6 Reasons How Green Tea Benefits Your Hair

For all the tea lovers, it is crucial to know that the usual tea that they have been drinking is not as healthier than its cousin, green tea. If you start drinking green tea on a regular basis, then it will cleanse your body from the inside and keep you away from various dreadful diseases.

The most commonly known benefits of green tea are; increase in metabolism, fat loss, weight loss and a blast of anti-oxidants. Your dental health will improve, as there will be less deposition of plaque on the teeth. You will feel like a superhuman because you will have the energy to carry out any task.

Moreover, the ratio of catechins will also increase in your body and this will lower the chances of getting cancer. Aside all these problems, green tea is highly proficient in reducing hair loss, which is the most common problem faced by millions of men and women.

Green Tea Benefits for Hair

Green Tea Benefits for Hair

Green Tea Benefits for Hair

1) Green Tea as Shampoo : It is not necessary to drink the green tea in order to prevent hair loss and various other hair disorders, but you can make use of a shampoo that has green tea as one of the main ingredients. It has the same antioxidants that protect your body against the free radicals that attack the body cells, thus causing damage to your scalp. Your scalp will remain immune to infections and impurities, thus ensuring shiny and bouncy hair.

2) Just drink fresh Green tea : If you are afraid that you’ll go bald in the near future, then you should start taking green tea on a regular basis. You can consider green tea capsules as well, but I would suggest that you should take the fresh tea for the best results. It will calm down your blood vessels and enhances circulation, which subsequently helps with the hair loss issue.

3) Green tea is full of vitamins : Green tea shampoo will help your hair become thick and shiny. This is because of several vitamins that are present in the shampoo containing green tea that moisturize your hair.

4) Green tea for better cells production : The main reason for hair loss is, the less volume of active cells in the body. Old cells must die, so that new cells can take their spots and the nutrition cycle in your body can run efficiently. The elementary reason for cell decay is the oxidation process that runs in your body.

This process is also important for our survival, but it also causes several side-effects. This is why green tea is used, as it is rich in anti-oxidants, which slow down the oxidation process, thus minimizing hair loss.

5) Green tea keeps your hair healthy : Scientists have found numerous potent compounds in green tea that contain high levels of antioxidants. Decaying of cells can be significantly reduced with the help of the compounds present in the green tea.

On the other hand, the regeneration of the cells will go in the normal way, thus keeping a balance between the dead and the new cells. This will also reduce thinning of hair, and so, you will be able to enjoy shiny and bouncy hair on your scalp for a long period of time.

6) Suppresses the affect of DHT : The main reason for hair loss is the presence of DHT in the body, so green tea has various compounds that are rich in antioxidants. They prevent DHT from removing the follicles, thus improving the hair growth.

Green tea is also an effective tool to reduce dandruff and psoriasis. The regular consumption of green tea makes skin smooth and reduces inflammation. Many people don’t leave their head alone; they always have one hand on the head, finding acnes and dry skin in the head.

I don’t know whether they are aware of the fact that they have scalp issues. It is very important to get the right solution for the scalp issues before it causes a full-fledged baldness. Green tea is an effective tool to get rid of skin irritation and acne problems on the head.

Green tea is available in every supermarket, so you can easily buy a bottle of green tea and start consuming it today. You can even buy a shampoo that has green tea in it. That will also be a good way to start up the procedure of making your scalp healthy.

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