6 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Tummy In A Week

Nothing reminds you of all the belly fat you need to burn like a dress that makes your stomach standout. You see the same dress on the mannequin with its perfect fitting and you look back at yours only to see shape of a bloated stomach stick out. Apparently cutting back on beer and fatty foodstuffs has not been enough.

So what to do when the tummy you want like a flat mirror looks like convex glasses instead? These are some of the tips that will help you reduce your tummy.

Reduce Your Tummy in a Week

Reduce Your Tummy in a Week

1) Sit ups

Want to reduce tummy fat and gain a flat stomach? You need to remember that you cannot do so on spot. You will need patience and hard work of exercise to get that precious flat abs. Sit ups help to tone the muscles of your stomach. However to effectively melt those belly fat you need to do cardio exercise with the inclusion of sit-ups.

Sit ups will help you tighten your abdominal muscles. Having the right diet is also beneficial if you want your hard work to take effect.

2) Lemonade on an empty stomach (early in morning)

Lemon is known for its many health benefits but did you know it helps in reducing belly fat? Lemons contain pectin fiber which helps you fight the cravings you get after seeing an exceptionally delicious looking pizza on TV. The lemon juice and warm water combo helps liquefy fats in your system as well as flushing them out.

3) Adding more Vitamin C rich food to your diet.

Vitamin C is known to help in reducing stomach fat.  Vitamin C is useful in production of molecules that used metabolism of fatty tissue. Vitamin C helps your body to use the fatty tissue for energy if you are low on these your body will keep accumulating fat especially in your abdominal area.

Are you one of those who don’t lose weight even after so much of heavy exercise? It might be due to vitamin C deficiency because your body simply doesn’t have the nutrients required to use that stored fat and convert it into energy. Vitamin C is been known to significantly increase your body’s fat burning potential.

4) Daily cycling

Daily cycling is an obvious way to reduce weight due to the strenuous physical activity. But cycling being a good cardio exercise it helps in melting and reducing the unwanted fats stored in your abdomen.

Outdoor cycling might be better for the body than indoors because you are presented with more challenges outdoors with different terrains that will require more effort by you.

The amount of calories you burn during cyling usually depends on your speed and physical strain. Doing this cardio exercise and sit-ups later will be helpfully in removing the tummy flab.

5) Daily stairs

Again taking the stairs rather than lazily waiting for an elevator is a good daily exercise that wouldn’t require much additional time. It will increase your cardio vascular stamina and tone down the lower body. Taking the stairs is a good cardio exercise that doesn’t require you to go to a gym.

6) Rolling Plank exercise

The rolling plank exercise is easy to follow and will benefit you to train the muscles in your abdomen and hips. To do the rolling plank exercise first you have to position yourself on the floor in a way that your knees and elbows are touching the ground.

Keep your neck straight and look forward then slowly lift up your knees and support your legs on your toes. This is a plank pose.

Afterwards then lie sideways with your elbow perpendicular to your shoulder and left leg above the right one. Hold the position and lose belly flab.

7) Swimming

Swimming is a very good exercise to lose weight. It is a very good way to enjoy while you burn calories along the way. Swimming freestyle, butterfly is known to help burn upto 350 calories in 30 minutes.

The swimming strokes that you choose naturally affect the calorie count that you burn.

The more strenuous the style is the more fat you lose.

8) Drink plenty of water!

Water is useful in reducing weight but remember that just drinking water won’t affect the fat in your stomach. But it does help along with a good diet plan needed to slim down your body.

Follow the following eight healthy tips and reduce that belly flab. Remember that those fats that are accumulated in your abdomen have been storing up for years and since the belly bloat. Therefore to successfully reduce that fat will also take time.

Just keep patience and with a regular diet plan and a good exercise regime will get you your goal. It isn’t all that difficult to lose weight.

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