6 Very Effective Natural Abortion Methods

Sometimes mistakes happen, and we find ourselves in difficult situations. If you find out that you are pregnant, or suspect that you may be pregnant, then you might also worry about the things that could happen because of that pregnancy. Most often, unexpected pregnancies come at a time when those expecting are not able to have the children, and these individuals begin to look for an alternate option for them.

Easy Natural Abortion Methods

Easy Natural Abortion Methods

Who can try these methods ?

This methods are generally considered for early age pregnancy that happens with college or schools girls due to silly mistakes they do while in a relationship. Then, they miss their periods and it all start from that instant.

Missing periods is the first and most common symptom of pregnancy. Well, to avoid that you can try some very easy methods to abort.

For those looking to end the pregnancy in natural ways, there are many options for you. Below is a quick guide.

6 Easy Natural Abortion Methods

1) Eating papaya – Unripe papayas contain a latex concentration that when consumed, can cause uterine contractions and further result in a miscarriage. Ripe papaya is an excellent source of nutrients and minerals, but for those looking for help relieving their unexpected condition, an unripe papaya would do the trick.

2) Using a jump rope –Some women are able to handle a large amount of physical activity while pregnant, and some cannot. Jumping rope is the same as running for many women, and the constant bouncing puts a lot of pressure on your cervix.  Sometimes, when jumping rope, it can cause the uterus to begin contracting, and for a woman who is pregnant, this could cause her to go into labor prematurely.

3) Lifting heavy weights –Just like with any strain, stress, or exercise, lifting heavy objects can result in a woman going into premature labor. For many women, this means not lifting anything heavy, but for women who lift heavy weights all the time, this can also result in very low birth weight.

4) Abdominal massage –One way to ensure that your pregnancy ends is to give yourself, or have someone give you an abdominal massage. Any kind of pressing or pushing into the uterus during pregnancy may result in contractions, or early labor, so by pressing into your abdomen, you can stimulate uterine movement and also induce a miscarriage.

5) Drinking carrot seed soup –Wild carrots are known to be effective ways of preventing a pregnancy because it makes it harder for an egg to implant itself in the wall of the uterus. If you are beyond this stage, though, and already know that you’re pregnant, drinking carrot seed soup will help to end this problem.  It causes the uterus to no longer be able to properly hold the baby, and you will soon go into premature labor if it is consumed often enough.

6) Acupuncture at LI4 and SP6 points –Typically acupuncture is considered very helpful during pregnancy when it comes to relieving certain symptoms that plague soon-to-be moms, such as morning sickness or back pain. However, there are certain points in the body that are believed to be places where when stimulated by the acupuncture needles, will cause uterine contractions.  If done early in the pregnancy, this can cause a woman to go into labor early and have a miscarriage.

Is it only for 1 month pregnant women ?

Yes, these methods might not work well for women which 2 or 3 months pregnant and looking out for abortion methods. At that stage, abortion becomes dangerous to ones health and therefore, is highly discouraged.

But, if something happened recently and you just find out a few days back that you are not getting your periods anymore and you must seek out ways to stop this pregnancy. Then only, you are a go for these.

Regardless of what you’re considering or what method you think works best for you, it’s important to remember that a lot can go wrong after a miscarriage. After, you should always check with a doctor to make sure that everything is okay and that you are healthy and safe.

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    I haven’t missed any period but I feel something in my stomach n its even getting bigger help with the natural ways to terminate it I am so scared

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