6 High Protein Smoothies with Recipes

When it comes to making high protein smoothies there are many amazing options that can be explored. The best part about protein smoothie is that it is rich in protein and is very tasty. Moreover, it is the ideal drink for getting instant energy and you can carry it along with you in a tumbler and drink whenever you want.

If you are running a little short of time for the morning breakfast, then the ideal deal is to make your favorite protein smoothie and drop a few ice cubes into it. Take it along with you and drink it whenever you want.

High Protein Smoothies

High Protein Smoothies

6 High Protein Smoothie Recipes


It is ideal for breakfast and the real protein source of this smoothie is Greek Yogurt. In order to make this smoothie you need to mix two cups of Greek Yogurt, few blue berries that are rich in anti oxidant properties, one orange and a banana. Mix all these ingredients in a blender until they become a smoothie. Finally put some ice cubes and here you have your tropical style smoothie full of proteins and vitamins.

Benefit : Though you can drink this smoothie whenever you want, but the ideal time is to drink is morning at the time of breakfast. It gives you instant energy and prepares your body pretty well for the rest of the day.


In order to make a Coffee Banana Smoothie the ingredients that are required are Greek Yogurt, flax seeds and a Banana. The best part about this smoothie is that when caffeine mixes with proteins that are present inside the yogurt a great amount of energy is achieved which gives human body an instant kick.

Benefit : This smoothie is ideal for those lazy summer afternoons and evenings. You can garnish the drink by sprinkling few flax seeds over the top.


While making coconut almond ginger protein shakes the ingredients that are required are Almonds, few pieces of ginger, protein powder and coconut oil. Blend all these lovely ingredients into a blender and garnish it with a cinnamon stick.

Benefit : This smoothie is ideal for breakfast and consists of all of the good qualities of Coconut, Almonds and Ginger. It gives you instant energy and is good for the brain as well as eyes. Anti-oxidant properties of ginger help your body to flush out all of the impurities from the body and help you in staying healthy always.


It is rich with flavors and is quite filling. It is ideal for lunch. In order to make Blueberry Mango Smoothie the ingredients that are required are blueberries, mango, Greek Yoghurt and daily milk. Mix all these ingredients pretty well in a blender and garnish this smoothie with a mango slice and mint leave.

Benefit : This is the perfect smoothie during summer months. You can add few ice cubes to make it perfect for those hot and humid summer afternoons.


Papaya Ginger Smoothie is very easy to make and the ingredients that are required for making this amazing smoothie are few slices of papaya, ginger and Greek Yoghurt. Here also the protein source is a Greek Yoghurt and you need to blend all these ingredients in a blender. Though the sugar content of this drink is enough, but if you still want some more sugar then you can add one tablespoon of sugar into this before blending. Add 2 ice cubes to have a cool and refreshing experience.

Benefit : Papaya is good for the heart and hence if you are working in a stressful environment, then this smoothie can help you stay relaxed and strengthens your heart muscles.


The ingredients that are required for making this smoothie are blueberries, pineapple slices, oatmeal and Greek yoghurt. When you blend all these ingredients in a blender a wonderful taste appears and when you are going to drink this smoothie your body will get instant energy. You can add any other fruit that you like such as apple slices, banana, orange or strawberries. Garnish this drink with a lovely pineapple slice and serve chilled.

Benefit : Ideal for summer breakfast and helps your body to stay energetic for the rest of the day.

All of the above smoothies are good for your body and there is no need to worry about gaining those extra calories as these smoothies are made from natural ingredients. The yogurt also contains pro-biotics which help your body immune system to stay strong and your body is able to fight any sort of infection or disease. The ideal scenario would be to drink at least 2 glasses of any of these smoothies in a day.

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