8 Superb Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Besides being a great source of energy, coconut water has countless other health benefits not well known to many people. A refreshing natural drink, coconut water is rich in carbohydrates present in the form of sugar and also many electrolytes. Being low in calories and completely fat and cholesterol free, it is one of the best naturally available sports drink. It contains more potassium than four bananas and is therefore often termed as “Natural Sports Drink” as it also protects the human body from a host of conditions such as hangovers, infections, many types of cancers and kidney stones problems.

Coconut water and its health benefits

Coconut water

Should Natural Coconut Water be treated the same way as Packed Coconut Water ?

Definitely not. Packed coconut water is supposed to be fresh for a long time so that people can enjoy the same taste and freshness. To keep it that way, several preservatives in the form of gases & liquids are added to pure coconut water so that it can go long for few months. Preservatives are not healthy at all, they may have bad effects on your health sooner or later.

The health benefits of coconut water written below are expected with only natural coconut water. By natural, we mean the original extract for the coconut shell which we get from the market.

8 Health Advantages of Drinking Coconut Water

1) Tonic for Brighter Skin

While the texture of the skin and its sheen is derived from parental genes, there is a lot one could do to improve it nutrient content. To get the best results with skin, it is also important to avoid foods rich in oil and heavy spices. Apart from fruit juices, coconut water is the best liquid to consume after water. Owing to the hydration, it makes the skin soft and supple. Moreover, antioxidants and cytokinins present in the liquid have an age defying effect on the skin. A little water dabbed on the skin works wonders towards its sheen and texture sugges studies.

2) Increases water level in the body

Whether one is an athlete or a daily office worker, staying hydrated is an important function. Coconut water is better at replacing fluids lost from the body in case of intense workouts or extreme climatic conditions. A pinch of salt mixed with it is actually better than many commercially available sports drinks. Keeping it as an aid on the court (for players) or during workouts can indeed be a handy tool.

3) Best Natural Energy Drink

Coconut water is indeed the best energy drink as it has no added preservatives. Containing no added sugar, it has no fat and negligible calories. It is also rich in rare elements such as magnesium, sodium and calcium.

4) Cures Indigestion Problems and improves digestion

Coconut water has massive amounts of fibre which is very beneficial to digestive issues. People with digestion problems often suffer from acidity and irregular bowel movements. The fibre improves these movements and also acts as a catalyst for doing away with digestion problems caused by irregular meals and meals of heavy oil and spices.

5) 1 solution for all hair problems

Coconut water has many replenishing properties like multi-vitamins and moisturizing agents that provide nourishment to the hair. A hair mask made of coconut water and other useful goods like apple cider vinegar etc and applied on the hair evenly prevents an itchy scalp, dandruff and straightens frizzy hair. It also adds shine and keeps dandruff away.

6) Makes you Healthier & Immune to disease

Keeping the body hydrated is a key to boosting immunity. Coconut water functions as a hydrant and also contains plenty of multi-vitamins that are essential in keeping diseases at bay.

7) Burns Fat & Helps in reducing weight

Coconut water keeps the body hydrated and thus functions in the loss of body fat. If the body is hydrated, then the temperature raises causing less fat to be stored. It is recommended by physicians and doctors alike as a way to keep body weight in check.

8) Good remedy for sun tanning problems

Coconut water makes the skin supple and smooth and moreover has cooling properties which acts as an agent to fight off the harsh effects of the sun’s rays.

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