7 Incredibly Healthy Juice Recipes

According to many nutritionists, including freshly prepared juice in a plant based and well-balanced diet is vital for attaining good health. Juicing presents numerous life strengthening health benefits which includes an efficient and faster way of absorbing the immune enhancing nutrients which are normally found in vegetables and fruits. It presents a method of obtaining the digestive enzymes which are usually locked into the fiber matrix of the whole vegetables and fruits.

Most of the commercial juices available in the market are processed and lack in nutrition while fresh vegetable and fruit juice is charged with plenty of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Drinking freshly juiced fruits and vegetables can aid us in adopting healthier eating habits.

By the consumption of fruits and vegetables in liquid form, the body is being given a nutrient delivery system by which individuals who would have had difficulty in eating whole vegetables, are given the chance to obtain the numerous health benefits of vegetables.


  1. The Green Juice
The Green Juice Recipe

The Green Juice Recipe

The green juice is fast gaining popularity among health-conscious people as it is a very good detoxicant and also helps in losing weight. Though green juice is not a juice of choice for all people but its numerous health benefits outweigh its flavor.

Ingredients – One cucumber, One cup chopped cabbage, two stalks of celery, four medium sized carrots, one apple and half a lemon ( optional ).

Recipe –

  1. Rinse the cabbage, celery, cucumber, apple and spinach in running water.
  2. Chop the celery and cucumber into pieces.
  3. Core and chop the apple into quarters.
  4. Remove the skin and seeds of the lemon and cut it into pieces.
  5. Place all the ingredients into a juicer and process them.
  6. The green juice is ready. Serve and consume immediately.

Health Benefit : Green juice is loaded with nutrition. The green vegetables manufacture chlorophyll, which oxygenates the body. This aids in releasing all the toxins stored in the body. The hemoglobin in the body get increased, which improves the blood circulation and gives the body an energy boost. It cleanses the lungs, liver, digestive system and uterus. It also helps in weight loss.

  1. Banana Kiwi Kale Juice
Banana Kiwi Kale Juice Recipe

Banana Kiwi Kale Juice Recipe

The banana kiwi kale juice provides just the right amount of fruits and green vegetables.

Ingredients – A banana, half a cup of kiwi chopped in half, one cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and one large kale leaf.


  1. Wash and dry the large kale leaf. Once it is washed, cut or rip the leaves from the stem and place it in the juicer. Separate the stem from the kale leaves.
  2. Add in the kiwis, the banana and the orange juice.
  3. Blend the banana, kiwi and kale in the juicer till all the fruits and vegetables have broken down. The resultant juice has a vibrant green color and a smooth texture.

Health Benefit : A cup of this banana kiwi kale juice provides 157 calories and 34 grams of carbohydrates. It also supplies the body with 4.5 milligrams of protein and 820 milligrams of potassium. This juice provides the body with 8 % of the daily vitamin E, 32% of daily vitamin B6, 203% of daily vitamin C, and 360% of daily vitamin A. It also gives the body a huge variety of minerals, such as 12% of the daily riboflavin,39% of daily manganese and 1% of daily iron. This juice is a very healthy choice for those people who want a healthy as well as delicious drink.

  1. Watermelon Orange juice
Watermelon Orange juice Recipe

Watermelon Orange juice Recipe

Watermelon orange juice is perfect for people looking for a cool, delicious and refreshing drink on a dry and hot summer day.

Ingredients – One cup heaped with watermelon chopped into small chunks and one orange.


  1. Measure out the watermelon chunks in the cup and place them in the juicer.
  2. There are two methods for peeling the rind of the orange, which cannot be juiced. If it is ripe, then the rind can simply be peeled off. If it isn’t ripe enough for the rind to be peeled, then it can be cut off like it is done with a grapefruit. After the orange is peeled, cut it in half and put the pieces in the juicer.
  3. Once the orange and watermelon is juiced, this refreshing and delicious juice will be ready for consumption.

