Alcohol Can Lead to 7 Types of Cancer

It is a well known fact that alcohol is bad for health. It is the no surprise that alcohol can also cause cancer. You might think that a few beers are of no harm but you never know.

Hence, it is best to avoid alcohol as far as possible. It goes without saying that everyone who consumes alcohol isn’t going to have cancer. However, as per research, alcoholics are more prone to cancer than otherwise.

Alcohol can cause 7 types of cancer

Alcohol can cause 7 types of cancer

Alcohol and Cancer Relationship

Cancers such as that of the mouth, the pharynx and the larynx, the oesophagus, the liver, the breast and that of the rectum and the colon have been linked to consumption of alcohol.

Thus, one can see that quite a few types of cancers have been attributed to alcohol. In fact, that isn’t all. It is largely likely that, drinking is also responsible for the cancer of the pancreas. However, this yet needs to be fully confirmed. It goes without saying that the more alcohol you consume, the more you are at risk.

The risk of cancer is excessively high in the mouth, the throat, the oesophagus and the pharynx and the larynx. If you are a smoker along with a consumer of alcohol, then you are doubly at risk. Scientifically, it is because the alcohol helps the tobacco to dissolve inside the system, therefore, helping the cause of cancer.

Moreover, Alcohol prevents quick repair of DNA cells, making it very easy for the disease to spread across the body.

It isn’t hidden from anyone that consumption of alcohol damages the liver. However, few people know that the damage can be fatal. Thus, regular or occasional drinkers are obviously more at risk of the cancer of the liver than abstainers.

Cancer of the Colon and the Rectum is often found to be in men due to drinking excessively and is rarer in case of women. However, the occurrence is possible in both cases.

Now, it is known across the world that the risk of breast cancer is high if you are a drinker. This can escalate quickly if you have a shortage of Vitamin B. The best way to keep breast cancer at bay is to drink alcohol in extreme moderations.

Thus, this explains how alcohol can cause 7 types of cancer i.e. :-

  1. Cancer of the mouth
  2. Breast cancer
  3. Cancer of the larynx
  4. Cancer of the pharynx
  5. Cancer of the colon and the rectum
  6. Cancer of the oesophagus
  7. Liver damage to the extent of cancer

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Other than these, researchers are almost sure that cancer of the pancreas is also a result of drinking too much.

How much alcohol is safe for consumption ?

Scientists and Research Scholars have found that any standard drink shall contain around half an ounce of alcohol in its purest state. Whether it is Beer, malt, wine or vodka, it is bound to have half an ounce of alcohol. Based upon this research, it is safe to drink up to 2 drinks a day for everyone. Anything more than 3 drinks a day and 7 drinks a week is considered to be risky.

What is the minimum quantity of alcohol that can cause cancer ?

While this is the limit, even moderate drinkers are known to fall victim to cancer. Studies have found that those who have around 1 drink a day are at more risk in comparison to teetotallers. Thus, while scientists have indeed identified what can qualify as moderate drinking, there is no saying whether you are safe from cancer or not in spite of it.

Though it is sure that consuming alcoholic drinks causes cancer, but how exactly alcohol affects the body isn’t yet clear. However, it surely has the following effects on the body :

1) It destroys the tissues of the body. It is particularly active in the mouth and the throat. While these tissues repair themselves, there is no guarantee whether this repair is going to take you closer or further from cancer.

2) It causes acetaldehyde to occur in the colon and the rectum. Upon testing animals, acetaldehyde is said to have caused cancer.

3) If there is excessive reparation and scarring in the liver, the reparation activity may definitely lead to cancer.

4) Alcohol acts as an active solvent making it very easy for the body to dissolve harmful chemicals. It also slows down the chemical processes in the body which takes it a while to discard harmful chemicals. This may easily lead to mouth or throat cancer.

On the other hand, it becomes difficult for the body to dissolve chemicals such as foliate. Since Foliate from vitamin B is necessary for a healthy body, it leads to breast or colorectal cancer. Needless to say, it is more often found to be in heavy drinkers than in moderate or occasional drinkers.

Can people with cancer drink alcohol ?

This would be a more deadlier risk for you. This may let you reach the final stages of cancer in no time. So, why to risk your life with your bad drinking habits.

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