5 Side Effects Of Protinex Powder

Protinex, a very popular name in protein supplements used by over a million people in India. From kids to adults, everyone is taking this supplement and seeing the results.

Protein supplements are always used with proper consultation and guidance from health experts. Some bodies take long time to reflect results, while other shows results instantly. In a few cases, you don’t see any result even after taking it for a long time.

Protinex Side effects

Protinex Side effects

Protinex has to be taken with proper measures otherwise your body may have to suffer severe side effects. We have listed a few major side effects you can have by using Protinex power in more quantity :-

1) Gas problems : A few bodies are allergic to proteins, that can be well understood if you are unable to digest it at all. Or if you are taking it in quantity more than specified than also you can have the same problem. Normally, most people have this problem in the early phases of training then you body starts managing this itself.

But in case, you are facing gas problems continuously then you should immediately run for a doctor to help save yourself from serious health disorders.

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2) Increased weight and more fat : Taking the supplement in quantity more than advise may give you lots of fat on the body. Since, Protinex contains enough calories that you need to burn doing workouts and exercise. And if you increase the quantity of the powder intake, and don’t do the required exercise then it is sure to give you fat deposits on the body.

3) Kidney Failures : Since, everything you eat is digested and waste product is flushed out from the body with the help of kidneys. Taking too much Protinex powder will leave more protein waste in the body and thus increasing work. In some cases, prolonged usage of protein powders this way led to permanent kidney failures because they fail to flush out waste products on such a big scale.

4) Diarrhea due to Improper digestion : Since, there’s a lot of pressure on your stomach when you start taking protein supplements with more protein than what you usually eat. Since, your body can only digest 5-9 grams of protein an hour and when the body fail to do so, you suffer from stomach problems like diarrhea, stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence etc.

5) Dehydration : Again, the more Protinex you take, the more water your body needs to flush out the byproducts and to absorb the rest. Vigorous exercise consumes even more water and reduces the overall fluid in the body. If you fail to hydrate your body at the right time, then you face dehydration. Symptoms of which are : fatigue, headache, less urine output and dry mouth.

To save yourself from the above side effects, you should limit your Protinex quantity to 1 gram/Kg of your body weight. For example : a 50 year old individual should only take 50 grams a day.

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    My son is 6 years old can i gave protinex powder please guide us.

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