8 Side Effects Of NOS Energy Drink

These days one of the most talked about thing is side effects of energy drinks especially the NOS energy drink. Recent reports suggest that these energy drinks are showing dangerous results, but still the amount of such products being launched is getting increased with each passing day.

NOS Energy Drink Side Effects

NOS Energy Drink Side Effects

8 side effects of NOS energy drink explained in detail

1) Excessive drinking can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest

There are few versions of NOS drink, which consist of very high amounts of caffeine and people who already have some sort of heart related ailment can suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. Hence check your heart’s condition before having a NOS energy drink.

These energy drinks also cause heart contractions and can prove to be extremely harmful. The internal vein connected to the heart gets clogged after some time leading to sudden attacks such as anxiety and depression related issues.

2) NOS energy drink causes headaches and migraines

NOS energy drink can cause severe headaches and migraines. People who get addicted to this energy drink face severe headache disorders and if you try to change the amount of energy drink intake then you can also face severe mood swings. People start to feel restless and irritated.

This might lead to depression and other stress related issues. Those who are already facing some sort of stress related issues should avoid this energy drink and stay safe.

3) It can cause type 2 diabetes

The reason why NOS energy drink can cause diabetes is that it is full of heavy sugar, which is not completely digested by the human body. Hence those people who consume NOS energy drink in large quantities are at a greater risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Once a person encounters type 2 diabetes, then it becomes very difficult to get cured and that person might have to opt for insulation related alternatives. Hence you should only consume NS energy drink at occasional levels, such as once or maximum twice in a month.

4) Elements present in NOS energy drink can alter with the medicines you are consuming

If a person is already on some sort of medication, then there are certain chances that the person with face severe alteration with the medicines that he or she are consuming. This can lead to some sort of reaction which can prove to be extremely harmful for the person. There are chances that it might lead to death also.

5) It may cause allergic reactions and vomiting

There are many herbs and other elements that are used while making the NOS energy drink and these can cause allergic reactions as well as vomiting. It all can start with minor itching, which can further increase to bigger skin related issues. NOS energy drink can also cause vomiting and sometimes dehydration.

The high amount of sodium in these energy drinks can completely dehydrate your body and during summers the entire body might gets devoid of fluids leading to severe dehydration issues.

6) NOS energy drink can cause erosion of teeth

Excessive sugar content in NOS energy drink can also cause erosion of teeth. Moreover the high amount of caffeine can cause the teeth to turn yellow and after a few months the condition of teeth can deteriorate to a level from where is very difficult to return.

There are some people who have complained of ulcers in their mouth due to excessive intake of NOS energy drink. Excessive drinking of these energy drinks is also linked to mouth cancer.

7) People tend to be become jittery as well as nervous

A recent study done in Australia has proved that even small quantities of this energy drink can cause jitteriness as well as nervousness. People especially youngsters are more at risk and you can see a few of them having their hands shaking after taking this energy drink. You can very well assume that how risky it is to have this energy drink called as NOS energy drink.

8) Youngsters may exhibit highly risky behavior

There are many youngsters who after having this NOS energy drink have exhibited highly risky behavior. This can lead to some sort of injury to anybody. These youngsters might indulge into road rage as they tend to drive their vehicle at very high speeds and it can lead to accidents also.

These youngsters also show abnormal behavior after having this energy drink and indulge into fights with each other and cause grievous injuries to each other.

Hence, with so many side effects, one must avoid consuming these energy drinks and instead opt for natural drinks for relaxation and calm mind. Another important point that people can follow is to ensure regular exercise for a healthy body as well as the mind. But one should take NOS energy drink or any sort of energy drink that can cause severe health disorders.

8 Responses to 8 Side Effects Of NOS Energy Drink

  1. Synaaron says:

    Well I mean… according to this study I should be dead by now. I have had 3 NOS a day, for the past 2 years… although my blood pressure is fine, I am not diabetic, and my teeth are white. I am 24 years old, married, 2 kids yet have 0 issues with stress or depression. I have no urges to perform “risky” behaviors, and I don’t get even the slightest bit jittery.

    Any idea why this may be the case? Or am I some anomaly to science? Lmao

  2. Michael Tharp says:

    Why do they always have so much sugar? 53 grams per can on my CHERRIED OUT. Doesn’t it sort of defeat the purpose? Because too much sugar makes you sleepy…? I must stop drinking it I now know. I don’t want diabetes or nerve damage.

  3. Sam says:

    I have issues with sleeping, so im up late but i have to get up early for work, so to get me through my work day and keep me awake i drink a nos…. i have a nos 3 sometines 4 times a week…. and i have a history of high blood pressure. Should i be concerned? Nos is the only drink that keeps me up when im restless.

  4. Colline McCune says:

    The energy drinks help me focus is that bad?

  5. JW says:

    Does nos have any sexual side effects for men?

  6. ya daddy says:

    Yeah, its insulin not insulation. Also the acts of children are not because of the drink. The drink in no manner distorts thought process. So maybe you need to re-evaluate how you raise your kids.

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