7 Drinks that are very Unhealthy for Kids

Day by day rise in Health Problems due to certain unhealthy Drinks has now become a center of concern. More and more KidsĀ are getting side effects by these drinks on daily basis. But before we go any further to stop this many of us don’t even know these drinks by name or the type of problem they gonna do to our kinds.

Unhealthy Drinks for Kids

Unhealthy Drinks for Kids

Let’s first clear out some facts about their likeness.

Why Do Kids like them Most ?

Well, the answer is gonna be simple. Its all about taste and the overmuch advertising of these products. We usually buy whatever we keep on seeing. Advertisements play a very significant role in this, it could be on TV or from any source. Instead of going after the ingredients of those beautifully flavored drinks, we buy it first and eventually, go after taste only. A healthy drink may not be good in taste but these unhealthy soft drinks are always known for their quality taste. However, there ain’t any quality ingredient.

To make it easy for everyone, I would like you to know about some high selling drinks that may have severe effects on your kids.

7 Baddest Drinks to worry about

1) Soft Drinks/Soda : These are the most selling drinks all over the world. An average kid drinks more than 300 ml of soft drinks per day. Actually, a carbonated soda drinks contains nothing that may be called as soft. In real, it contains excessive amount of sugar, caffeine, carbonated water, artificial flavors etc. that are more than enough to make you real sick.

2) Soda Drinks are known for causing teething problems and obesity to kids.
Packed Fruit Juice : A packed fruit juice cannot be more healthy that eating the same fruit by yourself. Since, packing is done in a way to keep it fresh for longer. Some gases like Nitrogen and some toxicants are also added along to keep it that way and that is certainly not good for kids.

3) Tea : Tea is basically a drink made of caffeine. Caffeine is a toxicant that also causes addiction, sleeplessness, anxiety, joints pain etc. Tea is believed to be providing energy to the drinkers but at a high cost. It keeps drawing energy from the vitamins and minerals reserves in the body, that’s an unnatural process and has to be avoided.

4) Coffee : Again a drink of caffeine but causes health problems that tea. Along with anxiety and irritability it can cause insomnia, blood pressure problems and Glaucoma like disease. However, its good for a couple of things too like Antidiabetic, Liver protection, Reduced risk of gallstone disease but its up to you to decide whether you want it or not.

5) Energy drinks : The so-called energy drinks like Red bull, Gatorade are globally known to cause more heath issues than any other drink of its kind. To know more about the effects of energy drinks, read this article here ” Harmful Effects of Energy Drinks on the body “.

6) Unpasteurized milk/Raw Milk : It has been found that milk is not completely safe as long as it is unpasteurized. There are chances of some harmful bacteria like E.coli and germs to survive in that milk.

7) Flavored waters : Instead of drinking plain boiled water some kids prefers flavored waters again due to its taste. It is good to have little vitamins, calories drinks on daily basis but taking it in larger quantities or keep drinking only that could be a problem for your kid. Overdose of any vitamin can disturbs the natural consumption of vitamins in the body. So, its better to have small quantities of flavored waters but not getting habitual to it.

The above information about these Unhealthy drinks might you an idea to keep their usage limited or no usage at all. It is always better to go for natural and safer drinks whenever it comes to your small kid’s health.

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