8 Rumors about Alcohol that encourages Drinking

Alcoholic beverages have gained a notorious reputation over the last few years, both positive and negative. You’ll find many critics propounding the negative effects of alcohol and many statistics telling you about the longevity imparted by alcoholic drinks. In the end, it’s the person who makes the decision whether to make alcohol a part of one’s life or just leave it on the sidelines.People Drinking Alcohol

While there is no doubt that movies, music videos, classy books and other forms of entertainment use alcohol as reference, it is equally important to note that these are works of fiction. Making real life decisions on the basis of fictional situations can lead one to undesired consequences. In addition to conclusions derived from fictional scenarios, there are many myths surrounding alcohol consumption which make it all the more alluring. Here’s a perspective on some of these myths:

8 Popular Myths or Rumors about Alcohol Drinking :

  1. Alcohol improves your personality : Go to any marketing class and one of the lessons they will teach you is to make your product stand out. While it is true that under the influence, many people tend to become more social and talkative, research shows that in the short-term, alcohol does nothing to change the brain processes responsible for personality. It just makes you more sociable.
  2. Alcohol protects you from certain diseases : It is important to point out that alcohol helps to reduce the risk of contracting certain conditions but not eliminate it. Contracting a condition or disease depends on many other factors apart from alcohol and practically no method provides 100% immunity including alcohol. Hence, alcohol does not prevent diseases but merely helps to reduce the risk.
  3. Alcohol relieves all your tension : You can pay your credit card company a minimum due amount and delay paying the full amount to a later date but a month’s extension does not relieve you of making the full payment. While it is known that alcohol affects the nervous system in a manner that reduces stress temporarily but it does not relieve stress permanently. After the effects of alcohol have worn off, the situation and the stress comes back which sadly makes many people dependent on alcohol.
  4. Alcohol boosts your confidence : Alcohol has been known to reduce a person’s inhibitions and allow them to open up more. But, too much of it can cause you to behave in ways that are anti-social. Hence, alcohol does nothing to boost one’s confidence, but removes some of the fear and shyness.
  5. Alcohol is a must in winters to protect yourself : This is one rumor that does not need to be addressed with facts and figures. Many people do not drink and they live through the winters happily.
  6. Alcohol improves your health : Once again, although alcohol has certain positive long term effects but health depends on many different factors. Having an unhealthy lifestyle and trying to counter the negative effects with alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Hence, alcohol does contribute to good health in the long run but having a bad lifestyle can easily overtake those positive effects in a short amount of time.
  7. Alcohol makes you live longer : Studies now confirm that heavy drinkers actually have an increased mortality rate both. The reasons include short term causes of mortality such as accidents, alcohol poisoning, etc and the long term negative effects of alcohol consumption.
  8. Drinking alcohol is a sign of maturity : While it is true that the legal age of drinking in many countries is 18 or above, socially, a non-drinker gets equal status as a drinker.

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