7 Disturbing Side Effects of Weed

Weed, or marijuana is composed of the stems, flower buds and the shredded leaves of the plant known as the Cannabis Sativa. It contains certain chemicals named cannabinoids which affect the nervous system of the body.  Weed is used by many people recreationally in order to alter the feelings and senses of the body or to create an emotion of happiness and well-being. It is either consumed through the mouth or inhaled (smoked).

Weed or marijuana is also consumed by mouth as a medicine for treating the loss of appetite or weight caused by AIDS and for vomiting and nausea due to cancer chemotherapy.

The cannabinoids contained in weed appear to be quite similar to codeine, which is used as a painkiller. However,  the  symptoms of extreme sleepiness and other such other adverse side effects to the nervous system makes the cannabinoids unsuited to be used as painkillers.

Side Effects of Weed

Side Effects of Weed

The instant effect of marijuana consumption is disorientation, lack of coordination in the body and rapid heartbeat, which is often accompanied by sleepiness or depression. Some users of weed suffer anxiety and panic attacks. Prolonged use of weed or weed addiction has many dangerous side effects and can even prove fatal in some cases.

 1) It can cause cancer

Studies have shown that the smoke from weed or marijuana contains fifty to seventy percent more cancer-causing elements than the smoke from tobacco. It has been reported by a major research study that a single joint of cannabis would damage the lungs more than five cigarettes smoked consecutively. Long-time smokers of weed often suffer from an inflamed respiratory tract or bronchitis.

2) It deforms the sperm cells and disturbs the menstrual cycle

Long-term use of weed alters the structure of the male sperm cells and deforms them. Even small quantities of marijuana or weed can lead to temporary sterility in males. The use of weed can also disturb the female menstrual cycle.

3) Complications to pregnant women

The primary drug in marijuana or weed, Cannabis, can cause abnormal division of cells which leads to acute hereditary defects in babies. Pregnant women who are regular smokers of weed run the risk of giving premature birth to underweight and undersized babies.

Many children of weed smokers have been born inherent with several defects such as mental abnormalities and decreased capabilities to pursue life goals and concentrate. It also enhances the risk of leukemia in small children. Consumption of weed is very unsafe during the period of breast-feeding. The THC or dronabinol contained in weed passes into the breast milk and stems the development of the baby

4) Complications during surgery

Marijuana or weed has an adverse effect on the nervous system of the body. When combined with medications such as anesthesia during and after surgery, it slows down the nervous system to an undesirable degree, which can increase the risk of undergoing surgery.

5) Weakens the immune system

The cannabinoids in weed can make the immune system of the body weak, thus making it more susceptible to diseases and infections. It reduces the ability of the body to fight against diseases.

6) Can cause heart diseases

Consumption of weed causes a  short-term hike in the blood pressure of the body and leads to rapid heartbeat. It also increases the risk of suffering a heart attack.

7) Can lead to seizure disorders and lung diseases

Weed or marijuana can worsen the condition of seizure disorders in some people. It causes a lot of complications in lung problems and can also lead to an uncommon lung disease known as emphysema.

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