6 Main Side-effects of Drinking too much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol or wine is becoming more frequent for those who used to have it less. On the other side, it effects you negatively leaving back long-term side effects and serious diseases. Alcohol – Widely known for causing addiction to adults and certainly affects their life-style, family relationship and future.
Side-effects of Drinking alcohol
A wise man will never advise someone to start drinking alcohol because its bad, everyone knows it. It may be possible that they may be drinking alcohol on daily basis, but they will never suggest their kids, wife or anyone close to start having some drinks.
Let’s discuss about some of the severe side-effects of drinking alcohol :-

1) Alcohol Ruins your family relationship – The very first fallout of drinking alcohol is that it destroys your image. A drunk individual never gets respect in society nor in his family. While drunk, the control over mind gets vanished and anything can happen after that. Leaving very bad image on wife, children, parents etc. On the contrary, a lot of people admits this point.

2) Alcohol becomes your dependency – It is much related to the addiction of alcohol. A usual drinker doesn’t even know that he/she is constantly getting dependent on it. Instead of being aware of the consequences of drinking alcohol, he finds it very hard even to take 1 or 2 less packs a day. This dependency becomes more and more strong as time passes by and eventually one day he/she became a drunkard.

3) Alcohol makes you infertile and causes impotency – Yes, you won’t be able to reproduce. More than 70% of alcohol drinkers are found to be infertile and sexually impotent. It effects both male and female equally. Alcohol becomes potentially dangerous to pregnant women and may cause several birth defects, miscarriage problems and low birth rate in babies.
As in male, it reduces the sperm count, poor motility of sperm and erectile dysfunction.

4) Alcohol causes sleep disorders – Numerous numbers of sleeping disorders are being found in usual drinkers. A chemical compound named Melatonin produced by the body in order to improve sleep. When melatonin gets mixed with alcohol, it makes something that gives longer sedative effects and therefore, you don’t completely sleep and when you woke up you’re always tired. It becomes more and more frequent.

5) Alcohol causes brain damage and memory problems – A drunk man never makes wise decision. As a matter of fact, he can’t. Alcohol makes a human less conscious about his surroundings and he sees life only in himself. The concentration gets completely depleted after certain amount of alcohol in the body and one loses complete control over his mind.
Lack of concentration and memory problems becomes permanent after a certain age mainly due to too much of alcohol intake.

6) Alcohol increases risk of Heart Diseases – Consuming day by more packs of alcohol weakness the heart muscles and eventually they start to pump less blood than required. On the other hand, more alcohol consumption increases your blood pressure that becomes later to handle by heart and causes heart attacks and strokes in some cases. This lead to even more severe heat related problems.

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