10 Popular Green Alcoholic Drinks

The celebration St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish festival is not complete without green alcoholic drinks, particularly green beer.

Though green beer does not suit everyone’s taste buds, there are many other fun green cocktails which are perfect for parties and celebration. These green cocktails are fun to prepare, pretty to look at, and wonderful to taste.

Check out our list of a few green alcoholic drinks that you don’t want to miss.

Green Alcoholic Drinks

Green Alcoholic Drinks

10 Green Alcoholic Drinks

  1. The Green Dragon

The green dragon is prepared with gin, kummel, crème de menthe (green in colour), lemon and orange bitters. Like most alcoholic cocktails based on gin, the green dragon is an acquired taste. Apart from the herbal and juniper taste of the gin, the green dragon also contains crème de menthe and uses and orange bitters and kummel (which is herbal liquor), as blending ingredients to mix the two strong flavours together.

The green dragon cocktail has a powerful herbal flavour which is intriguing at first but tastes wonderful when one gets used to the strong flavour.

  1. Leprechaun Kiss

This drink is perfect for s St. Patrick’s Day celebration with friends. This green cocktail is prepared with sour apple puckers, vodka, freshly extracted lemon juice, simple syrup, a drop of food colouring (green), and fresh mint leaves. This is a very light drink and is sometimes called kiss of air. This delicious and refreshing cocktail is now a universally popular drink.

  1. Green and Gold Party

The green and gold party cocktail is an alcoholic form of green punch. It is prepared with sprite, frozen lemonade, chilled lime juice, lime and lemon powder mix, vodka, rum and grain alcohol. This cocktail is quick and easy to make, and is a crowd pleaser. It is one of the best festive drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with. It is light and can be consumed without getting heavily drunk.

  1. Cactus Jack

The cactus jack cocktail is one of the most popular green cocktails across the world. It is made with tequila, blue curacao liquor, fresh orange juice, freshly extracted pineapple juice and fresh lemon juice. It is served in a martini glass along with ice cubes. This drink has a vivid green hue and a balanced sour and sweet flavour.

  1. Flaming Bob Marley

The Flaming Bob Marley is a green Jamaican layered cocktail which has been named after Bob Marley. The preparation of this cocktail is tricky and if done incorrectly, can even cause injuries. It is prepared with grenadine syrup, crème de menthe and 151 proof rum. This drink is beautiful to look at has a very powerful flavour. It is a popular drink at late night parties and at bars.

  1. Clover Charm

The clover charm green cocktail is prepared with finlandia mango vodka, korbel champagne and melon liquor. It is served in a rock glass along with ice cubes and is garnished with a marshmallow clover topped stir stick. This green cocktail is fast favourite with the young and old alike. The celebration of St. Patrick’s  Day seems lacking without the clover charm cocktail.

  1. Shamrock Shaker

The Shamrock Shaker is a creamy and smooth cocktail which is ideal for celebrating the Irish festival, St. Patrick’s Day. It is prepared with Kahlua coffee liquor, amaretto liquor and milk, and garnished with edible gold and green powder. This delicious and mouth-watering drink is a decadent blend of almond flavoured liquor and coffee, the different flavours of which have been brought together by milk.

  1. Apple Martini

The apple martini is another very well-known and popular green cocktail. It is fairly easy to make, and is prepared by blending vodka with green apple schnapps along with a small amount of lime juice, which balances out the sweet flavour of the apple schnapps. People who like sour appletini can use sour apple puckers instead of the sweet apple schnapps. It can also be made by using a flavoured vodka along with pear and citrus. This drink is green in colour, the vividness of which depends on the kind  of apple schnapps that are used.

  1. Melon Chiquita Punch

The melon Chiquita punch cocktail is prepared with banana liquor or crème de bananes, midori melon liquor, coconut cream and pineapple juice. It is a most appetizing and refreshing cocktail, and a fast favourite among people with a sweet tooth. It is served in a cocktail glass (chilled) along with ice cubes.

  1. Pickle Back

A pickle back cocktail is a combination of a shot each of pickle juice and Jameson’s Irish whiskey. It is fast becoming one of the hottest cocktails all over the world. This cocktail is both delicious and surprising. The slightly woody, sweet flavour of the whiskey, blended with pickle juice provides an umami flavour and rich taste to the drink. Apart from being consumed to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it is also gaining popularity as a bar drink.

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