7 Side Effects of Using Synthol Oil

Those of us who want the perfect body know there are many options for how to achieve your dream. However, for many, hard work and dieting will only get you so far—achieving the perfect body takes more than just the traditional advice. Because of this reality, many body builders have begun turning to Synthol for help in achieving their perfect image.

What is Synthol ?

Synthol is a chemically synthesized oil that has been used by many people for a very long time. However, it only recently became popular in the bodybuilding world. The way it works is a body builder can inject the oil into a spot on their body where their muscles are not responding well to training or aren’t developing as fast as other sets of muscles. The oil bulks up the spot where it is injected, giving the illusion of full muscles.

Synthol Side Effects - Synthol Abuse

                                                 Synthol Side Effects – Synthol Abuse

There have been many bodybuilders who find that after a great deal of training, one set of muscles grow significantly faster than the mirror set of muscles, making the person look uneven or lopsided. Those who use Synthol to make muscles look fuller usually do so in order to make their muscles look more even and more impressive. This is referred to as “fluffing.”

What Synthol is composed of ?

What’s injected into the person is often a mix of mostly the Synthol oil (75%), a small portion of alcohol (7.5%) to sterilize the mixture and lidocaine (7.5% painkiller) to numb the site of the injection. There’s not complete research on the long-term side effects of using Synthol, but there is a lot of known short-term side effects that may change your mind when it comes to using this injectable “quick fix.”

Side effects of using Synthol include :

1) Unnatural Muscle Growth – Simply looking up images of Synthol use on the internet will show what this side effect can look like. Getting the muscles to look even on both sides of your body is very difficult, and will often lead to unnatural looking muscles. This is both true for when the oil has been unevenly injected, and for when the use of the substance becomes too much. Unnatural looking muscles can result in social stigmas and trouble with every day things such as finding a job.

Abnormal Muscle Growth by Synthol abuse

                                           Abnormal Muscle Growth by Synthol abuse

2) Muscle Destruction – There’s a great deal of damage that can happen when injecting Synthol into your muscles. One major thing is that you can permanently destroy the muscle itself by injection too much oil into the muscle too fast and causing it to essentially explode. You can also destroy the muscle by depriving it of oxygen.  Synthol makes it very difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to get to the muscle—if this continues for a long time, it can result in muscles that simply wither away into nothing, essentially defeating the whole purpose of using Synthol to begin with. Yet another thing that might occur is damage the nerves in your arm, resulting in lack of movement or weakness in that particular spot—accidents during injection are very common amongst users, so beware!

Synthol Effects on Biseps : Muscle Damage

                                        Synthol Effects on Biseps : Muscle Damage

3) Cerebral Stroke – Because the oil is a fat, you run the risk of accidentally injecting it into a vein and allowing the fat to travel through your circulatory system and into the brain. If this blocks one of your blood vessels in your brain, it will cause a cerebral stroke, which will result in a wide range of serious medical conditions, the worst being death.  Once the fat enters your system, there is very little anyone can do other than rush you to the hospital and hope there is enough time to save your life.

4) Blockage of Arteries – This follows the same path as the cerebral stroke. If you accidentally inject the oil into a vein, you could potentially cause the fat to travel into the major arteries of the heart or lungs, and cause a blockage.  This is the same kind of blockage that would happen from eating too many fatty foods.  A blocked artery to the lungs or to the heart will almost always lead to a massive attack and death.

5) Chronic wounds and ulceration – Too much of this creepy oil can also lead to ulceration in the muscles. Many cases have been reported where people are suffering from muscle wounds, that are not easy to cure by medications.

Synthol effects leads to hospital

                                                      Synthol effects leads to hospital

6) Cysts – Cysts can also be formed in the injected muscle which is basically a dark hollow pouch of tissue which contains fluid, pus, or water. Cysts generation is a bad sign and may lead to cancer in certain cases.

Cysts in muscles

                                                                     Cysts in muscles

7) Certain infections : In most cases, the body doesn’t go well with Synthol and may develop conditions like Lymphangitis. In which the lymph vessel in infected throughout the body.

8 Responses to 7 Side Effects of Using Synthol Oil

  1. Ronny Colman says:

    Why people wants faster results in there body….they don’t understand abusing your body with these chemicals and steroids gives you short term and long term side effects.

  2. Ryan says:

    Is this how dirty transvestites get their tits?

  3. Michael says:

    Well i’ve been trainning for 7 years and i have good and strong muscles as well. Most of the time i used to work my hams and my hams looks so well but i noticed one thing whenever i don’t train for a week i always drop my muscle looks, so it makes me be the slave of gym, my chest and my shoulder develop so slow, i made it to have 8 strong packs. But now i have a new job, i work at the hotel, since i started to work in the hotel my muscle is not look strong like before, and therefore i needed something to keep my look high always. Well, i did too much reseach about Synthol and i bought myself 8 bottles of Synthol and i’ve been using them wisely alone to my triceps only for about 3 months now and i look like a real beast, no body knows my secrets. But since Synthol is dangerous i would like to stop now because i’m a very haerd worker in the gym and i want to maintain my look. Am i gonna stay like the way i look if i can gym at least 2 to 3 times a weeks without using Synthol no more.

  4. ricky says:

    can i use synthol at once 2ml each biceps not agin in future /????

  5. Trisha says:

    Who is the writer of this article ?

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