8 Incredible Healthy Snacks Ideas

When it comes to collecting healthy snack ideas there are many different choices that can be explored. You can try a variety of things and in fact, you can also try to experiment with new food items also.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snack Ideas

8 Incredible Healthy Snack Ideas

1) Salad that includes Sushi Roll and Rice

You must know that fish consists of omega 3 acids, which are considered as very good for the human heart. You can easily make this snack as it only involves healthy brown rice, sushi and avocados.

  • Mix every ingredient pretty well and add some lime juice into it.
  • Before mixing you also need to make sure that an adequate amount of sea salt and pepper is also added so that the snack becomes tastier.
  • You are ready with your healthy snack that you can munch anytime.

2) Omelette made from Egg-White and tomato, cheddar cheese and spinach

There are many people who think that eggs are only for breakfast, but the real fact is that they can be eaten during any time of the day. This snack includes the making of egg-white omelette that consists of tomato and spinach.

  • Sprinkle some cheddar cheese and onion pieces.
  • You also need to add sea salt for taste and some pepper into it.

3) A sandwich made from vegetables and little dash of cream cheese

This is one of the easiest snacks to make and is healthy also. For making this healthy snack item all you need is some vegetables such as cucumber slices, tomatoes, cabbage and radish.

  • Cut brown bread from the ends and spread some cream cheese on it and then sprinkle some salt and pepper.
  • Put few slices of all the vegetables and serve it with tomato ketchup sauce.
  • You can also carry this snack item while going on a picnic or office.

4) Indian Chicken mixed with Broccoli in a wrap

Pieces of juicy and meaty Indian Chicken which are cooked and all spiced up are mixed with broccoli.

  • Add small pieces of onions and tomatoes mix everything pretty well and add salt to taste, pepper and lime juice.
  • Use whole wheat pita wraps and sprinkle some fresh coriander on to it.
  • To keep everything fresh wrap it in Aluminum foil and take it along with you wherever you go. The best part about this snack item is that Broccoli is healthy and lime juice is rich in Vitamin C.

5) A fruit salad with honey

You can also try a fruit salad with honey and in order to make this item you need to mix slices of apple, pears, peaches and oranges.

  • Add some fresh honey to hit and toss it pretty well. There you are ready with your fruit salad with honey.
  • You can make this salad while travelling also as all you need to carry is fruits and honey.
  • This snack is also ideal for diabetic patients and contains good amounts of fiber.

6) Roasted Chickpeas

One of the best and classic healthy snack items. People have been eating roasted chickpeas since ages.

  • In order to make this healthy snack item all you need to do is to preheat the oven at 400 degree Celsius and in the meantime put a can of thoroughly rinsed can of chickpeas.
  • Toss some sea salt, chili powder and cumin.
  • Arrange a baking sheet and bake these chickpeas until they become crunchy as well as crisp.
  • Take them out and put them in a bowl and add some lime juice and honey on them and match them whenever you want.

7) Roasted Cashews with sweet and spicy flavor

In order to make this snack item all you need is cashews, Indian spices and maple syrup.

  • Roast a bowl full of cashews in a pre-heated oven till the time they become crisp and crunchy.
  • Make sure you add some Indian spices before roasting and mix everything pretty well.
  • Finally, in the end add some maple syrup and mix everything.
  • This snack is perfect during winters and brings warmth to the body and gives an adequate energy also.

8) Toast made with Avocado

  • In order to make a Toast with Avocado you need to take few pieces of whole grain bread and mash few avocados.
  • Spread this mashed avocados on the whole grain bread and sprinkle some sea salt for taste.
  • Garnish it with some jalapeno slices and small cubes of tomatoes.
  • You can also add some coriander on to it to make it look more fancy and presentable.

Though there are many more healthy snack items that can be tried, but the above mentioned are one of the most liked ones and healthy too. All these snack items are easy to make and you can take them along wherever you want. Be it a picnic or travelling you can carry them and much them whenever the hunger pangs strikes you.

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