8 Natural ways to stay Healthy Always

Staying healthy and fit in an environment like of today is very hard to manage. Besides of polluted air, food adulteration and fast foods, a normal man cannot manage to follow a healthy diet plan.
Most of the population can’t live without medicines, they are so depended on them. Everyone is trying compromise with things and this lead to more severe diseased.
Well, I came up with few ways by which you not only stay away from diseases but also remains healthy.

Healthy Life-style

Healthy Life-style

Natural Ways to Stay Healthy

  1. Drink warm water right after you wake up – The very first thing you must do after waking up early in the morning is to drink 1-2 glass of slightly warm water. This will not only keep your system clean but also flushes out harmful toxins out of the body.
    Also, if you can manage to drink warm water only; you may see very good results for all your stomach related problems like constipation.
  2. Always drink water sip by sip – It is the best way to drink water. When we drink water sip by sip, the saliva gets dissolved in it and reach the stomach. Saliva is alkaline in nature, it neutralizes the acidity in stomach and cures a lot of stomach diseases than you can think of.
  3. Never drink Water right after or before having meal – The most common cause of constipation is the water itself which we drink right after the meal. At-least, avoid water for 45 mins after and before the meal. According to Indian Ayurveda, drinking water along with the meal or very near after having meal is equal to drinking poison because it will surely affect the body digestion and will cause constipation. That may lead to numerous disease.
    If possible, Never drink water at night. Take fruit juice or milk only.
  4. Always go to bathroom first – Some people want to go for a long walk, or for running after waking up early in the morning without going to the bathroom to fresh themselves. If you really wish to stay healthy, cleaning your intestines should be your first priority. The longer you keep your stool in yourself, the more infection increases in your body.
  5. Prioritize your drinks – All Fruit juices and other healthy drinks are most beneficial before 12 Am in the morning. Products of milk like Curd or curd shake are useful with mid-day meal. Milk is meant for night only. This is the way we should be taking drinks according to Ayurveda.
  6. Blacklist Refined oil and Sugar from your Home – I am not saying you should use these in less quality or use wherever possible but to completely say no. Refined oil and sugar are those two slow poisons which are present in every home and people are using them on daily basis.
    Wide use of refined oil and sugar is certainly the main reason behind all heart related problems, diabetes, sugar and cancer.
    Instead, use only organic oils like pure mustard oil, Pure Ghee and sugar free products.
  7. Never sleep after the meal – Sleeping right after having a meal is also a bad habit. Avoid sleeping or getting drowsy whenever you eat something. Specially at night, always go for a walk before going to bed. This will help in digestion and giving you a better sleep.
  8. Fix your sleeping direction – Always sleep with your head either towards east or south but never to north and west. According to Ayurveda, a person who keeps his head towards west or north for sleeping, gets a lot of mental problems and health problems.
    More specifically, Married couples should head towards south and non-married should head towards east.

If you follow the above rules, you will see a change in your concerned problems within 2 months like overweight, constipation, cholesterol,triglycerides, High Blood pressure etc.
The above natural ways to stay healthy are meant for every human being and therefore, any can follow them. These don’t have any type of side-effects and are purely safe.

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