7 Reasons Why Sugar is Harmful for you

We all are highly addicted of Sugar, love to add it in high quantities. But do you know, Sugar is the most harmful thing that you are loving blindly.
, the most used substance in every home. Actually, sugar is a chemical substance made up of carbohydrates of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. But researchers have found that it is has almost no benefit in our body and doing more harm than anything (a).

Bunch of Sugar

Bunch of Sugar

Let’s make you clear about the facts of Sugar that you might not be knowing.

7 Reasons Why Sugar is Harmful

1) Sugar Increases body Fat : According to a study published in British Medical Journal, people who can lower their sugar intake can reduce up to 2 pounds in 6 months or so.

On, the other hand, if someone start taking more sugar than normal, an increase of nearly 2 pounds can be easily observed in same time (b).

2) Sugar can cause Type 2 Diabetes : Sugar greatly enhance the fat in the body, but its not so. It also increases the fat buildup in the liver that is found to be the primary reason in causing type II diabetes and other cardiovascular disease (c).

In real, sugar was found to be very bad for human liver and disturbs the natural consumption of simple sugar in the body ( sugar from fruits & vegetables). This can lead to insulin resistance and other liver based problems.

3) Sugar contains HFCS : Sugar is composed of two parts, Glucose and Fructose. Glucose won’t do anything bad to us but this evil HFCS ( High fructose com syrup) is known worldwide for causing serious health problems like Obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes and memory problems.

4) Sugar contains zero vitamins and minerals : To be very clear about the ingredients of sugar, i must tell you that none of the ingredient of sugar Glucose and Fructose is badly required by body from it.
However, Glucose is available in many other fruits and vegetables to eat usually. Sugar does not benefit our body in any way. So, does it worth risking your life for sugar ?

5) Sugar Causes Leptin resistance : Leptin is a hormone secreted by our fat cells that tells the present fat quantity to the brain. The more fat cells we have in the body, the more leptin is secreted.
But more sugar intake can cause Leptin resistance and therefore, they won’t be able to communicate with the brain anymore and the body keep on consuming more calories than it can actually burn.

6) Sugar causes addiction towards it : Like most other drugs, when we take sugar a hormone is released in our brain which is called dopamine. It gives us a feel of satisfaction and pleasure. Though, no strong evidence have been found regarding sugar, but dependency on other sugar dishes, fast foods and drinks have been noticed on a wide scale.

7) Sugar can cause Cancer of many types : According to old sweetish studies, High Blood sugar was only linked with cancer risks in women.
But some recent studies came up with more shocking facts. It was found that people (both men and women) with high blood sugar are more like to get pancreatic cancer, urinary tract cancer, and malignant melanoma than those with the lowest blood sugar levels. Keeping your sugar levels to normal may reduce your cancer risk (d).

Despite of all these deadly diseases and health risks which can be caused by sugar, we don’t see much people saying a big NO to sugar. They still use it on daily basis in tea, coffee, sweet dishes etc, and that is probably the main reason of our day to day health problems.
But we still have enough time to avoid sugar permanently before its too late.

2 Responses to 7 Reasons Why Sugar is Harmful for you

  1. kirthika says:

    What is better for using instead of suger?

    • Y K Verma says:

      Dear Kirthika, Actually there is no better substitutes to sugar. It is better to reduce slowly day by day and you will not feel the need to have it. One can go for artificial sweeteners, but not advisable. One can use Stevia which is a plant extract and much safer.

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