7 Best Drinks for faster Muscle Growth

Do you want to quicker and better muscle growth? Well, in that case you can always try out some natural home-made shakes. Although no smoothie or protein shake can promote significant improvements in muscle mass without exercise, these muscle building drinks are formulated to promote muscle growth before and after your exercise.

These shakes have all the nutrients that are necessary for your muscle growth. So, simply read along for a better scoop on the shakes which will offer you better and stronger muscles simply in a jiffy.

Eating Cabbage used to be a muscle building technique that guys used to follow. But, nowadays they prefers drinks over eatables. so, lets move further to a small collection of drinks that can really help you build muscles in a short span of time.

faster Muscle Growth

faster Muscle Growth

7 Drinks for Muscle Growth

1) Hot cocoa drink

Even though, popularly known as a bedtime drink, the hot cocoa can offer significant improvements in your muscle mass within a short period of time. For this drink, blend fat free milk, low fat cottage cheese, chocolate flavored whey protein and diet hot cocoa. This drink will work best when you take it at night as it provides the quick muscle building protein which works best when you are at rest. You can also take it after exercise if you want quick fat absorption and faster muscle growth.

2) Protein starter drink

This protein starter drink will be a perfect drink to start your daily exercising routine with. For this drink, you need a couple of oranges, artificial sweetener and an oz of protein powder. Blend the drink well and take it right before you start your exercise.

This will offer you maximum energy during the exercising sessions. So, in this manner the fat burning capabilities of your body increases and you soon manage to grow muscle mass quickly and easily. Start your day with this perfect start-up drink for the perfect dose of protein in your body.

3) Muscle boosting drink

Muscle mass automatically grows when you take some proper muscle boosting drinks. Among them, this perfect shake can stand out as a viable option. Simply mix bananas, artificial sweetener and protein powder to 14 oz of pure water to make this drink.

This drink will be lighter on your stomach and will help in the muscle boosting capacities of your body. You can boost muscle quickly and easily by taking this drink on a daily basis. Take this drink before and after your exercises for best results.

4) High energy combo for the morning

You generally start your exercises in the morning and so, having the perfect dose of energy is absolutely essential during the morning time. In order to make this high energy combo drink you will need pure water, strawberries, flax seed oil, vanilla extract and a heaping scoop of protein powder. Blend the ingredients well to make your perfect protein shake.

This drink is absolutely suitable for your morning exercising sessions. So, right after you wake up, take this drink for better strength and more power during the exercising sessions. With better energy during exercises you are likely to build your muscle mass quickly and easily.

5) Super muscle builder

This drink is one of the best muscle building drinks, which works remarkably fast. For this drink you will need water, pure plant source minerals, flax seed oil, protein powder and ripe strawberries. Get the mixture perfectly blended and soon your drink will be ready.

Take this drink as a lunch meal. It will turn out to be filling and effective simultaneously. In fact, right after having this drink regularly for two weeks you can enjoy a considerable progress in your muscle mass.

6) High protein shake

This is a fruit shake which is perfect for your post work out drink. For this shake you will need bananas, strawberries, low fat yogurt, orange/pineapple juice and a large whopping scoop of protein powder.

This drink will work wonders and will offer you strength and energy right after a strenuous exercise. On taking this high protein shake on a regular basis, you can enjoy stronger muscles and greater muscle mass in a jiffy. So, if you want to enjoy quicker and better muscle mass within a short time frame, this drink can be the perfect solution.

7) Lemon drop

This is one of the best and the most effective post workout shakes. For this shake you will need two cups of lemonade, a cup of vanilla whey protein and a cup of vanilla casein protein. Blend the mixture well to form a perfect post-workout shake. This shake will have about 43g of protein and 63 g of carbohydrate.

So, your muscle mass is bound to increase in a single go, when you take this shake from time to time. Apart from quickly aiding in your muscle mass, this shake is also extremely essential for a proper thermogenic boost. This increases your metabolism rate and helps you to shape your muscles faster and better.

All in all, the mentioned drinks are absolutely effective if you take them on a regular basis. Try these drinks for insane focus and quicker and better muscle growth.

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