with friends or family.

2) Italian Soda

Italian soda is a non-alcoholic drink which is made from simple syrup and carbonated water, and often topped with a dollop of cream. It is available in a variety of flavors such as cherry, amaretto, blueberry, strawberry, orange, chocolate and coffee. It is a cheap non-alcoholic drink available at bars and can be offered at parties.

3) Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is a non-alcoholic form of the traditional alcoholic Bloody Mary cocktail. It is a spicy tomato juice drink which can be enjoyed at anytime of the day. It is a refreshing and reasonably priced drink to serve at parties and brunches and can also be consumed as part of a healthy breakfast.

4) Bloody Apple Cranberry

The Bloody Apple Cranberry mocktail is perfect for celebrating Halloween with. It is made with frozen pure cranberry juice, sparkling chilled apple juice, cranberry schnapps, cold water and ice cubes. It is children-friendly and is easy to prepare at home. The store-bought drink too comes at a reasonable price, making this drink an excellent mocktail to offer at college parties.

5) Non-alcoholic Sangria

The non-alcoholic sangria is a cold and inviting drink prepared with cranberry-grape juice, fresh lemon juice, orange juice, dices apples and pears, and served with lemon-lime soda and ice cubes. This fruity drink can be bought at most stores or bars at a very low cost. It is a great appetizing drink to serve at a barbeque in the back yard or a Sunday brunch.

6) Blackberry Lemon

The Blackberry lemon is a soft drink prepared from pureed blackberries, sugar, chilled water, fresh lemon juice and mint leaves, and served along with ice cubes. It is a healthy, economical and refreshing fruity drink available at most bars and stores and perfect for any kind of celebration. This mocktail is ideal for college parties and bachelor parties because of its low price.

7) Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

The watermelon cucumber cooler is one of the most economical non-alcoholic drinks available at bars. It is made with pureed and sieved watermelons, pureed cucumber, honey and fresh lime juice. It is garnished with cucumber slices and served along with ice cubes. This is a very pretty and delicious non-alcoholic drink, which can be bought and enjoyed at anytime without burning a hole in the pocket.

8) Moscow Mule

A Moscow Mule, also known as a Ginger Mule, is a mocktail prepared with non-alcoholic ginger beer and lime juice, and garnished with a slice of lime. It is served on the rocks along with ice cubes. A Moscow Mule is a low-cost non-alcoholic drink option to offer at parties with friends who do not drink alcohol. It has a unique spicy flavor and is one of the best mocktails to opt for when on a moderate budget.

9) Mock-Mojito

Mock Mojito, also known as the Virgin Mojito or the Mojito mocktail, is a delicious non-alcoholic version of the classic mojito. It is made with mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, chilled ginger ale ( non-alcoholic), and crushed ice. It is garnished with lime slices and mint leaves. This mocktail is an affordable drink at bars and is ideal for a person who wants to enjoy the citrus flavor of a mojito without consuming alcohol. It is a  low-cost mocktail to offer at parties with children and ladies.

10) Flavored Waters

Flavored waters are soft drinks which contain carbonated water, a flavoring and a sweetener. The sweetener in these drinks may be sugar,high-fructose corn syrup or sugar  substitutes. These non-alcoholic drinks are available in an array of flavors, such as strawberry, cranberry, mango, lemon , mint, melon, orange, pineapple, blackberry, and even flavors like chocolate.

The flavored waters are highly appetizing and refreshing and are available at a cheap rate in most stores and bars. These soft drinks are great for a chill out with friends or for a brunch or barbeque with family.

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