10 Most Popular Tequila Drinks

Little does it need an intro, but still for the amateurs – Tequila is a popular alcohol and everyone loves tequila shots. A large number of club goers consume tequila on a regular basis. There are many different types of tequila out there and everyone has their own favorites and their own tastes.

Moreover, tequila shots are totally awesome and make you feel much more rejuvenated then any spa or shopping experience ever could have.  If you haven’t had tequila shots yet, you should totally go ahead and give it a try. Tequila shots are awesome and the best thing ever.

Popular Tequila Drinks

Popular Tequila Drinks

However, how do you know what tequila drink is better than the other, here are a few popular tequila drinks.

Top 10 Tequila Drinks

1) Margarita

It is needless to say that margarita is a form of tequila and the most popular one at that. A large number of people have tequila on a regular basis. Margarita is served in a tall glass with a tinge of lemon on it. Margarita is always the best tequila you can ever have. The tall glass and the lemon slice on its side look inviting to anyone who loves tequila. It is completely impossible to ignore. Thus, all tequila lovers and of course, non-lovers as well should go out there and try a glass of tequila.

2) Sunrise

No, the sun just didn’t rise but sunrise is just the kind of tequila you would want to have. True to its name, if you want to have a drink in the morning to freshen yourself up, this is the best option. Moreover, its colours, yellow and red will automatically remind you of the sunrise at any time of the day. This is one of the choicest and classiest tequilas of all and morning person or not, this tequila is definitely worth a try. So, what do you wait for? Try your hand at the tequila sunrise.

3) Paloma

Sure the name sounds interesting as ever and all the more so if you are an Indian. It is a very refreshing drink and best to sip on a lazy afternoon. It is served in tall round glasses and is a good mix of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. It is one of the most rejuvenating tequilas and is served in a very class style.

Not just the name but also the drink is wonderful and awkward both. Thus, order yourself some Paloma and give it a try if you are totally clueless about the drink that you’d like. You aren’t going to reject your decision ever.

4) Tequini

This is a very interesting and cool kind of tequila. It looks and tastes different too. This is a favorite of a lot of tequila lovers. It has some great flavour and taste.

Moreover, those who really like the drink prefer white tequila over colored one at any point in time. Hence, Tequini is one of the best options for tequila lovers.

5) Collins

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with Collins, the writer. Yet, it can leave you melancholic and happy. If you are a tequila lover, this is a must have. The crystalline color of this drink makes it worth. A little expensive though, the drink is well worth your money.

6) The Bull

If you are passionate about tequila, you would know that we are talking of the brave bull. It is one of the best tequila shots ever. Though, it looks like whiskey, it very much tastes like tequila. The drink is paired with coffee over fruits and hence, not everyone can take comfort in this. Only those who truly are tequila lovers can enjoy the Brave Bull.

7) Envy

The name itself turns you on, doesn’t it? It is one of the best tequilas available and just like brave bull, this one is also not meant for the faint heart. It can totally set your tongue and eventually your heart on fire. It is usually available in all pubs that serve tequila.

8) Oh Maria…!

The bloody maria, a different version of bloody Mary is also a cool tequila drink to have. However, calling this one a hard drink will be an understatement. It is totally not meant for those who have never tasted alcohol in their lives.

9) Passion

This is cocktail tequila and comes in a very bubbly and fruity colour and flavour. It is popularly known as passion cocktail and everyone totally loves this drink. You definitely ought to give this one a try if you haven’t already. It is a really cool drink.

10) The Mayan Mule

If you are a fan of hard drinks and love tequila to the core then, this is the drink for you. It is not margarita based and will take you to an altogether different world of alcohol. Sugary, minty and sour; this is tequila in true style.

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