8 Advantages of Drinking Water on Daily Basis

Drinking water on a regular basis could be more advantageous to people from those who drink it less. A human Body cannot live without water, that”s true but most of us drink water just to stay alive. They don”t drink it the way to benefit their body.

A lady Drinking Water

A lady Drinking Water

Water not only maintains the body temperature but improves your vitals sign as well.
Let”s be more specific about the Advantages of Drinking Water.

  1. Water Helps to Lose weight – If you are overweight and looking for the simplest way to loose weight, then water might help you. Actually, it increases the rate of burning calories in our body and does not allow them to penetrate permanently as said by Researchers in Germany report. Alongside, it removes the by-fat products which keep getting stored in your body. (a, b)
  2. Water Helps to keep Toxins out – If you drink more water on daily basis ( around 8 glass per day), it keeps your kidneys clean through frequent urinating and thus, less chances of kidney stones, UTI’s and other toxins in the body.
  3. Water Helps to keep you Young – Water acts as the most effective anti-aging liquid you”d ever found. Drinking plenty of water improves Skin Complexion by moisturizing it. It reduces wrinkles problem and adds more glow to your skin.
  4. Water Helps to sharpen your Brain – Water is directly related to the cognitive function of the brain. As our brain needs constant supply of fresh oxygen that is somewhere overcome by breathing and water. The more oxygen your brain gets, the more actively it works. If you drink water frequently and in proper amounts, the cognitive function of the brain increased by 30%, it not only sharpens your brain but makes you more smarter(c).
    Drinking morning water in a copper container also gives outstanding results, it is actually considered as a brain food.
  5. Water Keeps the diseases away – Water helps to cure common infections like Flu, common cold, cough to big malady condition like diabetes, heart attacks or even cancer. It boosts your immune system and makes it better and stronger. One can say, water helps to save money as well.
  6. Water improves Digestion – Water is a natural remedy for all your stomach problems like stomach infection, constipation, loose motions, In-digestion, acidity etc. It helps in proper digestion of food.
    But beware that you should drink water atleast 45 mins before or after having food. If you are taking water with your food or taken right after having it, it will negatively effect your digestion and thus may cause constipation.
  7. Water helps to relieve from Joint Pains : Drinking water in adequate quantity can really be beneficial for Joint pains. All our body joints needs moisture to move properly, if there”s already less fluid, then our joints would pain and might not move in a proper manner. In order to keep joints flexible and healthy, we should drink more water. (d)
  8. Water can Heal acne Fast – Some skincare specialists recommends drinking more Lemon water for acne problems. Infact, Acne is caused due to bacteria infection in the body, and hot Lemon water can help you in relieving from this acne problem.
A Glass of Water

A Glass of Water

The above 8 benefits of water is only for an overview. Scientists and researches are actively finding out more benefits of water and we get to read more about their research usually. Some says ” We cannot discover all health benefits of water because there are plenty of them.” Instead why don”t we add it to our lifestyle, it will be more advantages for us than anything.
Please Note : Water is good until its pure. If your water supply or source of drinking water is giving you infected or contaminated water, then things may get worse for you. You may get deadly diseases like diarrhea, Typhoid etc.

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