7 Ways to Control your Blood Sugar level Naturally

Getting diagnosed with high blood sugar can culminate in having diabetes. It is especially true for those who have history in the family. Keeping check on the sugar levels is necessary for both diabetic and prone-to-diabetes persons. There are various ways to control the growing blood sugar levels. After being diagnosed, it is advisable to start medication over the prescription of medical practitioner. It can be perilous to try keeping the sugar level low only through exercises and diets.

How to Control Blood Sugar level Naturally

How to Control Blood Sugar level Naturally

Choosing Natural Ways The following natural processes can help in controlling your blood sugar level. Remember these can help you in controlling and are not medicines for diabetes patients.

  • Eat Right: all food consumed turns into carbohydrates and produces glucose to provide energy in the body. Hence, it is important to intake such food items that re not rich in carbohydrate. Sugar and starchy food produce glucose very easily. Hence they should be avoided in the regular diet. Choose low fat foods like vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Starchy and sweet fruits should be excluded as well. Len met like fish and fat free chicken is advisable for keeping check on the sugar levels.
  • Drink Right: Soft drinks whether sweetened or artificially sweetened is bad for high blood sugar patients. Simple water is very good substitute for the thirst quenches. However, low sweet fresh fruit juices should be included in the diet. It is found that red wine helps in cleaning of your body would not happen in a moment, so you need some patience for this process. Drink beverages without sugar. Black tea without sugar is known to lower sugar levels.
  • Bitter is Better: You may not like to taste the fenugreek soaked water right in the morning, but it is very good stabilizer of blood sugar levels. Soak few seeds of fenugreek in water overnight and drink one glass of that water every day in the morning. You can perceive the result in one month. It is good if you can include bitter gourd in daily diet.
  • Yoga and Exercises: The whole idea of keeping blood sugar level low is based on keeping fat away from the body. Exercises and yogaare the best ways of staying fit and healthy. Two kilometer walk in the morning can keep the body fit and running. You can choose exercises according to your ageĀ and capability to keep diabetes at bay. There are many websites that provides lessons on yoga poses to keep low blood sugar level. Every person can include some light exercises in their regime.
  • Effective Cinnamon: Indians cherish the sprinkling of Garam Masala over their food which includes cinnamon. Cinnamon is very good natural remedy for high blood sugar patients. Roast some cinnamon sticks on dry pan and powder it in blender. Sprinkle cinnamon powder over vegetable dishes or over your daily food to keep low blood sugar level.
  • Make routine: Your life can be very hectic and unplanned but as soon as you are diagnosed with high blood sugar, chart down your chores. It is important to keep time check for food, exercises, medicines, and other supplements.
  • Sleep Tight: Good night sleep is very necessary for high blood sugar patients. Less sleep decreases the insulin building power of the body. Hence it is important to keep the mind stress free and sleep soundly for minimum eight hours in a day.

High blood sugar is very common disease throughout the world owing to the modern lifestyle. Hence it is important, in the beginning, to keep calm and lead life naturally. Tension about getting high blood sugar level increases it twofold. Consult your medical practitioner for adequate medicine supplements. Along with the above mentioned processes you can lead healthy and controlled life.

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  1. Adelle says:

    Chronic high blood sugar levels are toxic to our body. Thanks for sharing these natural tips to control blood sugar.

  2. Sonja S says:

    I live with Type II Diabetes and it’s a struggle every day. I don’t want to take the meds, so I’m doing my best to control it with diet & natural supplements.I used to drink soda like water – no more! Aside from sugar, it’s bad in so many ways! Here’s a link to an article that shows just what it’s doing to your body every time you have a soda.

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