Health Benefit : One cup of this juice will provide the body with 120 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates. It also supplies the body with 412 milligrams of potassium and 3 grams of protein. This refreshing drink provides 15 % of the body’s daily vitamin A, 125 of daily vitamin B-6, and 142 % of daily vitamin C. The minerals in this juice issue 7% of daily calcium, 95 of daily thiamin and 12% of daily folate.

  1. Body Cleanse juice
Body Cleanse juice Recipe

Body Cleanse juice Recipe

The modern diet of people never gives the body a chance to cleanse itself. When the toxins taken in by the body is greater than the amount of toxins removed, it results in the storing of toxins in the body, which adversely affects the function of the body cells. Stored toxin weakens the body’s immune system, causing sickness and resulting in premature death. Adding fresh fruit and vegetable juice to the diet is a good way of ridding the body of toxins as it offers a large amount of cleansing nutrients that attach to harmful toxins and discards these from the body.

Ingredients –  One sizable bunch of parsley, two carrots, one apple, one stock of celery.


  1. Wash the parsley, carrots, apple and celery thoroughly.
  2. Place all the ingredients in the juicer.
  3. The resultant juice will be refreshing, smooth, and energizing, rightly been named ‘’Parsley Detoxifier’’.

Health Benefit : This juice contains vitamins C,K,and A, along with good amounts of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium. It acts as a natural breath freshener, detoxifies and cleanses the body, removes body odor, improves the energy levels and also aids in stimulating the nerves.

  1. The Dieter’s Cooler
The Dieter’s Cooler Juice Recipe

The Dieter’s Cooler Juice Recipe

This juice is prepared with watermelon, lemon, mint leaves and , as the name suggests, is a very good de-toxifier and helps in losing weight.

Ingredients – Half a watermelon, one lemon, one tablespoon of fresh mint leaves.

Recipe –

  1. De-seed and dice the watermelon into cubes and remove the rind.
  2. Squeeze and juice the lemon and add it to the watermelon.
  3. Add the mint leaves to the mixture and blend the three ingredients together. Consume immediately.

Health Benefit : The watermelon in the juice helps in flushing out the toxins in the body as it contains an organic compound which helps the kidneys and liver to remove ammonia. The lemon juice aids in regulating and stimulating the digestive tract and stimulates the production of bile. The mint leaves in the drink helps in relaxing the cramped up muscles of the stomach. This juice is thus a very good choice for cleansing the body and getting rid of unwanted body fat.

  1. Miracle Care Drink
Miracle Care Drink Recipe

Miracle Care Drink Recipe

This drink is made from beetroot, apples and carrots. It is famously known as ‘’Miracle Drink’’ because of the innumerable health benefits it offers.

Ingredients– Two beetroots, two carrots, two apples, half a lime(optional)

Recipe –

  1. Wash and cut the beetroots, apples and carrots into small pieces.
  2. Place all the ingredients in the juicer and blend them. The miracle drink is now ready for consumption. Lime juice may also be added to enhance the taste.

Health Benefit : This drink, true to its name, is loaded with life-saving anti-oxidants. It is effective for preventing most kinds of cancer as it inhibits the growth of the cancer cells. It makes the lungs and heart strong, strengthens the digestive system, sharpens the memory, improves vision, boosts the immune system, purifies the blood, detoxifies the liver, helps in losing weight, provides radiant and spotless skin and prevents heart attacks.

  1. Fresh Turmeric Juice
Fresh Turmeric Juice Recipe

Fresh Turmeric Juice Recipe

Turmeric is very effective at naturally reducing the inflammation of the body. It can also be used as a preventative against countless number of diseases and not just to treat a particular ailment.

Ingredients–  A two-inch chunk of turmeric, three carrots, one cucumber with the ends removed, one peeled lemon.

Recipe –

  1. Wash all the vegetables and place them in a large bowl
  2. Juice the vegetables separately in this order- turmeric, lemon, carrots and cucumber.
  3. Stir the mixture. Sugar can be added to sweeten the flavor of the juice.

Health Benefit : This fresh turmeric juice has been found to outperform quite a number of pharmaceutical drugs in its ability to treat many debilitating and chronic diseases without any adverse side effects. It also prevents cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

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