10 Famous Party Drinks (Both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic)

When it comes to enjoying those famous party drinks, there are many amazing choices that can be explored. Normally the drinks that are served at parties are alcoholic in nature as parties are meant to be full of fun and enjoyment, but it is not a compulsion to serve alcoholic drinks because there are many non-alcoholic party drinks are also which are quite popular.

In fact, there are many party drinks, which have got a great history attached to them. Here are some of those non- alcoholic as well as alcoholic party drinks explained in detail.

Famous Party Drinks

Famous Party Drinks

1) Orange-Lime Relaxer

The best part about Orange-Lime Relaxer is that it is a very relaxing drink and is completely non-alcoholic. Most of the people prefer to have this drink during dinner time. You can easily prepare this drink right at your home in a simple and smooth manner. The reason why it is so popular is that even children can also drink this refreshing Orange-Lime Relaxer and it is mostly served in a highball glass.

2) Elimary’s Cocktail

Kids love to have this drink as there is no alcohol involved and are served during family gatherings. You can easily make this simple, sweet and tropical drink at home without major fuss. Served in a wine glass and this drink was invented by two girls in the great fall season. They invented this drink as a remembrance to the summer season and this became popular.

3) Atomic Cat

Served in a Highball glass Atomic Cat is a simple yet refreshing mock tail made with tonic water and fresh orange juice. It is a very popular drink with school going kids and is served at various school functions and local family gatherings. Crushed ice can also be added so that it can be served chilled during summers.

4) Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary is a substitute to another famous drink called as Bloody Mary. Virgin Mary is a non-alcoholic drink, whereas Bloody Mary is alcoholic. This drink also acts as a great appetizer and girls, especially young girls love to have this drink. The tanginess of tomato and sauce makes this drink perfect for drinking before the starters and then the main course. Served in tall highball class and the rim are generally rubbed with salt.

5) Nojito

Another name given to this drink is called as Virgin Mojito and it is one of the most popular party mock tails, which consist of mint leaves, lime juice and club soda. Mostly served at poolside parties and is liked by girls. This drink is also considered as the official Cuban drink and is quite popular all across Mexico and neighboring areas.

6) Virgin Pina Colada

The alcoholic Pina Colada is one of the most famous and quite popular Caribbean desert cocktail and Virgin Pina Colada is an alcohol free alternative to it. The right way to make this drink is through a blender and is served in a chilled glass. Its counterpart that is Pina Colada is also considered as the official drink of Puerto Rico.

7) Cinderella

Cinderella drink is full of fruit flavor that has got an amazing touch and a sense of innocence. Girls’ especially small girls love to sip thisdrink and are also served at those amazing poolside parties. This drink is generally prepared in a shaker and there is no fancy stuff that is involved. All you need is pineapple juice, orange juice and lime wedges for garnishing.

8) 13th Peach Fruit party drink

Made from Peach fruit juice the 13th Peach Fruit Party drink is a little difficult to make. There are many different ingredients that are required to be added into this drink. It is a non-alcoholic drink, which means anybody can drink this. Mostly served during summers and is a very refreshing sort of drink. You can serve 13th Peach Fruit Party drink in a highball glass.

9) Mint Lemonade

One of the simplest party drinks as it only involves mint leaves, lemon, sugar, water and salt. You can make this drink sweet or salty or as per the requirement. Its alcoholic version includes Tequila and is generally prepared in a blender. This party drink is mostly served in an old fashioned glass.

10) Arnold Parmer

Arnold Parmer is mostly served at family parties as it is a non-alcoholic mock tail that only involves two ingredients and those are lemonade and iced tea. Hence, if you are expecting a large number of guests then you can serve this drink. Serve this drink in a highball glass and this drink was created in the true memory of one of the famous golfers called as Arnold Parmer.

Hence, you can also serve any of these party drinks and enjoy to your heart’s content. The best part about all the above mentioned drinks is that these are very easy to make and chances are that most of the people are going to like these drinks.

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