6 Side Effects of Soda Water

Soda water can taste delectable when you team it up with a dash or lemon or similar other ingredients. It keeps you relaxed, refreshed and brings out an absolutely awesome taste. But have you ever wondered about the disadvantages of drinking soda water? Yep! Sodas too come with a series of unimaginable disadvantages.

Not only does it increase those few extra pounds, but, also gives way to a series of ailments that may take a bigger and greater shape in the long run. These aerated waters do not have even a puny bit of nutritional value and they even lead to diabetes.

Side Effects of Soda Water

Side Effects of Soda Water

Read on, for a complete insight on the serious ailments that can be caused due to soda water.

1) Serious nervous breakdowns and memory loss

Yes! This is one of the major disadvantages of drinking soda water. These waters contain brominated vegetable oil in high amounts. Wondering what this is? Well, the BVO is one of the deadliest industrial chemicals which are used as a major flame retarding element in plastics.

Quite remarkably, this BVO is found in almost all kinds of sports based and citrus based drinks. On chemical research, it has been discovered, that these drinks cause extreme nerve disorders when they’re consumed in huge amounts.  They may also lead to memory loss and cause serious behavioral problems.

2) Serious bloating problems

As we all know, carbonated water causes fizzing in your stomach. They also lead to the formation of water bubbles and air that can cause huge issues with bloating. Apart from feeling bloated, one might also feel belched on drinking too much of soda water. These simple problems of belching and bloating may take a bigger shape and might turn out to be chronic and painful.

3) Heart and kidney ailments

Whether it is diet soda, or the regular one, all of them contain phosphate, carbon and a lot of phosphoric acid. These elements give a tangy flavor to the soda and make them taste delectable. But could ever imagine, that these same elements would cause heart and kidney ailments? Yep! They do.

When you take regular soda water they lead to heart problems, kidney problems, loss in muscle strength and even a serious issue of osteoporosis. All these ailments take a bigger shape and cause you to age quicker which is even worse.

4) Peptic ulcer

Yes! You’ve read right. Soda waters can actually cause stomach ulcers. This happens, as the beverage contains a lot of carbon which leads to a high production of acid in your stomach.

This irritates your stomach lining and if the irritation continues for a longer time, it might even take the shape of a peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcers can take a deadly shape in the long run and may lead to bleeding and vomiting of blood.

5) Dental issues

You might also experience tooth or gum problems on taking high doses of soda water. These soda waters contain a high amount of processed sugar which is extremely bad for your teeth and gums. Due to this reason, you should limit drinking these processed sodas.  On regular consumption, you might experience frequent gum problems and cavity issues. This issue is even more relevant for kids who take soda water regularly.

6) Reduces bone density

Well, to add to the disadvantages, carbonated water also reduces your regular bone mineral density. This is extremely popular with older women who consume soda water regularly. The carbon-di-oxide in the soda water causes this issue and makes your bones extremely weak.

With these innumerable disadvantages it is indeed high time you stop drinking these soda waters. So try something natural and homemade and shun these soda waters right away.

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  1. Alistair says:

    This is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read. Please add citations to your list of bullshit.

  2. Eileen says:

    Im on anatrozle tablets.been drinking soda water over the last couple of months thinking its good for me..but get alot of trapped wind in my chest….goin to to stop

  3. Milton says:

    Well informed.thanks

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