6 Major Side-Effects of Drinking Beer Everyday

Have you lately developed the habit of drinking beer every day? Has Beer turned out to be absolutely irresistible for you? Well, in that case you have to know some major disadvantages of drinking beer regularly.

Beers are undoubtedly awesome and they are indeed very handy in helping you relax and reducing your stress, but their plethora of disadvantages definitely outweighs these innumerable benefits. Not only does this drink ruin your figure, but it might also damage your liver to an irreversible extent.

6 Major side effects of drinking beer Everyday

6 Major side effects of drinking beer Everyday

Still finding it unbelievable? Well, take a look at these disadvantages that’ll make you think twice before you drink beer everyday.

1) Beer ruins your figure

If you are extremely conscious about your figure, beer should be a ‘big NO’ in your list. Yep! Beer ruins your figure and gives you an ugly looking pot belly. The content of alcohol in beer might be low, but it has definitely got some calories that can totally ruin in figure.

These calories build up the fat and make you look pathetic and bloated. This is relevant both for men and women, but it is more commonly seen in men and is popularly known as the ‘beer belly’. So if you do not want a huge and unnecessary abdominal obesity, you’ve just got to avoid beer.

2) Liver and throat ailments

When you drink beer everyday it is pretty evident for you to have serious liver ailments. Yep! Due to the alcoholic content in beer, your liver may be damaged to a great extent. The damage may be comparatively less if your drink beer moderately. However, if you have 2-3 cans of beer everyday you are likely to experience a serious liver problem in the long run.

Regular beer drinking might also lead to throat cancer. Thus, while drinking beer you have to make sure that you’re having moderate amounts of it. On top of that, you’ve got to totally stop your habit of drinking beer every day.

3) Issues with driving skills

Do you love showing off your driving skills? Well, if you drink beer every day, you cannot do that anymore. Yep! Beer has huge effects in impairing driving related skills. Even a puny bit of alcohol may cause serious issues with your driving skills. So if you drink beer every day, it is pretty evident for you to lose your regular driving skills. Beer will ruin your attention and concentration while motor driving. Serious accidents can be caused due to this reason.

4) Acidity, heart burn and high blood pressure

This is one of the most remarkable reasons, why should always avoid beer. Heartburn or acidity is one of the major reasons why you should avoid this drink. This beverage contains some extremely potent stimulants that might accelerate the secretion of gastric acid and might even lead to gastric and esophageal reflux.

This eventually causes heartburn and makes unstable. Apart from this issue of acidity, if you consume beer on a regular basis, you might also develop an extremely high blood pressure. In fact, if you consume at least (40 g) of alcohol or alcohol based drinks every day, you are likely to have a serious issue with blood pressure.

5) Damages your brain cells

Many individuals opine that beer helps you concentrate more on work. But this is an extremely debatable theory, as many individuals have experienced serious concentration problems after drinking beer. This happens as your brain cells are eventually damaged.

If you drink beer occasionally in moderate amounts, the effect is puny and can be ignored. However, if you consume high amounts of beer every day it is pretty evident for your brain cells to be damaged. This might take a bigger shape in the long run and cause severe brain related ailments.

6) Dehydration, fatigue and tiredness

If you consume beer on a regular basis, it is pretty evident for you to feel dehydrated. Beer contains alcohol which itself is a powerful dehydrating agent. This agent is one big downer which decelerates the activities of your central nervous system. Due to this reason, your nervous system may not just function the way it should.

Thus, beer will give you a serious hangover and pang which is definitely very harmful for your health.

Apart from the general issues of beet related hangover, this drink also lowers down your energy level. It keeps you relaxed and makes you feel dizzy.

This happens as the levels of blood sugar drops down pretty rapidly. The same issue might even disrupt your appetite and ruin your ability to realize when you’ve eaten enough. Regular drinking of beer will add to your fatigue and your energy level will suffer terribly due to this reason.

These were just the health related issues of drinking beer every day. Apart from this, regular beer drinking also has innumerable social disadvantages. Thus, if you want to be fit and healthy try to avoid beer on a regular basis.

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