8 Natural Drinks for Instant Relief in Cough Problem

Cough is a very common problem that people even refuse to acknowledge it as a disease and do not visit doctors for this purpose. However, when left untreated, cough can be extremely discomforting and should be cured as soon as possible to avoid future health complications like bronchitis or respiratory tract infection. Instead of relying on antibiotics and high doses of medicines, people these days move a lot towards alternative medicines which are free from any kind of side effects.

Some natural drinks have been cited below that can offer instant relief in cough problems. These are homemade solutions and are free from the harmful side effects of drugs.

Cough Problem - Home remedies

Cough Problem – Home remedies

  1. Thyme is an extremely useful herb for relieving symptoms of cough. It’s therapeutic properties are known to heal cough problems quickly and also bronchial infection and whooping cough. Thyme leaves can be boiled in water and then strained; one can drink it as tea. It shall not only cure cough quickly but shall also prove to be soothing to the throat.
  2. Take a glass of hot water and add a tablespoon of honey and half a lime in it. This is very helpful to cure cough problems. Honey has therapeutic properties and is known to cure infections; lime has high content of vitamin C which is very essential for people down with cough.
  3. Basil leaves have healing properties and cures infections rapidly. A few basil leaves can be boiled in hot water and the extract can be (with or without honey) for maximum effects. You can even add a few drops of ginger juice in this as it helps in removing mucous from nostrils.
  4. Pineapple juice can be consumed to get an instant relief from cough problems. Warm up the pineapple juice and add a teaspoon of honey into it. This drink can be consumed either warm or at regular temperature. It is very good for sore throat and inflammation.
  5. Almonds have a thermal quality. They can be soaked overnight in milk and next day they can be pasted and added to a cup of milk. A few drops of honey can be added for taste. This is an excellent natural drink that not only relieves cough but also cures inflammation of lungs, respiratory tracts and so on. They help in moistening of nostrils and breathing tract that prevents wheezing and coughing.
  6. Lemon tea is a very popular choice among people when they suffer from acute cough. This is soothing to the throat and relieves cough instantly. Also, the healing property of lemon helps in killing viruses and the vitamin C content is useful and beneficial for the body.
  7. A blend can be created out of basil leaves, cloves, and ginger. All these ingredients can be boiled in water for a long time and the extract can be kept in a thermal flask. This can be drunk as tea and sipping it at regular intervals would ensure prevention of cough. This is an age old recipe and is largely used in Ayurveda practices.
  8. Soup can be considered as an option when one is suffering from cough. One can have light chicken clear soup or tomato soup or any other of their choice, as it not only soothes the throat but also is beneficial for the body. it is a good source of proteins and minerals which are essential for the body when down with cough.

The above listed drinks are very useful for someone who is suffering from cough. However, cough can be a symptom for various other diseases like tuberculosis, bronchial infection and others. The root cause of cough should be determined first before taking medications and going for alternative medicines.

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