7 Hot Drinks to keep your Body warm this winter

Do you wish to overcome the chilly winters with some warm and delectable drinks ? Are you in search of the best winter drinks? Well, consider your search to be over, as the following text bears a brief yet apt guideline about 7 most savory and scrumptious drinks, to delve in this winter. Simply read on, for better and sounder knowledge about the same.

Drinks to keep your Body warm with their recipes

1) Chocolaty Coconut

Read about Chocolaty Coconut and learn how to make it

This is an amazingly delectable drink, that lifts up your mood and your taste buds simultaneously, In order to make this drink, heat coconut milk, in a, thick bottomed equipment. Heat the milk until it simmers, and while doing so constantly stir, it with a big spoon. After this, add chunks of chocolate, vanilla essence and a pinch of sugar and sea salt to the entire mixture. Continue with the stirring part till the chocolate mixes perfectly with the milk. After this, serve this drink in glasses, and enjoy its amazing flavor.

2) Dark Chocolaty Gingery Milkshake

One of the tastiest drink - Dark Chocolaty Gingery Milkshake

This is a pretty common, easy to make and savory milk shake to hook on this winter. It comes with amazing flavors that are sure to amaze your taste buds. In order to make this drink, take a glass of hot condensed milk, solid chocolates, cocoa powder and a teaspoon of sugar. Blend these ingredients perfectly in a blender to create this amazing shake. After blending it, pour it in a glass and add half a spoon of ginger juice to it, in order to bring a gingery feel to the entire thing.

3) Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

This is probably the most common drink of all times. Simply heat condensed milk in a container and add some chunks of chocolate to the entire thing. You can also add powdered sugar, if you crave for a sweet and sugary taste. Blend the chocolate with a spoon and continue doing so, until the chocolate melts.

4) Almond Milk Chai

Almond Milk Chai

If you are fond of varied genres of tea, then this drink is perfectly suitable for you. In order to do this, begin by heating water coupled with tea from a fair trade tea bag in a container. Again, in a microwave bowl, heat almond milk along with maple syrup for a minute. After this add the tea and water and savor the taste of this warm and delectable drink in chilly winter evenings.

5) Vegan Nog

Vegan Nog

This is an innovative and unique drink specially created to satiate the taste buds of all warm drink lovers. Now in order to create this drink, begin by heating 4 cups of coconut milk in a container. Now, during the heating process, add cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg and cardamom to the milk and stir it well with a spoon. After doing this, pour the super delicious drink in a glass and enjoy its amazing and enticing taste.

6) Rice Milk drink

Rice Milk drink

This is another scrumptious and immensely savory drink. In order to make this drink heat rice milk along with half a teaspoon of cinnamon, vanilla extract and a small pinch of nutmeg. Stir it well until it simmers. Follow this by pouring it into glasses, and enjoy its amazing taste accordingly.

7) Irish coffee

Irish coffee

This Irish coffee as suggestive of its name originates from Ireland and endows you with an unforgettable taste. This drink is easy to make. Begin by heating a saucepan with coffee and water. Now, add whiskey and sugar to a glass. After this, add the coffee which you had initially heated to this glass mixture. Serve with whipped cream and enjoy its delectable taste on chilly winter days.

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