6 Side Effects Of Mountain Dew

Mountain dew, which is currently known as ‘Mtn Dew’ in America is a soft drink label which is owned and produced by PepsiCo. Ally and Barney Hartman, the beverage bottlers from Tennessee, originally invented the formula in the year 1940.

This was further revised and currently the PepsiCo brand owns it’s production and distribution rights. After ‘Code Red’, the basic flavor of mountain dew, hit great success in the year 2001, over thirty flavors of the drink have been launched in the market in subsequent years.

Mountain Dew Side Effects

Mountain Dew Side Effects

Currently, the flavors available in the market include ‘Diet Code Red’, ‘Voltage’, ‘White Out’, ‘Live Wire’, ‘Throwback’, ‘Baja Blast’, caffeine-free diet varieties, Original and Diet Mountain Dew, ‘Solar Flare’, ‘Johnson City Gold’, ‘Game Fuel Lemonade’, and ‘Citrus Cheery’ of the Game Fuel variety. Though it is a popular soft drink, particularly in the United States, Mountain Dew has been recently proven to contain certain ingredients which are very harmful to human health.

Side Effects Of Mountain Dew

1) Lowers sperm count in males caused by EDTA

EDTA, which is actually ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is often used as a preservative to prevent the discoloration of food and drinks. However, it has been found that EDTA has severe negative effects on health as it accumulates in living tissue and has toxic effects on cells.

It causes severe damage to male reproductive system by decreasing the sperm count in males. It is also found to be toxic to genes. Mountain Dew contains quite a substantial amount of EDTA, which, if consumed regularly, can decrease male sperm count.


2) Hyperactivity caused by Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate, a preservative used in Mountain Dew, has been found to be the prime cause of hyperactivity and cell malfunction in its consumers. Children, who are consumers of Mountain Dew, tend to depict certain symptoms of behavioral changes which are related to hyperactivity. They find it difficult to concentrate and tend to become implusive.

Controlling them becomes very difficult for adults due to their intolerant reactions .Moreover,a recent study conducted on laboratory animals regarding the health hazards caused by Sodium Benzoate revealed that it has an adverse effect on animal behavior as well. It inflames the lining of the stomach and causes chemical alternations in kidney and liver, even if consumed at low doses.


3) Asthma caused by Yellow 5

Yellow 5 or tartrazine, a man-made food coloring found in Mountain Dew is found to be the cause of Asthma attacks in consumers. Even a small dose of Yellow 5 can cause extreme health problems like migraines, feeling of suffocation and sleep disturbances along with irritability and restlessness. All these are known to be the prime causes of Asthma, one of the most fatal as well as increasing health hazards of today’s world.


4) Infertility issues in women caused by caffeine

Mountain Dew is known to be a drink which supplies instant energy by increasing te rush of adrenaline into it’s consumers’ blood stream. This is actually brought about by a substantial amount if caffeine present in the drink. The human adrenals function continuously to provide energy and in this process become fatigued. The fatigued adrenals, when supplied with caffeine from Mountain Dew, are instantly energized.

Thus, overtaxing them will cause a drop in the sex hormone levels in females which h in turn results in infertility issues in women who are consumers of Mountain Dew. Fatigue is caused by continuous intake of caffeine ad this triggers the requirement for more caffeine and thus begins the vicious cycle. The women, before they are even aware of the harmful effects of Mountain Dew, become easy preys of infertility.


5) Mountain Dew may cause allergic Reactions

Mountain Dew may cause allergic reactions in its consumers, especially children. The consumers are sometimes seen to suffer from blurred vision, itching, heat waves, restlessness, purple skin patches and such other problems. Very often, the  passageways  of the nasal organ is inflamed, mostly with discharge and this results in a serious health problem which is termed as mild rhinitis. Moreover, the acidic content of this soft drink triggers the toxic reaction which is yet another cause of allergy.


6) Shrinks male testicles

Several claims have been made by the consumers of Mountain Dew that the drink has an adverse effect on the masculine body parts, particularly the male testicles. Tartrazine, or Yellow 5, is used in considerable amount in the drink to give it an unnatural hue. The3 use of this chemical is said to be responsible for shriveled or shrunk testicles of males. Moreover, Mountain Dew, which contains a substantial amount of caffeine, causes sleeplessness or Insomnia, which in turn shrinks the male testicles and reduces male sperm count.

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