8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Sounds shocking? Well, this might just sound unbelievable, but trust us, this is absolutely true. Yes! Drinking beer is one of the healthiest things ever. It’ll keep your heart healthy, help you concentrate and will also buck up the vitamin content of your body. In fact, apart from these reasons there are also a series of other reasons why you should actually drink beer.

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Following is the list of 8 reasons that’ll convince you that drinking beer is great for health. Keep reading for a better and complete insight on the benefits. These facts will totally shock and amuse you.

1) Improves your heart health

Suffering from serious issues with your heart? Well, you needn’t get worked up as beer will turn out to be the best solution. Yes! Beer is one of those beverages that’ll decrease the extent of heart diseases and keep you fit and healthy. In fact, about 20 to 40 percent of your heart ailments can be quite remarkably reduced when you take proper amounts of beer.

However, while drinking, make sure you drink responsibly. Moderately consuming beer can expedite the amount of HDL and the extent of LDL which is great for your heart.

2) Increases the vitamin content of your body

This is another remarkable reason why you should actually drink beer. When you have beer in a controlled amount, the vitamin levels of your body too commendably increases. This happens as beer itself is loaded with high contents of vitamin. According to a study it has been observed that there is 30 percent increase in vitamin B6 among the individuals who have consumed beer.

3) Reduces hypertension

If you are suffering from serious issues related to hypertension, beer can be a great option. Yes! Just like it reduces heart attack, beer can turn out to be extremely handy in reducing hypertension as well. A Dutch study has revealed this shocking fact. However, while drinking beer, make sure to drink in moderate amounts because only then, hypertension related issues can be controlled.

4) Decreases kidney stones

Beer contains certain compounds that help you flush out kidney stones easily. However, here too a puny amount of beer can help. If you have huge amounts of beer your kidney stones can never be decreased, rather it will ‘actually’ ruin your liver. Thus, if you have kidney related issues, moderate or absolutely puny amounts of beer can be of much help.

5) Helps you concentrate

Yes! This is one of the major reasons why many individuals prefer working while having beer. This beverage is extremely handy in making your head clear. On top of that, your mental health too commendably improves with the right amounts of beer.

Beer soothes you, calms you, relaxes you and improves your concentration power. So whether it is calculations or your thesis papers, a can of beer can get you going right away. So next time, you’re busy figuring out something or when you feel restless, have a can of beer and buck up your concentration levels almost instantly.

6) Improves your memory

Do you have the habit of forgetting stuff, a bit too often? Well, in that case, a bottle of beer can be your savior. Beer soothes your brain and bucks up your memory. In fact, you get to remember better and your memory strength too increases when you have proper amounts of beer. To back up these benefits, numerous studies have also proved that the moderate consumption of beer decreases the extent of Alzheimer’s diseases. That’s not all. Beer also improves your logical power and the power of reasoning.

7) Reduces aging

Yep! Your aging too can be commendably stopped when you drink proper and healthy amounts of beer. Your skin shines and you look way younger, with moderate amounts of beer. Thus, if you want to battle it out with aging; try having a bottle of beer everyday for great results.

8) Reduces strokes

This is even more relevant for all those old souls who have serious health ailments. Apart from improving your heart health, beer also reduces strokes. In fact, according to some studies about 50% stroke rate can be reduced when you drink moderate amounts of beer. This means, you can have two cans of beer everyday to reduce these deadly strokes.

The American Stroke Association has also backed up with this fact and have mentioned in their studies about the reduction of stroke level due to beer. So next time you feel giddy or if you want to enjoy a perfect health, try having healthy amounts of beer on a regular basis.

All in all, beer can indeed be one of the healthiest drinks you have ever come across. However, that never means that you can have beer every day, as much as you like. Drink beer in moderate amounts on a daily basis in order to enjoy the best from it.

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